Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Vladimirovna Tokfatullina to Richard (UK)

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Letter 1

Hi Richard!
I woke up this morning, and I had a great mood. My heart was filled with joy, because our meeting soon become a reality.
When I came out of a travel agency in my face was a smile. Do you know what a blessing it was to realize that I made a big step for our meeting and visited the travel agency. There I was assured that the problems with obtaining travel documents I will not.
I went in the morning to work, in order to speak with the head of the money to get a salary and vacation.
I sincerely hoped that I would get the money today, and immediately go to a travel agency to pay all the costs of travel.
But I was terrible news. when I arrived at work, my boss was sitting in my department and fill out some papers. I greeted him and when I asked the chief to give me money so I could pay for a trip, he suddenly silent and did not answer me. I was very much alarmed.
I asked him again, but to my surprise he told me that salaries will not. I was shocked. I do not know what to say, I asked him to explain to me what is happening and why it is not fulfilling its obligations and promises. My boss was very upset and told me that the paper came to him for the payment of taxes and other expenses of the company. He does not have enough money to give me a vacation and salary.
I had tears in his eyes, because it means that our meeting in question. I have long tried to explain to him that he can not have so substitute, but he told me that he can not do anything. All that my boss asked me to wait a bit it, he promised me that as soon as he was able, he will definitely fulfill its promise. I was very upset after our conversation. But I want to tell you, I will do my best to come to you.
I think today after work, I go to all your friends and I will try to borrow money I need for the trip. I think I deal with this, and we still meet and be together. Now, when we face such a possibility, I just can not let it go. I am very upset that the head so let me down, but I will not give up, I will do my best to find the money and come to you. Richard I hope that I will not be angry.
You should not have to worry, I will not leave attempts to find the money, and tonight I will try to borrow money from his friends.
I'll look forward to your new message. Your Ekaterina!!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Richard!
Glad to receive your letter today. How is your mood? Our meeting is in jeopardy. We wanted to make our dreams a reality. We found each other in this vast world.
And I think that we should fight for it. I would like to make our meeting took place. And I tried. I tried to do everything for this. I want to realize our dream come true, to me it's not worth it !!! Richard I set out to our meeting, and I want us to be happy. You see this is what we have tried all these days.
All our communication was for the sake of our meeting, we are two lonely hearts who have found each other and must be reunited. It is to this end, I wondered, when we first started talking about our meeting.
But I have tried various options, but unfortunately it does not work ...
I was with my friends. I asked for help from his mother. Tried to get a loan with different banks. But unfortunately I was turned down. Now I do not know what to do ...
I want to continue to fight for our meeting. I do not want to despair ... But all the options run out ... What do I do now, I do not know ... I was very upset.
I wanted us to be together. So we checked our feelings with you in real time. To translate our relationship to a new level ... But I could not ... I have no choice now ...
Honey you are the only hope for our meeting. Because I have tried all possible ... And I hope now only on you ... Please my dear, just try to do it all.
Taste it to go to the bank, ask for help from friends or relatives. Try to get an advance on his work ... Dear Richard, if our relationship is really expensive for you and you want them to continue, then please try to you as well ... Try ...
can you help me with the preparation of travel to you?
If we build a family and a future together, I'll be ready for anything. And even leave his native village and country. Since the main thing for me to be with someone you love. I understand that all my family and friends remain in Russia. But they understand me. Since I'm a grown man and must itself decide their fate.
They understand that I need to build my personal life. Build a family and a future. Therefore, no one will judge me about it. I'll be ready to come to you to live forever.
Richard, Can you help me make our meeting a reality? If only I could organize this trip without your help, I would do it without hesitation, and would never have to ask you for help. But now I can not find the money to travel to you Unfortunately we must hurry ... Sadly my holiday is fast approaching ...
You remember that I can not cancel it. I can not take another day. So we need to hurry ... next vacation will be only 1 year.
Now the only convenient time for me to our meeting. Because there is no guarantee that I receive your vacation next year. I look forward to your help and your support.
I know that you are my real man and you will find a solution for that I came to you ... Yes, and my salary is very small. It is not enough for that would pay for the trip.
I earn 150 pounds a month. I am eagerly waiting for your letter. I hope you will not leave me and help make our dreams real.
Your Ekaterina!!

Today I will try to call you after 19.00 pm Moscow time.

Letter 3

Hello my love Richard. How are you?
I hope that you are all well.
I was really glad that you wrote to me.
I am happy of what you want our meeting.
And at least glad that you decided to help me with arrival to you.
As a true knight!
Who never leave a lady in a difficult situation.
you are my prince! you are my knight! you are my hero!
And that is what I do and love.
I have a phone. But it is now unfortunately being repaired. I broke the screen. As soon as I fix it immediately I to tell you about it. Ok?
You ask when I want to come to you. as I said before my vacation starts from March 10 and will end on 25 April. I do not know when I can come to you.
because the paperwork takes 10 - 12 days, as well as the transfer of money to a bank account takes 4-5 days. that is, if you can send me the money today, I can come to you in 18 - 20 days. that is, 23 - 25 March, I can come to you. and I can stay in your country one month. What do you say?
Unless of course you do not mind? I will depart from Moscow. Moscow three major airports. I probably will depart from Sheremetyevo Airport to Manchester.
But so far I have not yet chosen. You ask such questions. But while I can not choose the date of the flight until I book a flight.
And in order to find a flight that I need to apply for a visa and obtain documents. And then I'll book the flight. And then I'll tell you the exact date of departure and the airport. Do you understand me?
You ask me your bank account number? Only I have a bank account opened in rubles. Tell me you'll be able to transfer money in rubles and send them my account number? Here are my bank account details:

Beneficiary: Tokfatullina Ekaterina Vladimirovna;
My address: Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region.
Village Okhotino, Nagornaya Street 26.
Account number: 40817810518501001752;
Pay through (name of bank): Bank VTB24 (JSC);
Address of central bank's office: Moscow, Myasnitskaya 35,
zipcode: 107450
the sum of 65,000 rubles.

