Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Espen (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello ! My name is Elena. I'm 31 old I the young, romantic woman, also I am very single. I very much like to travel, get acquainted with new people. I want to get acquainted with clever and kind the man to connect our destinies. I hope to find the real, pure love. I have found your profile, it is interesting to me, and want to find out more about you! Write to me if you have interest. I hope to have pleasant acquaintance. I can send my photos. I wait for your answer. Elena

Letter 2

Hello Espen !!!
I am very glad that you answered me. :-)
I has introduced email manually, but I hope I'm not mistaken.
And I hope that I did not prevent you my letter and does not distract you from something important!
Even if this is so, then believe me - I did not want to distract you, and if it happens, I'm sorry!
But even so, I tell you a little about myself so you can imagine who I am. I hope that you might be interested!
I'm sorry, but I do poorly speak English, I studied English at the University of yet - it was so long ago)
I am 31 years old, my height 171 and weight of 53! I live in the city of Ulyanovsk, Russia!
I was born and raised in the countryside, but 16 years ago, my family moved to live in the city!
My work - Accountant in large industrial plants - Automobile Works!
I work 5 days a week, after work, I like to walk, to conduct a photo shoot, to read, I go to the gym.
Now I'm learning a photographer, I dream to become a photographer professional! I have already completed the initial lessons pictures!
I also attended courses in make-up, I really like to do make-up and hairstyles do.
Love to read and learn the history of Russia and the world - it's very exciting! Especially the beginning of the 20th century!
In general, I am an ordinary person, I have many friends, I often visit them and they got me too! !
I can laugh and I cry, but I laugh more often than crying)))
I am very glad that you said to me, because I am lonely for the past 2 years!
I'm looking for his simple and kind man to build a serious relationship.
Even if you do not get a serious relationship it is possible to get just become friends.
Espen, I think enough information right now I want to get a little story for you! )
I am very interested to learn about your life and hobbies.
I hope that you receive this letter ... I also write a letter and give me your pictures!
I hope that I will not tire you!
I wish you a nice day!

Letter 3

Hello Espen!
Very nice to hear from you! Thank you for answer!
As you have the weather like? We spring comes and become much warmer after the winter! But still cold!
Thank you for the pictures! You really look great!
How are you today? how was your day? What did you do?
Today I did the whole day cleaning the apartment, mopping the floor, dusting.
I live alone in an apartment for almost 7 years ago I moved from the parents!
Now I was free and I process the photos, I told you that I study a photographer!
Now my main hobby - it is a picture and makeup) I attend classes after work!
I have already received the diploma of the photographer in the summer, my diploma was the best and I took 1st place!
Now I am trained wedding photography!
What's your main hobby? I think that each person has some hobbies!
Espen, tell me about your family more if it is not a secret)
You said that you have ex-wife and children! And your parents? Brothers and sisters?
My family - it's my mom, my brother and my grandfather!
Also there is a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins!
My mom is a teacher of Russian language and literature at school, her name is Natalia!
My brother is a construction worker in another city, he left two years ago and now we rarely see it!
My dad died 4 years ago, he was a firefighter in the rank of Major!
Grandpa lives in the village, 90 kilometers from the city, I was born and raised in this village!
In the village I graduated from high school, and then my family moved to live in the city!
I often go to the grandfather on the weekends to help in the garden! Grandpa lives alone and he '82!
By the way my city Ulyanovsk, it's not a very big city, it is named after Lenin!
You know who Lenin was probably?) This is a beautiful and comfortable city, I like to live in it!
Do you like the countryside or the city?
By the way I have been to many countries in Europe! Last time in 2013!
Espen, you already know that I work as an accountant, I will not talk much about his job! - It's boring! :-)
I graduated from the University 8 years ago and immediately began to work, but I changed 2 jobs!
I'm working on the last 5 years, but still looking for something more interesting!
Espen, and how you feel about your work? You all happy?
As they say - the best job - it's a well-paid hobby ..
That is why I want to become a good photographer - this is my dream since childhood!
Even as a child I photographed on a film camera)
And parents scolded me because photographic film was expensive, and I tried to photograph everything that I liked to)))
Espen, I will end this letter! I hope that you will answer me!
I attached a few photos for you for you I hope you like it!
In the photo - I and my mom! I'm a photographer)! I'm home! I'm at work (selfie)!
Espen, I am very glad to meet you. I am very pleased!
I wish you good mood and more smiles!

