Scam Letter(s) from Azaliya Onarmatova to Helder (Portugal)

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Letter 1

Hello Helder
Thanks for your message. I am glad that you have decided to continue our acquaintance.
Ok. My history:
I am lonely with 2013 (it is the sad story). I was tired of loneliness. And I have decided to begin new life. I long time was lonely. But now I am ready for new relations.
I live in Russia. But I already had travel to the Western Europe. And I don't see the problem, because of the big distance. I have decided to find the love in the Internet.

03 June my holiday begins. I have decided that should use this chance. I have decided to get acquainted with the man, during my holiday. I can arrive to you, or invite you in my house. If you want it.......
I will be happy to be some days with the romantic man. It will be days of tenderness and romanticism.
If you accept my offer, I immediately finish search on the dating site, and I continue correspondence only with you. And I am ready to remove my profile on the site if you ask about it.
But I don't want to have any pressure, upon our relations. We won't hurry event. Ok? It will be easy dialogue. If you want, we will have some weeks of daily correspondence to understand our feelings. It would be very romantic.
And if in 3 weeks we have sympathy probably we will want to meet? Why not?
But now too early to speak about it. Tell to me about your country and your city.
You had experience in the Internet? It is my first experience. Therefore I can sometimes tell silly things)))))))))

So, we will continue it?
mmmmm. Thanks for photos. I will be glad, if you send new photos every day......
..... I too will send you some photos. And I will send new photos every day if you want...
Any relations begin with small flirtation? :-) Azalia

Letter 2

Hello Hello Hello Helder

It is very pleasant that you also have decided to continue our dialogue.
I want to apologise for my English language. It is not ideal.I have some accent. I lived in uk 2 months, and I have learnt to speak perfectly on English. :-). But I badly write. I can make some errors. I do not want to look silly, when incorrectly I write. However I perfectly understand everything that you write to me. You can not worry about it. If I make an error, you can correct me. ok?
I hope that I don't look silly?? If I tell nonsenses, you say me about it.
AVEIRO - a beautiful city. Now I have found this city in the Internet. I see many beautiful photos.

Now it is a little about itself:
My city - PLESETSK (Arkhangel'skaya oblast). of cause you didn't hear about it?

I'm 36 years. Unfortunately I do not have children. It would be magnificent, if my future husband already has children. To me 36 years, also I think that already late for children. But I can be mother, no problems. If my future husband insists on the birth of the child I am ready to try. But now I don't think any more of the child. Likely I have wasted this time :( can you tell me, what you search on a dating site?
I ask about it repeatedly, because i know that so much men use it for fun only. I hope, you will not ask from me naked photos?? lol :-) I know that men on a dating site, only for the sake of naked photos. But I hope, you not the such. Yes??

So, you have decided to continue it. If we have love feelings, we could meet sometime.
We are still very little familiar.
And we should have daily correspondence to understand it.
You agree with me? If you have no time, for me, you should tell about it at once. I do not wish to create illusion. I think, that 3 weeks will be enough to learn character each other.
I think, now we should not discuss it. We will go down stream.
You speak about official registration of papers to arrive to your country?
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I have the passport. I already had travel to Europe.
And I know all process of official registration of papers. Yes, I know what documents to me will be necessary. But now I have no time to be engaged in registration of my documents. I have a lot of work, before my holiday. But I promise that in some days I will think of it.
Thanks for your video Youtube. Later I will look it.
Now I will finish the letter and with impatience I will wait for your answer.
I hope, what you will send me the new photos, ok?
Ok lets see what unfolds

Letter 3

pom pom pi dou Helder
wooooooooooooooww. Today I received 9 letters from you.
Today I very tired. I have woken up in 06:00am. My cat has woken me. I have a cat, his name Simba.
I have forgotten to fill its bowl, last night. And this morning he has wanted to eat. He was dissatisfied. It monstercat! I had to wake up, and to feed him.
You have written your address. ok. I will keep this information.
It is especial correspondence for me. I corresponded with men from Russia, but I have been disappointed. And I continue to be disappointed in people from my city.
so long time I searched for the person to be inlove and have family. You know, now so a little men who think about future. but it is really terrible - to be lonely in my an old age... I think so....
The real man should know how to contain the family and children, but I did not see it in Russian men. I have found a foreign dating site. And I have decided to try... Probably here I will find the prince? :-) Thanks for your new photos. And your comments, to your photos. To me it was very interesting to look.
You say that already have children. I hope, you are happy, about it.
I do not have skype and web cam. I do not have time for correspondence online. You not strongly were upset?? mmmmmmmmmmmmm...Excuse. I write you letters from work. Here there are no such programs. I do not know as to use skype. I understand nothing in the computer device. Besides, my chief does not resolve to the workers, to use the Internet, for personal correspondence. You do not want, that me have discharged from office. email and phone is all that I can offer. I hope that we can continue correspondence.
hmmm what to say about me for continue??? ;-) I can say to you about my family.
I have sister. To her of 39 years. . but you have brothers or sisters???
Now I live alone, my parents live in village, not so far from me. Sometimes I visit them.
I can say about the life so much time, but I want to hear more about you from your letters also. You will say about yourself more. ok?
I understand that we live in distance from each other, but I do not want, that it became a barrier...
I hope that you have understood me today!!! I will be ready to relocate if it will need...
To be pleasant to me life in Russia. But if my husband is the foreigner, I am ready to move to its country. But if I find love in Russia, I am ready to live in Russia all life.
I the sincere woman. It doesn't frighten you?
For that do you wait from your new relations? You dream of what life? Tell to me about your ideal woman? I could be the woman, from your dreams?
I wait your answer.
Some photos cat Simba.

