Scam Letter(s) from Sabina Zulfugarova to Jimmy (USA)

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Letter 1

Good evening! How are you? I hope you are fine.
I saw, you also looking for relationships too. I'm single lady and interesting to find relationships and love.
We can talk more and know each other better if you interesting.
My name is Sabina. I'm 29 years old. At me a lot of interests like sport, outdoors, music and other. I'm easy going and friendly lady.
Tell me about you, and we will know each other better.
Have a nice day. Sabina

Letter 2

Hello Jimmy!

I was glad to see your answer
at my message. Thank you, for your reply and did my mood better. I'd like to know you better and I hope that we will have interesting connection.

I decided to write you, because I'm single woman and looking for serious relationships and my soulmate. I was in dating agency and they gave me your email address also it agency is not website. I decided not to use any settings to search, I allowed to my fate make choose.
And today I found nice surprise - your answer. :)

Also I must say to you, that I live in Russia.
I hope it will not problem for you and we can start to know each other. I decided to try to find relationships in the Internet, because I saw one very good example. My friend found an acquaintance in the Internet, as it turned out, she found her happiness. She met a man from another city and soon she moved to him.
I have contact with her via the Internet some time, she is happy that have made this decision and thanked fate.

Now I will write to you more about my self, I'm 29 years old, single and never married, I do not have kids. My birthday at 25th September 1985, my zodiac sign is Libra, I do not give much sense to astrology... so I will not check if good connection between signs. I am 174 cm high and about 56 kgs. I have blond hair and gray eyes.

I live in Vologda city, placed in the North of European part of Russia at river with the same name.
It is an industrial city, administrative center of the Vologdski region, with the population about 300 thousand people. Here produces a very famous butter with a taste of walnut, it is a national brand called "Vologda butter". Please, tell me about place where you live, I'm curious to learn about new places... how it looks? What you like there?

I live with my mother and sister in 3 rooms flat. Also I have PC at home and this is my personal email address, so only I can read it. I work as an assistant architect in the building company, since I graduated from the University. I studied in Vologda state University with a specialization in Construction. I like my work, this is a very responsible and interesting work, perhaps not a lot of salary with my appointment, but for me enough. Also I learned english when studied in University and at school, I hope you understand me good. I writing to you without any translation program.

I have a lot interests in my spare time - music, films, outdoor activities and sport. I like going out some time with my friends, or alone usually in last time, for listen music, watch films. I like most kinds of music, usually it depend of my mood. I very much like outdoor activities for sport or just rest at nature, even does not matter at summer or winter time. Also I have a healthy life-style. I don't smoke at all, drink alcohol very rarely, may be a glass of a red wine only for celebrate. Of course, I never tried any drugs. I exercise every morning, running at summer time and go to the gym, for keep fit.

Now you know some more about me. Please write to me about your self too, what do you do for living?
What is your hobbies and what is your interests? Do you love pets? I love pets, dogs and cats.

You know, I was excited when I wrote to you first time, worried if you will answer and what you will answer.
I'm easy going woman and looking for relationships. We are in the modern world and I had decided to try use internet for dating and meet my love... Yes, I looking for love, my soulmate with whom we will happy together. I was not able to find right person in my city and now I hope to find right man. My contact with you is first experience using the internet for dating and I didn't do other. My hope and anticipation that it will be nice and positive. We have good chance to know each other better before meeting, find what we have common and what differences can complement us... to know personality, dreams and wishes. How do you think about internet dating? Do you know people who was lucky in it? I said to you, I have friend who found happiness by this way. And tell me please whom do you want to find? What kind of woman are you looking for? I'm very interesting to know.

I will upload more pictures so you will see my appearance better.
And I will glad to see your pictures, send to me more.

Send you my positive and friendly mood. Wait for your answer soon.


Letter 3

Hello Jimmy!

I was glad to see your answer to me. I have so pretty good mood today and your answer make me feel more better! Thank you, and all my best wishes for you, have a good day, happy mood and smile a lot. I like read about you, we have good way for continue know each other.

