Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! I hope that you remember me. After all, we talk about a month ago on the dating site. That's where you and leave me your email. But I did not have access to the Internet before, and so I am writing to you now. I also send you some pictures and I hope that you remember me. If you remember, I am 30 years old. By the way if you did not notice my name is Nataliya
Letter 2
Hello! How are you? how is your mood? What are you doing? What will you do this weekend? what are your plans? You have a movie theater? I will be very pleased if you tell me about your activities. I will wait for the letter Nataliya
Letter 3
Hello. how are you? How was your weekend? What are you doing? And you know how to cook barbecue? Maybe you have a recipe for a barbecue? I like to spend time in nature and Get your barbecue. You like catching fish? I hope that I can read your letter. Nataliya
Letter 4

Hello!. how are you? I want to tell you a story. How I hated the fact that a neighbor, not only that walks his dog in the yard, so also leads and feeds three homeless dogs that are always spinning at the entrance and dirtied everything around. And this eternal and barking day and night ... And yesterday returned from work late, almost at home stuck drunken man. Around the dark, and not a soul. I was seized by the jacket with the bag. In general, mentally I said goodbye not only to property, but also with life. Then out of the darkness fly three tramps. I thought of the man there is nothing left. Escapes, as much the heels were stuck in the ***! Now all the bones in the trash, and friends ... and your country a lot of blast furnaces without dogs?
I will wait for an answer .. Nataliya
Letter 5
Bob I am glad to receive your letter. I waited for him impatiently. I thought you write to me or write. And when have seen that letter is happy. Even my mood has improved. Bob I live in Nizhny Novgorod region. It's near Nizhny Novgorod. On the Volga River. In the small village Bob I work nurse in the therapeutic section. Doing dressings, give tablets. Care for the sick. But mostly all go to a big city hospital. I went to work after college. I send from home to boarding school education in the College of Medicine. Then select a room and now I live here and work. Bob My parents I would never see. And do not know. At boarding school did not say anything. I tried to learn, but nothing was able to learn. Neither of the brothers or the sisters, about any relatives. I have many friends and acquaintances. Bob I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet, because we do not stay in the village of normal men. All alcoholics or already married.
Others went away. I'm tired of living alone. And I heard on TV that can communicate over the Internet. And then live together happily ever after. And I decided to try it. Bob I probably have a lot to write and you are tired to write. What interests you? Ask. Will send a photo? I studied English in school and college. I hope you understand me.
Waiting for your answer Bob how do you like my photos? Like it?
Letter 6
Hello Bob. How are you? like your weather? Bob I am so glad that the street becomes so warm. today we have + 35C. I hope that soon it will be possible to go swimming. I love the summer to go to the beach to sunbathe. Do you like going to the beach ?? I hope you can answer me! Nataliya
Letter 7
Bob I now have to go on duty. I will write tomorrow and I will answer all questions. I want to warn you about it. Do not take offense, and not to lose. Tomorrow after work I come in and answer you. One nurse became ill and needed to replace it. I hope you understand me... Nataliya
Letter 8
Hello Bob! How are you? today we have the first day of summer. and a big celebration on June 1 "Children's Day!" Bob You have a holiday? Today the city is a lot of concerts and performances! I, too, will soon go to watch as the children will be performing. since children are very much trying to put their emotions and performance turns out very quick. and you love to watch how children act? have a nice day .... Nataliya
Letter 9
Hello Bob. How are you? how is your mood? I want to tell you a story.
With me on the course she learned from some not too distant province named Lena. And I must say that in the dialect of the province was so interesting that when she said yes, still there is a feeling that if the question asks. It is, incidentally, common in some regions of Russia dialect.
And for this Lena priudaril a friend of mine. And somehow, from the very beginning its focus is not sketched, but now calls it home. The tube takes Lenin's mother, who has exactly the same problems with speech. I retell the words of a friend of a dialogue.
- Good morning, Lena, please, - says a friend.
- Lena was not at home? - Responsible mother.
- I know where ... - says the man.
Mom: - No, you do not understand? Lena was not at home?
- I do not know - put a deadlock says pal.
- Oh, no. Lena was not at home?
- Yes, I do not know - in angry feelings he yells - I did not see today, finally.
- Lena has not come yet? - Mom says.
- And I know how - here buddy restrain the ardor of a few, because before he suddenly realized that he was talking to a crazy ...
- Uh - he says - you do not worry so much, just pass Lena that she called Pasha.
- All right? Handed? - Responsible mother - bye?
- Well, of course, goodbye, - says Pasha and puts the phone. Nataliya
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