Scam Letter(s) from Nelli Rafail to Ahmad (Kuwait)

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Letter 1

Hello dear friend,it is my pleasure to read from you message ,how are you? tell little of myself.i am single .i am 29 years of age,i am from russia country and i live in the perm with my parents. i work as a teacher in the college and i am happy working teacher.i teach russia class.i am from two daughter from my family and i work my work teach and now i want good man who ready to have family and settle with family because ready to have family and live happy family with the man who ready family life.i say bye now nelly

Letter 2

hi,thanks say compliment to me :)
,it is happy to me read it from you message,i can wear it in hijab,i will like wear it hijab someday in parents give birth to me and my sister it means two from the family.
how many children do you like have them?
bye nelly

Letter 3

hi,i am very glad that we both together have it the same thinking marriage,i consider to marry with you because it is what i want and wait for it.i like to have 3 children and if allah give to us more,i will take :) i so wait this time come to me in my life and i can not wait marriage come in life,next time friday will start my holiday in the work and i am ready and i can travel.yes i know it how to cook very much good,i like homemade food to eat and i do not like to eat in the resturante,i prefer it eat at home,i can make russia food,i can make everything russia food,i learn many food from mother,what is your best food you like to eat?i wait to read you bye nelly

Letter 4

hi,it is good read you message and i so glad about it and i so much happy you say to me about you and how much you spend time in your working day and i understand it,and it is not problem to me about and i am fine with it coming from work and see me at home and if you want too,i can work if i see it good work for me,and what you think?maybe when i come to country new,maybe sometime,i can stay home,and later when i understand everything place in country and i can start working,but if you want me not to work i can stay in the home but i think it is good idea to support the family when i work but if you say no to it,i agree with you to it.ok
maybe i can work now and after we have kids and i stop not to be working,what you think about it?good?yes i will be much happy to know it arabic language it is my dream not worry,i will teach to you russia language,do not worry it,i am a very good teacher to teach student and you will understand very good and fast time and you will speak russia ;)
i am tall than you 5 cm because i am 170cm tall to you and this is a problem to you?to me is not a problem more to me.i want to drink tea now and i wait read message soon.i like tea very much with chocolate.bye nelly

Letter 5

hi,how are you today morning?hope everything is good and fine with you today,i am fine too.yes i like idea we made it together,maybe sometime i stay at home and i later understand it country and i can go to work it job.why you think your family will laugh us?i think they should come happy to you that you find it love in your life,maybe you think yourself about it and family will not think or say about it,okay i will wear it little shoe so we the same level height ,funny you :)) i think we find it happiness in our life and we should not think about anybody to us,when allah love our family we should not think it what anybody say to our family think i am right what i say it?,i like it green tea and now i finish eating it apple and i write to you,i like apple very much and orange frult,i will try it and find it hijab to make photo and send to you but today no many shop open the but i can see tomorrow to buy it hijab make photo,tomorrow and i will ask to he tour company what need to make travel to you kuwait country and say to you after it.what are you doing now?i am now thinking of us,i am so happy that we both see to each other and understand each other,i am very much full in happiness with us and i pray allah continue to give to us happiness in our life and make good family home together and bless to our kids allah to give to us.tell to what you are doing it now.i wait read you soon,bye

Letter 6

Hi,how are you?hope everything okay to you.i busy all day today to help with mother to clean with her room,i can not write with you every time because i do not have it my own personal computer it in my home,i use it my friend computer to write it with you so if you do not see mail very fast time,do not worry to me,it is my friend in the house that is the why i do not write it to you,she live next and she come home now and i come write with you,i am very glad to read you message about our life in our is best to us as a family not to let not part of our family say anything to our family.i can not wait after make marriage and see you member of you family and i think member of you family will like to me and happy with me when see to me.dear,what country do you like to live?me i do not mind it country but i like it country very hot weather,i will be very happy it live in the country hot.what do you eat in the lunch time?do you like it pepsi but i like it drinking fanta than pepsi.dear i think about us and i so much happy because you come my life and i feelings happy like i know to you long time and i pray allah happy forever time :)i not have use it this connection network,i wait you read message bye nelly

Letter 7

Hi dear,how are your day today?hope everything is fine and fine with you in the work today.i think it about us in my work in the day and i am vey glad and happy all day and i close my work and fast home to send message to you because i know it you wait my message and i wait your message every time too dear,i read it the marriage contract and Insha allaha everything will be fine but i am worry in the contract because the government in the country kuwait want my family in the member to be there,two my family will be there witness in the marriage.dear how will do this case?dear i went to the tour company in my break at work in the day,tour company explain to me everything with my travel kuwait,she give to me the tour prices but i choose from the list less price from all,she say it to me the price with the ticket flight is 650$ and she ask to me bring my medical insurance when i ready want to travel to you.dear i go at the hijab shop to buy it today but i am sorry dear very expensive to me to buy it now,i never have mind plan this amount money buying hijab it,Insha allah dear i can buy it when i have this money to hijab,how is your work today?what is your weather today?very hot?i was tired now because i go to meet with tour and look hijab,i will rest now and ready tomorrow work,i can not wait your letter to me soon.thinking of you all bye nelly

Letter 8

Hi dear,i am very glad it to read from you message before i sleep it dear,i am full inside with happiness in my heart.dear i understand it and i will put ally my documents it in the file and me ready and tomorrow i will say to my work in the letter that i want to go on the break from is good you will have break in your work before i come to you :) i do not have many plan it with i think how can get my visa and ticket it is what all i think i now after this i know i am coming to you and tomorrow in the morning i will make my parent to know it you and me and planing to go to you and i am sure it my parent will be very happy it because they wait and see me get marriage.dear you will help me with money visa so that i can meet the tour agent and give passport and money to make to me,i wait to read your message tomorrow because my friend sleep now and i can not write to you not again tonight and i go to sleep bye nelly

