Scam letter(s) from Agnes Odoom to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
You have been very wise to change your E – Mail AD if you use the other one then they will trace every move and ask for money.Look out for you nex time.
Letter 2
How are you and hoping all is well.Yes i did not change my E.mail AD.Now this is my private email address you should be using it to contact me any time any day please.Thereafter are you willing to help me to secure the money transfer with the Bank or with the issue of Passport for me to come over there i and see you.I am only having a Refggue I.D card.I would like you to let me know your stand towards all the above issues stated other wise. Thanks,
Your sincerely,
Letter 3
My Darling
Good morning to you
Thanks my dearest for your mail.I am very happy from your request.I will give your requested offer as well.I will aslo attached the and my contact Details with my picture Credit Mutuel Bank du Senegal.
Telephone Numbers +221 777 8711 52,
Telephone Numbers+221 764735893
Fax Number + 221 844 774 39 96, Email address;( ) ( )

Depositor name ...................Dr Ajack Kabbashi Account number....................CSCDB/782614/Q91/A.
Amount.................................$2.3 Million Next of kin name .................Miss Lina Kabbashi Thanks,
Yours sincerely,
Lina Kabashi Thanks,
Yours Sincerely,
Lina Kabashi
Letter 4

Thanks and i am very happy always in getting your mail.On the issue of details emphasis on the confirmations of the Lawyer and real what you up to do in providing the two Legal Documents for the transfer of the Money into your Account to your country.After reciveing the legal two documents from The Lawyer then you will contact the Bank so that the transfer will be made into your accont in your country..Thereafter, i will be coming to meet you over there in your own country so that you tell me what to do with the said money. either for business establishment ot any thing else
Yours sinerely,
Lina Kabashi
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