Letter 4

Tic Toc Tic Toc Helder
How are you?
i have been at work, and i didn't have enough time to answer you. I write you letters from my workplace. To us forbid to use the Internet, for personal correspondence. Therefore I cannot use chat and skype, and write letters very often. And unfortunately, I don't have possibility to write to you from the home. I have home computer, but in my house there is no Internet. I have the Internet only on work.
I hope that after you see my mail, to you becomes better and warmer on a soul.
I so speak, because so occurs to me when I receive from you the message, to me becomes very warm on heart because I know that you think of me. Now I do not worry. I feel pleasure when I find your letter in the computer. I have removed my profile from a dating site. I have stopped to get acquainted with other men. Now I correspond only with you Helder. It will be interesting to me to spend my holiday, together with you.

Helder, I never spoke to you about my life. I was married only 1 time. My husband has died in 2013, a blood clot in heart. We lived together 6 years, but at us never was children. My husband often drank alcohol and could not have children. But we loved each other. After his death, at me never was men. But now I am ready to serious relations. To me only 36 years. And I hope that I will soon meet the man of the dream. There can be it you? :-) Russian men not so polite. Very many abuse alcohol, and often beat the wives. Therefore I not to search for serious relations in my city.

I spoke to you about my sister? To her of 39 years. She has married for the citizen of Finland. They have got acquainted on the Internet. And he has arrived to Russia. And they have got married. But Ville (ville this name, the husband of my sister) not to be pleasant life in Russia. And soon they will move to Finland, to live and work, in house Ville. I am happy for them.
Probably I too will meet my love on the Internet??
I go to the days off to the sister, on a visit or we go to shops (Shopping).
Still we like to walk in cafe and cinema. To me of boringly house in loneliness. Still, sometimes my sister herself comes to me. You can see her in a photo.
My sister Anna - my best friend. She works in school. She the teacher of the Literature.
I still told to nobody about you. How you think, I need to tell to the sister, what I correspond with the foreigner? I would like to make it.
Today I send you a photo of my sister and I.
By the way, I have forgotten to ask, I am pleasant to you in the photos, you like my appearance??? I want to be pleasant to you.
I will wait your answer.
Friendly kiss for you Helder

Letter 5

Hello my friend Helder
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. Each time when I check a mail box, I find from you the answer.
It so is pleasant that you do not save time and answer me. To me it is very pleasant that you read my letters and my life is interesting to you.
Thanks for your condolences, concerning death of my husband. I understand that you very careful man. And to be pleasant to me it.
What at you today mood? I hope, what all is good?
Today I left on walk. In my city good weather, and I have gone to city park.
I very much like to walk on city streets. Because here it is very beautiful.....
My city Plesetsk is located in the north of Russia. In the winter here it is very cold, the temperature can be -40C. But summer very solar and warm.
Plesetsk it is located in 850 km from Moscow. Moscow - the closest international airport.
Near to my city there is a single Russian cosmodrome. Sometimes at night I see in a window as the rocket flies up. When I was the child, I very much was afraid. But now I have got used to it. When the rocket flies up, I to think of desire. It is a good sign. And my desires often come true :) Fish or meat? I like fish. You ask about my breakfast mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... To be pleasant To me the light morning meal.
Here the list of products: musley, corn-flakes, cheese, milk, green tea, the omelette, yoghurt, the ham, toasts, salad from vegetables, fruit.....
Not to be pleasant to me alcohol. I seldom to drink red wine or champagne.
But very much to be pleasant to me fruit juice or the dairy cocktail. Also to be pleasant to me green tea and cappuccino!
You know how to cook? You love what food? You prefer what cuisine? Whether you tried Russian food?
It seems to me, what each man wants, that his wife was able is tasty to cook food, I am right? I can please you, I very well know how to cook food. Also I know recipes of dishes of the various countries.
I very much like food of other people because it is unusual. I like the Japanese and Italian food. In my city there is a restaurant of the Japanese food.
I want to cook something for you, I like to brag of the culinary abilities.
Thanks for your video. But why your video without the sound? I have received
2 videos from you.
do you want to speak by phone? I want to hear your voice.
Lets we won't hurry up. Lets we will speak by phone after a 4-5 days. ok?
you will sure in me more and i will sure i think, now we should continue correspondence.
My dear Helder,....... oh...... I hope you don't mind me calling you "my dear"
I will finish this letter, but I with impatience will wait from you for the answer to my letter!!!
Kiss from Azalia!!!!
P.S. I send to you a map of my city