Letter 4

Hello Espen!
How are you today? I hope you're all right!
I just came home from work, the work I was a little tired.
Thank you for your very interesting letter, I was really interesting to read!And thanks for the pictures!
Now I put to cook vegetables and vinaigrette want to cook for the evening and tomorrow morning)I hope to get tasty)
So you yourself prepare food for yourself? )) Suddenly! I think you have a young governess who cooks))
After 1 hour, I need to go to the gym today, I have a yoga class.
I head to the gym 3 times a week, 2 times - simulators and 1 times - yoga.
So I will take this free hour until is done food, and try to tell told you about a little more!
By the way, I see that you have a good and happy family, it's very good!
I believe that the family is the most important thing a person!
This family - is the strongest in the world of communication between people.
Your parents are great and good people and they can be proud that raised such a good son!
I do not quite understand what you say about a girl friend ??? She was a lesbian or something?
If she's a lesbian, I take it right! A lot of different people and there is no reason to hate them!
Espen if to tell about yourself in a few words, I cactus soul daisies!
I can offend, but I always sincerely sorry about that that offended person! And I always ask for forgiveness!
I am very curious and I'm not one of those people who are sitting in the same place ... I love to change the situation!
Now I'm learning to work after a photographer before I was in my make-up artist, hair stylist!
I love the variety of courses for various training, I not only get the knowledge but also to get acquainted with interesting people!
In my spare time I can take a book out on the balcony, sit in a chair and read ...
Or listen music and do the cleaning of the apartment, I love order and cleanliness.
I'm pedantic, I like when all be in place ...
But sometimes I can be a mess in the apartment:-) Especially now when cleaning is not enough time time ..)
But do not think that I'm a bad housewife, I always keep clean and tidy.
And when I need something tasty to cook. But I rarely cook - I do not cook for anyone!
Of course I have a cat, his name is Tim, but he only eats dry food for cats:-)
My cat always greets me from work in the evening and in the morning escorts to work)
I love to travel, I have been to many cities of Russia and Europe!
But I do not brag too much than on Europe, I've never been on the hope that he visited.
I was born on April 21 and on the zodiac sign Aries . I often read the horoscope!
But I'm not stubborn as a ram) can be quite a bit!
In people I love and sincerity when a person has a goal and a point of view!
I have everything on their own point of view. I do not like to argue, but I have always expressed my point of view!
Espen, cooked vegetables and I need now to make a salad and go.
I'd like to have a lot to tell you, but I'll do it in the next letter!
Today I have another photo shoot in the studio but it will be in the evening, after the gym.
I'll be a role model, and then I'll photographer) If you want I can give you a few photos?
I bought a new flash to the camera and today I will try it in the work)
By the way, I wish you a happy Easter! In Russia, Easter is April 12!
Well, I need to finish the letter and then wait for your answer ...
Have a nice day ... Do not be sad.)

Letter 5

Hello Espen!
How you? I went back to work but have not found your letter!
Is everything okay?

Letter 6

Hello, my good Espen!
Again, your letter makes me happy and gives me the mood:-)
It was really interesting to read your letter and it gave me some questions!
By the way thanks for the photo! You are very cute! Dog on the first photo is very funny))) Very cute!
I just recently came home, fed the cat and now processing photos!
After work, I attended classes on makeup for 2 hours will be practiced on itself)
I apologize for not having answered, but I left the village for the weekend and could not write!
This morning I was with my mother came home from the village!
In the village we had a very good time, we worked a lot on the street.
But just as I had plenty of time to handle the processing of pictures!
Last night I was baking cakes with apple and pizza oven in Russian furnace)
It was very tasty, I'm sure that you would have liked it! )
How was your weekend? I hope that everything was in order?
In Russia Easter on April 12, so we will celebrate later! You painted eggs? Chicken eggs))
Thank you very much he appreciated my figure) I am very pleased!
Yeah, I try not to miss the gym but do not always have the time unfortunately!
Espen, I want to ask you about what you are currently looking for a woman, what is your ideal?
Of course I understand that ideals did not happen yet?
How do you imagine the future life with a woman? Do you want children of women who find?
In general, do you love children and are you ready to be a father to that?
Are you ready to ensure that you receive a little child, because it's a huge responsibility!
What role you played by women in the family, a housewife, or should it work?
Personally, I believe that a woman has to work before the birth of the child and after the child is old enough.
Another question, if your wife is from another country and move to you, then you are ready to visit her parents at least 1 time in 2 years?
Sorry for so many questions, I just interested to know.
Espen, I need to finish the letter, although I want to write something else ... But we need to do a lot!
All the best to you and good to spend the day, I'm waiting for your answer.
I hope that I have not tired you with your questions!
Photos as promised!)
Bye, my dear friend!