Cute ... you glad that soon I'll be with you?
you want to see me around as soon as possible ???
Remember how I told you about their dreams for us?
Well, it's when we're already together?
do you remember this?
you can imagine what it will soon become a reality all?
I will present it as soon as I get so easily so good in my soul that on my face a smile.
I want this so much!
And I want as soon as possible!
Favorite ... when you can pass me the money?
I ask because I need to know when to go to the bank. How do I know the money is transferred to your account within 4-5 days.
Please tell me all about it in your next letter.
And by the way, I do not know how he got my letter. maybe he hacked my email address and stole my letter and post it on the Internet?
I do not know how he did it. Since I do not understand the computer. But I've changed my email address. So now you need not worry. He was no longer able to do so !!
And please do not forget the fact that somewhere far in the Russian girl who lives thinking of you constantly and waiting with bated breath to meeting you and your next letter.
Remember this! Before meeting my favorite! With your love Ekaterina!!

Letter 4

Hello my dear Richard!
I am very happy to receive your letter and I am once again pleased to read your letter. you're asking if I could get a visa without a reservation? My answer is yes !!
That's what I'll do. First I have to pay travel company for visa, passport and medical exam. This procedure will take about 6-8 days.
and then I can book a ticket and pay the money for the ticket. Registration of all documents will be worth 540 pounds. I have saved money only 100 pounds.
50 pounds I paid recently for utilities. And I was left with only 100 pounds. Tell me you'll be able to transfer 440 pounds on my account?
And then when I get the money I have to go and pay the travel company. And then they start the paperwork. Richard, I hope that very soon we will be together, because I'm looking forward to that day. This will be the most beautiful day of my life. I really miss you and I really want to see you and be in your arms!
I really want to give you my kisses and kiss you! I love you very much and I do not know how I could live without you in this world! I can not imagine life without you and your love to me! I really want to be together with you and I really want to give you all my affection! I very much hope that very soon we will be with you in the arms of each other, and we're going to enjoy each other!
I want to tell you about my dream! I imagine you and me, and as you and I first met at the airport! I was flying on a big airplane and when I landed at the airport at you, I left the plane, and then I saw you and you and I exchanged glances, and when I came out, I immediately ran to you for a meeting and you did the same thing, and when we're rushed to each other, they were with you in his arms and I gave you my gentle kiss and you were a little embarrassed, and we're standing at the airport for a long time in each other's arms, exchanging views and studied each other's eyes! After that, you told me to go to your house in order so that I could relax from a long flight to you, but I told you that I do not want to rest and I am very happy that we're together and I just can not imagine my joy and how happy I am! You told me that, well, I'll show you my beautiful city, and I told you that I am very happy, and that I am very pleased to be with you to walk around the city! We're a very long walk everywhere, we'll be in a very nice park and you invited me to go home, because you wanted to spend with me a wonderful dinner by candlelight and we'll go to your house! Richard, when we come to you, and there was everything is ready and I was very happy that you have tried and it was all cooked and I was a bit uncomfortable due to the fact that I was originally told you that I did not want to go home and you and I were walking in your town, and you immediately noticed and told me that everything is fine and not to worry! After these words, I felt very good and I felt like an angel! We are with you for a long time and I said to you was very nice, and cute as you and I have been together! After we had dinner with you, then we're out for a walk more and we are with you for a long time, and had a nice conversation, and then I was very tired and I wanted to relax, and I told you about it, then we're gone home and we are with you for a long time been in the arms, and we'll give each other kisses, and then we're asleep!
Richard, I thought a long time about this and I really wanted it to be a reality, and I very much hope that very soon it will be with you and we will be in each other's arms. I know that you and I will be together with you and we will realize our dream! I want to know what you think about this?
I'll look forward to your letter! Your Ekaterina !!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Richard!!!
I got your letter. why do I write? I never get angry at you !! I know it's not your fault that the banks so long to transfer money !!
and why do you think that I would be mad at you because of the money? For me, money is not important !! For me the main thing is our attitude and trust and respect for each other. Do you understand me? I was not much is not pleasant to read your letter today, because you think that I do not write to you because of the money? How could you even think such a thing? Do you think that I was only interested in money? that's not it !! Yes, these banks to slow down our process meeting. but it is not a problem. I hope that this problem will be solved soon. Tomorrow I go back to the bank and check your account.
I am happy to read your letter. I feel great joy when I read your letter. They fill me with vitality and energy for the whole day. I now have a good mood, because I'm writing a letter to you again. Your letters bring joy to me.
Richard, I want to again and again to tell you that you needed me. I want to be with you. I really want to be with you. I can not tell you my wish words.
All the time I think about you all the time and I imagine our meeting with you. I wish I could be with you. I wish that you could feel all my affection for you.
Richard, in the morning when I wake up I think about you, and I imagine that you're lying next to me and at this point I want to hug you and be in your hands.
I want to wake up from what you kiss me gently. My heart belongs only to you. Only you can make me the happiest woman. I really want to make you the happiest man in the world. If I had wings, I would definitely arrived to you, but I'm not a bird, I can not fly, but I am more than anything I want to be with you.
I want to be in your hands. I want to feel your heartbeat next to me ...
I now have a good mood and I think you also have a good mood? How's the weather? How did you spend your day? My mother and I went to the store to buy food, and then we decided to walk around the park, we were talking about you ... Then we came home and cooked pies with apples. How I would like you to be by my side, we could sit at a table and we would look into each other's eyes. I could sit on your lap and gently kiss you.
I think you would feel the happiest man on my tender kisses on your face and appeared to smile ...
At this point I have to finish my letter and I'll look forward to your letter. My mom says to you hello. Tomorrow I will write you my phone number.
Your Ekaterina!!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Richard!!!
I am very glad that you wrote to me. For me your letter now always bring only happiness and joy in my heart and in my soul.
Today we have a great weather. on the street at the moment only plus 8 degrees. I was walking down the street today and delighted at the weather.
After all, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing warm enough.
Warm air is gently caressed my face and from this I felt very nice and good. It would be even nicer if instead of warm air would be your hand.
I would be happy just to feel the warmth of your hands, from whom I would always happily on my soul. And I listened to the birds singing.
We've come this spring. The snow melts. In my last letter I send you an old photo. It was made in the past year. As you know I have new photos. And I send you a recent photo.
Yes, I am also disappointed that we can not hurry the process. Bank employees do not care about our problems, and they do not think about other people.
They do not care for our problems. But I hope that soon I will get the money and be able to come to you. Today I'm going to the bank again, and if the money has not yet come, I go to a travel agency and find out if I can start the paperwork? I tell you all the details tomorrow.
And by the way here is my phone number 9371171446. I do not know what the code of our country. But you can not get through to me.
since I live in a military town. And all international calls are blocked by the military.
Richard, you are my happiness now and I'm ready to tell you these words always. I tell you these words are always from the heart, and so I say to you always only the most gentle words and speak every time. I always send you with my letter my kisses and I hope you receive them.
You like getting my kisses ?? I hope that you pleased by this. Richard, I am grateful to my destiny for our acquaintance with you.
After all, with you I began to feel confident in everything. I became much more determined now. I can now do everything possible and not possible.
You have always inspired me and so I say to you, "Thank you for what you have me!" You are my savior and always helped me in difficult times.
You helped me exactly what I think of you in difficult times, and that makes me become a lot easier and I coped with almost all difficulties.
I wish you a great week and let you be just fine. And I'll look forward to your response. Your Ekaterina!!