I said to you that I looking for relationships and true love, this is very important for me. I'm steel alone and I do not like that. I want to be happy with my soulmate together when we will make any things together, example, enjoy by stay at home in evening, watch movie together at sofa and stay in hugs, or go in outdoor together for a weekends. I think no way for happy in loneliness, happy could be when you share it with a person who you love. That is why I wrote to you, perhaps we could bring to each other a lot of happy... who know? I'm interesting to know you more.

I must to say, that I'm ok about our age difference and this is really not problem for me. I like that you are older me and you have life experience, as I think it is very important quality for a man. I wish my man have life experience, it will help us in building strong relationships. Please, know, that no any problem with it for me.

Please, tell me what you are looking in woman?
What qualities should have that lady, who will your soulmate, make you happy and joy? I'm looking for a man, who know what he want in life, who can enjoy by life and happy with me. He should be honest, kind and caring with me.
Of course, I will answer at this mutually and give the same. I need a serious man in relationships create, without any play, and who can enjoy by fun with me together. I'm serious in my wish for create relationships and I do not play and will never play.

I know that in the modern world is very popular skype and others chats like that, but my computer is too old. I tried to taste install devices but it nothing worked, at the repair to me said, that this will not work, because an old PC, no needed slot and a very low speed Internet. So that is why I didn't create any social networks profiles and I don't have facebook. The phone which I have is mobile, I tested it if I can make international call, but I can not make and receive call, because corporate tariff, given me at work. I can not have international connections and even here with other regions, only in my region... So email is the best way for our communication. I hope it is ok for you? For me it is very interesting to write you letter and read your answer, it is good way for learn each other better... Email is give a very good chance to take and carefully read letter, understand and then write every thing what you have in mind.
How do you think about it?

want write to you more about my family. I live with my mom and younger sister, my dad died when I was a kid. We have a lot friendship and very good relations in family. My mom retired on a pension, she worked in school. And my younger sister is study in University, she have a boyfriend and most of time she spend with him. Also I have aunt and cousin, we have a good friendship with them and some times make celebrations together.
Tell me about your family, please? Also my best wishes for your relatives and friends.

I do believe in God, I'm Christian and my religion is Russian Orthodox... but not fanatic, I do not go to church often, usually at holiday Easter or Christmas. I believe in God and Jesus Christ, and religion teach us understand what is rightly, moral principles and give support and peace of mind. It is needed things in life.

As I told you, I have a lot of interests and hobbies, so I will write more about it. I very much like outdoor in summer and in winter time too. In summer I like going at parks for walking or near to river we have some good places for rest and I with my female friends going there some times for have fun and play volleyball. I like sport as you remember, it is one of my interests. I do like swimming, volleyball, snow skiing, roller skating, done ice skating, bicycle riding. In winter time I sometimes ski and skating on ice, it's really good for have nice time and receive good mood. Have you ever tried ski or skating on ice? I look sport some times by TV. What sport do you like?
Do you like to watch sport by TV and what is your favorite?

I like different kinds of music, from classic and rock to modern pop and electronic music or trance as Armin van Buuren. Ones of my favorite are U2, Scorpions, Adele, Beyonce, Madonna, The Beatles and many other. I like movies and my favorite films "Titanic", "Vanilla Sky", "Gladiator", "Hobbit", "Forrest Gump"... I like difference kinds of films especially comedy, action, romantic and fiction... favourite actors are Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp (very funny in Pirates of the Caribbean), Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, TV show "friends" one of my favourite, because I friendly and like fun :)

Tell me about your interests and hobbies!! I will very interesting to know more. What you like doing for fun and what make you smile and good mood? Do you like watch movies and what kind of films do you like? I'll be waiting to know more about you!

Also I like traveling, but I never been in abroad, I had travels only in Russia. I like visiting south part and I was at Black sea, it was very good time for rest and have a lot of fun. I would love to have more travels and visit other countries, to see culture and new places. And do you like traveling? Did you had a lot of travels and which countries if yes? It will very nice if you will share with me by your impressions and experience.

I think we could talk about a lot of things and share by a lot of interests. Now you know a lot about my interests and about me, I would like to know you closer too. I will end my letter now and wait for your answer!

Have a good
day and pretty fine mood!

Your Sabina

Letter 4

Hello dear Jimmy!