Letter 7

Hello my dear, Espen!
How are you today? how do you feel and how your mood?
I recently came home from work and very sleepy.
I have everything in perfect order! Yesterday I came home very late.
In the evening, called my mom, she needed my help, I had to go to it!
I helped my mother and she was delayed almost 12 at night, and today I hardly slept!
Oh, you like my photos! I tried) I would take with a lot of clothes!
And I myself was doing make-up for this session)
I am very pleased to hear your comments on my photos!
I've never heard so many compliments! (Red:-))
And when you compare me with a piece of cake - is above all praise, I laughed till you drop! ))
I really liked your pictures in these pictures a lot of good! Goodness shines!
And your children are very handsome young men! Yes, you really are a lucky man, I envy you! White envy)
Espen ,today I have a free evening, I nowhere have to go!
Today I have learned on the picture and I do not need a gym.
But now I want to go to the store, I want to buy a dress and musical speakers to the TV!
Otherwise, I have a very bad sound on the TV and I do not like.
Then I want to make soup, a soup borsch so I need to buy some more products!
I think that you tried borscht)? This is a very tasty soup, I cook it rare but now I very much wanted!
It's fine that you love children, children are our hope, because in old age who will help us - of course our children!
We must live for the sake of children and devote my life to them, give them love and care, it is the duty of every person ...
Personally, I want as long as two children, first a boy and then a girl, my father also wanted a son, but I was born and then my brother:-)
I believe that no matter who the boy or girl is a child, and we should be glad that God has given us a baby!
Yes, I have no doubt in you as a father! You have 100 percent more experience in child-rearing than me)
And I am very glad that you want and is willing to children! It's really nice to hear for me!
And you rightly said that my age already requires children and I really fully prepared and really want children! The Dream!
I would gladly gave birth to a child, but unfortunately I can not do it alone! Need a man)))
And the most important thing that a man is easy to find, but to find a decent and loving a man really hard!
It's like cognac! Good cognac drink a handful of people! I do not want to drink cheap brandy, I want to present a good cognac or I encode))!
Espen, I can tell you what I'm looking for a man, I'll say it briefly!
Important to me that the man wanted to create a strong family, to live in trust!
To my man could protect me and the children, and not to avoid problems and to solve problems!
I want to celebrate with family holidays and walking with a man in the theater or cafe!
I do not ask a lot of men, I just want to reciprocity and understanding ...
Actually, I'm fragile and vulnerable woman and I need a man's attention.
Sometimes it is enough a couple of words to calm the woman.
I always dreamed of a strong and united family, the most important thing for me.
I do not want to get married and divorced a year later - it's stupid ...
But I agree that happens in different ways, and people can make mistakes in their feelings.
I've had relationships and I dreamed of a wedding, but we stayed at.
Espen, you know I have had a relationship for a long time with a man
and when the question arose as to go either to marry or to leave - we chose to leave!
We did not have that spark that former affection for each other, we were not able to save it!
And now I do not want to repeat past mistakes, I already went through this!
I think you need to get married until the romance in a relationship is not over yet and there is a spark!
You asked me if I was ready to move to another country to start a family!
My answer is - yes! But if it's a good cognac, and not public swipes!
Espen, by the way, that's great that you're willing to visit the parents of his wife!
Even if the parents of the wife of another country, it is also very important.
My ex man is not very interested in the life of my mother and did not like to visit her!
Although my mom helps us a lot in life ...
Espen, I need to finish and go to the store or else I may be late!
I have attached photos and video for you) This is my hallway!
My little Europe in my apartment! Photo Wall Mural) do you like?
And, if I may, I kiss you on the cheek!

