Scam letter(s) from Irina Kopytko to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my love Phillip! I received your letter, and I understand that I - just beginning to live.
I always read your letters. I hope that *** is not the most important thing for you.
We have you still just beginning. Now I find meaning in life.
I can not imagine life without you longer.
Today I learned everything concerning the arrival to your country and I was told that I had to have a visa, foreign passport and other documents for registration.
We have identified the type of visa, it is - a tourist visa.
This visa allows you to stay in your home country within 90 days. In the future, the visa can be renewed.
I asked about the price and was very upset.
Visa costs 150 euro, passport, 100 euro and health insurance 125 euro. All I need 375 euro.
It makes me a little depressed and disappointed. I do not have that kind of money.
I asked my friends, they said they do not have such a sum.
I know that there is a reliable system of remittances in the world, it is - the company Western Union.
I went to Western Union and learned about their service.
They said that sender must go to Western Union and have the information:
Name and surname of the recipient country, as they give ten secret numbers.
With the help of these numbers I can get your translation.
The information that will be needed for translation: Country Russia
Name: Irina
Surname: Kopytko I need to know your full name and your full address.
You should know that I'm asking you about this, because I love you and I really trust you.
I think about the meaning of money, and I am very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.
In most cases, money plays a huge role in my life, but this is not correct. I'm sure!
Money has never been, and will not be important to me.
I never aspired to material enrichment and not looking for a rich man.
I appreciate human qualities, I love you Phillip!!!
I do not want you to think that I decide it spontaneously, I thought about it for a long time. I do not want to lose happiness.
Every day I think about our meeting, I think that we should use this opportunity that fate has given us.
I love you and I want to be with you forever!!!
I'll wait for your letter with impatience. Your love Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my love Phillip!
I came today to the Internet cafe hoping I'll see your new letter.
I am very glad that I can read what you wrote to me.
Thank you very much for what you write me - great fun for me.
I love you and I want to be with you.
You know now, I do not pay attention to any problems,
Because the most important thing for me is you.
and nothing is more important in the world.
And now I understand that it is - true love. I was looking for all my life.
So bad to be far away from you.
You know, I often look at the moon at night it is as lonely as I am.
But even the moon is covered by clouds,
But I have no one to hug and take care.
I want to be near you. I would like to
You covered me under this moon, and I do not want to be lonely anymore.
Tell me you want it?
I want to get a word from you that you love me. I can not live without it.
I realized that the search for my love
finished, I no one except you is unnecessary.
I want to start a life where there is no place deception
I want to see a world where there is only you and
I am and we are happy because we are together.
I love you, and I understand that I can not convey all the feelings through writing.
Our happiness is in our hands and it is important to appreciate that.
Life rarely gives the possibility of success and happiness
and you must try to use it.
I want you to be alone with my man, and I'm just your woman.
I do not need any extra money you're talking about, because I take a certificate from my work.
I need your help 375 euros for the documents. I do not want to be a pen pal.
I'm surrounded by your kindness, tenderness and love.
important for me to be together, I do not want to live more than one, I love you. Your love Irina forever.
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