Letter 6

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Helder
Today I will write the short letter. Now I have a lot of work. Therefore my letter will not be long. But I will wait your big romantic letter.
Tomorrow I will write you longer letter.
Thanks for your video. But my computer can't reproduce the sound, in your video. The unknown format of the file.
Ohhh.... I never told to you about my work. It is very interesting to possibly you? ok. My profession - the children's psychologist. In my city there is a children's home. 103 children. I the unique professional children's psychologist, in my city. Therefore I always have a lot of work.
I have day and a night shift. I often should work at night. In children's home there should be someone to look after children.
I go for work at 09:00. If I have a night shift I go for work in the evening. I have no constant schedule of work. Therefore I write you letters at various times. You have already noticed it?
I have 1-2 days off, in a week. But I should work on Saturday and Sunday.
I have personal office and the computer. But I have the right to use the computer only for work. Therefore I can write only 1-2 letters in day. I have no Internet, in my house. And in my city is not present cyber cafe. I live in a small city......
I love my work. It is very simple work, but it takes away a lot of time.
Also I have 1 holiday in a year. I will soon have holiday. I will travel. I think, we can meet during my holiday......... All is possible....)))))))) Holiday in Russia - 4 weeks. It is very inconvenient. 2 holidays in a year - are more convenient. In your country holiday of 2 weeks?
I spoke with my chief, about it. But he cannot change holiday date. It is impossible. I cannot transfer holiday for other time. Therefore you should know that I will not have other holiday. And if we want to meet, we should make it in 2-3 weeks. We have no other choice. But now we should not speak about it. We should not plan our meeting now. I should be convinced of my feelings. I think, you agree with me. We can discuss it next week.

Now I finish my letter. I should go to children. Today I should accept 8 children to legalise papers about adoption. These documents will be necessary tomorrow morning. ohhhhhh. I hope that I not to faint, from a work overabundance. :))))))))) I hope that you have not been tired by my story.
Tomorrow I will search for your big romantic letter.
P.S. I send you photos from my work.

Letter 7

My deeeeeeeaaaarrrr Helder
I so am glad that I see your letter :)
I am glad that you like my letters.
In this time, which we correspond, you are valid me became very close, I can speak with you on any themes and about what not doubt.
I hope that you also openly concern me.

Yesterday to me there have on a visit arrived parents. I spoke about it yesterday. I was glad that they have decided to arrive to me because I wanted to tell him about you.
I spoke with the mum about you, our conversation lasted long. My mum very much protects me and is afraid for me. She does not want, that I have got to a bad situation.
I have explained to the mum about you. I have told that you the good person.
I have told that you as well as I, dream of creation of a strong family. I have told that you too want, that you had a loving wife. I have told to her, that probably we will meet, during my holiday.
My mum has told that we should discuss all details if we really want to meet sometime. And if I have decided to spend holiday with you we should discuss all details.. She trusts my choice.
I hope that you will not become angry about me that I spoke about you with the mum. But I think that she should know that I have a man who very much is pleasant to me. But I already adult woman. And I make all decisions independently.
I send you a photo of the parents. They very good and decent people. I very much respect them and I love.
Today, they will spend the night at my apartment , therefore we will make a supper together with mum, I very much like to make a supper together with the mum because she always learns me correctly and is tasty to cook food.
It she has taught me to everything that I know how to cook.

I very much would like to spend with you all free time because you very much very much are pleasant to me, I hope that I can soon find from you the next warm letter.
I want, that our novel on the Internet has turned to something more.
I will wait from you for the answer.
By the way, my mum has communicated you "hello", I hope that for you it
will be pleasant :) Do not faint. lol.
Big Kiss
P.S. I send you photos:
1 - my parents
2 - I and my aunt from Arkhangelsk
3,4 - My colleagues from work

Letter 8

Mmmmmmmmmmm.. Helder , I so am glad to receive again from you the letter.
When I read your letters, and I write to you to the answer, I have an impression that you nearby and I feel you, your heat which you give me.
And you know, I already start to grieve without your letters but when I receive the next answer from you, at me the mood at once improves, it so is fine.
Helder, it is interesting to me, what feelings at you when you read my letters?
You want, that I transferred regards to my parents. Yes, I with pleasure will make it. I think, they will be very glad.
You want to discuss my trip to Portugal? ok. On Monday we will make it.
This night you can approach to a window? You can look at the moon? I too will approach to a window, and I will look at the moon. And our sights will be crossed. It is very romantic. You knew, what I very romantic woman? So, today our first appointment on the moon. lol. Do not forget about it.

