Scam Letter(s) from Megan Parker to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello honey how are you doing my love sorry i couldn't write back on time something came up here today and believe me am still very confused right now because i dont know what to do, i hate to be in this kind of mess and believe me i have never be in such mess as this one,am sure you got the email this morning that i got a message from the shipping company that my attention is needed well when i got there you wont believe what they told me, the shipping company said to me that my goods has been seized by the customs here and i had to go right away to the customs office and when i got there i asked why they would have my goods in their custody they said to me that i am trying to ship out goods from their country without a tax clearance documents which i dont know about, i told them its my first time here in Ukraine they said i will have to face the consequences, now they want me to pay for the tax fee before my goods could be released for shipment, i was so pissed even when i told them the amount i have on me maybe they can have it and when i get home i can pay off the rest but they said no way i need to make full payment, i have been so worried and dont know what to write to you because i dont want you to feel bad i hate the fact that this people here are so heartless they dont have any human sympathy am worried honey i just cleared my hotel bills yesterday and the money left on me is not up to the tax fee charges i really dont know what to do honey i dont want anything to affect my goods because i spent a huge amount buying them here and again am worried about my flight i dont want anything that would make me miss my flight i really dont know what to do honey is there anything you can do to be of help please honey write me soon as you can i cant have any sleep here tonight.

Letter 2

Hi honey thank you so much for everything and i cant wait to say that to you when we finally meet and yes please send those cards again if you can i would love to read everything from you okay my love, here is the information where to send the money, hope western union outlet is not far from you once again am sorry for the stress i just cant wait to be home honey,

Names........Megan Parker
State,.. Kiev
Country... Ukraine
Zip code...01001

Text question.....Hello
Text Answer.......Hi



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