Scam letter(s) from Anna Polownikowa to Ray (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Anna. Unfamiliar woman sent me a message on the dating site which was your e-mail. I decided to write to you. I'm looking for a man for serious and long-term relations. I am single, I do not have children. I'm 30 years. If you are interested in me, write to me on my E-mail:, I will wait for your letter with impatience, I will tell you more about myself. Goodbye! Your Anna.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear .
How are you? I'm happy to have your new letter. Every day we begin to learn more about each other and it's interesting and wonderful for me, i like your e-mails. These days i'm bored a little bit, there are no joyful things around me and your e-mail is like the ray of the sun for me now. Your letters help me gradually to understand you as a person.
I want to tell you more about myself. I am a very impressionable person, i don't like when somebody cries at me, i can't stand it. When i am sad i try to be closer to my friends, by this way i raise my humour. I try to be aware of news that happens in the world. I don't like cloudy weather, i become sad and melancholy because of it. I prefer sunny days and the blue sky, grass and flowers. I adore to be in picturesque places, walk barefoot on grass. I like to swim on boat, swim and get brown. I also like to sit near the bonfire under the evening sky full of stars in the circle of my friends. Of course i prefer active lifestyle. I write only you and i hope you too. We should be extremely sincere to each other if we want to find serious relations. My town is not big. I like my town very much but i can't understand why i didn't manage to meet a man who could really love me and with whom i could spend my life. I am looking for a man for long relations but without success. In my country men can't understand women in different ways and it makes me sad that's why i am looking a person through the internet. I have heard about many happy people who found each other through the internet and i hope to become one of them. I think that letters will help us to learn more about each other and one day we can meet. I hope that we'll make our dreams real. I live alone but i think it's not good, every person must find his/her love. I am sure that we'll find it. I finish here and will wait for your letter. Please write me as you can. I will wait for your letter with impatience.
Sincerely yours, Anna!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Ray.
How are you? I think about you all the day. We are far from each other now but i know that in the world there is one person, he is so sweet, careful, it's you my dear. I told about you and our letters with my friend. She thinks that you are a good man and i agree with her. She is so happy that we found each other, she is happy for me, she said that she hadn't seen me so happy for a long time. I am in a wonderful humour today and hope that you too, am i right? Today i will go to my friend's birthday. I send you my photo with her. I think that there will be her clse people and we will spend wonderful time. My friend's name is Olga. She is my best friend and we like to spend free time together. I have known her for a long time. I feel that we know each other all our life.We like to go for a walk or to the cinema, we can stay at home, talk about different things and drink tea. I think that i wrote you about her. My dear i miss you very much and i like you. I hope that my feelings in your side is becoming more and more with every day. Now my heart is only for you. I want to believe that we were created for each other. I kiss you very much and will wait for your letter with impatience.
Forever your Anna.
Letter 4

Hi, my love!
It's so nice to read these words, i'm so happy that you are ready to receive me in your house. Thank you that you trust me, my dear.
Ray, i want to tell you that in my last letter i wanted to verify your relation to me, if you treat me seriously. Excuse me for it my love but you should understand me. It was so important to know if you received me or not in your house. If you insisted on meeting in the hotel or in another place, i would think that you want to receive me in your house and may be you have a wife or you are not enough serious to me and it's only for fun. It was small verification and precaution. I have heard that many people get acquainted through the internet only to have *** with a new person and not for serious relations. Now i am sure in your intentions Ray, and i'm happy that you are the person that i really want to meet! My love, i'll come to you with pleasure to spend wonderful time with you. I love you very much and think that it would be great to come to you. Only the real meeting will allow us to understand each other and we'll be closer to each other, i think it's impossible to do it through letters. The meeting will be one million better than letters. I feel the happiest woman and so glad that we found each other. My love Ray, i want to see you, feel your kisses, look at your eyes. I hope that my dreams will realize soon. These days i am going to visit travel agency and to get information about my arrival to you. I'll tell you all details in my next e-mail. Please write me as you can. Kiss you with love.
Your love Anna!
Letter 5
Hi my love Ray!
Thank you for your letter. You know Ray, Today when I woke up in the morning, my mood was excellent and my thoughts in the morning was about you and our future the meeting. I wanted to wait until today the end of my working day and only then write you a letter, but recently I got a call from travel agency and I feel very frustrated by News, which reported to me by my agent. That's why I decided to write you a letter right away. Ray Please do not assume that something wrong with the design of my journey to you. I concluded with travel agency contract for preparation of documents for the visa and that all is well. Today I had a conversation with my agent and she said that she must pay for the ticket and the same. She told me that they advance ticket I will order for you and why should I pay them money just once.
She said that they can not wait, because in the next few days, my papers are already sent in your embassy for consideration and if I do not have your tickets, I do not I can get a tourist must vizu.ya pay them, as the contract is ever written. I do not know that, even I do.
