Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Ernie (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello my sweet friend :0),
It's so great that we have an opportunity to correspond with you and to know each other better.
You wrote me a letter and i want to answer you.I'll tell you about my life and interests.
I can say that i'm a grown-up,self-confident,sexy and loving woman who is looking for her happiness here in the Internet.
I would like to meet one and only man to spend the rest of my life with. Because I know all the beauties of life become useless and indifferent if you heart is empty and needs care and attention to be filled again with the most wonderful feeling called love. I believe that on Earth there is a true love simply not everyone can find it and after finding they can't keep it. I am sincere and with kind heart, I aspire to search the man for creation of warm family to bear children and just to be happy.I want to care and to give back the love to the man which is worthy it. I am glad - if this man you.The Internet gives us huge opportunities,gives chance of presence of the happiness.Though we live in different countries we have various culture and mentality,we speak different languages - all this is not a barrier to the two people who are looking for their happiness and love.I think that you agree with me - lonely life is just emptiness and nothing else.Many troubles and dissapointments are brought by a deceit. I do not want someone to be tested as I know what it is. Therefore you can trust me and probably we have got acquainted completely not casually. Sometimes life brings us joyful surprises! I was born in a very good and caring family.My father is a miner,mother is a teacher.I have a younger brother at the age of 16. He takes a great interest in cosmos and aircraft projects.My parents live in Balakleya,it's Kharkov's region.To have the better and higher education i decided to move to Dnepropetrovsk.So now i live here and rent a flat.
Oh,sorry i forgot to tell you i'm 24 years old:))
In my childhood I finished the Dancing School.After graduating from the University with honors and getting the specialty of a choreographer i went to work to the dancing school as a choreographer.
In the evening when I feel lonely I like reading poetry or watch good films. At home I grow the flowers and the plants,i'm fond of cookery.
If you are interested in me ans want to know me better answer me and i'll tell you more about yourself:))
I'm looking forward to know you better and to get your letter:)
I give you a small and tender kiss:)
Yours Katya
Letter 2

Hello my lovely Ernie,
When i got your letter again i was very pleased.To get your letter means that you want to continue our correspondence and you also have some hopes and desires concerning me.
I'm so impressed that you find my person interested.I hope our relations will grow in something bigger then simply correspondence.I know that you are looking not only for the penpal,aren't you?It's so gerat to get acquainted with a man from another country and start to develop the relations.You might be curious why i'm looking for the man from another country,there are so many men here,in my country.I want to answer this question.I tried for so many times to find the man here,i've never had a thought that i'll be looking for the man for serious relations in the Iternet.But it appeared so that there are in our country no men who want to creat a family and to find a caring woman. All of them just want to have fun with the women and nothing else.So now i try to find my solemate in the Internet.I hope you are the one i'm looking for. To be entirely honest with you,i should tell you one thing.I don't know English language and that's why i have to use the services of translating firm who help me a lot with our correspondence.I hope it doesn't matter a lot for you because i don't want you to stop writing me:)
They say that I have calm soft and at the same strong character. Sure nobody is perfect and i can't say that i'm perfect but still i consider my character to be a good and appeasable one:)
But I'm very sociable woman and easy-going and that's why it's easy for me to find the way contact to different people.
I care and desire to understand the people whom I meet on a road of life. But I hate people - chameleons and rough envious people.
The man of my life must be kind cheerful,sincere,tender,decent and reliable. I value open heart,honesty,individuality,sympathy in people. But as it would be desirable to meet the true and sincere man!I want us to give each other pleasure,love and make each other happy. That meeting each morning together we would like to smile and to give each other love.I wish to find a man to love him and to make both of us the happiest couple in the whole world.
Waiting for your answer.
Yours Katya
Letter 3

My wonderful Ernie,
Today i'd gladly tell you my hottest dreams i had and the things i can imagine with you:))hope you like it:)
" I would be a "Naughty Nurse." I'll go out and buy a sexy nurse's uniform. I'll turn the apartment into a mock doctor's office. Earlier I'll go out and buy a toy examination set. So, when you come home, I'll give you a check up. Also, I'll run a warm bath to sponge you down in.Believe me,you feel really good:))"
Also i thought of another one:))
"I'll Call you and with a disguised voice, tell you that i'm "Candy" and that i'm prepared to give you the fantasy of your life. The only rule is that you have to do everything you are told. Then i'll tell you to go pack an overnight bag with a swimsuit, champagne glasses, and a toothbrush.I'll Tell you to complete this mission and wait for your next call. On the next call, i'll tell you that i'm Candy and that i have another mission for you.I'll Send you to pick up some dinner for me both - Pizza, Subs, whatever is quick. Then i'll call you again after you have had time to finish that task and give you your next set of instructions.I'll tell you to drive to a hotel and ask for an envelope at the front counter. In the envelope, have a key to a room and to come into the room. When you get to the room it should have candles going, soft lights, and soft music, but i won't be in the room.I'll give you some time to be confused and then knock on the door. When you ask who it is, i'll tell you it's Candy. I'll be dressed incredibly sexy and act as though i'm the evening entertainment.I'll ask you for the money and then ask you what you want... and have a wonderful evening! Don't think that i'll be doing it only for money but i think it's rather intersting, isn't it?
Please write me your ideas about it,ok?:))
Loving You Always,
Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart,
I want to thank you for letter.You are so nice and i'm very interested in you.I want to know you more and to become closer to you not just a friend...But i should tell you that this letter is the last i can write you.I cannot afford myself to pay the services of the translating firm anymore:(I'm so dissapointed:(
I've really decided that we found each other and now i'm so lost and don't know what to do...
I've payed for the translations as long as i could but now i can't do it because i'm really in difficult financial situation:(
I know that you will also be dissapointed with this news but i don't know what else i can tell you...maybe just i'm very very much interested in you...I tried to think about the ways out from it but ...couldn't find any...I don't want to loose you because i've just found you and you really seem a nice,interesting and intelligent person to me.I want to continue our relations so much and to continue our correspondence which in future i hope will become more then just correspondence.
Dear,i hope for your understanding and that you won't misunderstand me but i don't have another way out but to ask you for help.I'm sure that you also want our relations to develop and to grow them in something bigger.If you are as interested in me as i am in you,and you decide to help me,i can give you the address of the translating firm "Spark" which i use and ask them any information you like.Here is their address: I really hope for your understanding and support. Please just don't think that i want just money from you and nothing else. It's not so,i just don't want to loose you,i want to be with you...
Yours loving Katya
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