Letter(s) from Vera Kazakova to Stolede (France)

Letter 1

Hello, my dearest ! Dear, I am sorry for being late with my reply again and to be honest,last several days were very 'hot' here as we again had several military attacks... and to be honest, I do not think it is going to be better soon! So not I probably will be straight and will ask your help.... I really need it ! ST, I wish I didn't asked, but I need to get the passport sooner and it is so expensive here. I have never asked for the financial support before, especially from men, but this time I know, I may trust to you:-) It costs 280-290 USD to get it. I do not dare to ask you to help me with the whole amount, I know it must be expensive for you too. You see, I earn not too much (about 120 USD per month), and it is a bit difficult for me to put some funds for saving for the international passport:-)Of course, I will try to save for it myself too, but I am afraid it will be not very soon:-) Thank you once more:-)


Letter 2

Hello, darling !!!

Most of everything I wish we could meet in real life? I cannot live in this city when there are always shouts and bombs' sounds outside?.
These anti-terroristic operations make me crazy! If only I had the chance to get the passport sooner, I would be the happiest woman alive! Do you think this wish was ever meant to be realized? I need your strong shoulder, as it looks like you are the man for me, and we need to meet to understand this for sure, what do you think?

Kisses, Marina

Letter 3

ST, I will be glad to meet with you anywhere! Kiev sounds fine for me too! But to leave Mariupol (war zone), I need to arrange skip document... According to the rules I need to pay around 1500 hryvnas for it (about 50 USD). Dear, I will be really glad to arrange this personal meeting with you, but I simply cannot afford paying this fee!
I earn about 85 USD a month so you can imagine how big amount is for me! If you are serious about meeting me, can you help me, please?

Looking for your decision, Mary.

Letter 4

Hello , How are you today? I am sorry I did not answer you in time, we had no Internet connection here. I will meet you on 29th of May with a great pleasure! I asked in a desk on what stage my skip is and was told that it will be ready on time. We have 9 days to manage the rest, the fights starts again arond the town and many ways are close, there is the onky way through the Russian border. And it takes more time and costs more expensive, I can go by buss or taxi, the buss goes every third day and costs 87 dol and goes about 30 hours with standing on the boundary for 8-10 hours, taxi costs 300 dol and goes 14-18 hours, I know, it is not cheap, but it is more likely I will come to Kiev on time and not deadly tired. How goes your days in Senegal? Your Mary