Letter 7

Hello my dear Richard!!!
I was once again pleased to receive your letter, and I was so happy to read your nice words. I miss you and I, again and again, each time waiting for a letter from you and I miss you, your words. Richard, I wanna be with you every minute, every moment. Because you really need me.
I want to be with you, my dear. I want to again and again to write you a letter again and again to get letters from you.
I dream of you every day and every night. You are always with me, now I just need your letters to feel all your love and affection.
I want you to be warmed me with its warmth. I often dream about how we're going to spend time together and I am very glad that my dream will come true soon.
I would be very pleased to be with you. I dream that all my dreams and desires fulfilled as soon as possible.
Yesterday I went to the bank and they told me that the money has not yet arrived. I am very angry at these bank employees. They're so slow to do.
And then I went to a travel agency and signed a contract with them. I apply for a visa and promised that set fire to the money next week.
They told me that my documents will be ready in 10 - 12 days. that is, in the first of the next month I have come to you. I can get a visa for 1 month.
It is the smallest validity of the visa. A tourist visa is valid from 30 days to 90 days. but I can get a visa for 30 days, and come to you only 2-3 weeks.
Today is Saturday and the banks do not work. So I go to the bank again on Monday. I tell you the details on Monday.
Richard, I feel a little sad when I look at people happy couples. Not too would like as well as they walk with you, talk to you, look into your eyes, but you do not have next to me. You're far away from me, but I'm sure that soon we'll be together. We're going there and we will be happy.
I want to look into your eyes, I want to admire them. I want to walk with you, enjoy nature. I do not want to waste a minute, I'll be with you.
Richard, when I'm with you, you will feel all my warmth to you. Every time I think of you, it makes me very hard. Because you're far away from me, you do not have next to me, but soon we will be together and I'll be the happiest woman in the world. Only you make me smile, just from your letters I feel good.
The greatest happiness for me - it is to be with you. You are the most gentle, sweet, kind man. I'd like to see you in reality.
Richard, I'm wondering how you spent the day? What do you think in the free minutes? I think you're constantly thinking about me.
I'm curious to know about everything that happens to you. I would be very pleased to be in your arms. I will be very pleased when you're kissing me.
I will feel very great pleasure. You are my prince who will make my dreams a reality. When will our meeting with you, then you give me flowers.
They will be the most desirable and the most beautiful, because I gave them to you. But the most important thing is that you gave me a kiss. I would be very nice to be in your hands.
I'll finish this letter, but I want you to be constantly thinking about me and I would like to see on your face was always smiling.
I send you my sweet kisses. Your Ekaterina !!