Letter 8

Hello dear Espen!
Just read your letter) said thank you!
I was beginning to worry because you have not written to me for so long! I thought that you did not write me!
I just recently came back home, it's cold outside and the wind!
How are you today? as your state of health?
Yesterday I bought the speakers to the TV, now the sound is very high quality)))
After 40 minutes, I need to go to photography school, today I have classes on shooting the wedding!
I'm writing you a letter, and imagine that you are sitting close by and we're talking)
So I feel better and I do not feel lonely!
Espen, you know I'm starting to feel some pain from the fact that you're not around ...
This distance between us is very traumatic for me, because the letters do not contain all that he wants to express and discover ...
After all, in the letters you can not hug me and care for me, and I really miss ...
I'm a woman and I want to caress, care, male attention ...
Sometimes I feel very lonely, as if I'm alone in this world!
I have many friends, I have a good family, a lot of friends!
But I do not have the person to whom I can open up their problems and experiences!
I do not have someone with whom I can openly laugh and cry!
In my life there is no romance, no emotion ... I never in a hurry to go home!
I'm in no hurry home because there is no one who would wait for me!
You know, I'm starting to realize that I needed to see you.
We are adults and I believe that we have to somehow handle the relationship!
Of course we can not do it tomorrow that will take time, but it should be done!
After sitting in front of a computer monitor we're not achieve anything, these letters become a little ...
Letters, phone messages, is what we are long gone, we're not 17 years old to be ashamed of something ...
We have adults and need to be determined, we will build a relationship or not ...
I understand that I'll never be able to learn completely in letters or on the phone ...
And I believe that it is necessary to solve this problem!
We need to meet with you and understand the approach if we are to each other, if we can create a relationship!
You can write letters for years, but one meeting decides everything !!!
And I do not have a lot of time and years I did not have enough to play with love!
I thought about it yesterday, today, and decided to write everything I think!
For my part, I understand that when I do not read your letter, or do not have time to answer it, I feel uncomfortable ...
This condition is similar to that as if I forget about the important person for me, and I feel ashamed.
I can not always answer unfortunately, my daily routine is very hard now!
Sometimes I come home very tired and just dream about to get into bed!
But I never forget about you, I always remember that I have a person who becomes close to me!
Espen, I'm afraid to imagine that you answer me this letter!
What do you feel me? What do you want from me?
For those days that we know a lot has changed in me, I feel sympathy for you!
I want to be open to you! What do you want?
By the way, I'm leaving the village tonight, my mom, too, goes with me to visit my grandfather!
I can not answer you until Monday, I'll be back on Monday morning and will answer you!
Espen, think over my letter, it was written from the heart and tell me your opinion ..
A big kiss!


Letter 9

Hello my dear Espen!
I just came home from work!
I came from the village this morning! I went to church on Saturday night, as the Russian Easter!
And my mother painted eggs in red! In the village all right, Grandpa feels good!
How was your weekend? I hope that's all right
Today I worked, I now have a lot of work!
I have a blockage at work, you need to make a lot of reports on the working team!
Oh, it's so boring! Need to count all the people!
retirees who have come to work, who is on maternity leave or sick!
Espen, present in our company employs 1500 people.
And do I need to report on all the people, (In general all night going to work!
I want to say a few words about my last letter!
Can I hurried to open your feelings and you are tired of reading my letter?
I do not know how to explain it, but I wanted so much to tell you everything and I decided!
You become a close friend to me and I hunt open in front of you!
I wrote to you all that I feel for you, and you know I was relieved!
Now I am calmer, I'll tell you now do not hesitate!
I want to count you as my man, my boyfriend and I want to build a relationship with you!
I want so much romance, kisses, hugs, flowers!
I'd like to dress up, make beautiful makeup for you!
I would like to walk with you and hold your hand ...:-)
But while this is only my dreams, but I've already told you - I love to dream!
Espen, I have to finish this letter, you need to work!
To be honest I was so tired from work, but still need to work up to the holiday!
I'm already dreaming of vacation) Well, I attached a photo for you!
Photos - I missed at work a couple of months ago)
I hope you like it)
I wish you good mood!
Your Elena!

Letter 10

Hello my dear Espen!
How are you today? How is your day?
Thank you for such a good, full of feelings now! I was very pleased to read!
And yes, I would be happy if you could make me a hot bath with salt and butter right now! Thank you
By the way, today I received a small reprimand at work!
Imagine I slept, I forgot my phone in the kitchen and did not hear the morning alarm clock!
Oh yeah, while I'm talking about the phone - I got your SMS messages! SMS is very expensive for me (
I sleep well now and very sweetly slept, I dreamed of something, but I do not remember what a dream!
Maybe it was you? I'm not dreaming about? Only fair? !! )
Just say that if one person to another dream, this one-to!
Ie if you dreamed of me that I should come to you in a dream, but I do not remember if you were in my dream!
I only remember that I was in a dream is very happy and carefree!
But I had to write an explanation on the work for the delay!
My boss at work told me -
"Elena, I understand that your vacation soon, but do not need to leave early to start!" :-)
I'm not upset, it's just a formality, I think that all men ever late for work!
Although this to me for the first time, this is my first delay!
But you can come to me in a dream, even today, I am ready to be late again)
Just would not get used to))) so that does not come very often or else I'll get fired! )))
Espen, but there is good news - today I had a small debut!
Today I'm going to school makeup and makeup will do the evaluation)))
Will small competition among the students and we will compete who better to do makeup!
Very soon we will have a makeup exam will be graduations!
I will try to make the best make-up, I really want to take first place and get the best diploma!
I hope that I will succeed ... But I'm very worried!
Espen, I'll give you pictures when you could to Rate!
Classes in photography, I have only next week and it pleases because now a lot of things at work!
By the way, I also will soon finish his studies at the wedding photos!
I want to try to make wedding makeup and hold a photo shoot real wedding!
But so far I have not found the people who are going to get married soon (
My dear, I need to finish writing! I very much hope that our communication will not pass just like that!
I hope you and I would not want to open the door to get out of the hearts of each other!
Darling, now I need to go already trolleybus and go to school
I'm waiting for your answer!
I kiss you!