Today I almost went the whole day in search of money for ticket, but I could not take money from anyone. I even went to my Director and asked him to give me a salary, but he said he had already paid this month and next Now vyplota will be current after my return. Do not even know that I do now. Nobody wanted to help me with money. So I now ask for help you in that money. I am ashamed in front of you because of this, but the thought of our meeting is pushing me to this act. Ray Please do not be angry with me because of my requezt and if you can help me, I beg you help me. I promise you that these are not lost your money and I'll give you the money back from my salary. I'm at a loss I do not know who else to turn for help. So I decided to to address you and I now only have to rely on your trust and then you just as much desire to meet me. Please Tell me, you can help me with the money for tickets? I beg you not to turn away from me now and help me ok. As I said in the agency average cost of an air ticket for you $ 1800. But I have only $ 700. My love, I hope that you will be able to send me to the missing $ 1100. My love, this is the path cost of 2 sides and I need to immediately pay, since I come to you on a tourist visa. Well, now I can only anxiously wait for the heart your answer. I will pray to God that you do not get mad at me and understood my situation. My mood now is very poor, but in my heart I I hope that after reading your response to my spirits rise. Please just do not make me wait and tell me at once, ok. On impatience will wait for a response. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
Your and only your Anna!
Letter 6
Hello my dear people for the lights!
I am glad to read your letter to me again. Lovely, I'm already valid I can not without you and without your letters. In my tears dripping with Gluck, when I read your letters. I thank God Darfur, that he sent me about this person, like you, how gentle, quick-witted, and most importantly, to love me. And I am very glad that the light on it is a love. Such fine and I , to test you feeling, darling! Yes, I'm not aufhoren, you too say that I'm very love you. I think that the equation simply love Since 1 + 1, but also very complex because together with the joy love can bring, and tears and suffering. And this from my suffering, that we are not together, my love, that possibly not touch each other, we look into each other's Eyes of many, many wishes that I can not and you executed to be the friend of a friend. I understand, my darling, that it is necessary for our meeting is a lot of time, But at night I sometimes reflect that we would not need I can and will suffer a lifetime of love for you. But I do not consider writing to think, because it is also not always to learn from us, you shall. Honey, we'll be together also we are happy together. I liked it, my love !!!!!!!! My babies were, for me you are most desired Person. They are necessary for me, as the heart. I be without you not live. Now my days pass single tone, because my head through it Ideas will be hammered at you, my body a touch of you finger want to kiss my lips passionately with you. Yes, my Dear, I can not consider writing across exchange, dream of you, because they only concern you. My su?
E, I will be your second half of the Life. I want to be your princess, lady, I wish to receive your Consultant be your partner in life, and I liked the most important to Beginning of your wife and I liked that it was my husband! I give Birth to you beautiful children and I liked that they were similar Them. We will bring them together and they love it. They agree with me, O my soul? Love can we perceive our wishes and our Dreams real?. For all of us that life continues. I know, that you love me with other life full of love and luck to begin with you absolutely. I believe my honey and I very hope. My love, I I'll be very patient and so much wait for our Meeting even if it is necessary to me to wait until my whole Live long. My heart belongs to you now, always and only it the Meister. In your Autoritat and I know?, My whole body and all my body, that you will be careful. Honey, I'll be waiting Our first meeting as an activist training expected for the first time in Of life. My dear, I trust you completely, because I believe you. Honey, I do not want to get a detail about the body to , because I write very restrictions upon, but I assure you I normal that every ***** of my body and all of them belong only Them. Lovely, I need you in the palace as in a code. I liked you as a ground for Durre. I am very strong you I love and very much I grieve for you.
Please, trust me, my desires and feelings as a fair one drop of pure tears on my melancholy eyes on you. But do not think that this Tears from burning, these tears of Gluck. I'm too strong I like Them. My love, I love to work with you to quickly be. I am very much in the grade you. My lord, I am sending you one million hot? s kiss. But my dear, you have to me with the money for help to the ticket, so we were together. Let this Kiss with you all day. My body wants you, my heart is strong beat from your letters. It is a pity for me that we now not together with you. I am of you for the Waiting time letter today and miss all of you. Think about it. I very much love you, my future husband !!!!!!!!
Your future wife Anna!
Letter 7
Hi my love Ray! Thank you for your letter. Yes, I'll write you his name - Anna Polownikowa. Today is such a wonderful day. Lovely the weather, the sun is shining. Everything is going well. And our I hope the meeting also nearing. This week at work, I really very tired, and even now I am glad that I have a day off tomorrow, although the bad thing is that I can not write you. I'll miss you. You only joy in my life, I live only just for you. Because without this world, I have nothing. I need me Only you are my loving husband. I caught for you, and keep from all forces and never let you go, because I love you. I also want you give joy day and night, that you were happy with me.
