Scam letter(s) from Alena Sokolova to Paul (South Africa)

Letter 1

Hi my love Paul!!!
I am again happy to see your letter.
I have read it and again began to understand that you are the sole man in my life.
Which can understand me and support in difficult situations.
My love Paul, I have no bank account.
To open it a lot of time and money is necessary.
I already wrote to you that the easiest and reliable way to send money through system " WESTERN UNION ".
There it is not required to have the bank account.
I once again went to branch " WESTERN the UNION " and to me gave all same information that you could send money Through this system!
SARATOV, 410052
Makarova Irina.
My love please find system " western union ". Come there and to you will advise as to send money to this address.
And you can precisely send me of money, and I in some hours can already take away them here.
Like any other woman I dream to have my own family, honest, loyal and reliable husband to care for and to help him about everything;
children to foster; home to keep and tide up, etc.
I am happy that I had met you and had written to you and anybody to another.
That day when I had written you was happiest in my all life.
I know that all things are under construction on trust and understanding, Any relations without it can not exist in general, differently.
I do not know as you my love, but I am in such condition.
It would be desirable to be with you, to embrace you.
To see and to love you only. I can not help thinking of you.
I rise and I lie down to sleep recollecting about you.
I think of you and your letters only.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
With love, your Irina.
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