Letter 11

Hello my dear Espen!
How are you today ... I have everything perfectly, but there is a little tired!
I'm only half an hour ago, came home, took a shower, and I want to write you the answer! Thank you for your letter:-)
Espen, thank you for your words! What you said to me, it means a lot to me!
All the same, I can tell you already said it!
I really like you as a man! I see in you a man, and this is most important to me!
And I want you to send sms and I want you to answer me! But I will not send often!
Today I had an incredibly busy day yesterday, I did make-up and got the highest score. URA URA)))
Everything was wonderful, my models were in good spirits and makeup turned out great!
At night I could handle a few photos for classes on wedding photography!
After work I went to photography school, I showed the photos to my teacher, he praised me!
I probably already told you that I received the diploma and the photographer took the first place!
Now I study to do wedding photography, as a wedding photographer is very demanded!
Espen, I'm sorry that I do not write to you and pay little time!
Maybe you think that I'm not careful and pay little attention to you!
I just now very busy work and study ...
I am preparing for the exam on makeup to get the best cum!
Also, I work in the evening and spend the photo shoot! I have very little time!
I come home too late and very tired!
Sometimes even my cat has to starve, because I give him food in the morning and come late in the evening!
And he manages very hungry until the evening!
A weekend in the need to travel to the village to visit and help my grandfather!
So now a lot of problems and very little time to catch solve all the problems!
I also need to buy a new camera has a higher level than my camera!
Since I have the cheapest Nikon D 3100 and he was needed only for the duration of my training!
My teacher said that if I want to continue to pursue a professional photo I already need a Nikon D600 or D800!
And I think a lot about this, because this camera is expensive and can cost engaged in a photo interrupt!
Because now I can not afford to buy such an expensive camera!
But then again I already have customers and they advertise me to your friends
I often call and ask to hold a photo shoot. In general, I do not know what to do!
And I'm a little upset about this, because really want to continue studying the pictures!
But soon my holiday and I want to get rid of these problems and just relax!
Espen, I really miss you and I want you to be closer!
I hope you liked the photos, I trained myself to do makeup)It was 1.5 months ago!
And 3 photos - that I made with dark hair is me now!
Tell me how should I? Dark hair or light?
I'll finish this letter, you must take pictures!
I kiss you! Be careful!
Your Elena!

