Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Efremova to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
I'm glad we meet and I want to know you.Maybe even spend time together? I hope that you want it too. And I hope you're waited for me to answer you. And how my picture? Do you like? I hope I look good for U and you're really intersted at me.
What is your real name? How your firends and family call you? And how should I named you? What I'm interested in you? Why did you choose me?
I have many things to tell. But I do not know where to start. What you want to know? Ask and I'll answer your questons.
Answer me. I'll wait for you soon.
Letter 2
I waited, when you write to me. Mark and i even missed you. I thought alot about you. And you? I was in yur head? And what were you thinking?
We too cold Mark. There is some snow. I think about you constantly Mark. You're in my head. I'm curious to know about your day. I hope that one day I'll be part of it. I'm sure it will be wondreful.
Here's a new photo for you. Mark I did it recently. You like it?
Let's talk about happiness? Mark what is this? Happiness? I think this is alot to say.Do you agree? For every man have his own personal happiness. Someone is happy to risk. For example, jumping with a parachute. A quiet life for others. Mark someone happy when a lot of traveling, or eating a favorte food. All my happiness. And it can not be sold, not bought, you can not win the lottery. Happiness can be grown in myself. Mark I believe that any man can be happy. I do not have a lot to be happy. Perhaps it is trite, but I dream of a real, strong, mutual love. Well, what else would you Mark? Nothing. Only a beloved man will be able to do so. Mark everything you need to do to just be together.Waking up in the morning, kissing, whispering in his ear all sorts of nonsense, take care of each other. Keep the arm.
Nothing to refuse, spoil, and execute any desire.Is it not happiness Mark? Or maybe you are my happiness? What do you think? Mark I hope so. But something makes you happy? Mark or someone? What for you hapiness? Tell me your thoughts on this.
Do you think we'll be happy together?
Mark It's too late and I need to go. I already miss you.
Answer me soon.
Your waiting for an answer,Svetlana.
Letter 3
Again, I did not sleep all night. Mark lay and thought of you.
Hugging my stfufed toy. And dreamed about you. And you know, I get it.
All should not be so. Between us there should be a distance. Mark why should we suffer? Time goes by. Does not stand still. And we also all away. Need to make each other happy. And it needs to meet.Am I correct to say Mark?
Mark i decded. I will do everything myself. Who wrote the aunt and told all. Maybe it than help. I will ask friends for help. Mark go to the bank and write a statement for the loan. I am selling my room and all my stuff. Leave only the most necessry and needed. I have already sold my camera and some things. But, I will try to send the photo. The most important thing is that soon we will be together. And then we will not have photos and letters. Because we are going to see and hear us in reality. Be able to do all the things we dreamed of! I'm sure we'll be happy. Do you agree? How do you like my idea of Mark? Like it? I know what to do and how. And I will do everything in my power.
Even more.Because I have our love in my heart. I'm going to tell you everything that happens.
I thought that I can not come to you because of the high cost of the trip. Mark but I realized that I can not live without you. And I will not give it up. I'm sure I'll find a way to do it. And we'll be together! Mark i'm sure of it.
I trust you Mark. I want to be together with you forever. I love you.
I also need you Mark. As you are in me. We'll be together and nothing will prevent us.
I hope that all happen. Mark, and soon I'll be there. And we will enjoy our love. And not to suffer for a long distance. Mark i do not want to live alone aymore. This makes no sense. Soon we'll be together. And we need to start a happy life together. Mark i will make you happy. Now I am more than confient. You gave me life and made me happy. And I swear I'll make you happy!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a pity that I can not kiss you for real. Mark but I hope that those kisses to make your day a litte better.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!!
Letter 4

Sorry, for the short letter. Mark I have no time now. I can not find all the money. I was able to gt only 250 dollars. Now go to a friend in another city that would ask her to help us. I hope she will not refuse. Mark then, I'll let you know. I believe that I can do it.
Please do not worry. We find a way to do it. And I come to you Mark!
I do not celebrate New Year Mark. I wasat home. Thinking about you.
Glad you had a good time. It is a pity that I could not celebrate it with you. I would like it.