Letter 8

Hello my dear Richard!!!
Life is beautiful, everything is fine. With these words, I want to start my letter today. You probably ask me why life is beautiful and everything is fine.
The answer is simple. My life has been wonderful and everything in my life was normal. And all this is happening because of you. You are my beautiful and you are my happiness. Richard, you for me will always be my one and only man in my life.
You are my dream and my goal in my life without you I can not do anything now. Whether it's day or night the same morning, I always remember you.
You're always on my mind and that makes me very pleased at heart and in my heart. When any problem and any difficulties you are my ideal.
My life is beautiful from each of your words in your letter. I read your letters from the beginning to the end. When I read your letter, mentally imagine myself next to you. If I hear and feel you in reality.
Today I went to the bank again. But I was told that my account is nothing. I do not understand anything? Why money does not come? You can now go to the bank and find out why money is not listed? If you got the money back as last time, you may need to use the other money transfer system?
Maybe you can use money transfer system moneygramm? Have you heard about this system? You ask how much I want children? I would very much like to have their children.
I have a dream that someday there a man with whom I can create a child with him and bring him up very well. But in my life I have never met a man who wants to have children. In Russia, many Russian men do not want to have children, because it is very afraid of the responsibility of women and they want only sex. I hope you now understand why I am looking for a man outside of Russia. I want to have a happy and loving family.
I want my man was the best father of my children. When I walk in the park, I see a lot of children with their mothers. When I see it, I become both sad and happy.
I get happy because I see these children as they run, play, laugh, they look very happy. But it makes me sad when I realize that I have no children and no such man next to whom I will be able to create a family and to produce children. I envy those women who have such children. I understand that envy is very bad so I did not show it. But in the depths of his soul, and I am very envious of happiness these women. And all the time I dream that my life will be a man with whom I will be able to create the same beautiful children.
Richard, from each of your words to me very well. My heart starts to beat faster than usual. Like my heart wants to jump out of my chest.
If going on with me right now is, I can not imagine what happened to me when we first met. Probably at our meeting, I generally faint with happiness.
I want to be with you. I have repeatedly told you these words. I tell you these words, as I want this in reality.
Richard, I never lied to you is not never going to lie to you ever since I want normal relations between us. I want you to trust me always.
Only mutual understanding will lead to a successful outcome between us. A successful outcome is our life together. We have to trust each other around now, as our attitude should be a good foundation. It's like when building a house. If the foundation of the house is done well, and the house will be a long time.
And in our relationships. If we create a strong understanding and trust each other, then we'll be able to achieve all good things. I hope we will.
I trust you all over and I hope that you, too, trust me. And let us with you all will be well soon.
Your Ekaterina !!

Letter 9

Hello my dear Richard!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter. I am very pleased to read your letter, you're in love you write a letter. You're the kindest and nicest man.
My mom is very proud that you came into my life. Today my mother for a long time talking about you, I told her how I imagine our meeting.
My mother was very nice and she really wants us to be together as soon as possible. Today I have a good mood, because I'm writing a letter to you again.
How are you? How's the weather? How did you spend your day? Today we have cloudy. air temperature plus 3 degrees. Forecasters say that such COLD weather will last until early April. but in April promises warm up to plus 20 degrees. Yes, when we meet, we will get to know each other better and to tell each other about their customs. I would be very interested to learn about your people and about your customs. And I'll be happy to tell you about Russia and about our traditions and customs. I hope that you like it.
All the time I think about you, about our meeting. I want to be with you and I want all of my dreams come true, because I do not want to live long in my dreams, I want to live in reality. I am very glad that our dreams will come true soon, and then I will be very happy. I want to constantly write to you about his great love, because I want you to know my feelings for you. The distance between us is very large, but my love for you even more. Now I understand that we will meet soon.
I'm sure we'll have a great time.
Richard, each new day I'm waiting with great anticipation, because I'm waiting for you and I will be able to meet. I'll be the happiest woman in the world.
I like you very necessary and will often repeat these words to you when we will be together, because I want you to feel the happiest man, I also would like to see on your face always had a smile. I always want to see you, I wanna be with you. I want to always feel your presence.
I want to look into your beautiful eyes, I want to feel your breath, to hear your voice. For me it is important to everything that is connected with you.
I will finish the letter, but I'll look forward to your letter. Your Ekaterina!!

P.S. I forgot to write you that today I went to the bank. But they told me that I had nothing in the account. I do not know what's going on.
Dear you can go to your bank? And if the money came back to you, then it will be better if you use a different translation system, such as moneygramm?
What do you say? Can you do that?

Letter 10

Hello my dear Richard!!!
Again, I am very glad to receive your letter. I am always very pleased to read your letter. Unfortunately on Saturday more than I could check my emails.
And on Sunday, I could not read your letter. but today is Monday and again I read your letter. thank you for all that you do for me.
I have just seen your letter on Saturday. So I could not get the money on Saturday. Today I go to the bank and get the money. my documents are almost ready.
You remember I said that I already filed. You're just a little bit. Tomorrow I have to pay money to a travel agency, and then I can already book a ticket.
I tell you tomorrow. ok? You are my dream and my only happiness in my life. Everyone desires to be present this question: what will happen to me if fulfilled what I look for in consequence of desire, and if not fulfilled. My answer to this question is very simple. My only wish is our life together.
I want to be with you and only you. But you do not need me no one in the world and the words I have said repeatedly.
Richard, I am very happy that my dream will come true very soon and we'll be happy. We're like two small rivers. Each river has its course and flows in a different direction. But at some point, rivers connected to each other and form a large river. It's the same with our destinies and our lives.
Our destinies are connected to each other in our letters. We're formed a strong bond between us. This bond between us is the distance.
This distance between us as a thread. The longer this thread, the less durable it can be and so we'll have to cut this thread until such time as it becomes a solid.
We need to reduce the distance between us. Only a small distance between us can make our relationship stronger. Richard, you and I are far from each other, but that should not stop us never, because very soon we will be together and we can make our life beautiful and durable. Together, we will prove to you all over the world our true love between us. I really like you and I can not explain it in words. Lawless Heart to love someone.
The heart itself chooses the one who is able to love. And my heart has chosen you. I do not regret that my heart has chosen you. My heart will always belong to you alone.
My heart will never be able to love another man. You are in my heart forever. Now I am very happy, because very soon we will be together !!!
Richard I want to tell you that you're the best person in my life. I always think of you and I am very pleased by such thoughts, because on my face a smile and I get very happy. You are my joy! I adore you!
I want to on your face always had a smile and you'll be the happiest man when I'm next to you.
I'll wait for your letter.
Your Ekaterina!!