You would like to be with me now?
I hurry events???? No. It simply dreams......... But I am assured, soon our dreams will come true You really very much are pleasant to me, it is pleasant to me to communicate with you, it is pleasant to me to know that you think of me.
You speak about music. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! ok. I too will tell to you my favourite music. I listen POP, DANS, CLASSICS. Also to be pleasant to me romantic slow music. My favourite singer - Avril Lavigne. You know about her?
Yes, I very much like to read. You know the Russian literature?
Helder, I wish to hear your voice. I think, we should exchange phones.
+79196480297 - my mobile phone number. But I do not know, you should
specify what international code. I never accepted calls from other countries. My sister tried to call me from Finland, last year. But she could not phone. I do not know the reason. Probably my telephone operator does not accept calls from other countries? At me local telecommunication.
If you cannot call me, I will call you tomorrow from the payphone.

My dear, I should finish the letter, but I promise that I will answer your letter as soon as possible.
Now I should leave. I want to come into shop to buy products. In the evening, on my kitchen there will be a culinary duel. My mum will cook fish, and I will cook an apple pie.

I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Kiss for you, Helder!!!!
P.S. Do not forget to write your mobile phone number, in the following letter.

Letter 9

Hello Helder
How are you? You well slept?
Today there was an awful morning. today near my house trimmed lawn. . I live the many-storeyed house. It is one house, and set of apartments. On the ground floor: shop and a dry-cleaner. In a court yard a children's playground. And someone decided to mow the grass, in the 06:00 am!! They are mad people!! Why they do not allow to sleep to usual people??!! I do not become angry about them, it is their work. But in the morning I could not fall asleep, as the lawn-mower constantly hooted. ZZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ. Unsuccessful morning.

uuuufffffffffff..... I have tried to call to you from my mobile phone. But it did not work. I talked to my telephone operator. They have told that I have local telecommunication. And trunk calls are inaccessible. Therefore tomorrow I will go to the international payphone to call you. I have been very upset. I thought that today I can hear your voice. But we need to wait even 1 day.
You ask about a difference in time. I do not know about time in your country. But for Russia it +2 for Greenwich.
I don't speak on French and Spanish. I know only Russian and English.
Helder, we are familiar with each other not enough time, but I have such impression that I know you all my life. Yes, it is truth! I do not know why it occurs.
I am glad that I can tell you the my thoughts. I am glad that I can open to you all my feelings, my secrets.
To me it is pleasant that you also are opened for me, and also say everything that think and feel to me.
You know, I understand that the love often brings a pain, grief. The love can sometimes spoil all life. But it not about us :). But the love can sometimes restore the person to life. And I want, that our love was the purest, the most sincere on light. I want, that it there was a beautiful love story which has never ended.
You say, what called to me? ppppppf. I do not know, why you cannot call on my phone. My mobile phone is constantly included. I have written correct phone number. Probably my telephone operator does not accept trunk calls? At me local telecommunication. ok. I have no other phone. I have no stationary phone. Only a mobile phone. You should not worry about it. I will call to you from the payphone 2-3 times a week.

Sometimes I think that it only a dream. There can be you to me only have dreamt!! If it is a dream, I never want to wake up. I am afraid that I will soon wake up and never more about you I will hear!! I am afraid to lose you.
I hope, that always you will be with me. I want that you to me have promised it.
I hope that you will quickly receive this letter. I want, that you felt all my heat which I have enclosed in this letter.

I am sending you a new photo. Children from the orphanage had a concert in Moscow. I helped them with costumes and organizing the concert. These pictures were taken in January. I hope you enjoy these photos.
1000000 kisses!
Yours Azalia! Yours for ever.

Letter 10

Hello there my DEAR Helder
Thanks for your declarations of love. It very much big words. I hope, it's true.
Today my colleagues on work have paid me a compliment They say that I became cheerful, beautiful and happy.
Yees! It is truth.
I hope you understand me i really really really really really really really really really really really really like you.
Earlier, before acquaintance to you, almost always I had a bad mood. I did not rejoice to new day. Boring, sad days. So was every day, nothing foretold changes. But after our acquaintance all has changed. Today I will call you.
I hope, you can suit to phone. I worry a little, it will be our first conversation. I hope, to be pleasant to you my voice.

Now for me every day - a holiday. Today I have woken up with excellent mood.
I have taken a shower and have gone for work. I very much hurried up, because knew that you have written to me. And I wanted to read your letter faster.
Helder, every day I remember that between us of thousand kilometres. To me it becomes sad. Why we so far apart????? Why now you not with me???!!

You know, in this time, as we are familiar with you, I became much happier.
Even my cat Simba has felt that I became very cheerful. To me 36 years, but I feel, as if to me again 20 years. To me it was very pleasant, I notice that much has exchanged in my life. Life in my city very difficult, but for me now all has changed.
In my life there was you and there was a hope that I have found the ideal man, this man you. You have turned my life upside down. In my life there was a hope of creation of a strong family!!!!
I hope that you will positively concern to that I have written to you!

