Letter(s) from Olga Sergeevna Belikova to Marion (Kenya)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend!
Thanks for you reply. I am so glad to see your letter. As you know, my name is Olga. I am 30 years old. I never been married, I dont have kids.
I have found your email on dating site. I'm sorry, but I dont remember name of this site. I hope, its not a problem for us. I dont know why and how I choose you. Maybe, my intuition has helped me to write you.
Time will show if my choice was right, I hope, its so.
I live in Russia and I want to have a friend. Maybe, you think, its big distance between us. But I think, the distance is not problem for our dialogue. Anyway, we will lose nothing, if we will talk. I send you my pics. I hope you like it. I will wait for your letter, this is my private email. your new friend, Olga

Letter 2

Hi my Marrion!
Today I have good day. I have woken up with good mood and all day I have only success. As I told, I work as bookkeeper. I work with prices, taxes, payments. I love work with figures.
Today I have shown to the boss quarter financial report. He liked it.
I am glad that my boss is happy with my work. My boss very good businessman and very good head. I work 6 days in a week.. For work I wear a dress. But when I out of work, I can wear jeans. I think, the clothes should depend from a place and circumstances. My favorite color is blue. My favorite flower is white rose, I think, every woman I like roses.
For work I move within 20 minutes on my own car. Did you heard about Lada? I have white Lada Granta 2013. I take it last year. It is very practical russian car. My car is only means of transportation. Today I have gone for work and by radio I heard a song Stromae "Papaouta", I dont know what about this song, because it on french, but I like it so much. Also I like Lady Gaga, Lana del Ray, Gavin Harris and Rihanna.
In music I do not have special preferences. My choice of music depends on my mood. I like to listen radio.
Please send me your pics. Viewing of your photos help me to know better you and your life. I wish to learn you better, and I see prospects of our dialogue. Dear Marrion, do you think of our relations, how about friendship and more? I want to know it. I very trustful woman. i like you. In your letters I read many compliments.
You speak me such fine words which I never heard from men in Russia. I open to you my feelings. It seems to me, that my life starts to be filled with sense. I think of you... I try to imagine, what you do at this time. Marrion, please, tell me how you see the life partner?
What qualities the woman of your dream should possess? I have a chance to be your girlfriend? These are very important questions for me, and I want, that you have sincerely answered on it. I will wait your letter. Yours, Olga

Letter 3

Hi Marrion!
Thanks for letter. Now in my city -17C. How are you today?
Thanks for your pic. I like you. Please send me more of your pics.
Yesterday, I have met my friends, we long thought where we will go and has decided to go to bowling, the truth I'm not good play bowling, well there was that I beat out strike, I very much liked to play, do you like bowling? Once I played billiard, I think, you call it pool.
But I didnt have success with it. I never play in golf, but I want to try someday. I talk with my friends about you. I wished to share pleasure, that I have you. My friends said, that there are many happy pairs between foreign men and Russian girls. My friend belive in us.
And I think about us, why not? I always think of the good things. I the optimist. I love my friends. With them I can spend much time. You already know my best friend Sasha, right?
I have thought and have decided, that I will take vacation. Because I can use my vacation to meet you. Of course, if we both want our meeting. I have vacation of 30 days. I can spend all 30 days at once or divide on two weeks. Marrion, what you think? It will be great, if we spend vacation together? Will you able to meet me? Will you have vacation soon? I would like to talk with you in real. We write our letters. But even one thousand letters will not replace one real meeting.
You the one man to whom I write. It is new to me, interestingly. Now I dont have man in my life. I dont have boyfriend right now. My last relations with the man have finished 9 months ago. He was the good man, but his money has spoilt him! Every day he worked and business was for him on the first place more more and more, and he has forgotten about me. Then he has got the secret lover. He lie to me.
But I felt that something wrong and i asked him whats going on with us, he said that he tired of me. It was painfully, he hurt me and I have left from him. I dont know where is he now and I dont want to know it. I dont love him anymore, I can love person, who hurt me. I dont know why people cheat us, when we trust them. I search serious relation instead of for game. The man of my dream should be fair, frank, kind, careful and with sense of humour. My man should be reliable protection and a strong support of our family. I think, that in relations between the man and the woman there should be an understanding, trust, friendship and love! Without these qualities the relation cant be high-grade. You very nice man. I like your way of life. Thanks for your letters, I can feel your private world. I think, the soul and private world is more important than physical attractive body beauty. You understand me, Marrion? I should close now. I will think of you. Have a good day. Sincerely, Olga

