Romance scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Lambert (USA)
Letter 1
I really want to come and be with you . Just asked you to help me with just $500 so that I can come and be with you . And as for the gold it is still at the security company. So when I come and be with you . I can work hard and raise money to go and pay the fees and pay the minerals commission dues so I can ship it to the state for us to sell .
I really hope you understand me .
Letter 2
I know the truth kills . But I Just can't say I will be there and raise your hopes up and finally don't show up . I know that will hurt you very badly . That is why I rather chose to tell you the truth than to Lie to you . Sad you don't want to risk at least one last time for me . I just need $5000 and I promiss u will never be disappointed because I have regretted not being with you up till now because you are a good man .i still love you from the button of my heart I swear . So please give me one last chance .
Letter 3
Sorry I said $5k in my earlier mail . I just need $500 that is all I need . I feel it deep down my heart how u were hurt by me and I always play that I get the chance and oppurtunity to repay you back and make it up to you , so please never lose hope is us ,I really do care a lot and want to make things right this time around so please try and help me with the $500 and I swear all will be well this time around.
Kisses and lots of sad love
Letter 4

Ok lambert I will try and take that picture this afternoon when my friend comes around so I can hold a paper saying I love you Lambert for you to know I really love you and need you in my life . I regret all that happened and want to make it up to you soon. So thank you a lot for giving me a chance to be with you for the last time.
Letter 5
Believe me lambert you are the only man who made me happy for the past few months but after all the disappointments on my side you lost hope in me and I know is not your fault, because you are a human being and after all that happened you will lose hope in me . But am glad that you are ready an willing to help me one more time . I really can't wait to lick your snake and make it feel as happy as it want . Is been years now since I last has sex and I just can't wait to experience that with you very soon . I have all set so as soon as am able to get the 500 I should be able to live here as soon as possible . Because am tired of this place and need you in my life . I am for real and I will prove to you when I send the picture you requested . I really thank you for giving me a chance again because I cried most night thinking I have lost a good man like you . But thanks to God you have giving me a chance and am going to make it right and make you the happiest man on earth when we are together . As the saying goes good things don't come easy . I think that is why we have both gone through all this hurt and pain . Love you Lambert
Letter 6
Got the visa a long time ago when we first planned to meet . And I have my check with the flight agency so as soon as I have the $500 for medical check up and airport taxes and my lugages I can call the flight agency to rebook my flight for me . So there is no need to worry about the flight ticket and Visa .
Letter 7
I will have to call flight agency to proceed with the bookings of the flight before I can get the ticket . But I need to Undergo the medical check up first to be sure I have no illness in my blood before they will approve the flight . And for sure I know I have no illness so I can call the agency to book the flight today for me only if u will be willing to send the 500 by Monday. So that I will know the medical check up can come on by Monday , Teusday .
Letter 8
Hello Lambert . So how is your weekend going so far ? Hope all is good with you over there ,sorry it took some time sending you the picture my friend traveled to another town for a funeral and retuned late . So we just finished taking the picture .
I really hope you are going to love it and make it prove to you that am serious and about meeting you and sorry about all that happened in the past and I promise to make it up to you when I arrive there . I really can't wait to suck your snake and make it feel like a king . And about my blond friend she is no longer in Ghana . She left or Canada about 3 months ago. She is with her boy friend now . I also just can't wait to be by your side soon . So I am hoping this will change your mind and touch your heart to help me for one last time . And I promise things will never be the same . I will like to end here And will be looking forward in hearing more from you soon .
kisses and lots of love Ellie
Letter 9
my love hope you had a nice sleep. just closed from church. am herding home now. i prayed to god that he touch your heart so u can help me get to u. because i have already suffered enough being alone and regreting messing up all the chances u gave me. all is set now and i just cant wait to be by ur side so u can make love to me and fuck and lick me hard to relieve me of my hunger for u. love ellie
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