My time comes to an end. I should continue work. But you should know, that I will work and think of you.
But I with impatience will wait from you for the answer.
I kiss you my darling Helder

Letter 11

My darling Helder ,,,,,,,,,,,,, what mood at you today? I hope that very good.
Because at me today fine mood and I will try to share it with you:) You know I long did not know about what to write to you. I wanted to write you much but when has started to write, all words have taken off at me from a head. You often dream me, all my thoughts only about you.

ohhhhh. I am glad that we could speak by phone. I have fallen in love with your voice. He is fine. I can call to you 2-3 times a week. It was not expensive to me. You should not worry about it. Helder, you have very beautiful voice.
I could not call you about my mobile phone. Therefore I called to you from the international payphone.

Last night, when I have come home I have made all domesticities and have taken a shower.
When I went to bed, I very long could not fall asleep. I long watched TV, but the dream and has not come. You know why I could not fall asleep. I thought of us.
In last letters I spoke to you much, about the feelings and I am glad that you accept me.

In the first letter I said you that soon my holiday, and I want to travel.
I do not want to be meticulous. I understand that we are familiar only 2 weeks. And I do not want to cause you inconvenience. You should not think that I want to run away from Russia. You should not think that I need Citizenship of your country. I feel very awkwardly. Possibly you think, what I want to leave Russia, and I search for any accessible way??? No, it is a lie. To be pleasant to me life in Russia. But the family is necessary to me.
I cannot find the worthy man in Russia. Tell to me, what you think about it?
I do not want, that you thought that I communicate with you only because of your country. Do you really liked me. And I constantly think of you. It not love. But when we will meet, we will have a love, I feel it. Therefore I have decided that I want to spend my holiday with you. I do not need citizenship your country. Expensive gifts are not necessary to me, the rich husband is not necessary to me!! The husband who will love me is necessary to me. And if you understand it, I want to meet you. I am ready to be with you of 2 weeks. . I hope, you will be glad to it. We should check up our feelings OPORTO or Lisbon? ok ok ok. Tomorrow I receive particulars.
I already spoke to you, about my plans, for the period of holiday. I think that we are already ready to take the following step. We discussed it much.
And I have understood that both of us want it now. I have no other time. My holiday cannot be changed. Therefore I should begin immediately. I hope, official registration of papers will not occupy a lot of time.
I already have the international passport. I had some travel, to other countries. I have the delayed visa of Europe. I already have experience, in official registration of papers, for travel. Therefore I am assured that I will not have any problems.
In my city there is no travel agency. Also the travel agency - is very expensive in Russia. Therefore I always legalised papers independently. (I should go in the mayoralty of my city and embassy). And I never had problems, on travel.
Tomorrow I will go in the mayoralty and aviacash desk to receive the necessary information.
I am happy that we can make it now.
At night I cannot fall asleep. I will think of you Helder.
P.S. Yesterday my sister came to me, in my work. We drank tea, and spoke about you. She has unexpectedly photographed me. I did not know that she is going to make it. It was very unexpected. She has told that I should send this photo Helder. She says that it is beautiful a photo. But I think that this photo is awful.)))). I hope, it was pleasant to you my new a photo?

Letter 12

Hello my dear Helder
Thanks for your letter.
Thanks for your sincerity. I have received 3 sincere letters. It is very romantic.
I have many good news today. Today my letter not the romantic. )))) I will write a lot of information. You should read this letter very attentively.
But I promise that the following letter will be more romantic.
Today I was in the mayoralty of my city. I have learnt the necessary information, about official registration of papers, for travel.
1. I should prolong my international passport. I already have the international passport. But my passport was valid 2009-2014. And now I should make it anew.
2. I should have the visa to arrive to your country. I already had the visa of Europe. Therefore I already have experience. I already have all necessary documents, for reception of any visa. These documents are in a database, in the mayoralty of my city. It is very convenient. I should not go again to Embassy, to Moscow. They have all necessary documents necessary for the visa. (The questionnaire, the medical policy, the reference). Therefore it will not occupy a lot of time.
I have already written the application, on reception the international passport and the visa.
In 7-10 days I can receive all necessary documents.
I am glad that official registration of papers will be very quickly. I am happy. We will be together. Soon we will meet. You are glad to it? What do you feel now? Now I am assured on 100 that I will have holiday with you.
I had anxiety that this time will be insufficiently. But now I know that we will meet in some days. In 7-10 days we will have the first shy kiss on the cheek.
You can meet me at the airport? It is very important for me.

