Scam letter(s) from Ella Boison to David (USA)

Letter 1
My name is ELLA BOISON I am from GHANA ACCRA
I think that now you would not expect to see my letter? I even did not expect what I write this letter to you :)
The fact that I am very shy, and when I did not previously communicated with people through the Internet. But now I have decided to do it. I found your e-mail address on a dating site. Unfortunately I do not remember what site it was because I was on this site a month ago, I wrote your email address and all this time I hesitated to write to you first.
I would love to talk to you, I would love to become friends, or maybe be something more?
Perhaps in the near future we'll be able to meet and have a cup of coffee together?
I will send you my photo, I hope that my photos you will like it, and you will answer me, I just really want to see more of your photos.
I really hope that you will write me a letter as soon as possible.
Letter 2
Good evening honey. Hope you went out to drive safely and back home now. I hope you can be able to read this honey before going to bed.
Honey I have a little thing that I want to discuss with you love. Honey you know mom is doing ok right now babyishness on her medication now baby and she’s stable. Baby you know things are not good right now for me baby because I had to spend most of the money I had on her hospital bills and medication honey. We are a little bit short on payment on some of the bills here honey and getting food stuffs. I wanted to ask honey if possible in any way you can assist me to get things going here honey I would be very glad honey...
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