Yes, I hope that you will meet me at the airport Mark. I can not wait for that day.
Of course I know that you will take care of me. I am confident that we will be happy together.
Mark I donot want to lose you. You're all that I have in this world.
And most importantly, what you all that I need. Only with you I'll be happy. And only I can make you happy. We must try to find the money to you prior to departure. Mark and then all turn out. All our dreams will come true!
I love you Mark !!!
I will answer as soon as I can.
Your gentle and loving Svetlana
Letter 5
Mark I do not know how to tell you. Forgive me. I cry. I still do not believe in all this.
Today was a court. The court decided that they will not get criminal case against me. I was told tht according to the law, I am obliged to pay the fine. The penalty for attempt to transport the historically valuable thing in other countries. I didnot know what to do. I asked the amount of the fine. And I was shocked. I do not believe in all this so far.
Mark they took the money that you sent me to Customs control. They said that the amount of a fine of 850 dollars. They took your 750 dollars, which yu sent me to Customs. I returned all my documents.
And they said to return my passport and visa, after I pay the rest of the fine. Mark I am obliged to pay another 100 dollars. And then I can get my passport and visa. And you have 700 dollars again to show on the Customs control. I do not believe in all this. Mark Ido not know where I can find that kind of money, to be with you.
Mark I am ready to do everything for us to be together. But, I do not know what to do.
Marina tells me togo home with her. Mark I told her that I did not go home. Because I do not want to be alone. Ican not live without you.
My house is only with you. Marina will go home early in the morning.
Mark she wants me to go with her. Mark what should I do now? I go with her? Or should I stay in Moscow? Can you help us last time?
Because I love you Mark!!!
Forgive me. I'm sorry that all this. But I did not know that there can be such a problem. Mark I do not want everything to be so. I cry. It hurts me. I do not know what to do. I'm sorry that we have so many problems. I want tobe with you. Mark I do not need nothing but you and your love. We do so much to be together. Wego through a lot of different obstacles in our way. Mark, and remains one step. The Latter. I was at the airport today. Learned all about the flight. I was told that tickets are on any given day. I can fly to you without any problems. I can be with you. And we can make all our dreams come true. We will be happy. I promise you. We need to do this. Mark we have to go through this last obstacle on our way to you. But I do not know how todo it. I do not want to be here. I do not want to live alone. I beg you, do not leave me. I want us to be togeher. Mark I want us to hug and kiss each other. I want us to wake up in the arms of each other. I dream about to close your eyes and be into your arms.
But I do not know what to do. I want it all, what we dreamed of. I am very bad. What should I do?
I do not know what todo. Mark hurt me. I feel bad. I beg you, tell me what to do? I'll do whatever you say. I am waiting for your letter.
Mark I love you! And I will always love you. That would not happen.
I'll love you even if you find another girl. Our love in my heart.
You're a man my dreams.
I hope that we will be together. Ibelieve that you can help us make this last step.
I am waiting for your answer.
Your tired Svetlana
Letter 6
I went to the Internet cafe now. And I can write to yu. Mark I do not know what to say and what to do. I did not sleep all night and thought about our problem. Mark Ido not know how to be. No I can not take this money. If I could take the money I would have done it. But I can not do it. Mark I did so much more than I could. And yu yourself know it.
You know how I tried. I gave all that be. I took a lot of money. Even sold the place to live. And I donot regret it. Because for me it does not matter where I will live. When I'm with you. In any place I will be happy. Mark I always run. Collect different reference. Documents.
Prepared all. And I was sure that all turn out. I did not know that I can not find the last part. I have not calculated it. Mark I do not think that wil be the case. And I do not understand why you treat. As if it were necessary only to me? Do not yu want that I would come?
Mark you yourself know how I try. But I can not find even a dollar now. I would be happy to do it myself. But, I do not have this capability. I'm not a superhero, and I do not have a super opportunity. I can not do anything by herself and no one can help.
Mark and that now? Just leave me? And what about love? Dream together? I donot fit it in my head. What to say in a travel agency?
Mark I also signed a contract with them. The fact that I am obliged to pay any money to them. There have my signature and it notarized.
