Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Arbousova to Peter (UK)

Letter 1
Greetings my friend, my name is Irina!
How is your mood?
I want to apologize in advance if I disturbed you.
I'm tired of being alone, and I want to find decent man!
I hope that this will be a new stage of my life. I'll tell you a little about me!
I live in the central part of RU, the city of Ukhta! I work as an assistant surgeon in a public hospital!
I'm thirty-one years old and I still have not met decent man!
I'm Serious girl with an open heart, I'm a little naive, and it brought me a lot of suffering!
We have a small town, and it is difficult to find a my mate.
I saw a lot of advertising on the Internet about online dating and decided to try it!
Maybe we like each other !!!
I want to see a story about you and your photo is mandatory!
I hope that I like you.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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