Letter 9

Hi dear,how are you today?i hope it is your work not give tired today like feel tired yesterday work and hope you feelings fine and good today.dear i discuss everything with my parents and everything fine,i see from feelings my parents very feeling happiness to me,my parent can not believe this happening with me because my parents want to see me marry and see baby from me before,so when i explain about us they are very surprise and full in happiness in the mind my parent,at the first when i explain my parent was thinking it that was joking but i say to promise to me and i will travel soon and parent understand it is not a joke and parent start praying you and me together that we will live together forver and as our kid as much many kids we want and have happy home in our house.dear parent so happy today and feeling good with us.dear i have send the letter to stop from my work today and submtt to my work.all day in the work thinking to us and i can not wait see soon together.dear do you give letter to your work too 17th?dear do not worry it official authority from the father,father soon happy because parent want to happy and parent happy to us ;)dear,i see that we are feelings it the same feeling and i am feeling to you my husband and i can not wait this dream come to us.dear i say to you it 650$ is the money visa i need.i do not know it western union you say it in the message before but i ask it and i know it i can get from it is passport you see.dear how was your day? say to me.dear i am thank to you very much and happy you send gift message and i can not wait it real gift to me,thinking you bye nelly

Letter 10

Hi sweetheart,it is good to me and read from you this evening before i go to sleep,i come to see mail many time to know you write it message back,i can not wait to read from your letter after write it to you letter,your come thought come to my feeling every time now,my feeling to you come to fast and i can not control it my heart and i am so much happy allah connect us to meet with each other because this is a great feelings to me and i know that with what i am feeling in my heart to you allah want us to be together and husband and wife because i never feel this way before ever in my life,sweetheart,i love red rose,thanks and i can not wait to have it real red rose from sweethearti go my bed now and think about us.the feeling of love from heart to you.goodnight bye nelly

Letter 11

Hi sweetheart,how are you today and how was your day in the work,hope everything went with you fine at work.really sweetheart,your feellngs to me is wonderful,all my day at the work i can not do fine but thinking of you because we are both quick and fact understand each from other what we want.i keep thinking on my mind that allah want us to be together of our life,i have not in the life feeling this way toward anyone but to you my heart so open and i am feeling it inside that you are the man i have been waiting all my life to me.sweetheart,i want to spend the rest of my life with you and i want you to have this feeling to me too and spend your love,your heart sweat care with me.i am here thinking all about you every time it is what has never happen to me in my life honey.I got it your message and i was overwhelm and full of joy in my heart.sweetheart,i told you mother now what you send to me come for the visa coming and mother told me that you are a good man who really want to get settle down and marry and she start to pray to us together,she cry to joy and happiness because she want it long time but i say to her not to force me that when the right time to marry come allah will make to me and i am very happy sweetheart allah make it at the right time to me and i meet with you,sweetheart you know it that when mother cry of joy and happiness and i feeling like to cry with her and i understand it that she is happy it is why she cry.honey today is my happy day and i can not wait till meet together soon.sweetheart i want to say something to you,it is russia culture when you come to meet with me in your country,you need to buy it a woman flower,it is why i say to you i want it real flow from you.honey do not forget it this is very important this flower in your hand at the airport your country and give to me.sweetheart i start feeling strong feeling it of love to you because i believe in you from deep down of my heart.sweetheart,why you do not send to me flower today?forget it to send to me?i like tit flowers and i want it every time from you.flower mean a lot to me because in russia it show to us how much husband love to and thinking about us when husband is not with us at home and work and husband come home to us with flower it means to us husband thinking about us at work and it make us to full happiness and joy,i miss you all day and thinking of you.i can not mail with you on time because my friend i use the computer late come from the work,sorry honey,it is why i not write on time to you miss you much honey,what are you doing now and i wait you letter before i sleep my bed soon.

Letter 12

Hi honey,how are you today and how is your work and i hope everything is fine and very nice with you.`i am very glad to come back to home and see your message read from you.sweetheart i feel really deep in heart the feelings of your love to me,i keep on thinking and thank to allah to both us come together as one heart breathing heart because every time in my day now,your thought is what i think about it every minutes i breath.honey i can not hide this feeling to myself,saying it give me happiness and joy and i very believe you to feel the way same i am feelings.sweetheart,i went it to the foreign ministry today after i read it your message and in this office,the worker at the offices give to me many problems and the offices explain to me what i do not know and understand before now,the woman i the office explain to me that according to the russia marriage regulation to marry a foreigner national and the marriage will be accepted under the law i need an certificate that shows i am a single lady,that i am not marry or i am still in marriage duely stamped by the ministry of interior affair, notorised consent from a family member or witness and then with the copy of your passport or ID card will be taken to the legal department of the foreign ministry which the lawyer will be affirm that you are not a criminal in russia or anywhere in the world and this marriage is not a force or duress and this will be for translation to English and Arab then approved which papers will be issued which can help us even at the russia embassy for the process of any other papers and this process is often faster with the service of a lawyer because i do not want to marry and my marriage not accepted under the russia law.the woman in this office explain to me to make this documents done take long time but if i want to make faster to me then i should go through a lawyer and the lawyer can get it very much faster to me.and i get to home and explain everything to father and after discuss with my father everything and he said i need this documents so this marriage will be protected in the future life and my father will then issue the special power of attorney for the marriage in kuwait because my father is worried that i should follow the good and right procedure before he can approve of the my journey and marriage to you and my father also if truely you love to me as you said then he follow the due process to marry in russia as in the law to prove all the necessary documents needed and in record for the honey,i will meet with lawyer tomorrow and ask all i can get this documents faster.sweetheart i am very tired walk a lot after my work to the ministry.i so mush thinking you sweetheart,i can not wait anymore see you,you make to me completely happy after thinking you.i want go and sleep now because tired you with all heart from me.

