Scam letter(s) from Elena Anglesa to Ivan (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Ivan! How are you? I'm glad we met. Your profile on the site I liked. I hope we will be friends. My name is Elena. I live in Russia in Saransk.
I am 31 years old. And I have no children. I am a single for 4 years. I'm a widow. It so happened that happened in the life of trouble. But I decided to move on. And I want to be happy. I want to find a good man to be happy with him. I hope you answer me and write their own photos. I wish you a pleasant evening. Sincerely Elena!
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Ivan! How are you? I am fine!
I am very pleased to receive your letter today. For me it is always a joy to see it. It depends on my mood. You wrote to me and my spirits lifted. I'm sorry that I have not written to you. I was sick. All weekend I spent in bed. I had a fever. But now I feel better. I'm on my work. Yes, I understand that your last meeting ended in the same way. You understand that in real life you can not be together. Sweet, but I do not like these girls. I do not want money from you, or something else. I really like you. And I want us to be bound our lives together. I am confident that we will succeed. Let's try. What do we lose? Sweet, let's spend a month together 2. I beg you. 1 week, we will be small. Let me come to you for 2 months. We can go together to the sea. Or anywhere. I'll get a Schengen visa. And we can go all over Europe. Do you want it? I would like to see you, and carry with you every minute of my free time. You're in my life, and you fill the void that has been in my mind all the time, until I met you here online. I feel that in me everything started to live, my heart beats stronger when I'm writing you a letter, and when I read a letter from you. I know that somewhere out there, still very far away, there are people who do not care what happened to me, and who thinks of me. For me it is important and I feel the warmth that you give to me in his letters. I have to go to the store and buy some food. I'll cook dinner for myself today. Too bad you will not be with me this evening, we could do a romantic dinner together. I want to spend a romantic dinner with you. I think you like the way I cook. I will try! :)) I am sending to you sweet kisses and cuddles. All my thoughts about you. All my love is only for you.
Your Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Ivan! How are you? I am very glad that you wrote to me. Thank you for your nice letter. Honey, I'm fine. The weather today is good.
Excuse me, yesterday I did not write to you. But I did not know what to tell you. I was very upset yesterday. I ask you now to understand me correctly. I told you before, I want to always be honest and sincere with you.
Yesterday I was at her friend Marina, who works in a travel agency. I learned it as it would be best for me to execute all documents and fly to Norway. Marina told me that now it is difficult for Russian citizens to obtain a visa to Norway. This is due to the political situation. And the visa regime between Russia and the EC became more stringent. And so now the majority of people use the services of travel agencies. After all, with the help of a travel company a lot easier and more convenient to apply for a visa and other documents. Marina told me that their travel agency has ties to the Norwegian consulate in Moscow. And through them I can get a tourist visa. Their firm will help me arrange all the documents necessary for your trip, along with the visa and order the cheaper tickets. The whole package of documents is 900 euro. This, together with the tickets 2 side. Honey, for me it is a lot of money. Of course, I have my savings. Just not much I could borrow from friends. But I won, only 400 euro. That's all what I can do. Honey, I do not know where to find me another 500 euro. It's just not possible for me. I am very upset yesterday. I do not know how you write. I do not want you to think badly of me. After all, I am an honest and decent girl. I really want to come to you on 12 June. I like you very much. And I want to start developing our relationship in real life. I believe that we can be very happy couple. I wish you a pleasant day. I hope you will write to me soon. I am sending you my kisses and hugs! Only your Elena!
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