Scam letter(s) from Elena Vdovichenko to Darrell (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Darrell, Oh, thanks my day was wonderful today, perhaps it was due to the weather for it's very sunny and warm today, but I think mostly it's about that I was waiting till the time to arrive to the club and get your letter and write you mine. So, when I have your letter in my hands now I feel doubly happy :-). No, my dear Darrell, I won't reject you, and I want to tell you even more, sometimes it's better to have outer drawbacks than inner ones. I hope you understand what I mean and think the same. So, don't worry I can understand everything. Oh, you know we also camp out but only not 30 May, but 1 May, and sometimes 9 May, (which is Victory Day). This time is wonderful here in Odessa, on the whole I like late spring and summer in this city, for the weathers here are wonderful and the places of interest are full of tourist from different countries all over the world. Yes, I also want our relationships to become serious and stronger and I think that they will develop into something serious as well :-). How do you think? And you know I also think that we don't need to rush, everything should be thoughtful. Oh, dear Darrell, you know that I got attached to you, we both feel the same to each other, and this is very pity that now when we both need our letters more and more the last thing I want is to make our letters rare to each other because of my financial disability, but nevertheless I hope that we'll manage to overcome this together, won't we. I want you to know that our correspondence means a lot to me and I wouldn't change or stop it for anything, I hope you feel the same. I know that you are very courteous and caring man and I would never use this advantage. I think that bright future is waiting for us. And I have no doubts about this now. Yes, I too want you to come to me more and more. I feel your deep care about me in your letters. Thank you very much for all your care and attention to me. I can't even find the proper words for expressing all the feelings of my gratitude to you. You know, nobody in my life has ever carried of me the way you do and you can't even imagine how much I appreciate all your deep care and attention to me, my dearest. Here, by the club, are very good English courses, either in groups, or individual with the teacher. And they are different in their price. Many women and their children attend these courses and they are very satisfied. If I had to study English, most likely I would wish to go to private lessons with a teacher. There are several reasons why it's better. 1) It's the most effective studying English 2) It's faster one, as teacher's attention is chained only to me and not to a whole group. 3) If on some reasons I'll have to miss lessons, money aren't lost and if I attend courses and miss lessons, nobody will wait for me then, the group will go ahead and I'll have to catch up with them, besides the money for the missed lessons isn't returned. 4) I'm not attached to exact lessons schedule. I can always regulate time and days of lessons with teacher. There isn't it on the courses. If I attend them twice a week, it would cost $225 US per month (9 lessons), If three times a week,it would cost $325 US per month (13 lessons). And my Dear, I completely rely on you in the choice, I'll attend that classes you wish and can. Also, I found out from the Commercial Manager the way you can send the money.You can send money through the Western Union or MoneyGram. (it is better through the Western Union). But in any case these two systems are reliable, comfortable and quick in transferring money. Here are their internet sites if you need to know some more detailed information. 1.
2. You should just go to any office of the MoneyGram (Western Union) bank in your city (or you can do it through the Internet by a card). The money is sent to the My name- Elena Vdovichenko or Yuri Zorin(the Commercial Manager ) . You have to point the country, city - Ukraine, Odessa. This information is enough to transfer the funds . You should transfer in US dollars, not in hryvnas, as they charge in dollars. You should also give me the following information, without which it's impossible to get the funds: -your full name;
-the control number of transfer;
-the exact amount you have sent;
-the name of the city from which you make the transfer. Of course, you could send money to my name but I ask not to do this, because in any case I'll give the money to the club as the payment for my English classes. I've never received the money this way, and I think that probably it will take some my time. Besides, I don't like carry money with me, I am afraid I might be robbed. Please send the money to the Commercial Manager's name.O'K? And if you send money this week, until Saturday, next week (the Monday)I'll be able to come to my first lesson. I don't want to waist any day, using it to create our future, our meeting. Well, I'm so delighted that you can call me this time I mentioned and I'm also looking forward to your call and may be a few laughs:-). Well, it's also time for me to go, I had a very busy day today, be feel rested and renewed after getting your letter. I'll be looking forward to hearing form you, as well. Have a nice day!!! Thanks for having you in my life. Thanks that I can be with you as you are with me. With love and tenderness.
Yours Lenochka.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Darrell, Your letters are always making my day! It's great you are doing as well as a lovely spring day, it means you are bright and cheerful and brisk and full of energy J You write me you like to gaze up at the sky at the night time, have you ever seen a falling star? Do you believe that if you see it you can think of a wish and it will come true for sure? If yes, when you are gazing at the stars next time, obligatory think of us having walk in the wood, listening to that special silence and taking pleasure from being together and forever There are different phases in people's lives. It's for sure. And of course parents always want to protect their children from every mistake. But I think it's impossible. Human beings were made in such way that they won't believe until they try it by themselves. I remember my mother who told me, don't strike these matches! But, NO! I DECIDED to do it and I DID it! And of course it turned to be a not very pleasant experience for me at that time after it I was afraid of matches for a couple of years it's for sure J but it was my experience :-) And I agree respect is a very important thing in growing children up. I remember one more event from my childhood. My uncle came to our house to visit us, everyone wanted to talk to him because he wasn't a frequent guest. And I needed to ask something and began to ask already my question when someone from adults (as far as I remember my grandmother) interrupted me and began to tell him something. And my uncle said, Stop, the child wanted to speak, let her. It was very unusual for me. And having showed his respect for me my uncle made me respect him in this way. And about your photo, I asked my translator and she said you should reduce their size in some program for reducing files. Maybe you have such ones: Photoshop, ACDSee? Or in the program of looking at the files you have a menu with a paragraph Size of the picture where you can settle size of the picture in pixels per inch and a size in inches for height and width of the picture( I know that in the program ACDSee you should chose the icon Editor . FotoCanvas. Resize). Try to make it, my dear Darrell, I'm so eager to see these pictures of you! I had a talk with a one of the private teachers today.She is a very pleasant and energetic woman. her name is Svetlana Viktorovna, and she is about 36-37. Talking to her I felt that she is a strict teacher, and I feel she'll shake my soul fundamentally (in good sense of this expression). She also said she would be able to give me English lessons from the next month. She will check already studied material on courses and refresh it with me one more time. And after it we will continue studying. But I want to remind you if I take these lessons 3 times a week, they will cost $325 a month. And then you'll have to pay half for my English lessons and a half for our correspondence $260. I hope, my dear, it is possible for you. Waiting for them and for your call with impatience,
Always thinking about you,
Kisses and warm hugs,
Your, Lenochka.
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