Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Malishka to Leo (USA)

Letter 1
Hello there!Leo :)
I am Nastya!
I want to meet a nice and kind-hearted man from your side, because I am going to move there soon. So that would be great to know you more. If you are interested in this idea, feel free to write to this email and hope we can learn each other much more :)
I'm very open, funny and easygoing girl. We can share fotos, even nu, if you want :)
Waiting for your reply and hope to get it soon
Letter 2
Hello my dear !
I am very glad to see your letter, I'm really so happy! I feel that I really miss your letters and I even re-read your old ones :) Maybe you're doing the same, who knows :) Sorry I can not always respond immediately. But please understand me, now I do not have time. I am very busy because of my studies at university and then work, because I should have money. Also there is a lot of things I should do for my trip. So I have very little free time.
But I am writing to you right away, because I have the opportunity. I hope you're not offended by me. You know, I would really like to talk with you on the phone but at the moment I don't have my own phone. It is broken and now I simply don't have the possibility to get a new one because of my trip to your country soon. But I hope that I can buy the phone there in Usa. I know they cost much cheaper there, I already found that out. But now there is no phone. But I can try to call you from my friend's phone or from the post office, I would be so happy to hear your voice and we can talk more about the details of my trip.
Well anyway now the best way for us to communicate is through e-mail.
I have so many worries now that I absolutely do not have strength and time to deal with the phone problems. Now it is very important to know the exact date of my flight. Until now, the paperwork is still in process, so I do not know myself and can not give you an exact date.
But as soon as I know myself - you will be the first after me to know it :) The most important is that soon I will be finally flying there and I look forward to our meeting! Ah :) I hope that you too :) I do dream about it, you even can't imagine how often :)
Unfortunately I will finish this letter now probably. I am very tired, I want to have some sleep and I really hope to see you in my dreams :)
It would be great, I often dream of our meeting, it's an excitement.
By the way, tomorrow I will go to a friend's birthday, her name is Katya. I do not really want to go because I think it will be boring for me there. It will be a lot of couples there and many of them are already married. And some of them with children. I'm tired of being alone frankly speaking, I want the man in my life, and I'm glad to meet you.
I do not think that tomorrow I will have fun, oh how much I wish you could be there with me too! I am glad that it was time to write to you, I really miss you and think of you, and it is a pleasure to write to you. I'll be waiting for your reply. I hope that the letter did not seem to you sad or bored. I'm not bored, I'm just tired today. I hope you can forgive me.
And to earn the forgiveness I send you my new photos, do you forgive me? :) I hope that you will like my new photos and you'll see them again and again. That really excites me :) Kiss you! Your Nastya
Letter 3
Hello my dear Leo!
I am very glad to see your letter! You are very hot and interesting man, I can feel it in your letters. How was your day? What did you do?
Dear, now I'm starting to pack for my trip. I thought of you and decided to write you immediately. I will go to Moscow by train next week and it is important to think and put together all the things that will be necessary for me. In the end, I do not leave for a few days, I leave for 6 months. So I should not forget anything :) I have so much thoughts and emotions in my head, I am so glad that we will meet soon!
I will be in Moscow for a few days, it is necessary to settle all formalities, and then I fly to your country, I'll be in touch from Moscow. I will write you a letter from the internet cafe in Moscow, I'm sure it will be easy to find one there. I'm so excited now, I never been outside of Russia, and I do not know a lot about life abroad. What are the traditions, culture, people and society. I guess I'm too worried because it will be the first time we see each other ;)
My heart beats faster, and I think it will be so wonderful! What do you think?
I wanted to ask you how is life in the city in terms of finance? For Russia 12,000 euro is a lot of money, but I do not know how it is there. But I do not worry much about it, because I will practice and I will also receive salary, even if minimal. I would like to spend this money together, we could go to a nice restaurant to go to the movies or to the shops. I want to walk together with you so you can show me your favorite places! Will you be my guide? ;) It would be so nice!
I will receive the money in the Russian embassy in Moscow also I will get all the instructions and the distribution of my practice there, and then I will fly to your city New Mexico. So I want to specify all. To avoid any errors and problems. Write me exactly the closest airport to you, or a place where we could meet. Can you meet me at the airport? I do not want to cause inconvenience and I understand if you can not meet me. But I really want you to meet me at the airport, because I think it would be very romantic and beautiful moment. How do you imagine our meeting? I think we would tenderly hug each other and then maybe have a coffee or a lunch and of course finally talk to each other. I think you will laugh about my funny accent :)
After that we could walk to the hotel, where I arranged for the first time until I find the apartment. In the hotel, we can finally be alone. These thoughts are driving me crazy... I want to feel your body and your strong hands! I'm sorry, but my head is spinning with excitement and arousal. I hope I did not embarrass you, you know, I write what I think and what is in my heart.
I must finish my letter and continue collecting luggage. I'm sending you few other photos of me which my friend Katya took yesterday to keep you hot until I'm there with you :) Hope you will love them and even more I hope that we will take photos of us together very soon!
I will go the way of a new life, and I'm so glad I met you! I miss you already, and I look forward to our meeting! Guess I'm so banal and overly romantic, but my heart really crams a lot of different feelings, and I like it!
Kiss you gently,
Your Nastya
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