This is not a joke! Mark they served me in court in case of non payment. And what will happen? What should Ido? And where I live now?
Soon have to move out of the room. Sleep on the street now? Mark or what? Say? How can you do this to me? Just say - "I'm sorry I can not.
I do not have time to help that? Is that all?". And what money gram or west union? Why this?
Mark I donot know what to say. I can not solve this problem itself.
And I can not help anyone. Mark and you refuse me only from the fact
that you do not have the time? Mark is our love will destroy the money?
You admit it? Thnk well. This is our life. Not children's toys.
Answer me. And know that I will always love you. Even if you leave me.
I believe that you change yur mind Mark.
Your hoping to meet Svetlana
Letter 7
I went tothe Internet cafe now. Mark I have good news. I am happy that soon all our dreams will come true. Soon we'll be as we dreamed of! I love you! Yu were right! Money gram can help! And this is borne in the neighboring big city. Mark I was in the bank and gave me the address of this company. And I learned. Mark they can help us !!! And I was told that it is not hard to do. You need to come to the Money Gram.
And send my full name Efremova Svetlana. And specify the city Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I can get your help there. And in order that I could get your help, I need toknow your full name, which yu have when help us. Address where you send. The exact amount and reference number.
Mark when I know all of this information, I can get yur help. Come on, I'll give you all the information again. My first name - SVETLANA
My last name - EFREMOVA
country - The Russian Federation.
Nizhny Novgorod region.
City - Nizhny Novgorod.
Vedenyapina, 14 A.
Posatl code - 603016. That's all you need, that would helpus. And then let me information.
I'll get right and will pay the travel agency. Mark is all you need to do now. I am confident that we will succeed! I am sure that very soon I will come to you! And we will be in the arms of another!
I read what yu say about your phone number. Yes, I call this number.
That is - 07787818662. I tried several times to call yu. But this is not available. Mark I do not know why. Mark it's really weird. But I believe that very soon we will not have to wait to write letters and talk on the phone. Mark I believe that very soon we will be together for real! Mark I can not wait until we doit. I always imagine how we would be good together. We all will be as we dreamed. I know it. Mark and I know that I can make you happy. And I will make you happy when I come to you.
Mark I love you !!!! You're my man Mark. And I hope that very soon all our dreams will come true. I know what all happened. We all be good.
I will come in the internet cafe tomorrow. And I hope that you wil have good news.
Your gentle and loving Svetlana
Letter 8
Mark my love. I feel very bad now. I don't know how to tell you all this. Well, I'll tell you evreything from the beginning. Today I went to the embassy, and I got the visa. I passed the interview, and I was very happy. I thought that I'll be in your arms already tomorow. Then I went to the airport,and there waited for the bad news. Mark I feel so bad now, I suffocate from heartache. I can't imagine what it would be if I went to the airport just tomorrow. Mark when I went to get my tickets, a girl who works there told me that acording to my visa, and in order to I was able to come to you tomorrow, I must have enough money to live in United Kingdom.
I was very surprised. Mark I couldn't even think that there could be such a rule. I really didn't knew about it!! They explained to me that this rule is imposed bythe fact that somepeople go out there and start stealing and prostitution, because they haven't money to live.
I explained to them that I am going to live with you, and we love each other. I said that I'll live with you, and I don't need any money. But I was told that the rules are for everyone and they don't make any exceptons. I begged them, I explaned to them that we must be together.
Mark but they didn't listen to me and tell me that this rules are for everyone.I don't know what to do, I really want to be with you. I want you to see, hug and kiss. I want to tell you how much I love you. I feel so bad Mark!!!! I am upset because of this. I don't understand our country, why are these rules? Mark I love you very much, I need just you and your love. I can't live without you. Mark I have been waitng for you all mylife and now we are faced with this obstacle. My eyes pour bitter tears. Mark forgive me that I failed you so much!