Letter 13

Hi sweetheart,how are you honey.How was your day?hope everything is fine with you and you very good today.sweetheart,i read your message letter with the tears of joy and happiness in my heart that i finally found a man that love,cherish and truely cares to me.sweetheart base to the words of my father i contacted with the different lawyers today and they all have the same service but the different chargers and i fully understand that we needed this process for the sake of our future together and even our unborn children will have all the full right attach to our marriage under the russian law but the cheapest lawyer i got is ready ti accept 105,000 rubles that is about 2,100 dollars which included all the documentations with the translation to english and arab legalization charges at the internal and foreign ministry with the affirmation that you are not a criminal,honey,i went to several offices and it is even higher because it is marriage to a foreign national based outside of his home country.sweetheart,i am really worried about this charges and i hope we can afford it and they also requested for your resident address in kuwait and egypt is needed to begin the documentation processing.honey i wait your reply with so much love and happiness for us to have a happy marriage and happy home anywhere we decide to love.sweetheart i love you more daily.thinking of you and i go on my bed you.

Letter 14

Hi sweetheart,how are you today?hope you enjoy it your holiday and i hope it everything is fine with you today and fine.honey,today in your country holiday and my country holiday,today is holiday in russia country,a memorable of the 70th yeas end of the world war two.sweetheart,i am very happy to read from you letter with so much courage and love for our marriage and love life love i know this money is very much but due to the bureaucracy in getting documents in russia country and the slow system it could take too long period or impossible to secure this documents myself and i do not want money to be a problem to our future and our marriage plan but sweetheart if you can get 1500 dollars,my love i have talked to an old class mate and she is ready to purchase my old jewelry and i can add money to balance the lawyer with it.sweetheart money is not my priority in life but total commitment to our marriage,our home and loving you as a faithful commitmented devoted wife but when i arrive to you and you will see the documents and the uses,advantages to our future it worth the advantage and sweetheart please do this for the sake of our life.honey i do not want to tell my father that we can not afford it but i want we do this process together and benefit our love do not stress yourself too much about the furnitures,i am happy and full of joy even if we are together more than the furnitures.sweetheart,i really want this marriage,honey you are a man of courage,trust and love.thinking of you my love.goodnight

Letter 15

Hi sweetheart,how are you?i hope you are fine and good too.i am always happy to read from you,you message to me bring happiness in my soul.i am late to read to you because my friend is not around today,she spend time with other friends and she come to home very late but i wait her to come so that i can write to you.sweetheart i am glad you really care about our marriage and future together,about the documents needed you will best understand when i arrive to you sweetheart and you will see the documents and the detailed explanation one by one because it also including document detailed certified that am a single lady and free to marry you ,that i have no precious crime conviction or legal dispute in Russia or anywhere and stamped by the Russia judges and foreign ministry which can also be used at the Russia embassy in the future , the right to take your name without losing my share of parent estate ,your right to parental of our children as the father both under Russia law without losing there nationality ,the legitimacy of our marriage been accepted under Russia law ,also because the lawyer will affirm you as a crime free individual you will also be entitle to other benefit accorded to married couples under the Russia state law after we are married which included a monthly support from our town fund anytime you are unemployed anywhere in the world and our children will also be able to receive from the city child development support paid annually and after 3 years of our marriage you will be entitled also to russia citizen passport which will also enable us visit Russia together anytime without you needing a visa as a citizen.there are other many more benefit which will best be explain when we meet face to face ,my love have already paid the agent the money you sent for the trip and on Tuesday after the holiday i will give you the details of my trip when i get more information from the travel agent ,honey and about your promise of jewelries and other Gold for me,it is highly appreciated but please and please do not stress yourself what is more important to me now is the success of our marriage and our stay together and your love to care and be a hearted good husband that will love and cherish me in the home and a good father to our future children raising them in the good principle of a good devoted Muslim home ,i have send money and i will meet with the lawyer and the processing can begin earlier .am excited daily that l found you the true love of my life as my treasured husband as we plan towards our marriage and living together,i appreciate you and adore you honey,i can not wait seeing you soon my love.thanks for the flowers sweetheart meet to have the rea flowers from you honey,thinking of you more sweetheart

Letter 16

Hi my love,how are you today and how was your working?hope fine and good.sweetheart i am happy that our heart getting close to each other everyday and the great feeling of your love to me,swim in the pool of happiness and joy.sweetheart i got the money late today because it still holiday and immediately i went to the lawyer to make a deposit and tomorrow i will meet with the friend for the jewelries i told you about and it will be sold and the money will be collected to the balance of the lawyer.Honey i am getting excited daily that finally i found the love of my life and do not forget to send your fully address it is needed in the documentation processing.sweetheart,i will then go to see the travel agent to know the progress of the my travel details and about our marriage,honey i will also to support you in the home too because i do not want you to be stress with too much burden financially and about the car you sold and other arrangement for you making our future after love i am really grateful and appreciate that you are really care and want the best for us and i am okay as you wishes maybe you want me to secure a job or stay at home after marriage it is all depend on your choose for our new family together.sweetheart i read about the weather in kuwait but i know with you love around,i will feel warm daily and we can also visit Egypt together after our marriage and i will also love you visit russia my country together.honey i know our marriage will be a successl because you are a man of total courage,love,affection and devotion.i am here to thinking of you you from my heart.goodnight

Letter 17

Hi my love,how are you today and how was the working?hope everything fine and good at the work.sweetheart,i have talked to the lawyer about the precious marriage but i was told since your divorced is not recently within the last 90 days that is 3 months then no additional documents needed or when did you officially divorced? because if the divorced is over than 90 days then it does not matter and a written words affirm by the lawyer will replace that area and secure our marriage, my love i just home home but i am feeling ver disappointed today because the girl that promised to purchase the jewelries had some urgent financial issues and she could only offered equivalent of 150 dollars and other shop i visited even offer less when the worth is more it due to the economy crisis in russia i could not get a better price for the jewel.honey i am now worried and confuse on what to do love i have to go out tomorrow again looking for the higher buyer and i hope i will be lucky to secure a better buyer as soon as possible.sweetheart,i love you and thinking about our life together in joy and happiness and i know nothing will stop or marriage as we are determined in love and commitment to each other and i know you are a man to be love and trusted.honey i love you more everyday.