Letter 4

Good morning Marrion!
Thanks for your letter. When I see your letter, on my face there is a smile. Your letters make my day better. Now our letters is all what we have. How was your day? What did you do yesterday? I want to know how you spend your time. After work, I have got tired, and when I have come to home, I have taken a bath and have early laid down to sleep, at all there were no forces on to have dinner. Would you like to have a dinner with me, Marrion? I would like to cook some dishes for us.
Today I have woken up very much early and with good mood. I feel so good. I have noticed one feature when I wake up with good mood, my day goes very successfully. Marrion, did you notice the same? Anyway, I want to share with you my positive energy. I always try to take from a life as much as possible. We live once and we should take pleasure in our life to the full. We should appreciate each moment of our life.
Therefore, if we have possibility to meet, we should use this chance.
We should not be afraid. I dont shy of my feelings. Yes, I like you. I dont know how it to explain. My emotions do not give in to a logic explanation because it goes from heart. Yes, between us the big distance. But when I read your letters, it seems to me, that you sit near to me. I feel you. I have a big interest in your letter. and if I miss your questions, please dont be mad, ask me again.
Marrion, now I dont have plans for a forthcoming vacation. It will good, if we can have a vacation same time! Every day I know you better, and to me starts to seem, that I know you for a long time, dialogue with you brings to me pleasure. You know, I start to feel to you, and my feelings already more than simply liking. Your letters, an obligatory part of my day, I need to know, that with you everything is ok. I do not wish to hasten, and I am not guided by emotions, I sincerely speak to you about the feelings. I start to think more of our meeting, and already I assume day when we will meet. You are good and smart man, with sense of humor, are interesting to me with you, we have some general interests, and the main thing at us is same purposes, and it will be easier to us to realise our dreams in a reality. You agree with me? Every day I think of our a meeting. I would like to be near to you. Our first meeting will present to us possibility to know each other. We can spend some time together, and construct to the plan for the future life. Dont worry, I can afford my trip.
I will soon have vacation, and I think, that I could have travel to your country for our first meeting. I have the passport which allows me to travel all over the world. Last summer I been in Turkey with my friend. I send you pics, hope, you liked. Marrion, when you want to meet me? I need to know about it, to have conversation with my boss, and to define dates of my vacation. You understand me? Our time we will be remembered for all life. I am assured of it. I trust you, and I am ready to arrive to you for our first meeting.
Marrion, I trust you and I will give you my home address. You can send me a postcard. I will be glad to receive it.
My full name is Olga Belikova
Moskovskaya street, 117-25
Murom, 602252
Vladimirskaya oblast, Russia
I wish you good day. I will think of you. I will wait your letter.
With kisses, Sincerely, for ever yours Olga

Letter 5

Hi darling Marrion!
Marrion, today here is snowfall, its very beautiful, thus I have good mood. I like such weather, its very romantic. I like to look out of the window as snow falls. Today it is a lot of snow on streets of my city. Yard keepers have a lot of work.
As always your letter has brought to me pleasure. Thanks for your gentle words. I am grateful to you, for your support. Distance between us at all does not prevent to communicate to us. It is great.
How was your day? Yesterday I was at my parents. We have made the big family dinner. I have baked a apple pie. My mother cooked very taste carp. It is a pity, that you were not with me. It would be great, if I could acquaint you with my parents in person. During a dinner, my dad has told, that I already adult, and I should think of a future. I have told to my father about ours dialogue. My daddy has asked, what is your name, and I have told, that your name is "Marrion". My parents listened to me attentively. Marrion, I have no secrets from my parents, and I think, that you not mad on me that I have told about you to my parents... My parents worry about me, and my life is not indifferent for my them. Also my father has told, that he heard about girls from Russia fraudulently entice into other countries, and take away their documents, thereby making the girl the sexual slave. I have hastened to calm my daddy. I have told, that you are good man, and I am assured of your feelings. Also I have told to my parents about trust between us. I trust you and my parents trust me. They respect my choice. I miss you so much. I think of you often. I am so happy that I found you. I think, God help to us.
Today I have very intense day on work. Soon I will have conversation with my boss, apropos a vacation, I did not talk yet about it, and I can not tell exact date of my vacation, well I think it will be soon.
August so long to wait, I want to see you now.
My parents said Hello to you! Have a nice day. I with impatience wait for your letter. Sincerely, for ever yours Olga

