Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Nova to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello .
I was very pleased to receive your token .
You are a very interesting man and I want as much as possible to meet you.
perhaps our communication will be very enjoyable for us .
My name is Elena.
I am 36 years .
I am from Russia.
I live and work in the city of Kirov.
You know this city?
Kirov is the cultural capital of the Volga region .
It is located near the biggest river in Russia called Vyatka .
I love my city and I live in him from birth.
My job is very interesting.
I work in a school and organizing a celebratory events that are held with children in school.
This is a very demanding job and requires maximum attention from me .
I very much love children and I am always happy to see their happiness.
After all, it seems to me that the children's happiness is the happiness of the lightest in the world.
how do you feel about children?
Perhaps you have your own children?
on my work, I often think about how to make the holidays brighter children as possible .
I always approach this with the soul and strong feelings .
In many ways, I am proud of my work because it brings happiness to people.
can I know what is your life and vaabota .
I would be interested to know your life and your vital interests .
When I saw your profile on the site, I could not remember everything .
But in many ways you seem to me a very interesting man .
I will be very happy as you can get to know you.
Perhaps you have your own personal interests and hobbies .
I would be very pleased to know it all.
Right now, my interest in you is quite strong.
I want to ask you not to ask me naked pics !
Just on the Internet a lot of uncivilized people who ask for naked pics and call people bad names .
I hope you have a good and positive man !
I 'll be waiting for your letter.
Your Elena

Letter 2

Hello Michael .
I was very glad to hear from you .
It was interesting and I very much forward to this letter.
For me, very interested in your life .
Many thanks to you for what you could tell me about his life .
Michael I think you're pretty serious man .
This is evident from your lifestyle and your interests.
Today I was thinking about for a long time online dating .
I was on the dating sites and looked profiles of different men.
Now I think about what my choice will be at your side .
It seems to me that you are a good and friendly man .

Michael Now I very much want to see your photos.
Please if you do not then it is difficult to send me them in my next letter .
I will be very happy about that and very grateful to you .

Michael I write you my emails from Internet cafes since I have no home of their own personal internet.
Today, the cafe I 've been waiting for space to take advantage of the Internet and get a letter from you .
I was surprised looking at a woman who is looking for men online.
Its active communication with the men seemed quite strange.
For an hour I was waiting for a free spot and watched it, I had time to notice the fact that it deals directly with nine men.
I thought it was not serious enough .
Michael You may also hang out with several girls at the same time ?
I believe communication should be only between two people.
It may seem strange to you .
But I think that the only way to get something out of this serious dialogue and try to build a sense of intimacy.
I'm pretty serious about communicating on the Internet and try to deal with just flirting for fun.
It seems to me that taking seriously the communication and respectful to his partner for penpals we can hope for a serious relationship .
I believe that the Internet can find someone to love and marriage .
During their search on the internet I have met quite a number of men from different countries.
Initially, all the men are trying to seem very intelligent and decent .
But many women in the process of communication occur only wish to see naked photos.
I think that it's not serious and I did not when they did not send my naked photos.
I tried to avoid such men.
Michael I hope you're not gonna do that.
You seem very sweet and kind man with whom you can communicate pleasantly and hope for something more .
I'm not here to engage in a flirtation and games.
It's not for me. I'm a grown woman and I'm here with serious intentions .
Michael I think that you can understand me.
For me is just as important to know how you feel about online communication and what you want to find on the internet?
To me, this is very important.
Now I hope that you can write to me about it in his letter.
I'll be waiting with great interest your letter .

Letter 3

Hello Michael .
I was so hast taken to receive your letter .
yesterday I 've been thinking about you and about what you are looking for on the Internet.
I've had quite a lot of thought but in general I tend to you a decent man .
Today, after reading your letter, I was once again convinced of the seriousness of your intentions to find a sense of the Internet.
Michael I made the right choice with regard to communicating with you and think about what our relationship will only bring us mutual joy .
I have so many emotions about the future of communication with you.
Such honest men like you rarely find in the Internet and I think that I was lucky when I met you .
It seems to me that in our letters we will be polite and respect each other.
After all letters can tell us a lot and give us an opportunity as you can get to know each other.
After all, the respect of the communication partner is the main basis for understanding .
Michael I was so excited when I read your letter.
You are very good and very interestny man .
I think that I will feel comfortable in their letters to you,
and as close as possible to try to tell you about myself and getting to know you.
My interest in you is very great.
I so much want to know about you and your life.
But I'll try not to rush .
Michael I think that haste can only cause confusion .
Communication has to be interesting and enticing .
I want to always wonder your letters and with each new your letter learn something new about you.
Today I do not have much time for socializing.
I have many business issues that require strong attention.
Today at school we will deal with design costumes for a children's holiday .
I must necessarily control the production of suits .
They have to be unique and made with love.
It seems to me that this will depend on child happiness.
Michael I want to say again to you that I am very glad that I have the knowledge and communication with such a wonderful man like you.
Tomorrow I have a great interest will be waiting for your letter .

