Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Mishyna to Stefan (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hi dear Steffe!
Thank your for your kind response to my request to get to know you.
That was a sad story how broke up your marriage, but I'm sure that a better, more loving, young and beautiful woman is waiting for you in your new relations!
I liked your photos:-) And your dog is so nice and cute. I like dogs.
My name is Tatiana (or Tanya in short), you can call me as you like.
I too am looking for my second half after losing my boyfriend in a car accident a few years ago. I have never been married and don't have children. In the future I wish to have an amicable and strong family.
I'm romantic, optimistic, easy-going girl. I attach for you my photos as they can help you a lot to learn about me, and give you the idea with whom you correspond. I can add that my height is 170 cm (5,7) and my weight is 53 kg (115). I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I'm very active, try to make each my day bright, and start it with smile:) I love to be funny, love to laugh, I like to smile and spread my smile to others to have them happy too. Life is wonderful, and I try to enjoy every moment of it. I live in Ukraine, town named Melitopol. I work as a social worker at the department of education. My work consists of making educational programs for educational establishments. I live with my parents and younger sister Anna. I was born on December, 15 in 1987 and I am 27 years old. I lead a very active and healthy lifestyle I don't smoke or do drugs and I don't abuse alcohol. Tell me please more about yourself; what are your hobbies? what your daily life consists of? what are your likes and dislikes? Which qualities do you prefer to see in your woman? As for me, I would like to see next to me a strong, affectionate, serious and positive man, who knows what he wants in this life and tries to achieve it. I don't like selfish, rude and arrogant men. I like people who are up front, genuine to other people and honest, faithful, kind, sincere and understanding to others. And one more thing, I hope, it’s not a problem for you that my English is rather weak so far. If you wonder why my letters are written in good English, it’s because I get them translated, but I am going to learn English and I have started searching for a teacher of English who would teach me. I understand that learning English is very important for me, for us, for our future relations, and I will learn it! There are so much we can know about each other, so I hope to hear from you soon. Maybe I am the one you are looking for and if you think that you wish to talk to me than I will be honored and pleased to talk with you to develop a serious relationship. With hugs and kisses,
Letter 2
Hi dear Steffe. I was glad to hear from you back and to learn more about you! You give an impression of openhearted and honest man and I believe, I can trust you. Developing a relationship over the Internet can be rather daunting, but it is worth of taking a risk. Isn't it? We never know where we find our true love. So, we should listen to our heart and even without eye contact it is possible to fall in love because to experience love we don't need eyes, but heart. I think that love has no limits and distances.
Yes, I can drink a glass of whine to a good meal and champagne on special occasions, but I don't abuse alcohol. From Dnepropetrovsk airport to Zaporozhye it is possible to get by train or bus or car or taxi. Yes, I'm sensitive and a girl that like to sit in the lap and cuddle. I'm sensual and romantic and I like to be naughty with my man. One of the reasons to find man abroad is I want a better life in a more peaceful country. I want to leave Ukraine not only because war, but also because we have very bad economic, social and other levels of life. We have very hard time here and government even can not pay salaries to us. It may last for several years until it will be more stable and we will have a hope for better life.
But at the same time I'm deliberate in my search and I want to find my true love! I am totally sure what true love means. My parents are married for almost thirty years and they are still so tender and loving to each other. I am so lucky to have such parents. And I want to have this happiness in my family too. In my dreams I want to find a man who will be my one and only, to be my life partner and my best friend, to be my equal in everything, to never put my needs above his.
I dream of exploring the wonders of the world searching the mysteries of life and to live a long, happy and loving life with him and our children.
I like simple things and I don't follow commercial fashion. For me are more important the things we cannot buy. I'm Sagittarius in horoscope and I'm sincere in my feelings, risky and avid of adventurous.
Speaking of my character, I am easy going and optimistic and I always believe that everything that is happening is for better, even if it does not look so in the beginning. Sometimes, I can also be unpredictable as very often my actions depend on my feelings or intuition. My heart and intuition never let me down, as a rule.
I like to keep fit by jogging, riding bicycle, tennis and swimming.
All these helps me to be in a good physical shape and moreover makes my mood go up. I also like active outdoors activities in nature like camping, hiking, scuba diving. One of my dreams is to try parachute jumping. I guess, my man will never be bored with me!