Letter 6

Hi my sweet Marrion!
Thanks for letter. I understand everything, what you speak about our feelings. It is pleasant to me to know, that ours feeling mutual.
Never earlier I thought that it is possible to feel love to the person which never met. I did not know before, that it is possible to love on distance. I concerned such histories with irony, but now I have fallen in love with you. I am not frightened by thousand kilometres beetween us... Yes, we have the distance, but our feelings will help us to overcome distance. I miss you...Thanks for comments about my parents, I appreciate your care. I will say them your Hello. I know you are good and honest man, thus I choose you and I will meet you. I trust you and my parents trust me and my choise. They like you.
Marrion, when we will meet, we should not to write letters, because we can speak in real. Hear our voices, look into our eyes and keep hands. When we talking in real its easy to understand mood, right? In letters its not easy to show feelings. We will be together and I am so excited. But I do not want to make fast steps, I want to have a meeting together to spend time and talk in real live dialogue. You agree with me? I appreciate such character traits, like tactfulness, punctuality, ability to listen, accuracy, kindness. I like caress and tenderness. I dream of strong man's hugs in which I can feel weightless... Marrion, I dream of your hugs.
Today my day quieter than yesterday. Today on work all goes in a usual working rhythm. I often think of you. Recently in my head more and more thoughts on you. I imagine our first meeting. Marrion, what you think of it? How you imagine our first date? It is very excited! In day of our first meeting I will be the most beautiful woman. I want that you proud of me. It is very important for me. I want to be your woman. Our first meeting will be at the airport. I will take my luggage and to go to the terminal, I will look around at you and when I will see you with a bunch of flowers, I will smile, as I am able. We will meet half-way each other. I will be excited and little nervoues, but it will pass, as soon as you will embrace me. We will kiss, i dont care that around us will be people. I will embrace you so strong that you have felt palpation of my heart. Then you will take my luggage and we will go to an exit, keeping for hands.
Thanks for answer my questions. It is rather important for me. I answer your questions too. Please, do not shy to repeat your questions, if I forget to answer. My work takes attention from me.
Today after work I plan to visit my friend, we want to go to movie theatre or you call it cinema? I dont know what movie we will see but I will tell you about it. I tired to have lonely evenings at home.
What plans at you for today's evening? Mmmm.. It will great, when we will be together. I want to hold your hand and walk... I dont want to leave you, but I should go now... Marrion, I miss you so much.
I send you my pics in jeans. With kisses. Thinking of you, Olga

Letter 7

Hi my Marrion!
I like how its sound.. My Marrion...
Every day I wait your letter like child waits a gift on birthday. I am so excited by our meeting. In my city today warm weather. But tomorrow weather forecasters promise a strong cold snap. In Russia February - coldest month, with blizzards. I miss you so much. I dont know how its possible to miss person, who never meet. But its true! I think, we have some thread, we cant see it, but we can feel it.
I had good time with my friend in movies, we watched animation movie "Frozen", it was great. I like it so much. Also, I like Ice age and The Lion King, I saw it, when I was teenager.
I have just returned from working meeting. This morning my boss has collected all employees and has spent the worker the plan. Therefore at morning meeting was new problems and the purposes are put. We should develop and we should keep up to date and not lag behind from new technology. Marrion, maybe, in your country it is developed for a long time already. But in Russia the century of computer technologies has begun recently. Yes, between our countries the big distinction. I do not know how long time in your country there was an Internet - 20 years ago or 30? In Russia the high-speed Internet is considered till now luxury. It is very expensive. A mobile communication too expensive in Russia. I am connected to the local cell provider and consequently my phone works only in Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot speak by the phone or exchange sms. It is sad for me. But I will search for a way to call to you from post office telegraph.
I think, we should pass to new level of our relations. We communicated our letters and now we should communicate in real. Our meeting will allow us to understand our relations and to be sure in our feelings.
After morning meeting I spoke with my boss about my vacation. And my boss has told, that I can take a vacation soon. Time which we will spend together will help us to learn each other. I understand, that you have a private life. I do not wish to be a burden for you.
Marrion, you have brought pleasure and sense into my life. I am so wait our meeting, when we can talk in real, not by letters. We will see our eyes, hear our voices and keep pur hands together. I want to see you and speak with you every day. During our dialogue my life has changed. I do not have feeling of loneliness now. Ours feelings will be even stronger. I sincere with you. Thanks for trust of your heart.
I will not break it. I have opened to you my feelings and have let in you my heart. We never met, but I trust you. I feel, you the good person. Did you heard about female intuition? Its internal voice which speaks what to do. It never deceived me. I always listen to my heart.
The brain can be mistaken, but heart will never deceive. I trust you, and I am ready to arrive to you. I will wait your letter with your thoughts. With kisses, Olga