Tomorrow I should go in the insurance company. I should have the insurance to arrive to your country. This indispensable condition, for reception the visa.
Tomorrow morning I will go in aviacash desk to choose the air ticket. Please write me the name of the international airport, the nearest to your house.
Also I want, that you have written your full address. My mum very much to worry for me. Therefore she wants, that you have written your full address, number of stationary phone, a post code. To be necessary for probably me your address to choose the most convenient airport, in aviacash desk.
I will write my data:

Name: Aziza Onarmatowa
My official name: Aziza. But anybody never names me my official name. My relatives and friends name me Azalia. It is pleasant to me more.
The address: sovetskaya 40-33, Plesetsk, Arkhangelskaya Oblast, Russian Federation

Now I finish my letter. This night I cannot fall asleep. I am overflowed by emotions. I am happy. Therefore at night I will think of our meeting.
I hope, you will be happy, when will read my letter.
Do not forget to answer my questions, about the address and the airport.
Yours Azalia which goes to you.

Letter 13

Good morning Helder
Thanks for your answer. I have read it very attentively. I think that could understand you. But I have some questions.
You say that want to give me the sum of money which is necessary for my travel. I have understood it.
I long thought of your decision. I don't know how to react to this offer. I don't want to be weak, in your eyes. I don't want, that you thought of me in the bad image. Now you think, what I the weak and helpless woman??? But it not so. I have only the time problem. I know that you want to help me. I completely understand you. And if I arrive to you, we will be the happiest pair. I thought of it much. And I have accepted the final decision! I agree to accept your help. You very careful man. And I feel your heat, your care.
I very long didn't feel man's care. Helder, really you really my prince????
I am assured that I can fall in love with you when we will meet. I already feel that I start to love you. But that it to understand, we should meet, and check up our feelings. Love - the loud word. Now I am assured on 100 % that we can solve our formal problems.
vester ynion? I never heard about it.
ok. Tomorrow morning I will go to bank. I learn, how you can help me. I know nothing about remittances, between the countries. Therefore you shouldn't rejoice prematurely. At first we should find the most convenient way. I hope, they know the way to connect our hearts.
Explain to me in detail how you want to help me? You have any information on it?
You ask about the total sum? I should pay only 450 euro.
I will wait your following letter. I will write you all the information which to receive in bank. I hope that we can solve this small problem.
I will tell to my parents that you have suggested to help me to pay travel.
They should know it. I shouldn't hide it, from my parents. I understand that it simply formality. And when I will receive the holiday money (after returning to Russia), I will return you this money. I promise! Both of us know about it. But I should explain it to my parents that they had no anxiety. Promise to me that when I will receive the holiday money, you will agree to accept this money back. It is important for me.
You confirm, what can meet me at airport Porto? I should arrive To what time? (Morning, midday, evening)?????
We should discuss it in more details! We will make it in following letters.
When we will solve the financial problem, we will discuss details of our meeting, at the airport.
I will wait your prompt reply. I have written many questions. And if you answer all my questions very quickly, it very much will help me. Therefore I wait your prompt reply.
1000001 kisses. (Last kiss the longest)
Yours Azalia, yours for ever.

Letter 14

Good evening Helder
I am glad that yesterday we have spoken by phone. You have written many letters. I have attentively read all your letters.
I have many good news, to you. We will be together. I am happy that we will meet. In some days we can embrace each other and kiss. It will be our first kiss. I think kiss at the airport - very romantically. I have learnt the necessary information.
I was in bank SBERBANK. It is Russian bank. All have explained to me. I have the good news to us. You can pay my travel. I thought it it is impossible, but I was mistaken.
In bank there were many people. It was very stuffy, windows have been closed. I was very tired....
To me have suggested to open the bank account. Bank account opening - 10-14 days.
Bank transfer - 10 days
Official registration of papers (the visa and the international passport) -
10 days
Result - 34 days. But you already understand that we have no this time. My holiday begins, I can't transfer it for other month. Therefore Banktransfer - bad idea. And we should refuse it.
You spoke about wester ynion. I have asked them this information. They have told that wester union the international passport demands. Therefore I can't receive your remittance western union. I will receive the international passport in the mayoralty when I will make payment. But now I have only the Russian passport. wester ynion doesn't work with internal documents.
Therefore you should forget about idea, with western union.
They have advised other system of remittances. Now I will explain you it:
There is the international system of remittances MoneyGram. You know something about it? MoneyGram is in each city. It is the most popular and reliable system of remittances in the world. You can transfer this sum to me, remittance time - 1 hour. We shouldn't wait 34 days. After that I can pay registration of my documents.
It is very convenient for us.
You should go to bank or on mail and learn, where to be MoneyGram.
I send you their official site: (Also on the site you could make the remittance online, with the credit card. But it too occupies some weeks. Therefore we should refuse from online transfer, and use office moneygram) There you can find office moneygram addresses closest to your house.
It is everything that to me have explained. All is very simple. I thought it it will be much more difficult.
We should exchange addresses. It is necessary for remittance realisation. We should have the full name, and the full address each other to carry out the remittance.
I remind you my full address:
Name: Aziza
surname: Onarmatova
The address: sovetskaya 40-33
City: Plesetsk
Zip code: 164260
Area: Arkhangelskaya Oblast
country: Russia
My prince Helder, I feel the happiest woman in the world. And it you have made me the happiest. This night I again can't fall asleep. I will think of our meeting. Now we have the decision of this problem. And soon we will together.
So, now I will wait for news from you. I hope, you could understand my information. Now I wait your information from bank.
Set of kisses.
Yours Azalia.