Letter 18

Hi sweetheart,i am very happy and joy to read from your message,it is very pleasure to me sweetheart i read your letter with tears of joy and happiness in my heart,that finally i found a man that really cares with so much dedication to our success and not selfish and our future children will be happy,we have a father and mother that really love and cares,honey tomorrow i will receive the money from the bank and rush to balance the lawyer but my love the lawyer also asked if you have an pending law suit or legal dispute against you at any judiciary in egypt or kuwait or anywhere,it also important answer to be answered in the documentation but i already told him no but the lawyer insist i ask you it for the benefit of our marriage ahead to know fully status of the partner as regard the law or court love,i told my father we still processing documents but i will surprise him when documentation is completed and he will be so much happy that finally i found a man is the best for my future and i have told the travel agent about the 3 months visa but the agent said 3 months is possible but i have to first stay one month and then re-entry to kuwait as the rules regarding russia passport holder until a resident permit is procure after marriage but that should not be a problem but for now more eager about the documentation completion and also your holiday will be from next week and will end after 3 months will can be together for 3 months and you off from your love i discuss with one of my family friend about you and she was so happy i found a good caring love,i will keep you tell you tomorrow.i can not stop it thinking about you sweetheart.i go and sleep now my love.i love you more you

Letter 19

Hi,my love,how are you today?hope everything is very good to you and love,i do not really know what to say to you because you are just everything to me,you are my world,you are my everything,since you come to my life,happiness,joy and smile come to me,your thought is only what i have in my heart,my heart always want beat to you,honey you are all i want to my life to make it complete love,i have received the money and it paid to the lawyer and what is now expected is the completion of the documentation then to get my travel details from the agent and am so much happy we could stay together till end of june before your holiday ended and i am so happy that i trusted you and i was right that i believe you will not have any legal dispute because my love is a cool gentle man with godly heart and will never have trouble with anybody and i hope by the next week i will be able to arrive in kuwait and we can begin our life together in happiness and joy and which is your mobile number and which is your office number ,it is needed to fill the form appropriately and about our flat just keep it clean maybe i will rearrange because woman are more experience and good in arranging house than man but we can do that together when i arrive but just ensure our room,kitchen and toilet are clean then we could set the furnitures or rearrange it together and other needed cleaning,i will do when i arrive,i love to keep our flat clean because neatness is what i love and a clean enviroment is good for the health and also travel agent told me that according to kuwait law we can not stay or live together until marraige that i have to stay alone in the hotel,is that true and what is the law about this since i can not arrive and we marry some day,honey,please darling tell me more about the love tell me more about where our lovely flat is located in the city,sweetheart i love you and dream about you daily.thank you my husband for the joy you bring daily to my life and heart.honey i love you forever from my deep heart.goodnight my love

Letter 20

Hi my love,how are you ?hope everything is fine with you and good.i am always happy and full with joy in my deep heart when i read from your message.honey, happiness ,joy, love with caring for each other are the vital cord of a good home in marriage not wealth or richness because wealth do not equal happiness and l will forever treasure our happiness and love together have informed the lawyer about your address and the detailed needed but the lawyer informed me that due to the holiday and just resuming of work it will take next week tuesday or Wednesday for the whole documentation to be completed due to the judiciary seal and stamped to be affirm from the court and foreign affair ministry which the document have been forwarded already and reply expected for completion .my love l have told the travel agent to wait till next week before confirming my trip which included flight details and hotel..l want to be sure the documentation is completed before allowing the agent to choose a date for my departure from Russia with the hotel details in Kuwait ,the agent already told me to be faster and inform them immediately i am ready and they can confirm my hotel and flight details and other information needed for my travel because it summer and many tour operating around the world and different condition of service applies . my love am already packing my bags and arranging my bags daily because my mind and soul already in Kuwait and ishaAllah it will be successful trip and our marriage will be blessed and about the staying in the hotel alone,am totally comfortable with it till after our marriage and i can move to the house together ,it a good law and blessed by Allah to protect woman from abuse and out of marriage unholy affairs .And l also discuss with the travel agent that i will love to be around Farwaniya and i was told is a suburb of Kuwait City. The Ghazali Expressway passes to the west of the district and the road leading to Kuwait International Airport to the east, both roads in a north-south direction. Farwaniya contains mosques, hospitals, a university, a park and other facilities ,360 mall ,kuwait national museum,tareq rajab museum of lslamic ,kobat lsland ,fish market ,kuwait towers ,the scientific centre and am happy we have our home in a good location to all good comfortable facilities so ishaAllah by tuesday or wednesday when the documentation is ready then i will give you a date for my arrival and other necessary details from the travel agent ...sweetheart l love you from the bottom of my heart and treasure your love ,care and commitment to our marriage and happiness with comfort in our home And what about niqab or face-covering veil is it totally compulsory in Kuwait and woman should obey this law , l believe the law should be respected but am just asking what is the law in kuwait regarding the niqab or face-covering veil... love you from the bottom of my heart and need you in my life love,i can not wait to see you soon my you more every day.goodnight

