Scam letter(s) from Akrose Micra to Alex (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Alex, Thank you very much for your message , i feel so happy to be reading from you . Yes I an doing good here and hope you doing the same there. You looking very handsome in your picture , you also got a nice profile that touches my heart that i would be very glad to get to know you much more and closer. Thanks for your email address, I wll be sending you a personal email with lot more of my pictures and hope to get the same from you as we get to know each other . see below my email Address I do not have Skype now i will try create one and add you so we can keep in touch.
take care and enjoy the rest of the day .. Micra
Letter 2
Hello my dear Alex,
Thank you very much for your email and your handsome photos . You are welcome my dear. You look very handsome in the photos and I am very pleased that we are getting closer in knowing each other much better. I am a single lady of 34 years never married, and have no kids.I am a daughter of Mr. Patrick Fynn and American and Mrs. Rosemond Fynn who is also a Ghanaian living in America .I live and work as a Reservation Sales Agent in Albany, New York . I am in the UK for a 2 weeks job serminor. I am looking for an honest, loving and caring man to get settled down and start a long lasting family ,I am single,My last relationship did not last and we brook up. we broke up because the guy i was dating is the type who love a lot of women ?
I am here looking for a serious man to settle down with for the rest of my life and that is why I decided to try few of the dating sites and by help of a friend i registered this site and i am glad we are in touch trying to know each other as we try to build a relationship.. I describe myself as very kind and trustful, loving, caring, Warm,respectful, affectionate and genuine,Positive, honest and faithful, outgoing and open minded . To talk about my hobbies, I like swimming , listening to music and movies , I also enjoy cooking very much as one of my hobbies, I love to go to the Beach on weekends . I love almost all kinds of music and i like soccer and other sporting activities . I am looking for a genuine man, loving, caring, honest and faithful one who is family oriented . I am serious and it does not matter me the distance or race. Well my dear Alex, I believe every successful relationship must be built based on effective communication , trust and honesty . reading from your email, i have understood and I feel in my heart that , you and I have some things in common and with one heart, we can help each other achieve our goals. My dear, I do not have Skype ID at the moment, but I will be creating one later in day so we can chat there.. find here few photos , i hope you will like them and I will be looking forward to see more from you. Thank you once more , Take acre and enjoy the rest of the day , Hugs and kisses, Micra
Letter 3
Hello my dear , The day is almost ended and I a here looking at your pictures and thinking of you. I have not any message from you yet and it makes me worried. I hope nothing is wrong and you doing good. Where ever you are my dear, I want you to knopw that You are in my mind .. Take care and have a lovely day .. Your friend, Micra
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