Letter 15

Hi Helder.
Thanks for your message.
I have attentively read it.
You will make the remittance on Monday. ok. I will tell about it the mayoralty. And I will tell to my chief that on Monday I should leave before, from my work. I should have time to descend in bank to receive your remittance. And I should go in the mayoralty to pay this money. After that I will return for work and I will write you the letter. Also I will write you all information on the course of process of official registration of papers which I will receive.
I am glad that we could solve this problem. We have lost a lot of time. My holiday begins on June 3rd. But I am happy that our meeting will be in some days.
You will go in Aveiro City? ok. I have understood it. I will go in office moneygram in Plesetsk. I confirm your information.
Certainly I like the beach. I will be glad to go with you on the beach. It will be very romantic.
My prince, you want, that I have called you? ok. You should wait my phone call in some hours.
I hope, we will very quickly solve this problem, and we will continue romantic correspondence. I don't like conversations on the finance. I like conversations on love, romanticism. Besides, we should discuss details of our meeting at the airport, and other details of our meeting. We should discuss it very in detail not to have misunderstanding in the future. When we will pay documents, we will discuss it. ok? We will move step by step.
I wait your news.
Now I finish my letter.
Yours Azalia

Letter 16

Good morning Helder.
You well slept this night? I'm fine. I have gone to bed with good mood. And the interesting dream has dreamt me.
I said to you, what I have beautiful dreams?
To me has dreamt that we together have gone to the house of my parents. We were together with you Helder. And we were happy. My hand in your hand. You constantly kissed me. But when we have come to the house of my parents, at doors my cat Simba sat. He loudly mewed and hissed. I have been very surprised. I have told simba that he has stopped to hiss. But simba didn't listen to me. It was very strange. My cat very kind. And I have been very surprised...
Probably the cat is jealous.... lol... :-) It was the strange dream. But I was very happy, near to you. I felt your heat. And I understood that you love me.
I hope, you liked my history?
You well slept this night?
I am glad that yesterday we have spoken by phone.
You speak about air tickets? Possibly you haven't understood my problem. You know that I the social worker. I have privileges, for Russian airlines. My airline AeroFlot. My air ticket will cost approximately 6800 roubles (rouble - Russian currency). I have already received the information on it, in aviacash desk. I can buy air tickets today. I have no problems with it.
But my unique problem: payment the visa, the international passport, the insurance and other documents. It costs 450 euro. I already spoke to you about it.
Thanks for your information, about Oporto Airport. I need this the information.
My prince, now I finish my letter. By phone you have told that will make the remittance in 15:00pm. I have understood you. I wait your information in 2 hours.
1000000000 kisses.
And one very gentle air kiss, for my prince Helder.
Your princess Azalia.

Letter 17

Good morning Helder
Thanks for your letter.
My father has arrived to my city on Monday. Today he will return to village, to my mum. I spoke with him about you. I have told that I feel, to you.
He asks, whether you love football? My father the big fan of football club fc. Zenit. You know something about it? When I went to school, my father often went to St.-Petersburg, on football stadium. Sometimes we went there all family. It was very cheerful. Mum, the father, I, sister Anna. In the childhood I liked football. But now I seldom look it on TV. At me it is a lot of work, also there is no time for TV. But I often look biathlon. You know about biathlon? You like winter sports?
But my father constantly looks football. He says that yesterday there was very important football match. He looked it in the bar, in my city. It has many friends. And he has told that it was very interesting. In Russia football is very popular. I think that in your country too many good football players. You knew, what in 2018 in Russia the World championship on Football? You will arrive in 2018 to look at it? I think, it will be very interesting.
Russia very friendly country. And Russian people very hospitable. I will be glad, if you sometime decide to arrive to my city.
When we will meet in your country, we can discuss your future visit to Russia. I understand that now it is almost impossible. Probably in 2016.....
I don't know. We will probably have the big love, and we should change our life. Therefore now we shouldn't make any decisions. We will discuss it later. ok? We will meet during my holiday in June 2015, and we will check up our feelings. And after that we can understand our future. Now I don't want to have pressure, upon our relations.
When we will meet, I will tell to you a lot of information on Russia and Plesetsk. I think, it will be very interesting to you.
You have told that we can make many photo in Portugal. mmmmmm. My parents will be happy to see your photos.
I have good news to you. My international passport is already ready.
Tomorrow morning I should go in the mayoralty to receive it.
I should give them the inquiry on the salary, the characteristic from the work place, and the extract from bank. It is necessary for reception the visa.
And tomorrow morning I should go in aviacash desk.
And I should choose the ticket.
Tomorrow I will write you longer letter. I will write you exact date, time, the name airline, the airport, number of flight and the terminal. You should read this letter attentively. And you should confirm this data of the ticket.
I planned to buy company Aeroflot air tickets. But we have lost a lot of time. I think that company Aeroflot air tickets have already ended.
Therefore tomorrow I should choose other airline. I hope, it doesn't deliver us additional problems. I counted that I will have preferential air tickets Aeroflot.
My parents know that soon I will go in Portugal. They trust my choice. I showed them your photos. I have told to my parents that you very good man, the gentleman. And they hope that we will be happy. Also I to give to my mum your phone, and the home address. Now she won't worry. I have told that when I will arrive to Helder, I will call my mum. It is good idea? I can call mum from your house? It will cost much?
I send you my new photos. It is my successful fishing. I am not able to fish. Therefore I had great happiness when has caught this fish. I hope, you won't laugh, over these the photo. It is very amusing? You often go on fishing? You will teach me to fish?
Now I finish my letter. My father has transferred you greetings. I think, you will be glad to it?
1000000000 kisses.
Yours Azalia.