Letter 21

Hi my love,how are you?hope everything is fine with you and good?my love i hope you understand why i write you so late because my friend not around and i can not sleep without write message to you and i wait her till time she come back and write to darling ,i was not born a Muslim and l have the certificate issue by the local imam in our area after my family convert to Islam ,but l will always love Islam because it a beautiful religion that preach peace ,love and respect for humanity but in some western world some people confuse lslam to terrorist and violence due to lack of knowledge ..l have listen to many peace loving Islamic scholar and i come to the conclusion that lslam is the true religion of peace and total surrender to the wish and dictate of Allah.and the holy Korean teaches perfection,total care and the true path to paradise ..about a woman should not dress exposing her body because it morally and spiritually wrong to walk half naked on the street which is the result of some many society problem in Europe which also include loss of respect for woman and molestation with other negative social vices really a big challenge for a Muslim like me in Europe ,we face so much discrimination based on religion and other issues like dressing ,that is why am really happy that i finally found a man that really love and ready to follow the path of God to build our home together in peace and harmony in marriage in an Islamic environment .AND my duty as a wife,i will clean ,l will shop .will be the best housewife ,even isha Allah.l will dress up for you.l will sure to be the best wife l can be,because love is vital to me ,money and wealth is not really my priority but your total devotion and care in the home and may Allah protect you daily . and below is some of the point i noted about marriage as we approach our wedding day .At times, our dear families worry too much about “What will others say about us?” when planning weddings. At times, people pressure themselves to put on a wedding that others will praise. It is notable to mention that our purpose in life is to please Allah before anyone else. Marriage is a means to please Allah and fulfill a sunnah (Prophetic tradition). Thus, weddings should avoid anything that may displease Allah, However, the dowry is not a price that Islam puts on a woman when she gets married. Muslim sisters do not have a price tag attached to them when they get married. The dowry is a gift from the man to the woman he is proposing to, and there is no set amount that the man must give. The dowry is whatever the man can afford to give her. The worth of a Muslim woman is set by her faith and character, not by the amount of dowry she is given.l love you and i will forever treasure your good deed and cares and the gift big, little or small ,it accepted by me with love

Letter 22

Hi my love,how are you today honey?i hope you are very fine and good and good today,sweetheart i am really grateful for your care and compassion,and i am also happy you doing shopping for me and about the photos,my love l will get some family photo and print them along when am coming to kuwait but am just more preoccupied with my packing of my materials and do not want to forget anything that will be of important to me because i have few days left to kiss good bye to friends before getting to marriage and my love do not buy too many clothes because i will like to try them myself and after marriage we can go shopping together and about my family my mother is dead a few years ago due to a ghastly motor accident,sweetheart it really hurt my heart that i will get married without my mother but my father re-married but the woman do not stay permentenly with my father and i take her as my mother but only visited sometime and before my mother dead ,she was a muslim and our whole family converted to Muslim,sweetheart,l have a brother and a junior sister Aisha ,she was born after my family converted to lslam my brother sergey is a junior army office in the russian army and serving the far north of russia so he hardly come home but we talk to him on phone but my brother is not a muslim and do not really live with us but i pray allah will change is heart and he will embrace islam too
my love,we are not a very rich family but we are okay and happy together due to the death of my mother really affected our life in some many ways because my father was not working due to a leg injury he sustain while working as a miner for potash producers and exporters Uralkali company but my mother company rejected us from the company house after her death because my mother was a worker at the sugar processing plant in our city but we approach to hire a lawyer to the court for help but the company went bankruptcy so we could not claim any fund or compensation from the company and we have to result to getting help from the bank to be able to a mortage for our house where we currently live ,it not really a good time to bring back the memory of my mother because it bring tears to my heart and make me cry .and her sudden dead cause us so much pain and agony but we are grateful to almight Allah that we are together as a family and able to sustain our life only sergery have changed in recent time so much after joining the army because he show less concern for us and hardly calls unlike in the past l got a teaching job and i was able to care for our family and also sergey my brother also give money for the house and paying of bills and aisha education sometimes because father only get a monthly pension from the government but father still hoping to get a compenstation payment from his former company but i was told to stop the work due to my hijab,the head teacher told me the parent of the children are not comfortable with my islamic dressing of covering the head because it a non-european culture since it was a private school i fill a claim at the government level on discrimination based on religion at work place but it taking too long to get judgment from the court and Alhamdullilah i got it another work from the government school but the payment not good like the private school but Alhamdullilah i am okay with it because i like teaching job. my love l think i have to stop now,i feel a bit sad writing about my mother but l will bring you all the photo and many memory of the past in our family, but we now do not really commiuncate with many member of our father or mother family because they are not really happy that we are muslims but i know your love and happiness and total dedication to me because i will not disappoint you ,sweetheart l will be a good wife to care and show my total support in the house.honey,i believe you know everything about my home and love,i do not know what i can do without you,your thought hold my heart every second thinking about seeing you,i am glad we found each other my you from deep down of my heart.bye nelly

Letter 23

Hi swetheart,how are you today?my love,i am sorry to make you burden or worry about my family story but i do not want to hide any issue from you as we getting married soon,on the issue of name changing it really my joy to change my name to a muslim name but it more complicated here in russia for a single lady to change name but am happy that i will be married to you soon and i can change my name in kawait as you give me a muslim name and it will be officially recongised anywhere because this is already include in the documentation prepared by the lawyer that i could change my name after marriage and it will be officially recongised and i really appericate your words of comfort and encourgement about my mother dead and my non-muslim brother,honey i will bring my teaching experience papers and it will be nice to compare care of the home with teaching job,tomorrow i will contact the lawyer and i hope maybe the papers will have been ready then i go back to the travel agent then i can get my travel date with hotel details and arrival details,i will keep you updqate love you and you caring like my father who want only the best,safe and happiness for us always but what muslim name will you likely give me? love you honey from the depth of my heart.goodnight