As you can see from my photos, I have a dachshund dog, my funny little friend, named Felix and I have two cats as well. I like pets and what about you?
Please write me back, dear. I like you very much and want to hear from you more and more! Tanya.
Letter 3
Hi dear Steffe! Thank you so much for lifting my spirits this morning with your new warm letter. My heart is overflowing with joy when I get new letters from you. I read your letters and I see in you a wonderful man, the one which any woman would be lucky to have in her life. I am learning about your ideas and opinions and I feel that you are as great man as you are smart and attractive. As I think of our first letters, there was a sense of magic, I somehow felt from the beginning you were the one. I hope that the things you feel for me are the same, and if we want the same things; to always share our days and nights, to feel our bodies against each others.
Each night have our hands caress each other, to feel the tender skin in our hands, to kiss passionately, make love and to give absolute pleasure to each other. To fall asleep in each others arms, to awake in the same position. Each morning to start our day off with a sweet kiss with the magic in our eyes of the happiness and passion that is in our hearts for each other, than I know that we can make it work for us. I am truly ready to start a new page in my life with you, Steffe. I will teach you to swim with a great pleasure, and it would be fun to do it and then to compete in swimming. Do you live far from the sea coast? I know that Sweden is surrounded by water a lot.
I don't mind bear if it is not too long. Men with long beard remind me grandfathers and it makes a man look older. You know, I really like music and when I hear some of my favorite romantic songs I always imagine me with something special: we are sitting near the ocean, listening to water and watching sunset, wishing on a star that our love never end, but shine brighter with every single day! I see us walking along the seaside, hand in hand with my head on your shoulder, making me feel like nothing in the world can touch me because we are only together in the world. Life has stood still for that moment when our eyes met. You pull me tightly, so you can feel my body against yours as you take my breath with a slow wet passionate kisses. You lay me gently in the sand and kiss down my body. We passionate make love and it feels so good and the water washes up around and we make love in the moonlight till we both feel exhausted and fed with love and passion... Will you tell me your dreams? I send you a warm soft kiss. And I will be anxiously waiting for your new letter. Tanya.
Letter 4

Hello! Dear Steffe, I really like you and wish to improve our relationship very soon so we can arrange to meet and put our dreams together. I'll try my best to learn some English till our meeting, but I think that true love has no language. Love is understanding and respect for each other. I feel there is no barrier between us and we can have a wonderful relationship. Ok dear, I can come to you to Sweden now. Are you sure, you are ready for me? Than today I will go to the travel agency and learn what I need to travel to Sweden, how much it costs and will let you know in my next letter. Yes, I think, it will be around $1000.
I already envision our first meeting. I can see you walking towards me in the distance at the airport. My heart starts to beat faster and faster. You are close now... I start walking towards you and then start running towards you. I jump into your arms and you kiss me passionately and hold me close to you very tightly... You bring me to your home or hotel or whatever you prepared for us and then after having some rest and shower we go to see and walk in the city where we walk holding hands and looking into each others eyes and know that we are so in love with each other that we can`t keep our hands off each other. What a feeling!!! We walk and watch the sun go down while drinking some nice sparkling wine. After that we go to a nice romantic restaurant. Our table will be away from all the rest; may be next to a roaring fire and there will be a nice romantic music playing for us.
We will sit and chat and I will look into your eyes and tell you how much I like you and dreamed and waited for our meeting... When we have finished dinner we will go back to our hotel room where we will finally fall into each others embraces loving and caressing each other... There will be lots of passion and naughty things between us till we are both exhausted and fed up with each other. I hope you like this idea and please tell me what you imagine it to be like. I will be much more happy when I will see you near me, and when we can meet in person, I will give you all my heat when you feel down, I will give you all my affection and tenderness when you are sad, I will kiss you strongly and hotly when you need love! I want to give you the satisfaction which you never have got on your life. With love, hugs and kisses,
Letter 5
Hi again sweetheart! I will remind you details for making a money transfer: My full name - Tatiana Mishyna.
Country: Ukraine
City: Melitopol With love, hugs and kisses,
Your Tanya.
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