This is for me the most important thing, because love must be mutual and we should take care of each other, in order that our love never She ended. I recently heard on the work of one woman, her Parents celebrate the anniversary, they had a golden wedding, they are have been married for 50 years and they still love each other, it causes seriously think that love is not a simple thing. And who it deserves to live in happiness and love for a long time. So I I want to love you well for a long time and give you the most tender feelings of love I possess. I'm all yours, all yours, I think, that people around the world have a soul mate, and if they find it, then they'll be great, but not everyone knows, that the other half does not have to be in your town or in your country. That's how we came to you, I've never I thought I was acquainted with a man from another country, I believe, it's unbelievable. But when I meet you, and we to continue our relationship, my worldview is strictly changed. Now I began to think wider. And I do not regret his choice and I think you're my other half and I am very pleased his fate, she helped me find you. I love you, and I will I miss you this weekend. See you, my beloved husband! Your Anna!
Letter 8
Hi my love Ray! Thank you for your letter. For me the really important receive your letters, I love you Ray! And I miss you! My dear, I really miss you and I'm glad to read today your letter. Although it is short. At this point, I feel very happy. My dear, I I love you very much and I really missed you. And read your letter on my face right now glows a huge smile. a pity that Now you see my smile. But there is nothing wrong, because soon we will be together with you and be able to watch each other in our happy eyes. About how I was yesterday alone. I did not know all day what to do, I place myself just could not find. All my thoughts were only of you. I really wanted to more it took an agonizing Sunday, because I wanted to see more your letter. I watched TV last night. I spent the whole evening front of the TV, watching some movies. I do not even remember, What kind of movies, because all my thoughts were only about us with you two. I really love you, Ray, and I very much hope that this week for I will have good news from you and this week I will be able to solve my problem with the purchase of tickets. I like a little girl is ready to repeat "I want you, I want you, I want to you "as long as my wish will not come true. And I'm sure, that my wish will come true, because I know that you also want to we're finally met. And when we are together, our love will not have borders, you and I will be the happiest couple in the world. And that's my biggest dream. Ray What do you spent yesterday? I can not wait to come tomorrow, so that I could once again to see your letter. My darling, I love you, look I forward your letter. Your Anna!
Letter 9
Hi my love Ray! I am very happy to receive your mail. I am pleased to read your kind words. I love you very much Ray! I hope that soon we will be together and we do not need are more letters. Ray I understand, I want real love. I really want us to have all really. but for this I need your help. I hope you make up your mind and make the plunge. I expect you to this crucial step. I beg you, do not pull or whatever - that delay. You have to be sure! You have to be sure - if you want me or not, you love me or you do not like? You have to decide on their own thoughts and take the plunge. I believe in you, I am sure that you want me and love me. But I can not understand why you are afraid to take this step. I'm ready Ray. I am ready to come to you and be with you. I'm ready to love you and give you affection and warmth. I'm ready to be yours. I want this! I beg you do not have anything to think about. You just have to go to meet each other.
Because when we'll be together Our love is stronger than twice. And hand in hand we'll go with you on this way of life. I hope you do not think long with his decision and I will write about it in my next letter. I love you Ray! Yours and yours alone Anna!
Letter 10
Hello my love Ray .
I not represent any more life without you. I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! Please, to not think poorly of me, simply it overflow my feelings. I tried to find out about the ways of your help to me. I saw the advertisement of Moneygram on the TV, I asked about it, on my work and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's Moneygram.
And today I was in a bank and found out about the ways of getting money transfers, I was told that you will need to fill the form, in which you need to write my full name and my city.
My full name is - Anna Polownikowa
My city is - Pushkino.
And they will give you eight-digit code, which I will need later to get the money. Also I need to know your full name, and city from which you will send the money. Hope to be with you soon. I appreciate all you do to me I love you and I miss you! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Yours love Anna.
Letter 11
Hi my love Ray !! Thank you for your letter. My dear, I do not have a bank account. But I found a very good way. It moneyGram, I wrote to you about it. Tell me something you learned about MoneyGram? I hope that, yes, I think it's a great chance for us. Today is a very remarkable day. Today is the first day of summer !! That Summer has begun, the best time of the year. I love summer . You can swim, sunbathe, warm breeze blowing. You can ride on nature, barbecues, as wonderfully. I have a very good mood, all the trees are already green, but sometimes that's all the rain spoils. I do not like rain. When the rain my sad mood, and sometimes I even feel like crying. But I have you, and as soon as I think of you for, I immediately become happy.
Today in Russia a holiday, it is called Children's Day !! The park has many entertainment for young children, clowns contest is held.
Children Take care of yourself. Narva I watch as the little kids smile they are so beautiful and wonderful. It's just great watch the kids. I hope that you and I, too, have children, and we love them and educate Horsch. I would like to hear the cry small child at home when they cry, they call their Mom and inside immediately awakens motherly love.
This very strong love. I so much want to see you and I walking in the park with your children, you would have played with them, and I would fun watching you children if we have two children, a boy and a girl, I would have played with dolls with a girl, and you're with the boy would play with toy cars. Children - great !!! I beg you my love, make our meeting on faster. It is very difficult to be in waiting. I love you very much !!! I always think about you! C your love Anna!
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