Letter 12

Hello my dear Espen!
Darling, thank you for your letter!
I recently came home, eat dinner and write you answer :)
How are you my dear? How is your day? both your health and your mood?
Darling I use perfume Lancome hypnose, well, it's not the most expensive perfume!
I think that your perfume more expensive) but I really like the smell!
And I do not quite understand what a class trip your son?
Meeting classmates? If this meeting classmates, in Russia passes 1 time in 5 years)
Oh, I could not check the photos on the phone, but I came to the site of MTS and saw that you sent me a photo in a message!
I had an iPhone 4s, but I dropped and the screen is broken! Now I have a phone without internet! (
Oh, and you are asked how much the camera nikon d800! Darling it is very expensive!
My teacher photos sells photo equipment and if buy from him, it will cost about 100,000 rubles!
Very expensive! Yet this camera is my dream!
Espen, today after work I went to the theater to ballet.
Today I worked one hour less than usual to visit the theater!
We are colleagues at work had to go to the theater yesterday, but was moved to today)
At my work sometimes give free tickets to various concerts and theater!
Today we went with my colleague and her daughter, my colleague called Tatiana!
I have not loved the ballet, to be honest, I wish I had an extra hour at work and do more!
Now we need to make a lot of reports and quarterly reports on accounting - a lot of paper work (
I do not like ballet, the more I love something and his play productions with actors!
Still had to go home to change clothes and take a change of shoes with you!
Espen, you like ballet? I think not))) men are not very fond of ballet dancing!))
After the theater Tatiana drove up me home, she drives a car, but I'm scared to go with it))
She got a driving license 2 months ago and still not sure behaves on the road!
As we drove, we stalled 3 times at traffic lights) ahahaha. as chicken driving!
On the road, I told Tatiana about you, about what we communicate with you and who you are.
To be honest, it bothered me with questions, she always comes up to me at work and says -
"Something our Lenoshka constantly happy and always smiling, perhaps she has a fiance")
At what Tatiana says it for all the rest of my colleagues, and we have women's team)
I think that you do not need to explain what the women's team - is the constant gossip and discussion)
And today, when Tatiana give me a lift home, she said - "I see that you have a man, when you already tell me about it!"
I gave up) I told her about you and about our relationship! But when I said that you live in the Norway)))) .....
You should have seen the face Tatiana at this moment, when she heard it, she almost ran into a car located from the front!
She had big eyes and mouth open))) ahahaha) it was funny))))
And then began the question - who are you? where do you work? you divorced or been lonely? Do you have children? di you have car and house?
Espen, my ears are tired of listening to these questions! I told her that you oil oligarch and you have your island and a private jet!
I thought she was beginning to believe me, but then she laughed and told her that I was kidding)
So I told her that she still finds time when it's time for this. but now that there is less gossip, I did not tell her who you are and what you do!)
I bet that my work now it will intrigue the year and all colleagues will think who you are)
You became a celebrity darling, I you sincerely congratulate)))) Now you will be the idol of 14 women from our group)))
Espen, but Tatiana asked me another question and I think about this question, she said - "that we're planning to do next?"
And really, what we're planning to do next? I thought a lot about this question!
In fact, I asked myself this question a lot and dreamed, imagined, but I can not even believe it!
I understand that now is not the days of chivalry and that now men do not go to a duel because of women)
And I understand that you do not come to me on a white horse) Yes, and I'm not locked in the tower of evil dragon))
What a pity that this is life, not a fairy tale. But nevertheless, all the time I think or dream about the future!
And I can not think of anything. I have so many thoughts in my head.
I think about our meeting, as it will be, what do we do, how we spend time together, and so on!
I have a lot of options)))) But I can not see into the future and learn all unfortunately!
Espen, I often imagined your wedding, your family, children, family life.
That said plans for the future and that's like the future is gradually coming, can the future is that you?
If so, then I am very happy and ready to give you a hand.
But if it is not - that I am very afraid. I find it very scary that I will come back from work and I can not find your letter!
Or I will find your letter about what you love another woman or something else.
I will soon be 32 years old and I really want stability in the relationship and know the future!
Espen, do not think that I'm going crazy, you're just very dear to me, you bring into my life change!
You give me happiness and a smile, and most importantly, you give me hope for the future!
Just do not take away it all back, to make so that my fears were not justified and I will do my best to make you happy!
I know that you are a strong independent, which took place in the life of a man, and that you can easily be happy without me!
But I really want you to be happy with me, and I was happy with you!
Maybe you're tired to read, but I really need to tell you all!
Forgive me if I'm wearied you with my letter and maybe silly thoughts!
I did not take a camera with me today, but I have a photo about 3 months ago!
Today, I look exactly the same!) I hope you appreciated!
I kiss you! Your Elena!

Letter 13

Hello my sweet Espen!
How are you today? Thank you for your letter!
As I told you yesterday, today, my whole team discusses you))
Oh, these women ....! All and all you need to know and discuss!
By the way you're right, the drivers in Russia love to drive fast and a lot of accidents!
Tatiana goes slowly, but it is not enough experience for a good drive!
Riding on range is very different from driving in town! But she tries)
By the way today after work I went to the post office!
I got a new cosmetics and tassels makeup, I'm happy))
My mother made me a gift for the upcoming birthday and gave me 10,000 rubles!
I decided to spend that money on something useful and ordered cosmetics.
So now I'm in full armor)
Espen, remember I told you that I wanted to try to make wedding makeup at this wedding?
Imagine this afternoon during work called me a strange girl.
She said that she would be a wedding, and she wanted me to her make-up))) cheers)))
It turned out that I recommended my former classmate!
We agreed on she will come to me and I will make her a trial makeup.
Overall I'm happy, this is my first private commission, I hope she will like it!
She also asked if I could photograph them in the registry office, but I said something to discuss at the meeting!
Since I do not want to do the wedding photos on my camera.
Maybe I'll ask acquaintances camera Nikon D800, but I do not know whether I will entrust the camera!
By the way you are about the same price for the camera as in Russia!
Espen, I told you that I received the diploma of the photographer and I had a photo exhibition!
I took 1st place in the viewers' vote and I want to give you a few pictures.
My diploma was called "Children of the Sun" I am ready to 2 months!
I hope that you like it and you appreciate my work! Be honest!
Still at work today gave the vacation schedule, my vacation starts from 5 may! Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah!
Me and my colleague agreed to be noted, but has not yet decided when.
Today incredibly happy day, my smile never left my face)
Honey, my vacation 50 days and maybe we need to organize meeting! There are specific proposals?
I think that 50 days is good term to understand that we need to get used to each other! What do you think?
And today I'm going to the village until Monday! So do not lose me!
By the way can we need to try to talk on Skype? I want to buy a camera for Skype next week!
I'll be back on Monday morning and I'll write you a letter! I hope you will not take offense at my silence on the weekend !?
My dear Espen, now I can not wait to try and see the cosmetics makeup!
I will end this letter ... I kiss you!
Your Elena!