Letter 11

Hello my dear Richard !!!
I was so pleased to receive your letter and I am very happy to read your letter. you write very beautiful letter and I always like to read your words.
Reading your letter, I get a good mood and I want to write you a lot of beautiful words. I really want to write you something warm, gentle to my letter warmed you and your soul. I wish that my words to you was pleasant, well and happy. Today I have good news. Yesterday I went to the bank and get your money without any problems. Thank you for everything. I am glad that it ended with the transfer. This morning I went to a travel agency and pay all the money. Now I only pay for the ticket assistance. As you know a round trip ticket costs 250 pounds. Tell me can you help me?
I hope that soon you will be able to help me and send 250 pounds. Then I get a ticket without a problem and come to you. I'm sorry that you have had a very busy weekend. You're probably very tired? I am pleased that you take care of your mom. And you did the right thing that he went to his mother and gave her sister a rest. You're a very caring man. I like it a lot. I am glad that you had a meeting with their children. Say hello to them from me, too.
No, we do not watch in the Russian translation. We left the same time. My weekend was as usual. Nothing interesting.
Richard, I can not live without you. I want my life to be lived only with you and I am sure that we all will be well, because very soon we will be together.
I'm really happy. I am very pleased to think that soon we will be together. I always think about you and about our meeting. Our meeting will be the most beautiful.
We will always remember this day. We will tell our friends about the people we met. I think it will be very interesting to learn about our meeting.
We'll be fine and have fun. I am every day to see you smile and I'm sure you will feel the happiest man, and I'll be the happiest woman. We will enjoy every day when we will be together. Sometimes you want to live among emotions, not expecting anything, without questioning, and not trusting mind and your feelings.
And who says you need to live wisely? We have to live happily ever after! But happiness is not without feelings. The mind rarely gives us a state of happiness, but in my life you came along and now I'm very happy.
I really want to be with you and stare, trying to make out the features of your face and watching as you read my letter. Watching your face, his expression, opinion change as you read these lines. How do you want to guess whether these words touch your heart, and if - yes, what you feel, you are going through now?
Let's not me, but my words to touch gently to you.
My mother is very proud of me, she is very happy that I have a favorite man in my life. My mom knows that we love each other, and she wants us only happiness.
She hopes that everything will be fine and we will always love each other. My mother respects you and she sends you a big hello.
I will finish my letter and I'll look forward to your letter.
Your Ekaterina !!

Letter 12

Hello my dear Richard!
Richard, for several minutes sitting near the monitor and think and how to write, looking for words, looking for suggestions, trying to rationalize and put everything on the shelves, and finally to formulate something in the hope that will turn the most beautiful letter that when- I wrote you a ...
I always thought that the letters - a particle of our heart and soul ... If it is not - they are uninteresting and dry. It's like when cooking: if you do not put the soul and heart - only spoil products ... Our letters - that's us, because in them our thoughts and our dreams, our goodness and our feelings, our mood and well-being, our character and temperament, our culture and education, our vision and imagination, our imagination and our romance, our experiences and plans, our feelings and our love ... All this can be freely read them ... Richard, whether we like it or not, in our letters - we and our life ...
Of course, the letters were always one of the ways of communication ... Previously, weeks, and months they had to wait, in seconds, you can now get a letter from anywhere in the world. I am glad and happy that I live in a time when there is such a technique, such a relationship and are able to communicate, because people always need to communicate. Live alone, to live in isolation from the world.
Richard, you know me, that I constantly need to communicate. Now you're not around, but I mentally talking to you, telling you what has not yet say.
But no matter how many did not want to express just can not write. I would like to find one word that would mean that I experience and feel for you.
But no such word. If I can only say that I love you very much, probably, it is not enough. It was a long day as we got to know each other, but I can not find a place, me without you is difficult and unbearable lonely. You know that I feel bad without you, and I always tell you about it.
Especially a lot of words I want to say now that we are apart. Apparently, the distance between us now, and it's the height from which you can see everything differently. In such cases, a different feel differently appreciate, thoughts, and I want to say more about what before was silent or did not dare to speak.
And now a completely different situation. I do not want to be silent single minute since I filled with emotions. Richard, I'm ready to do you always write about my feelings for you. All my words are full of passion and love for you and I hope you feel my feelings for you. I'm all yours and you will be my only owner always. My heart belongs only to you.
By the way I am today went to the travel company and book a ticket. I was able to book a ticket for April 10. I come to you tonight.
I hope that you will be able to meet me at the airport on Friday night. I send you a detailed schedule of the flight. I book a ticket for 2 weeks as you asked.
I come back to Russia on 26 April.
I'll wait for your answer to me with great joy.
Your Ekaterina Faiers!!!