Letter 18

Good morning Helder
Thanks for your letter.
Ukrainians come in Portugal to live and work? woow. I didn't know about it.
Today I will write you the big letter and a lot of information.
Yesterday I collected things. I will have the big suitcase. You will help me to bear the suitcase? I hope, you very strong? I tease you. The suitcase not heavy, he on castors. But there it is a lot of clothes.
Helder, at me it is a lot of news to you. I already was in the mayoralty to receive my visa. The embassy is ready to give to me the visa. The mayoralty has received all necessary documents, from embassy.
But there is one problem. The man who works in the mayoralty, has asked me, whether there is at me entrance money.
I at first haven't understood him, but then he has explained to me about this problem. I should have at myself the quantity of cash when I will travel to other country.
I have asked him how many I should have at myself of entrance money.
He has told to me that I should have 90 euro, on every day checked up in Portugal.
My visa for 30 days.
30 days x 90 euro = 2700 euro
If I won't have this sum the customs won't let out me from Russia. It is usual formality. It is the new law mr. Putin. You know about the sanction against Russia? The conflict to Ukraine, Crimea - bad reputation for Russian government. Russian government to safeguard the tourists. I have no bank account. I have no paid hotel. I mean should have at myself 2700 euro when I will go to Portugal.
In the mayoralty I said that I go to mine Boyfriend, I said to them that you will take care of me in Portugal. But they can't help. It is the new, strict law.
We should do all how the law demands. I very long was in the Mayoralty.
They have perfectly understood me, but they there is not nothing can do with it. The law is the law.
They should observe rules and laws.
I can't take off to you if at me won't be 2700 euro. The customs simply won't let out me from Russia.
It is our last problem. But I am assured that we can easily solve this problem. Our meeting is already almost solved, there is only one more problem - entrance money. I have the good plan:
1. You will send me this sum through MoneyGram. We already know that MoneyGram well works, and it is very convenient. For me it is impossible to find this sum of Russia. And I hope only for you.
2. I will receive your remittance in Plesetsk. I will go to the mayoralty to legalise papers, which confirm presence of entrance money. And they will give out me the visa. When I will be at the airport of Moscow, I should prove to customs that I won't have problems in your country. I will show them entrance money, and documents confirming it. The customs will be assured that I not the illegal immigrant, and will allow to make to me air flight.
3. I will arrive to you. At airport Porto I will give you this sum. You won't lose because of it 1 euro. I shouldn't go to exchange. I will bring to you this money in currency of your country.
Your money won't be spent, they are necessary to me only to show to customs.
You perfectly understand that it is usual formality. But if we don't satisfy this condition, we can't meet. But I am assured that we will easily solve this small formal problem.
Now I finish my letter.
I will wait your answer, your news and your information. If I have entrance money today tomorrow I will already have the visa. We shouldn't hesitate with it. In 5 days we already should be together. I already have air tickets.
we are a champions!! You shouldn't forget about it.
I think, today we can make it. Soon weelkend. I hope, we will solve all problems, prior to the beginning weekend.
My love, in your house is the hair dryer for hair? I should take the umbrella? I collect luggage. And I don't know, whether it is necessary for me to take the umbrella and the hair dryer. It is important for me. Don't forget to answer these questions in the following letter.
Azalia which goes to you.

Letter 19

Hello Helder
Thanks for your messages
I have received 4 messages from you.
Yes, I will transfer yours of words, for my family. I think, they will be happy to hear it.
In Russia already 17:14pm.
I have received your remittance.
And now I should go in the mayoralty to receive the visa and other documents.
I can't write the big letter now. I should hurries up.
Tomorrow I will write bigger letter.
I love you.
Yours Azalia.



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