Scam letter(s) from Olga Sorokina to Filippos (Greece)

Letter 1
This Natalya. I live in Belarus. I'm looking for a Male. NO BLACK MALE PLZZZZ. Thank you.
I'm seeking for a man for real meeting. My old relationships have been bad.
Nice to meet you And how shall I call you? Have you ever fall in true love? My address for you is :
i will respoce with some nice photos Best regards Natalya Bye for now
Letter 2
I'm sorry I have not answered your letter immediately. I work a lot. I 'm writing about:
Firstly: Hi. I'm glad to meet you.
Second: I have received your letter. Thank you.
This is my first letter. I ask you to treat me seriously. I do not want to play games. Only real communication.
My goal:
I'm looking for a man for serious relationship. I want to start a family. I do not want to live in Belarus. Because life in Belarus is very complicated. Our president dictator.
Our President Lukashenko. He is a dictator. He should die as President Gaddafi in Libya
okkkkkk, I do not want to talk about politics.....
I am a real girl. we must trust each other. Trust - an important key in a relationship.
you agree with me??????????
Now I want to tell you about myself :
My name is Natalya ( lioness ) hahaha. I'm 30 years old. I'm a big girl. I'm not married. I do not have children. My heart is open.
0. I was born in 12 February 1984
1. My height is 171 cm
2. My weight 52 kg
3. My gray eyes
4. My hair blonde
5. I have internet at home. but my internet connection is very weak. and I can not use any software for real-time communication.
6. I know English. I studied English at school. I'll have to train. Help me English lessons. OK)))))))))))))))))
My native language - Russian.
7. I do not use Facebook. in Russia we do not use Facebook. you understand me?? We use website
Can see the address, only citizens of Russia and Belarus.
I do not like social networks. I do not like to show people around your life.
About Me:
I work as a manager of Cosmetics Faberlik.
Perhaps you have heard the famous brand of cosmetics Faberlik.
and in your town sold cosmetics Faberlik????
I work with a 9:00 am to 17:00 pm.
I love to work. I love to take care of their beauty. A woman should always be beautiful.
Even when the woman wakes up, she should wake up before the men. And to meet a man in bed with a cup of coffee.
Ohh, and also prepare sandwiches and canapes. Do you agree with me?
About my family:
I was born in Russia. in Chelyabinsk. you probably heard of Chelyabinsk metiorit???
City Chelyabinsk meteorite fell from space. terribly
Graduated from high school, graduated from the University.
In 2007, my mother died of cancer. I do not want to continue writing. It hurts me to recall the past.
Letter 3
I am writing to you today a short email. Today I wrote my letter in the morning. I could not send her a message. Because I took the time to work. I could not send you my letter.
Important: I'm sending you to the club. Passed a holiday Halloween. You know the holiday Halloween. I hope you like the photo. I want to tell you about the accident. So today I was told that we have in killing taxi drivers. Because it is already in the last 7 days --- 4 ******. It is very terrible. We have in so many murders were not. I think it's just the taxi drivers robbers **** their victims. It is very terrible. You know that in my city just only 674 thousand inhabitants. This is not a big city. I want to tell you that we have such cases become very famous. So I know the different cases in my city. These are the stories I heard today. So I ask you to warm me with your letters. I want you to love and always wrote me letters. Because your letter for me - It's Oxygen. I'll have to get your oxygen. I'll have to give you my oxygen. Do you agree?? So we will have to live our dreams and our letters. Because we need each other. We should be together. I understand you, that you can not answer me directly to my email. I understand that. But I 'm still waiting for your favorite letters. Because I want to be the happiest woman Catherine. I want to be beautiful and good future mother. So my day today was wonderful.
I am writing this letter to you in the evening. To us in the city came to the Zoo. You love animals. The first time I saw a camel today. This is such a big camel. And I saw these two humps. I am so much afraid to approach him. Because camel can spit you. It is very funny and fun. A much different animals. So many monkeys, tigers, fox, zebra, wolves, wild boars wild bison, bear. I loved to see so many animals. And you have a zoo in your city????????????????? I think you have a zoo. So today I'll have to go to bed early. I'm going to go to bed late at night. I'll go to bed at 23:50 minute. OK. I will now shut down my computer. my tiger do you like ice cream??? you want to be my man????
you want to skydive???? you love to fly a plane???? I ask you my questions. I will wait for your answer. I think you should forget other women. All the other women can not write you these letters. I wrote you a letter about my heart. your tigress Natalya I miss you.
And wait for you to return to me. <<<<<<<<<<<<< Your tigress Natalya >>>>>>>>>>
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXO XOXOXOXO (X - kisses, O - hugs ) you have to remember))) )
Letter 4

I can not write you a long letter to my. I will be cook food. I'm very hungry. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I 'm going to cook soup. Soup called " borsch ". Borsche it is vegetable soup. You should make soup: Water, beet, salt, cabbage, an onions, carrots, meat a beef. And all this to cook 20-25 minutes. It is tasty. so now you can cook at home this Russian soup. And it will be very tasty. I will also prepare you specifically for the Russian soup. how are you? how you spend your time on Saturday and Sunday? Today I worked a lot . I'm tired. I'm going to eat .
ohhhhhhhhhh my soup is ready . whistling kettle in the kitchen . I need to brew green tea.
All I will be finishing my letter. I will wait for your answer . I will now look at your letter. And to read. And also look for and respond to your questions . I beg you not to worry. I do not forget to answer your questions. Waiting , waiting, waiting for you.
Your <<<<<<<<<<<<< tigress Natalya >>>>>>>>>>>>>
Letter 5
I am here, Natalya, where are you? I 'm waiting for you how are you? you got my letter?
Now we have to trust each other I beg you not to hurry. I want a serious relationship.
My goal: I'm ready to leave Belarus. I am ready to create a new family. I am ready to give my heart to you. now my heart is free )))))))))))))))))))))) Hmmmm ........ you wanna be my man?
I am ready to continue our dialogue. we need to develop a relationship. I'm glad to meet you. You wrote me a letter first. I was the happiest woman. I thought I was going to die alone.
the worst - it's loneliness. Do you agree? Ahhh I will not think about the bad. I'm home.
I send you my picture again. I hope you do not forget me ,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , your tigress Natalya
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ( I scratch you ))) aha aha haha.
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