Scam letter(s) from Emilly Harold to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Richard is my first LOVE, I met him when he was no one and when he has nothing, i took him from the gutter and spent on him, My Dad gives me 10 grand every week, i collected a house for Richard, bought a Car for him, all becos i fell in LOVE with him, stood by him, i gave him 5 grand every week out of the money my Dad gave me every week, i saved 250 grand for him to start a new life and start a business, after i gave him the 250 grand to start a new life and business, he changed to me 2 weeks after i gave him the 250 grand and he stopped calling me like before, I do called him everyday all becos i LOVE him so very much, sometimes he won't pick my calls, sometimes he picked up my calls and tell me he is busy right now, that he will call me later, he will never do, until i called him my self,I later got to know that he has started dating a girl that left him when he was no one and when he has nothing, One day, i went to the house i collected for him, I caught him sleeping with another girl in the same house i collected for him, I was so hurt and cried for a month, Not becos of the money or becos of the time or something else, it's becos of my LOVE for him and my Virginity he took away, becos i promised my parent's that i am not going to be a wayward girl and the man that will marry me will be the one that will dis ****** me, that is why i left him and i have been single ever since then, I have been single ever since then
Letter 2
I am very sorry for everything that has happened between us and please let us move on with our lives, I do like you and don't wanna loose you, you seems to be the kinda man i have been seeking for so many years and now that i found you, I am not gonna let you go
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