How are you today? How do you feel? I hope you are pretty fine and I send to you all my positive mood, I hope you will have smile when you will find my letter! :) I was glad to know more about you and your interests. And I very much hope to make you smile with my answer too.

I would like to talk to you about relationships. Tell me please, what is the most important things for you in relationships? How do you think, what is make relationships stronger? What I think, first needed mutual love feelings, the chemistry between a man and a woman. By my mind trust, honest, respect and understanding are things which make relationships stronger and save love in home.
When people trust to each other and talking honestly then, they forever will able to find understanding, to discuss any problem, solve it and save harmony. I think, that it is right to accept person, who is he or she, without trying to change anything in person's personality. Every person is individuality, with good and negative sides of character. But in relationships it is very important to find compromises in any situation and always respect each other's choice and opinion. Also very important to give care for the person whom you love, with whom you have relationship, make each other happy and smile often. :)

I had relationships in past and it was a bad experience. My past relationships ended 2 years ago, after it lasted about 1,5 year. In the beginning those relationships started good and was some happy, it was romantic time about 5 month. But then he started to change, after changed work, he started come home very late even when work ended earlier, drunk very often and also he borrowed money from some people and I didn't know for what he was need it. He lied me often and I found that it was easy for him , I lost trust to him. But he was not able to talk, when I just asked to talk about that, I seen only agressive in eyes and no any feelings to me. So relationships was burden and we decided to finish it. And after that I never seen him again. It was a bad time for me... my heart was broken. I was afraid to make a mistake again, I had a fear to date with men... It took some time for me to forget about this bad feelings.
Now I can say that I really ready for new relationship, new love. So I met you and I think it good sign, isn't it? I am open my heart and I am ready for new love, new relationships.
And I hope very much that my dreams and wishes will come true :)

Do you can tell me about your positive and negative experiences in relationships? If you feel ok talking about it of course. And tell me what do you want find in relationships?

I want us to have strong relationships and I want to be always honest and do not hide anything from each other and never play games with feelings. I promise to you that I will always be honest with you. And I am asking you to be always honest with me too, whatever happens in a life. When we are together, we much stronger, then individually. If i will not able answer at your letter quickly it will means that I'm working and I will answer once when I have time. You know I found that our connections is important to me and I like it much. How do you feel about it?

I told you that I work in the building company as assistant architect.
My responsibilities at work is the participation in projects on development of design appearance, bringing projects into compliance with the normative documentation, development of the design project, the project coordination with the client, assistance to architects of project.
I work a lot, for 8 hours day and some time at Saturday, I started working after I was graduated.
Sometimes I have overtime at work, when time already very close to the end of the project and still a lot of work needed to do.

Now I have so great feel when I come back home after long day at work, because I waiting to see your letter. :) It is the best part of my day when I see that you answered to me. I very much wait for your answer soon and send you all my best wishes! Hug you very warm


Letter 5

Hello my dear Jimmy!

I was so glad to find your letter! Your messages like a fresh air to me, make me smile and very good mood. We know each other better with every day and I like it much.

I feel that it is easy for me talk with you about my life, write to you my thought and even my dreams and wishes.
And for me very interesting to know about you more. I have feel that I know you for a long time yet. I feel that I can trust to you.
This is very important for understanding between us and an open conversation. I feel so easy and fine that I can open to you my heart, tell you about my feelings and my dreams, without shy. I'm so glad that we found each other in this world, from millions of people.

You are my type of man and I hope that you see in me your type of women.
For me is very important in man reliability, openness, respect and honesty. And what about me, I'm kind, caring, faithful and honest girl. We understand each other very well, I have interest in our relationships and I wish to ask you if you have the same interest too?

I cooked cake yesterday and drink tea with my mom and sister. It was a tasty cake with a strawberry. :) What cakes do you like? We had conversation about everything, what is new in our life, my sister told how is her studies and I said to my mother about you. She was surprised at first and then said that she noticed changes in my mood.
She said that I'm looks in a good mood mornings and smile often and this changes make my mom glad. It just was interesting for me what is their opinion about my contact with you via internet. I said that you are good men, kind and intelligent, my sisters said that also you make me smile and fine mood. I was so glad to know that my mom think good about you and said wishes for development of our relationships. My mother asked to tell to you wishes and Hello!