There, 10 April from Domodedovo Arpt

flight BA232 from Moscow Domodedovo Arpt 16:15 10 Apr airplane: to London Heathrow 18:05 10 Apr Boeing 747-400

connection London 2h 15m

flight BA1404 from London Heathrow 20:20 10 Apr airplane: to Manchester Manchester Intl 21:15 10 Apr Airbus A320

Back, 26 April from Manchester Intl

flight BA1385 from Manchester Manchester Intl 07:05 26 Apr airplane: to London Heathrow 08:15 26 Apr Airbus A319

connection London 2h 40m

flight BA235 from London Heathrow 10:55 26 Apr airplane: to Moscow Domodedovo Arpt 16:55 26 Apr Airbus A321

Letter 13

Hi my love Richard!
I am glad to receive your letter again. how was your weekend? Yes, today I came to Moscow. I read your letter. I really liked your dream of a wedding.
I think that we need to talk about the wedding when we meet in reality. Then we choose where we will play the wedding.
Honey, today at 11.00 I went for an interview at the British Embassy for a visa. Honey, I do not even standing in line and I immediately accepted.
On the first interview I explained the laws and rules established in your country. I had to know, so as not to break them. Then I was given an official document in which the rules were specified through customs and visa. They also told me that I should give them a statement from the bank about my salary for the last 3 months.
Representative of the Embassy carefully watched it and told me that I have carefully read one paragraph of the rules for obtaining a visa. I carefully looked over the paper and read the whole paragraph he said. I have asked me to explain this point in more detail. He told me that my salary for the last 3 months is very low and at such salary he can not issue a visa. Since my salary for the last 3 months is clear that I could not contain myself and feed themselves in your country.
And so he told me that can I have the cash, which will ensure that I will not stay without food and shelter in your country. But I told him that I did not have the money.
When he heard that it is, then removed my visa from my eyes. And then this action, I realized that he did not want me to issue a visa. I tried to explain to him that when I arrive, I will live with you my love. And what are you going to provide me with accommodation and meals. But he told me that it does not play any role.
Since according to the rules I have to carry cash, because I'm coming to the country as a tourist and a tourist visa. He told me that everything should be done according to the rules and the law. Cute he told me that I had with him to be sure these cash. The money is needed. Without them I would not be released at the customs of Russia and will not be allowed in the UK. Dear, the law on the money set by the government of all the countries of Europe. For Russia, the departure from the country to another country of the European Union, the amount of cash is 3300 pounds. I told them that I did not have so much money there is and never was. So I asked why I did not tell anyone in advance about this money. They told me that the rules say only interview with a visa. Then I started to scream and curse them, because I think that they did not properly inform the people. They asked me to calm down. But I could not rest because I have come to you on April 10, that is on Friday! I already bought a ticket to you on April 10!
Honey, they refused me a visa, as I should show them the cash. This damn bureaucracy. This embassy sit only one bureaucrats. They do not believe me, that when I arrive to you, then I will not need anything. Without this money, they refused me a visa. Honey, I begged to give me a visa. Since you are waiting for me, and I shall come to you April 10!
Since I promise you 100% sure that you arrive to the appointed date. I begged them to give me the visa, because I really want to keep my promise to you. But I was told that they can not go against the law and regulations, as they may be due to this problem. So they told me that a visa will be issued only when I show them these 3300 pounds.
They also told me that I can give them my bank account where this money will be. Honey, I need to show the money at customs at the airport in Russia and then in the UK.
This precaution is introduced to a man who had come to another country, did not stay there without shelter and without food. Do you understand me dear? They explained to me that before when a visa issued without these cash. That was a lot of cases, that Russian women migrating to Europe and then could not afford to stay in for the night, even a hotel booking. They eat healthy food is not on the street. And some to earn money for a return ticket to the motherland even went to work as prostitutes.
Therefore, the Russian government and introduced such rules. To the Russian people and especially women do not fall into such a situation. And also to reduce prostitution.
As in Europe a lot of Russian women who work as prostitutes because of such situations. Honey, after these explanations, I realized why the government introduced such rules.
Honey, I do not know what to do because no differently I can not get a visa. So should I certify that I have the money at the customs at the airport before boarding the plane.
Since I am now in Moscow, and even can not imagine how I have and what I do. So in Moscow I do not have anybody from friends or relatives. I have no one to ask for help but you.
Honey, I want to be in this world only to you. Since I love only you. I sincerely love you. Since I have never been so much hated man at that distance. I want to be near you.
Since I believe that when we are together, we will be with you the happiest couple in the world. My love, I ask you to help me in this situation. Since except you I do not hope in anyone. Honey, can you send me the money? I will not spend it on anything. As soon as I arrive to you, and once you meet me at the airport Manchester, I immediately restore to you the money. Darling, you must understand that I need to show them just to get a visa. Because without this money will not give me a visa and do not miss out on the plane at the customs. Honey, I want you to tell me exactly and specifically, can you send me these 3300 pounds ??? Cute does not mean I'm kidding you.
It is actually necessary. It is the law and I can not do anything against it. Honey, I'm asking you not to throw me in such a difficult situation. Darling, you must understand that I now very hard, since I am absolutely alone in Moscow. I'm not one to turn to but you.
Cute I worry that because of those damned money, our meeting with you can postpone indefinitely. I really do not want that.
Dear excuse me for it. But understand that this is not my fault. Since I learned about the process of obtaining a visa. And these cash only say at the interview.
So I did beforehand could not know that I would have to have cash. Honey, I hate the rules of this embassy. Since I believe that they should inform in advance.
My love, I beg to understand the whole situation. I have spent my life looking for a man such as you. And when I found you, I am ready to do anything to be with you.
I want to be with you in reality. I want to love you! You're the love of my life! Honey, I want you to answer me as soon as possible. Since I'm waiting for your answer.
I hope that you will soon be able to write to me. I'll wait for a letter from you. Love your future wife Ekaterina Faiers !!