Letter 4

Hello Michael .
I was just fascinated by your letter and your respect.
It seems to me that much of our browsing on internet dating match.
The most important thing is respect of the communication partner .
Today, I have more time to give it to my letter to you.
Michael I hope that you like and I am pleased to receive letters .
Now I want to tell you more about her life.
I can not describe to you in detail the life and its peculiarities.
Initially, I had to make sure that you are an honest man .
After your letters , I realized that you can trust and talk about their lives.
My life is pretty simple .
In many ways it is similar to the lives of ordinary people.
Before, I lived with my parents since I was a girl.
My parents are very influential businessmen in our city.
They live on the other side of town and quite often I meet with them.
In my life, they are not paid as much attention to my education and my life.
How I remember them , they always went about their business.
And very often I was left with his grandmother .
My parents called Uliya and Maksim.
Their business lies in the textile industry.
In the sequence of my life, I moved to live with his grandmother.
And I still live with her .
I really respect his grandmother and in many ways grateful to her for all that she has done for me and my life.
It is largely influenced by my upbringing and my further life.
My grandmother called Maria Petrovna.
So call it that many people know her .
Usually I just call her grandmother .
In her life she was a very famous woman, and was even worthy of the title of veteran labor.
She worked at the metallurgical plant which is located in our town 30 years.
She is now retired and no longer works.
I very much like my grandmother for her kind and understanding nature .
From an early age she was doing my active life.
Together with my grandmother I have read quite a few different books.
At her request, after school I went to study at the Pedagogical Institute .
At the end of which I began to work as a school teacher .
At first I was a teacher and taught elementary class names of young children.
But the work did not bring me a lot of money and I had to indulge in many ways .
In my life I have always tried and I try to be independent.
My parents offered to help me and always tried to help .
But I addressed them only in extreme moments of his life.
That's why I left school and went to work in a private
kindergarten where she could earn much more and I even turned out to save money .
Following in my life occurred revolutions that changed my life .
I had to leave the nursery and do not do the work for about a year .
It was carefree and romantic time in my life.
Maybe one day I 'll tell you about it.
After years of his life unemployed again I came to work at the school.
In many ways I was helped by parents and found a vacant seat for me.
This place is so what I'm doing now and until today .
Now my job is very pleasant to me , and I'm not complaining .
Over time, pretty much know in life.
Michael Now I am happy children and I am pleased to make them holidays.
I've already told you about what we are made out costumes for children.
Today we have completed their registration and will prepare statement.
Now I feel that I could tell you a lot about his life.
I hope that all this will interestingly for you and you can know my life is much closer and try to understand it.
Michael is for me as it will be very important to learn your life.
I'm asking you please tell me about it in my next letter.
Tell me about your past life and about his parents.
Thus will I know your life closer.
All this is very interestingly and very important to me.
You are very cute me and I want to get to know you and your life is in your letters .
My hope is that it will not be difficult for you.
Michael I will wait for your letter.