Do you like to cook?
I like it very much and for me is interesting to find and trying new recipes. I don't have attachment to only one type of cuisine, I like different dishes. In Russian cuisine there are many different recipes of soup. In italian kitchen I like pasta, pizza and very tasty sauce.
French cuisine is good for any taste, there are popular salads and very tasty bakery, especially I like croissants. I like sea products, also I like vegetables, fruits and meat, with good proportions mainly.
I like cooking cakes, it different cakes with strawberry, currant and cherry. I'd like to cooking for you once or perhaps we will cook together? :) I think one of the main ingredient, in our cuisine together, will "love"... when you cook with "love" it's always very tasty.
My favorite drinks are green tea, milk cocktail and coffee in the mornings, also I like orange juices. I do not drink alcohol usually, very rarely on some holidays I can drink a glass of wine. Please write to me what kind of food do you like? What is your favorite drinks?

I want to talk with you frankly... Tell me what is your dreams, what is your main wish? I have different dreams...
but the main is very simple wish, to find true love and build a strong happy family. It is my cherished dream and I hope that it will come true soon. Also I have some other wishes, exactly it is not dreams, just wishes... I dream to travel in a world, to see interesting places and culture of the other countries. I'd like to learn how to drive car, I never tried it before and I had wish for learn it since I was graduated study. Also my romantic dream is to have own yard with flowers, I will plant there my favorite roses and different other flowers.
Just imagine, when you are wake up and going to drink coffee in yard, sitting around flowers and your soulmate comes to you with morning kisses.
;) My imaginations play very good, so I can see that we will have slow dance in garden together... can you imagine our dance? I hope, that I make you smile and I wait to know about your dreams and wishes.

I do not have dreams about money or expensive things. Of course money is important, but not all time and every days... Some people are crazy about money and they forgot that in a life there are many other things which bring happy in life. For example, on my opinion not important the size of the house, as happiness of people inside, having the joy moments together and family harmony. What do you think about it?

In relationships, I think that mainly is make happy each other and have a joy from it... I mean making happy people who you love is give true joy for me. It's just my mind and I wish you to know it, because I am very serious about you and about us.

Thank you sweetheart, for make me smile and joy feelings. I’ve written to you from my open heart and it is you open it, you are found the kay to my heart and I'm very happy that I open to you it. Thank you darling!

Now I will wait for next your letter. Just remember, that you are in my mind, send you my warm hugs and kisses.

I will add yet some my pictures and I hope you will glad to see and it will make you smile. Bye bye

Your Sabina

Letter 6

Hello darling

Thank you for make me happy with your answer! It is always a great pleasure to read your tender words for me. We are become closer to each other, and this feel is very fine for me! I am very interesting to learn you from a new sides and I like what I know about you, darling.

Very pleased to get your new photo! You are very beautiful. Thanks for what you wrote me an interesting letter and don't forget about me.

I'm very glad that we have each other. We found so good communication here, it is really great way for know each other... I have happy feel because I feel that I'm not alone any more. I feel that you are special person with whom I can share my thoughts, feelings and who understand me very well. I have thought that I found my soulmate, it is you darling. And do you have the same feel?

The Internet giving us a chance to know each other, we were able to find understanding, and we have found mutual interest to create relationship. It's very good before the meeting... I think, it is a very important to have the meet, it is a new step for our relationship and our mutual happiness.
It's hard for me, that you're so far away. I really want to see you and feel your touches, holding our hands,I want very much to be in your hugs. If you hug me and you will looking into my eyes, you will able to see the shine of joy. I want to feel your hugs and your kiss at my lips. I don't know where and when we will meet, but I want this.
I'm sure it will happy time for both of us. I didn't had vacations so long, my mind now is to take my vacations and fly to you and we will make each other happy. I'm working so long yet, really needed in vacations.

And you must know I'm a faithful woman if I have a man, I have only him in my life and no any other.
If I'm in a relationships, I'll never look at other men, only one in my heart and in my mind. I have only you and I'm in contact only with you, and you are in my thought. You are the man with whom I wish to have relationships, I know you can make me happy and I wish make you most happy too. I'm sincerely and openly with you and talk with you from my heart.