Letter 14

Hi my love Richard!
I'm happy, I'm very happy that I see your letter, full of love and affection. My love today as you weather ??? ask me but I did not have time to write to you yesterday. So yesterday I went to the embassy. I have good news. I got a visa and I was allowed to take off tomorrow. I'm so happy.
Finally, I can come to you. all is well. Dear tell me you wait for me? Today only one night we sleep separately, and tomorrow we'll be together.
I'm so happy. Tonight I'll try to call you. ok? Did you think about me? I think about you constantly. All my free time I only think about you.
I hope that you understand me dear. Do you have the weather in the country ??? We became cool and the temperature today only about 7 degrees and strong wind.
Loved me cold without you! I want to see you and be with you. I hope that it will soon be possible. Honey, I hope you tell me what you did today and how you weather?
I hope that when I come to you then we will always have good weather. I hope that you understand me dear. I love you.
you occupy all my time, I only think about you and I can not think of anything else. I wake up and see your face and think of you, then I start to live their normal lives, but still you are always in my thoughts. it's probably because I love you. I do not know how this could happen to me, but I'm very happy about the fact that I have you, because every woman needs a man so she could feel protected, it may not always be with her, but still she will be happy of what he is. Here I am happy about it and it makes me happy, because I have you and you will always be with me, even now you are far away, but your soul will always be with me. but when we can be together, it will be the best time in our lives, because we have found happiness with you, but not quite, but when we can see each other's eyes that we will find our complete happiness because we're able to find each other in this vast world. I do not know maybe you do not like what I write. understand but for me it's the air in my city and my country, because you're there and you write to me, you tell me that you love and why I live, if I did not have you I would not know how to live, but I have you and now I can only wait for the moment when we are together. because when this happens we like to soar into the sky, because it was our most cherished dream come true and if it is, we will be the happiest people on earth. my dear, I once again want to tell you that you are my only, you're my destiny, I love you. we just made for each other, and therefore we should be together. I love you I'll wait for your letter.
forever yours Ekaterina.

Letter 15

Hello my love Richard!!! I see your excitement! I am very pleased to see that you are going through for me! I feel you next to me! And from what I could come to you yesterday, I am very sad!
It pains me to see your feelings, and very hard for me now! In my chest done unspeakable shame! I do not know what to do!
Asks me that you had to go to the airport and wait for me. but I could not write to you earlier. Yesterday I wrote a little letter and warn that you would not go to the airport. Honey, I want you to describe what kind of situation occurred to me at the airport and why I could not fly to you.
Honey, when I went to pass customs control on landing the plane. Then I began to explore the things to check the documents and also told me to show them the cash (3,300 pounds). C money and documents were all good. But when they began to examine my luggage. We saw that in my bag is an icon.
This greatly alarmed by customs officials.
And they told me, so I went with them to the customs office for a thorough inspection. I told them that I need a plane.
And I do not want to go to the customs room.
But they insisted and I had to go with them. When I was brought into the customs room. Then began to ask who I'm taking this ancient golden icon. I explain to them that this icon gave me my mom that she protected me along the way. Since I have a very long way from his town to Manchester. Then they asked me why I had not declared that spend ancient art of Russia. I could not answer that question them.
Since I did not know that such things need to be declared. They told me that I was breaking the law, and I suspect they are smuggling. When I heard these words, that I had a strong shock. Since I've never been a smuggler. They explained to me that the art of antiquity, which belong to Russia can not be exported outside the country. Honey, I'm trying to explain that I am not a smuggler. But they refused to listen to me. Since all the evidence against me.
They did not just let go and said they would take me into custody to ascertain the circumstances. Cute, then I was taken to the central police station in Moscow.
There I began to question again. I was screaming and yelling that I am aware that I am a smuggler. And I was carrying this icon for sale in England for a lot of money.
Baby you imagine what I felt for last night!
I was sitting in a prison cell all night. I had to sleep on an empty bed. Honey, I argued with the police, I am not any smuggler.
Then they started me to check on all their bases. They saw that I had not been brought to justice. And never in police custody. Then I told them that I want to see a lawyer and without a lawyer, I will not pursue them further conversation. Cute, in my country in every department of the police has the duty free lawyer.
I led duty counsel. The lawyer explained to me that I am very seriously violated the law. Because of that, I did not know that it is impossible to carry the art of antiquity did not declare. But since I had never attracted to criminal liability. Then to let me go, I have to pay a fine.
He told me that the amount of the fine is 2,700 pounds. When I heard the price, then I started to resent. Since this is a very large sum of money for me.
He explained to me that if I were not paid the fine, then I will keep the police before the court decision. And that was not the court should I pay the fine.
Cute, as in my arms had 3300 pounds, I did not know what to do. I decided to pay a fine of that money. Darling, you must understand that if I do not pay it, then I could not even write you a letter.
Since I would be sitting in a prison cell. Honey, I hope you understand why I did and you will not judge me.
Understand that I could not physically and emotionally in a prison cell.
You probably can not even imagine what it was a terrible night.
I cried all night in a prison cell. I spent all night thinking about you.
Darling, now in my hands, there is only 600 pounds. And it is not enough to I could come to you.
Since the customs I asked, so I showed them 3,300 pounds. But as I got only 600 pounds customs control I did not miss the plane. Darling, now I do not know what to do.
Honey, I very much regret that this situation occurred. Honey, if I knew in advance that I should declare this icon, then I would not have lost those pounds in 2700 and came to you. Honey, I want you to understand my condition now. My love, I understand that you have to spend a lot on my trip to you.
But understand that now to be together I do not have 2700 pounds, so I missed out on the custom. Honey, I told you that when I arrive to you then you can get them back.
My love, I beg you not to abandon me. Honey, I do not know what I do now.
I do not know how you'd react to it. But I love you very much. I love you with all my heart.
I do not want to lose you. I want to be with you in reality. I want to feel you every minute of his life. You became for me the meaning of life.
Since I only want to be your woman.
I believe that you're just the man to whom I will be really happy. Honey, tell me, can you send me 2,700 pounds? My love, I am very ashamed to ask you for money again.
Because you have done so much for our meeting! Honey, I will come in the internet cafe again and hope that in the near future you write to me. I very love you!
Your Ekaterina!