Letter 5

Hello Michael .
For me, it was once again very pleased to receive your letter.
today been thinking about you and waiting for what you write in your letter.
Michael for me it was very nice to know what you are interested in my life .
I thank you for the respect which you have expressed to me in your letter.
Now I am very pleased .
I am also very much admired your life and its peculiarity.
You are a very interesting man , and you have a very wonderful life and the world of communication.
Michael I'm so interestingly was acquainted with your life .
Now I understand that you're a very good man , and you have the desire in life.
For me it was very important to know the facts and see for yourself.
It seems to me that I can be open with you and trust you.
After all, you're just as I perceive our relationship with interest to treat this.
In the course of our dialogue with you I want as close as possible to know you .
And I'm so glad you're going to meet my wishes .
For me it is a very respectful and pleasant.
Michael but not all of you I can learn from what you wrote to me about his life.
For me it is very important how you feel about many things.
I am very interested to know the features of your behavior and your desires.
Michael Now I will try to ask you a few questions that interest me .
My hope is that you will not have difficulties to respond to them.
For me it is very important to know that.
first of all for me is very important to know your attitude to alcohol ?
I know that many foreigners think about that all Russian men suffer from alcoholism .
Michael I want to tell you that it is a misconception .
Not all the men in my country are drinking alcohol.
Maybe it was back in the early 90s when the country was going through hard times.
But now all is well and our Russian men try lead a healthy lifestyle.
Personally, I treat alcohol loyal and allow yourself to use it only on important occasions.
Michael is very important to me as to alcohol treat you .
If you have a problem with it , please do not hesitate to tell me about it .
We have to trust each other and do not hide our problems.
It is also very interesting to me how you feel about children and child rearing ?
You already know that I very much love children and love to give them happiness .
Another very very important for me is a sport .
It seems to me that it should attend in everyone's life .
Sport and active lifestyles seriously affect human health .
May I know how you feel about sports?
Maybe you have a favorite sport that you do?
I can not call myself a serious athlete but I try to do light exercises of the body each day.
I try to keep active and in many sports to help me on this.
Michael still one of my important matters to you is your attitude to religion.
May I know what kind of a leap of faith you hold .
Perhaps you attend church?
Together with my grandmother , we go to church on certain holidays .
I think that belief in God is a definite incentive for the person and must have.
Michael I hope that you can give me the answers to my questions .
Now it's important to me to know it all.
Our emails I want to be as close as possible to each other.
I think it's possible.
I 'll wait for your letter.

Letter 6

Hello Michael .
I was very pleased to read your letter.
Many thanks to you for what you were able to answer my questions .
Michael very important for me to know how you feel about multipulse things.
Now I want to learn as much as possible traits of your character .
By its very nature, it seems to me any decent man should be serious.
Maybe I 'm wrong but I want to find just such a man .
Michael , each person has his own ideal image of love partner .
Today I want to share with you our ideal and tell you about it .
I want you to be able to know what kind of man I dream and what I 'm trying to find.
For me it is very important to a man who was next to me in life is to possess certain qualities of character.
Can you tell me about your character? What in nature ?
What to you is the quality ?
For me, it's all very interesting and important.
Now I try as much as possible to get to know you and know you.
In your letters, I feel that you are a good man and is always happy to receive them.
We need to be as close as possible to our letters and do not hesitate to get to know each other.
Michael I hope you understand me and just as I was interested in it.
I 'll wait for your letter.

Letter 7

Hello Michael .
Today I am very much interested in your letter.
I 've been thinking today about what you write in your letter.
I was very interested to know how you will answer my questions.
Now it was very interesting and enjoyable to read your letter.
Michael I thank you for what you have with understanding and interests reacted to my questions.
In many ways, you are like my man idial .
I know that you possess many of the qualities of character that I appreciate in a man.
Now I am very glad that you find yourself in these traits .
Michael you come to me like a man.
Our emails I feel very comfortable and open.
It is my understanding that you are a very good man , and you can trust .
I was always very much admire your respect and dignity .
This feature is most like me in you and I do not cease to admire .
Today I talked with one of his good girl Olesya.
I told her about my acquaintance with you, and about how noble you in his letters .
Olesya greatly surprised and told me about the overseas men much of the cultural and respect than men of our country who behave
rough with women.
I'm not trying to condemn Russian men and I do not want you to think .
Not all the men in our country rough and tough with women.
But for all the family tradition of living together , men and women is higher than men .
In many Russian families in the host family is a man and a woman can not object to its decisions .
Michael I think that the family should be equality and consistency of decisions.
I think that foreign men are more gentle and reverent treat their women.
Maybe I 'm wrong generalizing all men of foreign countries.
But I think you're just the man who is respectful and thoughtful to his woman .
Michael I would be very interesting and I will be very grateful to you if you could share with me their idiale women .
I think about what it must be you .
Please describe to me in my next letter in detail emphasizing precisely those traits to be possessed woman of your dreams.
Maybe I can find these qualities in yourself and to share with you this .
It seems to me that the ideal is to find a partner is very difficult.
But it is possible to meet a person who is in many ways similar to the way dreams.
I would be very important to know your ideal and you know exactly what a woman should be in your understanding.
Michael now I think that knowing our dreams and desires we will be closer to our letters .
Maybe we can find that in our common aspirations.
I want to tell you that I am very happy to talk to you and get to know you.
You're a very nice man and I value our communication with you and are very sensitive to this concern .
Michael I understand that you like and I appreciate and respect our letters .
It pleases me very much , and every your letter makes me very happy.
I 'll wait for your letter.