Last time I thought a lot about my future. About my plans for future.
I thought if I can leave my country if I find love in another country?
I talked with my mother about it. And I found that for me is not important where to live, for me is important with whom. And have answer, I can leave my country if I find love on another country...
what about my relatives and friends, my mum and sister, I know that they will support me always. And if I am going to relocate I can always communicate with them via Internet. We have many ways for communicating nowadays so it will not be a problem. So I just want to be happy, just want to have true love, special man in my life and if I will have to go to another country I am ready to do it.

We know each other very good by this way in our letters and we have found mutual interest to create relationship. It would be nice to try a meeting and see how we can have, our frank talk, walking in the park or a slow dance together, look films together in hugs, at sofa. I'd like to dance with you and feel your affinity.
How do you think about us together? Do you have a desire for our meeting? What is your thoughts about it?

Now I will send to you my pictures, when I had vacations at sea and I hope you will like. I will have dreams about our vacations together...
sometimes dreams can come true.

Darling, you know I wait your answer so much and it take all my mind.
I never told anyone the words which I wrote you, so frankly...
from all my heart.

Send you my sweet kisses and hugs

Your Sabina

Letter 7

Hello my darling Jimmy!

I feel so fine after reading your letter, it's really happy for me! I send to you my kisses and all my wishes for you day darling! How is your day? How do you feel honey? I am very accustomed to your letters and it is very important for me. When I read your letters I feel a great joy and imagine that we can talk it to each other. I wish to feel you near to me and we could have hugs and kisses! I'm sorry that you can't have children. But we can take from the orphanage and we will love him as their own. Together we can solve all our problems.

I want to say to you very important thing... Please understand it right, it thought in my mind all day today and I need to say it to you. Even in my wildest dreams I could not imagine that it is possible to fall in love via e-mails... We didn't meet, we don't have romantic time together, we didn't walk holding our hands, slow dance, hugs and kisses. But I so much want make it happen, a big feeling inside me grow and getting stronger day by day. It some thing new, what I never felt before and I like it so much, I do not want stop it... I feel you are my soulmate, kind man with great morals, we have the same wishes for relationships, I want a great future with you. My dream to be with you, when you will hug me, then you will feel trembling of my body and beating of my heart, I will look into your beautiful eyes and see the happiness and you will see in my the same!

I can feel how love in my heart is wake up. My feelings for you are grow up more and more. It is a real love, how I feel it inside. It is a special feeling that I didn't had before and I am sure in my feelings to you. And that gives me great confidence that our meeting will be happiness for us. When I will meet you for the first time and you will hug me, you will feel the trembling of my body in your arms and my heart will beat very fast, you will able to feel it too, because I can feel it so strong now. And now it is my great desire, to make our meeting true soon. In our hands is chance to making our meet soon and enjoy by our happy together. I dream about our time together...
I feel, I love you!

It's so big happy for me to know that you want for our meet too. I found it when I read your letter! Yes, we can be together and it our mutual desire! We have harmony in our wishes to be together. I thought about our meet a lot yesterday and today again.
I will tell you in detail what I thought about it.

I have an idea how we can make real our dream about meeting. I did not take vacations for a very long time yet and the manager said, that I can get vacations for 30 days and I just have to notify him 10-15 days before I want to have it. What do you think about it? I really need to have rest and I so much need to see you... your smile and eyes, feel your warm hugs. It will make us the happiest!

Please, answer to me what do you think if I will come to your country soon and be your guest? When will be good for you to meet with me?
Will you have time to meet me in near future?

I dream now to see the place where you live, to see your country, see people your friends and relatives who can tell me more about you :)
Sure, I will have so big impression... and the main is our time together, making our first romantic evening, our first morning together and cooking breakfast together, it is so sweet dreams!!! I promise to be a good guest for you... will cooking for you very tasty, we will have much fun and do everything together what we just want. It will start of true love, which bring happiness and joy in our life.
Life is too short to waste time, we have to enjoy every day and moment. I believe, you are my soulmate and I wish to be your, the fate join us and we have chance for great happiness together.