Letter 24

HI honey,how are you ?hope everything is good and fine with you love,i have to come to the internet shop to send to you this message because important you know it very fast time,firstly my love thank be to GOD Almighty ,l was about to get the document from the lawyer today and went immediately to the travel agent and my travel was to be confirm but due to the agreement i signed when i paid ,i have to travel within 10 days but it now more than 10 days and the agent said price changed and i have to add more money for the hotel and ticket but i just do not want to disturb you again with money so i rush to sale the jewel and added the money for the agent and now my ticket and hotel booking is confirmed AT Carlton Tower Hotel Kuwait Block 15, Jada 1, Abdulaziz Hamad Alsakr Street, Kasema 16 Area, Qubliah, Kuwait City District, 00000 Kuwait, Kuwait and i will arrive by sunday 24 may 2015 Kuwait International airport Terminal M by 21: 30 via Qatar AIRLINE FLIGTH NUMBER QR 1074 ISHALLAH , but the agent raise a very vital and disturbing issue , due to the raise of Russian girls prostitution aboard and it really an embarrassing trend to the government for girls been arrested abroad and now the russsian state security service called FSB often check non-married single ladies traveling to the middle east countries like Kuwait especially first time travel abroad like me and to avoid any delay and based on the travel agent advice i needed to hold minimum 3000 usd based on my travel expenses to prove i will be staying on holiday and i have the funds to spend on my holiday without any illegal activities ,this money is not to be spend it just to show should incase am stop for questioning on my mission and travel because just tell the security service the issue that am going to marry without any fund with me could be complicated and they have the power to prevent me from traveling under the Russian state security laws,because i rush to also meet the lawyer for advice and the lawyer told me to avoid delay and time wasting it better to just hold the cash and the agent told me this from experience that it best to hold this money and they cannot stop me or prevent my trip since i have the fund to cover my trip ,l have discuss it with my father and he felt worried now too that i have no problem with the law because he did not have this money currently ,l have approach some people but the mention of going to Kuwait an Islamic country to marry alone to marry,they rejected my offer of help ,this is not money i will spend it just to show at the Russia airport departure and immediately l arrive Kuwait l will send back to the owner in Russia but nobody is ready to help me and i went to the man with big rich house in our area for his help but he suggested i meet him later tonight at an hotel location but this is not a good suggestion to me to meet a man at an hotel at night because i needed help ,am not a prostitute and am getting married soon and it against the Islamic value for a woman to sexual abuse herself for money i feel worried and sad now because we have gone very far in our path to marriage and now this is another big issue to be resolved or it can lead to our marriage delay or complication in my travel ,please darling l know you have really tried your best for our relationship and path to marriage but can you do this last favor to raise 3000usd and send it before sunday and l will bring it back to you on Sunday and you can collect it back immediately i landed at the airport in Kuwait ,am really sad and depressed now about this money issue ..l want to leave Russia on Sunday and nothing should delay my trip because by Saturday night i have to join the train to Moscow from my city,sweetheart i told you before about this,i am not marry before before,i never make any marriage with any man ever,and you ae my first man to love.may almighty allah help us as we resolve this problem we facing and we can start our life together i have attached copy of my hotel and travel ticket arrival schedule,sweetheart,i am here worry and thinking about us,i wait read from you later you more from depth heart.

Letter 25

hi sweetheart,how are you?hope you are fine and good today,it is very glad to me read from your message sweetheart.honey you can not know it how much happy i am today,sweetheart you can not imagine it.InshaaAllah I will arrive in Kuwait and we shall get married together and live happily together.honey i am again and totally grateful for your love ,strength and caring for me ,it show you have a great quality of a good husband and about the money it will be return to you on my arrival from the airport and then you can see me off to my hotel and we meet the next day and am also happy it your holiday and we shall have more time together after the marriage and please do not forget to remind me any additional things that is needed for me to bring along on my trip to Kuwait ,I will collect my medical report on thursday because l have done all test and it all okay but I wait for it to be sign by the chief medical officer and it will be issued to me but you have touch the soul of my heart with your loving kindness and am totally satisfy that I found a man full of love and total love i have packed my bags with documents and I told my father that you will send the money needed and I will take it alone on my trip to you my father said he will write a letter to you and I should not read it but it should be delivery to you and I ask him what inside the letter ,he said they are is special message to the man that want to marry his daughter and I promise him I will not open the letter and it will be specially delivered to you,i am glad you get this money and nothing delay my trip InshaaAllah I love you from depth of my heart.goodnight my love

Letter 26

Hi,sweetheart,how are you today?hope everything is fine and nice with you.i am really happy that you got the money and now i have the money with ,me ,am so tired today because many bank i visited wanted to pay in our local currency but i want usa dollars but finally i got a bank that agreed to pay in usa dollars and my dream is fulfiled l will be departing russia to kuwait for marraige and to begin a life in joy and happiness ..the money is with me and i will hand it over to you immediately we meet at the airport but darling l will prefer you come alone to meet me on Sunday evening and not with your friend since it our frist meeting it will be better just me and you alone on my trip to the hotel but the money for your friend we can return next morning ,since you will see me to the hotel and come back the next day and we can talk more and begin our marriage arrangement immediately .because my father was asking if we fix a date yet for the really grateful for your support and total commitment and love and i will not disappoint you ,l will do my best to be the best loving ,caring wife to you . .. am so excited daily and i have a list all things so i do not forget them which included things to take alone ,my luggage ,cloth documents family photos and the medical test ,they closed before l get there but definitely l will get that tomorrow and also i will get my teaching expereince paper signed tomorrow or firday latest because it will help in my job prospect in kuwait ,darling l need to rest now, love you and see you soon you from depth of my heart my love.goodnight

Letter 27

hi my sweetheart Ahmad ,how are you today?hope everything fine and nice,my love,i just return home to get my medical report and it all signed and ok now and am glad you working so much on our apartment and inshaaAllah all our document is ready and the money is with me ,and so tomorrow i will be travelling by train to Moscow and stay one night in Moscow near far from airport before going to the airport ,l wanted to go on Saturday night but my father advice it better to arrive early to airport for international flight and avoid not missing the flight , he advice l purchase my trip for tomorrow Friday evening so i will be leaving our city tomorrow Friday evening and then i will be in Moscow city by Saturday where the international airport is located and stay for the night in Moscow and,i already have a night hotel booking in Moscow and it will make it easy for me to arrive early at the airport since my flight will be by 13.40 on Sunday and am grateful you coming to the airport alone,not that am shy or do not want to see your friends just it our first meeting and i will prefer we discuss more and get more time together as i will be going to the hotel and we have to begin our documentation on Monday ,Sure l will be wearing all white and my hair cover with a white cloth with a unique white traveling bag with a white lady shoulder bag ,so when you see a lady in white it me but the travel agent told me the flight will arrive terminal M of Kuwait international Airport and it easy to locate people since it not an extreme big airport like in Europe and also i have your telephone number but which is your direct mobile number so i can leave it behind for my father because i know he will want to send sms or call from the public pay phone just to confirm l arrive safely and we meet and happy together ,thank you once again that we can begin our wedding arrangement by Monday because it will be my joy so move into our house after the wedding without staying too long in the hotel and about my visa the agent said my first trip will be for 30 days stay but after 30 days ,i will just need to go out and re-enter Kuwait it easy and i can do that same day at the airport as a Russian passport holder and my visa condition ,l just have to pass the immigration and am stamp out and i can re-enter again same minute it allow by the law so i have no problem as regard visa as we getting married and begin issue of resident and other papers but do not worry and please do not stress yourself too much on the house ,am more than happy to see you then the arrangement of the house,our wedding with begin together is my ultimate desire and ishaalah all will be blessed,please take so much rest because we have so much ahead next week .i will wirte you tomorrow before my trip to Moscow and it good also the hotel in Moscow will have paid internet connection to be able about to write you in Moscow because i will arrive Moscow on Saturday morning ,am also packing my bag well and getting my things in good placement to ensure l do not have any excess luggage since 32kg(70lb) is the maximum baggage allowance for my flight ,am so excited daily that l will be married soon and i have told my father that i will be fine and you will be a good man with much love for her daughter,sweetheart i am little tired and i go bed now goodnight.l love you

