Scam letter(s) from Victoria Zubitskaya to John (Canada)

Letter 1
hi dear john
i am very glad that you have replied to my add!
as you know, i am seeking for my second half!
i would like to start the relations with someone who will be with me forever.
i would like to go abroad as i don't see here my future.
now i will tell you a little about my life here and about me.
i have graduated from the university here in dnepropetrovsk, and now i work as the bank cashier in khmelnitskii where i live at the moment.
also i work as the model sometimes when i am invited to different fashion shows .
but there is no mane offers here)))
i live alone, i rent the flat.
my parents live in the small city called maleevka. it is about 40km from me.
i have a lot of friends, with whom i like very much to spend the spare tinme.
we like to go to the night clubs, to spend the time on the nature, making the barbeque.
sometimes it is very good to be alone at home watching tv or reading some interesting book. I like very much different novels, historic books.
I like also very much to cook. Especially the dishes of meat i prepare very delicious.
i don't know what else to write in the first letter , really.
it is better if you ask me and i will reply then.
i send you my photos and waiting from you yours one and certainely for your reply.
sasha (my short name from alexandra)
Letter 2
hi john
It was really great to read your warm and honest letter.
I want to tell you that I am the same,I do not like lies and dishonest people.
I will try to tell you a little more about me. I do not have children but I would like to have them in the future. I am very romantic woman I like diners for just you and me with some good wine,sitting outside looking at the stars,walking together holding hands,long passionate kisses and making love in the moonlight.
I am a very touchy,feely woman,I like to touch alot and to be touched,I like to walk down the street and have your hand on my back and around my waist and feel your hand on my leg when we are sitting in a cafe.
I also like the same with you.
I would like to say that I am very interested in you and I hope are with me. I am very serious about finding a man to spend the rest of my life with and have a very happy family.
I do not like games and I do not have the time for them.
I will close this letter for now and I hope you will write back very soon..
Kisses to you......sasha
Letter 3
hi john thank you very much for your sweet letter! i really woul like to make stable our relations. honestly speaking i don't like to write a lot of letters, i think that one meeting will be more better then a thousand of the letters. darling i am really very happy that you have the serious intentions as to me, i also want to build the strong real family, and to bear the children. you know i will give everything to make such family , i am ready to care about my future husband, children and to maintain the home warmness and hearth of our hearts. i have some warm and positive feeling as to you, i feel that and i am sure that the true feelings will fire in our souls. what do you think? i close for now, and i am waiting for your soon reply and photos. your sasha with a lot of kisses.
Letter 4

i am not interested in meeting in ukraine
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