I really thought a lot about how to make my coming to you. I will need to spend a time for making documents for trip. I think for travel to you country I will need in visa, and I will need to prepare it. Also I will need to prepare travel passport, that will needed first.
Prepare will take some time. But it will not problem. When documents will ready I will come to you and you will meet me! Will you take me in your arms immediately?

Darling please say to me how do you think about that? Do you like that thought, we will have 30 days of my vacation together.

Our meeting can looks like unexpected and sudden decision. But we live only once! And If we want to see each other, if we have love, so why not? This is the way to our happiness. I love you and I am sure that we will happy together! I want to give you all my love and make you happy with me... And I wish to be happy with you and feel your love.

My honey I will wait for your answer so much and my heart is beating very strong now. I hope you will answer to me very soon. And I send to you my new pictures, I hope you will like. I wish to make you smile and happy. My darling you are in my mind and I send for you all my best wishes and kisses.

All my love and
sweet kisses

Your Sabina

Letter 8

Hello my love Jimmy!

How are you today honey? I hope that you are fine and feel good. I will never tired to say that you are always in my mind, I am always thinking about you and dreaming about us together! Please always remember that I keep you in my heart and you are on my mind!!! After your sweet words, my wish to give you sweet kisses!

At this morning I woke up and my thought was about you, I imagined my morning kiss for you... Honey, just imagine our morning together... it will so sweet to start every our day with love! I am very much waiting for our meeting and I am sure that it will be a great step for us.

We did a spark in our lives, in everyday life, in which I didn't had nothing besides work, family and female friends, there was nothing that my eyes shone and sparkled. Everything inside me flipped when I think about you and about our time together.
You really changed me...
You changed my plans for future, my views at a life, your emails giving me many positive and optimistic energy.
And I so much wish that you feel the same! I have a feelings that I met a very special person who will change my life, and this person is you. I want to bring in to your life happy and all joy which is possible, I want to inspire you and I will support you with a kind words and respect you forever. I wish to be the best woman for you and give you all my love from bottom of my heart! I have only you, I trust in to your feelings to me and I do not need someone other. Darling, I will never hurt you, I will not leave you. Before met you, I was so much afraid to fall in love and my love could leave me, but we found each other and I have trust to you and sure in you as my soulmate who will give the same care about our relationship.

My darling, I visited the travel agency for asking details, what I will need for arrive to your country. That agency which I visited is a very good one and I know many people who used and recommended that agency, all people were satisfied of that travel agency and said only good words about it...
they do everything quick and not expensive as another agencies. hey said that I will have to make travel passport and travel visa. Adviser in travel agency said that it will not be a problem to make travel passport and travel visa to your country. Many people from Russia every day making this documents and travelling.

But I must say that I started worry about one thing which about I did not think before...
It's price of documents. It cost rather expensive for me. Adviser in agency said that travel passport will cost about 200 dollars, also the visa about 190 dollars. So the total amount which I will have to pay for documents is 390 dollars.

This is a very expensive price for me and I have no such amount to pay now. It make me very sad and I don't know what to do with it. My monthly salary is only 300 dollars, I should pay bills, buy food pay for transport from this money. I can not save enough for pay expensive price my arrive to you darling. And price of 390 dollars is a very expensive price for me. I do not know where I can find such money. And I am very much afraid that it can be a problem for us. Honey, I hope that everything will be good, that we will find a way. I am sure that our meeting in our hands and we can make it.

Darling, it is not easy for me and I feel uncomfortable say to you it, I just honest and sincerely with you. I really never asked somebody in my life to help me with money. I have enough money for living, but I have no extra saving, and my salary is not enough for a travel expenses. I do not know what to do now, where should I find money for our meeting. My family or friends can not help me with this, they can not give me a loan of this money, because they are in a hard financial situation also, it is very expensive for them too, I know it. Darling, please tell me can you help me with money for passport and visa? Can you send 390 dollars to me, so I will pay for documents?

My love, if it possible and you can help, I will come to you as soon as it possible. I will go to start make documents once after I will have this amount of money.

All my wish is be with you, wish to feel your touches, see you every day and enjoy by our sweet time together. Imagine, how much joy moments we will create together, to make surprises to each other, make amuse each other, watching a movie in your sweet arms, walking holding our hands and kissing. I wish to feel your lips at my when you will take me in your arms and we will give caress to each other. We need to make this a reality! Our future and our relationships in our hands now, only in real we can enjoy by our love. I hope very much that our dreams will come true soon. I hope for it so much...