Letter 28

Hi honey,just wear anything comfortable for you because am more interested in meeting you but am writing you this letter before my trip to the station for my journey to Moscow ,it really a sad emotional day for me to say goodbye to my father and Aisha my sister ,it a mixed feeling of happiness that am going to marry the love of my life and begin a new life as a wife but also a feeling of emotionally that am leaving my home and family but l hope you will be the good husband to love and cherish our home because l will be the total loving wife according to the holy Quran .and ishaallah it will be a good blessing to our life and my father call segrey my brother to inform him of my departure but he told me Islamic man are not good for marriage because they abuse woman and treat woman as Slaves but I pray Allah will show him the true light and not believe the fake information propaganda by the media and the world against Islamic and I believe our marriage will be a success and this is my father telephone number +79618107723 but he prefer SMS and call less and his an old fashion man that believe in letter writing by post office so we send him a letter by post from Kuwait often and he can write us too..I have to prepare and go now to the station ..I love you and l will write you again when l arrive Moscow tomorrow morning /afternoon God bless my home as I depart to you sweetheart

Letter 29

hi my love,how are you?hope everything is fine and nice with you,i am currently in Moscow ,i took the train from my city to arrive to Moscow and only to got down from the train to arrange my bag and move to the hotel and i discover that my wallet containing the money is missing from the side of my bag and it was safely keep at baggage area and locked , l rush to inform the train police and the cctv in the train baggage area was review and it was discover somebody with a big cap to cover the face has enter the bag lockage area and open several locker with another key searching people bags and removing values,i was given a tag for missing/stealing property till further police investigation , l went to the airport and explain to the the airport security but i was told since the money was not stolen or missing at the airport with proof ,they cannot assist me with anyway to depart without following the normal Russia security service protocol to check and interview unmarried girls to the middle east ,l have contact my father to explain the current situation and he fit very sad too ,am so tired and depressed now ,l do not know what to do ,but father told me it sad and the police may not be able to uncover the thief since the face was not detected on camera and it could take a longer time for them to complete the case,my life is now in ruin ,l feel like killing myself.i have contacted the travel agent and he advice if l will postpone my travel to next weekend to be able to sort the money issue because the Russia security service will not accept that kind excuse of missing money ,am trying to see if i can get a loan or somehow if father could get a loan and raise the 3000 usd and if i arrive Kuwait we can pay your friend and after marriage i will seek an employment so i can begin work to repay this money ,am so sad to disappoint about the money loss but darling ,l love you and ishaallah our meeting and marriage will be possible despite all this problems we encounter.i will have to return to my city tomorrow morning and begin to look for money against my travel next weekend ,l have just few days to secure this money and depart Russia. sweetheart i am so tired and exhausted today ishaallah l will overcome this problem and hiderances to my departure and marriage.i love you sweetheart,you mean everything to me honey

Letter 30

Hi,my love,how are you today?hope everything is nice with you and good,hooney,thanks for your support and love but l feel totally disappointed that this money is stolen .i have fill the complain report form at the railway police with my contact details so police told me there will be on going investigation on the stolen money and today am returning to my city and I pray to be able to raise this money so I can travel and you can pay your friend because I do not want you to have any problem with your friend on this money ,I have explain to my father and he also intend to found a way to borrow money so I can travel and pay your money to your friend and I can work after marriage to pay the money borrowed and send back to Russia .i will keep you inform on progress about the money as l return home to begin search for the money and if you also can raise any support from ur side it will be paid back when I begin working after our marriage , ishaallah we shall be victorious in meeting And marriage .it really a sad moment in my life and I will appreciate your continue total support and love ..l love you sweetheart,your love in my depth heart every minutes i you bye nelly

Letter 31

Hi sweetheart,how are you?hope everything is fine and nice with is really nice to read from you to make encourage to me and i do not know what i can do without you honey.i was so sad with the whole situation come to us but your words to me always make to love,you are my life and my world,inshaa allah will make our marriage and live together happy home,i pray to allah give us solution very fast time so that our dreams come fast because i can not wait our love i keep dream and thinking all time that we make our marriage.i feel crying today and sad because i can not wait see love,i adore and love you forever from my you honey.bye nelly

Letter 32

Hi sweetheart,how are you today?hope everything is fine and nice with you.honey ,I have some half happy news from the police because the guy that stole the money was arrested but he is a drug addict and well know to the police for theif and a long history of drug abuse but inforunately the money was not recover from him because he ready spend on hard drug with cocaine but the police are taking the case to court but his family are asking for out of court settlement so they can pay the money back and he will not be sent to jail but I have communicated with the family and i insist on getting my money back before weekend but his mother beg for more time so they can raise the money and they made a paper a form of agreemt to pay the money because they promise end of July when she will be paid her gratitude benefit but to me that a long period and l want to depart next week so father already approach an old friend and he promise to help with 1000 usd, by Wednesday night but daring can you please help with 2000 and l pay back when l arrive ..and also the other balance to you from the fund as soon they pay from the guy family so please help , am tired and worried about my departure to Kuwait .my father is trying to help but it difficult time for him to as per fund raising and I feel uncomfortable staying here .i want to join you in Kuwait soon ..I want you reply and ishaallah we shall be victorious in our marriage and family life despite all this you from depth of my you forever