But I don't knew anything about it. My heart is torn apart from the pain, I can't live without your love.I want to you my dear. Mark you lit my life and you made me happy. Only with you I have learned what a real love!! Mark you are the one I've been waiting all my life. I adore you. I need your support now. I need you now more than air. Oh, how I want you to just hugged me. It is very difficuult and scary here in the big city. I feel helpless. Mark I never thought that I have to tell you such bad news. Mark I thought that all behind and in front of us there is not any more obstacles. Mark I feel that I'm cause you many problems. I'm very hard to realize this. I feel myself very blame to you. Mark I am very bad, I cry now and I'm so hurt that it was not tears of happiness and enjoyment, but the tears bitterness and a big mistake. I dont know what to do Mark!!
The amount that must be with my visa 2500 dollars and still need 70 dollars for registration of securities. Need 2570 dollars so that I could be with you. My love, I don't know where I get the money. All I have left is 50 dollars. I don't understand our country. Why do such rules!! I explained to them that with me nothng happens, but they say that the rules are there to fulfill them, and not to stand and not to persuade them! They said thatfrom this not change anything. And stand to persade them to avoid the rules, just a waste of time. I thought that everything would be good, but now I have this problem. Mark and I don't know how to solve this problem. I really want to be with you.
I would give anything to be with you. Me nothing not a pity for our happiness. Mark only together we'll be happy. I'm tired of sufering, I want to be happy and to make you happy. I'm tired of living alone.
Mark I love you my dear!!!!! I understand that you are very hard to help, especially in such a short time. But as soon as I arrive to you, I immediately give you the money. It is not need to spend. I just need to show their presnce and prove to them that I can live in United Kingdom.
Otherwise I can't tomorrow be on the plane, and I can't fly to you. I don't know if we have time until tomorrow, but today I can even not go to the hotel and stay ovrenight at the airport to save money. I am in complete disarray!! If you can, then help us. I really want to be with you. I want to be with you forever. I want to marry you and always be by your side. But I don't know what to do. I learned that in Moscow there is also a office Money Gram. Mark if you can help us, I'll immedately be able to come to you my prince! I was told that you have to do the same as you did before. I'll not spend the money. I'll only need to show them at customs. And when I come to you I'll give it to you immediately. Mark I really want to be with you. I don't want my life without you! I'm very sorry that it happened. I'm ashamed of you!
I hope that you have time to get my letter. Mark I worry about that.
And I hope that you can help us, my love. My whole body is shaking, I am writing you this letter with trembling hands. My heart bleeds. I really hurt because I'm cause you so much problem. Mark I love you!!
I want to say this to you forever! Mark forgive me my love!! I very much want to be with you!! I want us to be happy. I'll wait for your letter in the Internet cafe.
Your Svetlana
Letter 9
For Real? Mark yu do not play games? but why would you say such words?
Mark why did you come up with all these words? The fact tht you need to have surgery? About your mother? Mark what you think of all this? You told me - ******** !!!! Is it worth ratio?
you say that youcan not do anything. Mark if you like something you would find the money. Especially now! Now when you have only $ 1,000!
Mark but instead you say - ******** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this normal?
Yes, I wassure that everything will be fine. But how was I to know that to have such a law? Mark I did not know it! And I'm stuck in this town! Mark and I can not doanything. I can not take a step forward.
And I do not have a chance to take a step back! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
Did youjust say ******** and throw me in the trash? Is it a worthy act for a man? Mark in your country or is this normal? Mark is okay to throw in the trash girl because of money? And to say ******** ???
I do not know what to do. Without money I can not fly to you. Mark nothing todo with this impossible. I need tofind $ 1000 for a few days. Only when I show them that I'm cured. And the other options do not have. Mark nothing can be done. Mark and you're treating me as if this space only for me.
I do notknow what to say. Without your help, I can not do anything.
Only you can do something and fix it. Mark but you do not want to fight for our hapiness ??? You donot want to do this? But what is the reason? If you like what you would find the money for a few days. But you just do not want to do it. And I can not understand why?
Explain it to me. And tell me what to do now!
So can no longer go on! I do alot of days in this city. And if I'm going to be here longer then I'm just going to die.
my life and our happiness in your hands. Think very important to you.
Mark remeber that I still love you. Even though your atitude towards me.
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