My dear I will wait for your reply, I am little worry about everything!
With all my heart I believe that we can have a happy future together, that everything will be good. Please, reply to me soon.

I hug you warm and send many sweet kisses.

Your Sabina

Letter 9

Hello my love Jimmy!

My darling, I'm very glad to see your answer! How are you today? I'm fine and send for you all my best wishes, hope you are in fine mood! I thinking about you and so much waiting for our time together... I feel joy anticipation for our meet, we will so much happy together... Your sweet words is touch my heart and soon will our time together, for enjoy by our love. Darling, thank you for your love and care!

I so much wait when you will take me in your arms, we will kiss very long, and going to make our happy real!
Sure, it will fantastic time for us... I wish to feel your hugs, warm of your body and your lips at mine. My thought about our happiness, when we will make our romantic evening, our smiles when we will talk, I wish to feel your hugs, I will cuddle up to you and whisper to you about my love... We need to be together soon!!! We need to make our meet as soon as it possible!
It will be start of a long and happy relationships, with true love.

My angel, you said that you will help with money for documents, with 390 dollars. Thank you very much for this, thank you for help with this money, it is very important for us and for our future.... this help mean much for me. I know that money is not the most important thing in a life, money can not buy you love and happiness....but sometimes money can be important, for example when you need money for travelling to a person whom you truly love. Thank you for this help! Thank you my dear!

I looked how you can send money from your country to Russia, I did found, that you will need to use money transfer company. there are 2 good companies which working all over the world for this and it is a reliable company. It is Western Union and Money Gram company. Both of them have web-sites and I was in Money Gram branch, It is very fast and safe way, very good for us.
You need to find and visit the branch near to you and there say them my full name and my home address, give them money, show them your ID.

This is information which you will need
My name is Sabina. My surname is Zulfugarova.
My full address is:
Country Russia;
city Vologda,
ul. Kostromskaya 10

Honey, now you have all information which you will need to send money.
To receive money I will also need your details, please write it to me!

My love, tell me please, when you can send money? I need to plan my vacations, and I need to know. When I'll receive the money I'll immediately start preparing the documents.
Making documents will take 2-3 weeks. And then I'll come to you and we will together... We will make our sweet dreams true!!! We will make happy each other so much and enjoy by our love.

I am sure that we both will do everything for each other and it's a great harmony between us! You changed my life and all my thoughts now only about you and about our future meeting! I dream how I see you first time in airport, how I will jump in to your arms, how I kiss you and hug you darling! I'm so much waiting when it will true, I have feel so great joy-anticipation for our time together!

I'll finish my letter. But you know that I keep you in my heart.
Angels have connected our souls. And you are forever in my heart!! I waiting for your answer very much!

Honey I send you all my love and kisses

Your Sabina

Letter 10

Hello my dear Jimmy!

It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter as usual. I always think about you, I need you a lot, you are always in my thoughts. I can’t express my feelings to you, but if we meet you’ll see everything in my eyes, my joy, my happiness. Honey, when I look at your photos I imagine our meeting, I would like you to know how much you mean to me, I am really happy that I’ve met you!

Thank you for everything you do for our meeting. I am happy that we soon will together with you my love. I love you you are my forever.

My sunshine, you know, I’d like to tell you that you’ve changed my life a lot, you are always in my thoughts. I am sure that we’ve met because God helped us, this is His present for us. You know darling, I'm already afraid to lose you, lose our special connection that we have for now, I don’t know how my life is going to be without you, I can’t imagine it now.
You’ve brought me so much joy and happiness, I trust you completely! I opened my heart to you and I would really like our relationships to be forever like it is now, like we are in the wonderful sweet dream!

I like to dream about you because it brings me much joy. I am so happy that you are in my life now. You mean so much to me Jimmy. Your love, care and attention are vitally important to me. The thoughts about you warm my heart and soul. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t meet you, you brought me a new life. Sweetheart, I really need you! You are so important to me.

I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply!!!

I miss you, my honey

Your Sabina



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