Letter 8

Hi my honey Marrion!
Thanks for letter, sweetheart. I missed you. How is your mood today?
My mood is very good and I wish to share with you. I have so big and real wish, I want to kiss you. I want to feel your lips. Between us big distance, but it doesnt influence my feelings. I want to hug you so strong that you felt a rhythm of my heart. I am so excited by our meeting.
Today I used my lunch break with advantage. I was in travel agency to know how I can arrive to you. This is good travel agency, I used last year, when I was in Turkey. Now I know rules of visiting your country.
The employee has in detail explained me rules. To arrive to you, I should have the passport, the visa and tickets. I have the passport.
Now I should make the tourist visa and buy tickets. The travel agency has no power to make the visa. The visa makes only in embassy. The employee will help me just to prepare papers for embassy. But then I should go to Moscow on interview with the consul-officer. It demands my personal presence at embassy. The employee of travel agency has told, that not every person can get the visa to your country. But I am not afraid of difficulties. I will go up to the end on a way to our purposes. Together we will overcome any difficulties. I have told to the employee travel agency, that I go to my man. I have told to him about you, Marrion. According to the tourist visa, I can stay in your country till 90 days. Distance from Murom to Moscow is 280 km. These are 3 hours on bus. I cannot go to Moscow on my car, because in Moscow crazy traffic. For me it is more safe to move by the bus and the subway. I already have prepared almost all my documents for embassy. I have my passport, I have made photos for questionnaire filling at the statement on visa registration in embassy.
Tomorrow I will take the inquiry from my work. Also I have found out about cost of travel to your country. Official registration of papers for the visa costs 130 dollars, registration of the visa costs 50 dollars. The insurance costs 300 dollars and it covers for 30 000 dollars. But the insurance is voluntary, therefore I think, I will not spend money for it. I hope, my plane will not blow up. Also I should assure my documents of embassy, it demands 70 dollars. I need cash for transport and a foodstuff in Moscow, it about 300 dollars for me. And of course I need tickets to you. I do not know how much costs tickets, I will look it at the airport, because there is correct info with cheaper prices. I am not rich woman, but I have some savings, I have 700 dollars. It will suffice for registration of my documents and residing in Moscow and on transport expenses. Now I require money for purchase of air tickets. Marrion, I think, it will be fair, if we spend expenses on our meeting together. Unfortunately, I dont have enough money and I cant arrive to you without your help.Maybe you disappoint in me, that I am not rich woman. But I have big heart and I will give you all my love, care and support. It is a shame to me to ask you the help. Can you buy tickets for me? I dont want that you think about me bad. But I trust you and accordingly, I ask you to help us. Now I do not know, how much tickets costs. I should go to Moscow and look the prices. I will inform you how much it cost. i will come to you on dates, what you will say. I want that it will be comfortable to you to meet me.
Please tell me the international airport closest to you. Where I should fly? When i will be in Moscow, I will inform you all information. I will keep you informed events. I think, it not the big money. Because our happiness is more important that any money in the world. Soon we will together! Can you imagine it, Marrion, I have already prepared the report for my boss. As soon as my boss will approve my report, I can go to Moscow, to begin process of registration of my visa. I will take vacation since date of my flight.
For trip to Moscow I will take days off from my work. Now I have a few questions to you, Marrion. On wich time you would like to meet me? It is convenient to you to meet me at the airport in the morning or in the evening?
Please tell me what you think about the information which I have found out today. It is important to me to know your opinion. I promise, that I will be the most beautiful woman at the airport. I want that you were proud of me. Every man will envy you when we will leave airport together. And every woman will envy me because you will meet me, Marrion! Day of our meeting will be the especial day in our life. My feelings to you become stronger. I send you scan of my passport, that you can see that I am realy ready for coming to you. I will wait your letter. I send you my hot and passionate kisses. Only yours, Olga