Letter 14

Hello my dear Espen!
How are you my dear man? How is your mood and health?
I just got home today I only worked half a day!
This morning I came back from the village! In the village I had a good time! )
In the village I was engaged in processing photos and walk in the fresh air!
Still quite cold, but the snow is almost no, but there is still water ice, but it melts very quickly!
I took a few photos for you - it's a lake with a waterfall in the village used to be very beautiful!
But now the village is considered bankrupt and the restoration of the waterfall there is no money, locals repair on its own!
Last night I was baking cakes with apple and pizza oven in Russian furnace)
It was very tasty, I'm sure that you would have liked it! )
How was your weekend? I hope that everything was in order?
Oh, I am very pleased that you liked my photos! Thanks appreciated!
I am a very long time to work on these photos and was very happy when I got the 1st place!
All women at work looking at me with envy)) Now you idol 14 women))) I congratulate you're famous)
Espen, you can not imagine, I called another girl this morning!
She asked me to do her makeup and conduct a photo shoot, can you imagine?
So today I have about 12:00 days immediately met this girl and we went to my house!
Also came to me my good girlfriend to help me!
I took her up, after we went to a photo studio and I asked my friend the photographer to hold the photo shoot!
This girl is only 22 years old and she wanted to look like a grown woman, but it's hard to do!
But I think the image turned out good, I just picked up her clothes and accessories!
In general, I earned my first money for makeup - 1000 rubles) certainly small, but very nice)))
This girl really liked how I made her up and she said that I will recommend to my friends)
Even today I went and bought a chandelier for the kitchen! In my kitchen hanging ordinary light bulb on a wire!
Finally appeared chandelier and I will not be ashamed when guests come!
Otherwise usual bunting is not in harmony with the wallpaper and furniture:-)
But now I realize again how hard to be without a man - I do not know how to attach the chandelier to the ceiling!
Tomorrow I will cause the electrician ... Why do not you live in the house next door?I could ask you to attach the chandelier:-)
Honey, I do not know how and where we can meet! Of course I'll be glad if you can let me into your home!
But my past, my Schengen visa is no longer valid, and if I go to you I need to issue a new visa!
It is not expensive and the visa is issued for 5 - 8 days! International passport I act another 6 years, I made out a 10-year period of validity!
Norway my new country and of course I would like to visit you in Norway!
If you want I can learn all that I can do to see you!
But if you want to visit Russia, I also do not mind, it's going to be amazing and I would very much like to meet you in person!
My vacation for 50 days and I would like that all 50 days we were able to spend together!
But I understand that your vacation is not the same as mine! But you can edit? I understand you correctly?
By the way, I did not quite understand what you're talking about Skype? You can talk to me on Skype?
My skype name - elena.pozdnyak53! And I bought the camera for Skype!
Add me to your contact list or give me your skype name !?
My cute Espen, I need to finish this letter!
Now we need to do the final cleaning of the apartment and go to yoga!
I really miss you!

