Letter(s) from Sandra Clark to Pierre (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my dear , I am doing good and hope you too . I miss you so much , miss not talking with you. you look handsome with a nice picture and see how it goes with as we all looking for same on here.Wishing a better chemistry between us.
I love To share My Time with People I Love and care eg,friends and Family.well about my family i come from a very small unit Of Family My Mother and I. I am an honest heart that's looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship.
As at now i don't work now and i use the Internet too for school research...i will lose you and Lose something Big...That is what i feel In you In you Pierre...so what do you think about this,....The happiest person doesn't have the best of everything in life. Perhaps He or She is just good in making the best of everything that life brings along his way. Stay happy always!
Hope to hear from you soon.......