Letter 8

Hello Michael .
How are you?
Today I had a pretty tough day .
We were coming to the school clowns to entertain children.
Performance of the group of clowns was quite cheerful and colorful.
Our children are very emotionally reacted to the performances of actors and were happy and content .
I am very tired of the noise of children's emotional and cries of delight students of our school.
Also I had to give comfort aportamenty for artists from all amenities.
Everything was successful , and our children were very happy and joyful .
Michael it was a very tough day for me and now I feel very tired and headache.
But this did not prevent me get to the internet cafe to see your letter.
When I read my weary mood was much better.
I am grateful to you for what you were able to introduce me to his ideal woman.
I had time to think and consider their personal dignity I possess .
Michael I want you happy so that many of the female virtues of which you dream there with me.
Of course not all of what you see in your ideal female is in my nature .
But perhaps in time our communication with you I'll be able to approach your dream.
For me, this is not a problem and I think that we will be able to find something in common in our lives.
Last night I thought a lot about you and your interesting life .
All this is so unusual for me and so interesting with your every new letter to learn about you.
Every day my interest in you becoming more and I often think of you .
Michael you are very good and kind man , and I 'm so glad you came into my life.
I get a lot of pleasure from your letters , and they are becoming more necessary .
You unusual for me and a very mysterious man .
It seems to me that I know so little about you and my interest to know you better become stronger.
Perhaps in our future communication we can become much closer.
But I do not want to rush and rush our time together .
Our communication laid back and is based on our strong interest to know the life and character of each other .
Michael seems to me that I feel for you some sympathy .
It's hard to describe and express to you in his letter.
But I hope that I necessarily get to tell you about it .
Now I just want to share with you my enthusiasm on the respect you treat me in letters .
This emphasizes your dignity and decent man makes me very happy.
I understand that I have a chat with velikolpnym man and I appreciate it .
Michael your letters bring a lot of positive emotions and help me to take a break from your normal life.
After all, in many ways we're completely different people just because we live in different countries.
For me it is important to look for something in common , and close between us.
It seems to me that our further communication with you can show us and make us much closer.
The most important thing I think is respect for each other.
Appreciating and showing respect for it, we can move to something more .
Michael now I feel tired and a nice peace of mind that you have given me in your letter.
I found myself in your letter, and that makes me very happy.
Just hope that you will also be glad to know that.
To me what is important is that you could get pleasure from my letter.
I 'll wait for your letter and think of you .

Letter 9

Hello Michael .
I want to thank you for those kind words that you write to me in his letters .
I think that they bring so much happiness and warmth in my life.
Michael chat with you always makes me very happy and very cheerful.
It seems to me that you and I have become very good friends and our relationship is very pleasant.
Today I thought a lot about you and your life.
It seems to me that your life is just amazing and it has a lot of what I do not have .
Michael I also very much interested in your country .
You wrote to me so little about the country and the sights of your country .
All this is very much interestno me and I will be very glad to know that.
I have always been interested in overseas life and seemed so strange .
But now I realize that in many foreign men are very nice and friendly.
I do not know maybe I 'm wrong in many ways .
But looking at you I understand what you are good and kind man .
Today I am again at work talked to her friends about life abroad .
We have long talked about the difference in wages and prices of products and many things .
I want to tell you about the time that the average salary of teachers in our country is 500 Euro .
Maybe in your country it anymore?
So I would be very happy to know about your country as much as possible .
Maybe you can surprise me ?
I will be very happy about it and hope to get your letter in a rather interesting story.
Your email is always for me as a young child a pleasant surprise = )
I also take great pleasure and excitement waiting for him .
And just rejoice and become happy when I read it.
Michael you're a very good man and I 'm so glad to meet you.
It seems to me that it was such a man as you, I have long been looking for.
Today I planned to meet with the parents.
They have now a dinner party in honor of the birth of their joint business.
They asked me to come and certainly presudstvovat with miroprriyatii .
I usually always there is very boring because all they talk only about business .
But I respect my parents and I will be sure to go to them.
Michael I will wait for your letter and I hope that you will be able to surprise me.
I want to say that I am very happy with you .



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