Letter 15

Hello my dear Espen!
How are you today? I'm fine)
Now I'm home, I called the electrician and the electrician I hung a chandelier)
Now everything is in order, a chandelier on the ceiling and looks harmonious and beautiful!
Yesterday I wanted to try to attach the chandelier itself, but scared of electricity!
I do not really understand what you need to connect a wire that was not short-circuit) typical woman)))
But the electrician took over the work of 430 rubles (((I think it's expensive for a 5 minute job !!!!! But I could not argue! (
By the way this morning the street was a lot of ice and I fell when I got home from work, now sore leg (
The weather is getting colder, the street is very slippery and strong wind.
Now I'm going to go to the store to buy food and need to take away the coat to the cleaners!
I'll give you cute cake recipe with apples! But I do not know how to tell it in English!
This recipe village pies!) I'll try to write to you later so that you can understand!
By the way a strange question about why my leave of 50 days)) For 50 days!
Generally 40 days annual holiday and an additional 10 days on different occasions, but if we meet I'll take 10 more days!
Espen, lately I've been thinking about you and waiting for the moment when we will be able to touch each other!
I am a woman, an ordinary woman, and really want to just male attention I and heat, nice words!
Espen, I want to feel that you love me, I wanna feel that I'm yours, yours truly!
I do not know how to translate it correctly and you will understand me, but I want to be with you like a stone wall!
To no one I could not hurt, and so I always knew that I have the support and care of the beloved!
Darling and I want to come home and see what is covered and cooked dinner table))) - it sounds great!
And today I find out information on the trip to Norway! I could go to you!
Visa is not a problem! But tickets are more expensive and for documents and tickets needed about 700 euros!
Darling is a lot to me! If you are willing to help with I am ready to get a visa and go to you for 50 days!
And I do not understand why you can not do skype? Just install Skype on the old computer and buy a web camera!
Cute Espen, now I need to go to the store and soon will come visit me!
You probably forgot what day it is! But you can read my 3 or 4 letter and you will understand what day!
Photos from my photo shoot in Slovenia! Watch these photos and getting warmer)))
I really miss you! I kiss you!
Your (I hope that your) Elena!

Letter 16

Hello my dear Espen!
Espen, I can not write much as I leave the village now!
I'll be back on Monday! You do not have time to buy a camera for Skype ???
Wow! You're so busy that you do not have 5 minutes?
Well, if you do not want to talk on Skype, then I'm sorry!
Honey, if you can not get a vacation during my vacation then we will not be able to meet!
Since when is your vacation I will work, but you can go to Russia!
What do you think? Tell me you'll be able to go to Russia?
Then, during his vacation, I go to the Crimea, as I want to travel during the holidays!
Kiss you!

Letter 17

Hello my dear Espen!
How are you? How is your mood? I'm alright!
I just read your letter, and I want to answer you.
Thank you for the congratulations, I was very pleased that you congratulated me!
Good that you have read my first letter and found out when my birthday! )
Yesterday we girls sat very well, it was fun) Just missed you! (
I specifically invited the girls without their husbands, had only female company!
I made a few salads, bought fruit, cake and a few bottles of red and white wine)
Imagine, when the girls came, they brought with crackers and different colored caps and balloons)
Oh, I was very pleased! Girls have tried and prepared several competitions and raffles for me!
It was really fun and we laughed a lot and talked, we sat until 23:00 and then the girls went home and I went to bed! (Fatigue and red wine did the trick and I fell asleep very fast)
I was presented with flowers, 2 certificates for the purchase of cosmetics, hair dryer and a set of wine glasses) from this set and we drank wine)
How was your day? I really want you to be with me yesterday! I miss you very much!
Today I worked only from 11:00 morning) I sleep well! My boss did the gift for me - I did not come to work at 8:00 and at 11:00! The boss gave the opportunity to sleep)
Also, I made myself a haircut, I again took advantage of henna and make hair dark brown tint! Do you like?
But now I want to remove paint from the hair, but I hope you like my hair) girls told me that this is very suitable hairstyle!
Now I need to take a shower and then I'll go to photography school, will lecture on wedding photography!
My dear. if we talk about the average salary in Russia, I think it's 25,000 rubles, but I do not know for sure!
And I want to do a visa this week, in principle, I have all the documents on hand and only need apply!
I think that I can go to you on 7 May and I want to stay on your 50 days, I think a return ticket for June 23!
What do you think? I understand that you can not take 50 days of vacation, but how can you?
Can you at least 20 days ??? Then I can wait for you to work evenings and weekends, and we could spend together?
But if you want I can come to you for 20 or 30 days! Tell me how you want it?
And speaking of tickets, I will need to secure tickets to the package of documents for a visa!
But if you will order on my website, it's not for me to be comfortable, because I would like to buy tickets on the day of the visa!
Maybe you can pass me the money? It will be more convenient for me!
I counted the cost, and I think that all of the costs around 700 euros! I do not know how much is in the Norwegian krone!
Cute if you can help me with this then I will give this week and write documents for a visa!
But I do not know can you or not? So tell me more clearly, because you have to have to take a specific decision!
And by the way, the photo yesterday - is Slovenia in 2013 I was there at the resort! )
Espen my dear, I really miss you and really want you to be closer!
Kiss you! Your Elena!

Letter 18

Hello Espen!
I came back from the village! I did not understand your letter!
Who is it? whose is the data



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