Letter 16

My love Richard, I am again happy to see your letter. Your letters bring me joy every day. I want to again and again to receive them.
I want to again and again to tell you. That I love you very much. I miss your letters only. I want more. I wanna be with you. I'd like to be close to you.
I can not tell you my desire to words. I'm sorry, but on Saturday I could no longer write to you. you're probably worried? I understand that you have no money, and now you have to return the money. expensive but I had to pay the fine. I paid all the money. otherwise I would be sent to a prison cell. Do you understand me?
I was really scared. Dear you do not understand me correctly. I told you that my mom can get a bank loan in the amount of 600 pounds.
And I do not have another 2700 pounds. Do you understand me? money 3300 pounds I had to pay a fine, as well as commission and pay for the services of a lawyer.
I'm sorry but I have no money now. But if you can help me 2700 pounds, then my mom to get a loan in the amount of 600 pounds.
And I can come to you without any problems. And I give you back all the money. expensive when I come to you I can sell the icon for the big money and give you back all the money that you spent on my trip. Unfortunately I can not sell it in Russia. Since this is prohibited by law.
I do not want to again have trouble with the law. But expensive in your country I can sell it. And give you back all the money. and then you return them to the bill.
What do you say? What do you think? Can you help me? can you send me 2,700 pounds? I just love you. I love you and I can not live without you even one day.
My love for you is very strong. I love you very much. All the time I think about you. I always imagine our meeting with you. I wish I could be with you.
I wish that you could feel all my love for you. I wish that you would just as much like me as I love you. I think of you always. In the morning when I wake up I think about what you wrote me a letter or not. And I want to read it soon. When I sleep, then in my dreams I wanna be with you. And in the dream I am always with you. Because I love you. And all my dreams are my great love for you. Just for you, I think, only with you I want to be.
Only with you I want to be around. Only I need you. I do not want to see anyone near you. Cause my heart belongs only to you. Only you can make it so that I would have been happy. At the same time, and I will do my best. What would you be happy with me. Only you, my love. All my thoughts are of you.
They are just for you. All my love is you. I can not live without you. Because this love I can not keep in itself. I want to share my love with you.
I love only you, and only you in my heart. No one will ever be able to live in my heart. My heart literally breaks out of his chest, when I read your letter.
I hope that we'll soon be together. I want it very much. I wish that you would understand me. I want you to imagine how much I love you.
My heart is always telling me that I should be with you. Because my heart is just broken without you. It will just die without you.
Because it is completely yours. My love for you is real, and it knows no limits. If I had wings, I would definitely arrived to you.
But I'm not a bird, I can not fly. But I am more than anything I want to be with you. You - the most precious thing I have in this life.
Because I love you. I just love you to distraction. I'll wait for your answer. Love your Ekaterina!!

Letter 17

Hi my love Richard!!! I am very glad that I have the opportunity to write you a letter. Today I come to Internet cafes with the thought that I should write a letter to you, because you are for me - close person. It would be very difficult without your wonderful letters, because these letters are very important for me. In my last letter I forgot to write to you, that I have to leave tomorrow on a mission to work for 10 days. I was told that it was very important for my profession and as soon as I get back from a trip, I will give a certificate of advanced training. I'll go into the city, which is called the Irkutsk. It is quite far from my hometown. I was told that I would take the train a few days before you come to this city. On the one hand I am a little scared the first time I'll go so far away from the city. On the other hand I would be very interesting to see new places, meet new people and learn a lot about their profession.
Besides, I am not going alone - go with me 2 more of my friends with whom we work together. I do not want you to worry about me - I'll be all right. As soon as I arrive, we will be able to continue our conversation. But I still try to find Internet cafes in Irkutsk and to write to you from there. I'll be waiting for your wonderful letters, because for me the day without your letter - it's a bad day. My dear, please do not think I want to get rid of this way of contacting you because you make me sick. I'm really very important your letters and I want to get them every day. You are my dearest person in the world and I love you very much! I'm going into this trip, because I want to succeed in the profession. Honey, if I had the opportunity to improve their skills here, I would never have gone so far away from you! We are now very far apart, but I hope that very soon we will be together, my sweet! Honey, I'll miss you all these 10 days, because you are very dear to me and I love you hard ... I'll be waiting for your letters, my sweet! I kiss you your Ekaterina.



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