Letter 33

Honey,it really a hard difficult time of my life ,i was suppose to be in Kuwait with you now but it sad am still in Russia .L know it also a sad moment for you too but father is trying daily to raise money just it difficult here and people just not willing to help ,l will keep hoping and trying for good success ishaallah because my heart is fixed to marry you and no obstacle will stop our love and marriage ..but if you also have any way to raise money please do not delay as our love and our marriage is vital at this point of our life ,and l know i just have to start working after our marriage so we can share a happy stress-free and be financially good in the family and i wish to be with you before Ramadan ..l love you today and always no matter the delay,you remain important in my life ..l love you

Letter 34

hi sweetheart,how are you today?hope everything is fine and good with you.i write you you yesterday and i not see the reply it from you.did you see the my message i write it to you my love you do not see my message fast because it is my summer and my friend not come home many time because she meet with another friend spend time because this my message come late to you.sweetheart i so much worry and thinking about our life marriage and every time allah help us out this suitation and insha allah everything will be fine with us and we will be together and make our marriage and live our life happly together,my love,i do not really know what i can do without you,i check today and not see this message and i am worry where are you?miss you so much my love,i wait read from you message my you with whole my heart

Letter 35

l feel so distressed and disappointed because my father could not raise more money and l also tired so many source as regarding money but due to the russia economy it hard economical financially to raise money here even for a short time ,i have told the agent about my inability to raise the money and the agent suggest i have to postpone my travel since i cannot raise the money as requested by the law .and i feel so deeply sorry that i cause you some problem with your friend about the 3000$, and we just have to keep searching if any luck from my side or your side then i can come earlier because am really unhappy about this delay and staying back in russia ,my main target is to arrive kuwait and get married and we start our life together and please do not kill yourself because i love you and it you only in my heart day and nigth dreaming and hoping to be near to you.ishaallah we shall overcome our problems and be together as husband and wife and let just keep searching for money and hope l can arrive earlier because the agent told me the price for my trip may change if l have to wait till july and then i have to add more money due to this delay and season change due to ticket and price generally or l will lose the whole trip package and will have to pay a new price and this not good to lose the trip money but l love you as my husband to be and i know ishaallah all will be ok with us ...just do not lose hope about me and keep searching MONEY from your side and i will keep searching from my side and isahaallah ,money will not be a problem to our life but love and happiness will be paramont in our home and daily this is my pray ...l love you and you are my life and you mean the world to me and I will remain empty without you ..with deep love and affection from me nelly

Letter 36

Honey,l really appreciate your totally commitment to the success of our plan and am sorry once again for the financial burden to you and l pray ishaallah you will be granted the loan at the bank and when i arrive we can return the 2000 usd and give 1000 usd to your other friend and i hope we get married soon and sort my Kuwait resident permit AND i can also start working to be able to pay all this debt together and we can live our life happily together in peace and harmony .and i will be totally commitment in love and hard working to keep a good home together ,you have really touch the soul of my heart with your loving kindness ,and hard work to resolve our current issues ,immediately you send the money ,l will contact the travel agent again so i can reschedule my trip date and give you my arrive details .. l love you and am sorry once again for all the stress to you you more

Letter 37

honey,i understand your explanation with proposal for resolving this problem but l have explained to you that it really hard for me to raise money here me and my father have tried so hard daily but we could not get the needed support and am so sad and depressed daily ,please my love try a bit more if you can raise this money and we shall surely pay back ,am really unhappy staying here now in Russia without you ....l love you and miss you daily ,l know you trying your best only it just complicated and hard getting help here now .and my brother sergey not ready to support because am planning to get married to a Muslim in Kuwait and his against this marriage and do not want to hear anything about it with other family members but nothing can change my mind to marry you because it my personal resolution and feeling my deep love in my heart ..i cannot write much today because i felt really unhappy and weak about the problem we encounter ..l love you

Letter 38

Ahmad,l had an accident last week on my way back home while crossing the road ,i was hit by a car and i open my eyes to found myself in the hospital but today i have access to the internet only to read your disappointing allegation towards me and my family ,and i felt so heart broken by you ,am not for sale and not online to steal from you or anybody and if you report me to the embassy or police ,l have not stolen from you and i will refund your money as soon as the woman pay me and also am not ready for your lawyer coming to Russia to attack or embarrass my family for the sake of money ,you really disappointed me .and i cannot go to jail because am not a criminal but only online to look for a good Muslim man and i want you to remember love cannot be sold and money with wealth cannot buy true love ...bye

Letter 39

Ahmad ,your letter look more like threatening me rather care about my injury or accident ,you more concern about money and i think this is unfair but next week when am discharge from the hospital ,i will send you all document as request by you but once again you need to place more care on life rather than love of money and wealth but you cannot dictate to me like a kid or slave so i will send you all document only l when am out of hospital because i care more about my life than the document ..l will send you all document requested but you cannot force me out of hospital or use strong word to insult or intimidate me nice and be good as you always be and treat me with respect and love as you doing before .and please note your money is not my priority and do not insult me with allegation of scam or thief, l paid to procure all this document and i have all papers so your lawyer or anybody can say any falsehood or lie ..l have the true and it all good to me ......ishaallah i will be viticous from all lie and false allegation

Letter 40

hi honey,i am looking for money around and you are doubting me,you are thinking rubbish about you think i am a cheater.sweetheart do not doubt my love for not change the love you have toward me.i know you have tried your best and i want to prove my love.i never and ever thought you can think this way.i am runing around to make sure our marriage take place as soon as possible.please do not make me mad.let me try and work things out for us.i love you from depth of my heart.yours nelly



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