Letter(s) from Maria Shavshukova to Tim (UK)

Letter 1

Hi Tim.
I was delighted when received your letter.
Well, I will tell about myself a little?
I grew up in the teacher's family. I was brought up by mother. The father left us when I was small. Mother doesn't tell me the reason, but I think that he left to other woman.
I communicate with him, but it is rare.
Now I am the adult girl and I don't feel need for it, but for the childhood I grieved very strongly.
I live separately from mother. My mother lives in the village. I rent the apartment and I live with the neigbour in the city of Kherson.
I have no sisters or brothers. Only cousins.
My mother teacher of Russian. Therefore I decided to repeat her feat. And I chose this profession too. Only I loved mathematics since the childhood. Also I gave preference to the exact science.
I appreciate my free time and I like to spend it with friends. I love sport and I like sports.
I love fashionable clothes and shoes high-heeled. I like to look beautifully. Then I see admiration in the opinion of my pupils.
I am fond of floristics, because flowers beautiful and gentle creatures. And I am similar to them.
I can't pass by homeless animals. My heart clenches from compassion. I try to help them and I teach my pupils to be merciful.
I hope that you will write to me still.

Letter 2

Hi Tim.
My pupils from 10 to 17 years.
At us in Kherson +10 and a rain now. It is unusual weather for February.
My birthday on May 3.
I want to ask, what food you love?
I like the Ukrainian food. And of course, borsch. You tried sometime a borsch?
I love very much to prepare and I will be able to indulge the husband different delicacies.
This my photo in August. Children were on summer holidays, but teachers continued to work in August, to prepare for study.
Write to me again.

Letter 3

Hi Tim.
You want my photos from the site?
I can send them to you.
We were already tired of a rain. Again the whole day pours. And our court yard are similar to the ocean. Now only gumboots help.
It is a little photo from my school day.
This is the pupil of the 5th class. His name Mahmoud.
Cheerful and positive boy. We learn to plot an angle.

Letter 4

This photo from the site.
I will write you my address.
Only I have to warn that post doesn't work in a wartime which we have now.

name - Marija
Surname - Shavshukova
Address: Ukraine, Kherson, Patona St. 13, apartment 182

Letter 5

Yes, Kherson the beautiful city also is near the Black Sea.
We are afraid that war will come here because we are located a row.
Yes, it is my mobile number.
You can call me.

Letter 6

Of course, you are right!!
We will be able to have Skype on phone. I didn't think of it. It is fine opportunity to communicate constantly.
What it was pleasant to me in your profile?
I liked your photos. This university cloak! I saw the nice man with vigorous eyes.
I had a guy. We met one and a half year. But he changed me with other girl.
After that I long refused the relations. I can't trust the Ukrainian guys. And I came to this site.
Therefore the most important this trust in the relations.
I am afraid of treachery.
The family is more important than career for me.
I agree to refuse career for the sake of a family.
I look forward tp talk to you in reality.

Letter 7

I apologize and I answer your questions:
5. As you indicated on your profile - are you serious about being ready to relocate to another country - if you were happy with the relationship?
- Yes, I am ready to move to the country of the husband. I know that it will be a difficult step. In Ukraine there are my antecedents. But it is necessary to move forward. Besides, I am capable of the real feats for the sake of love. It is checked in last experience.
6. As you indicated on your profile that – "Will travel for a meeting in my country, Will travel for a meeting internationally" – are you serious about meeting, and how soon are you prepared to meet?
- I seriously treat a meeting. It is difficult to me to call term. Heart will prompt when I am ready to meet.
7. What would you most like to achieve in your life, in the long-term?
- I dream of a family. Because life alone the dim. I dream to wake up in embraces of darling. And to breathe with him one air.

Letter 8

In Odessa explosion thundered. It already 10th explosion lately. There will be no safe place in Ukraine soon.
Today Poroshenko acted. The president is going to impose the martial law in the country. I read about the martial law. This serious change of life for people.
Putin won't recede.

Letter 9

I am happy that this Friday ended.
It was mad day at school. In such holidays children play about and I am tired very strongly.
We raised money for charity today.
And the director told that pupils could collect a large sum of money. Now our school will be able to help children with hospital.
In what sense of action today?
Pupils organized the enterprises. This cafe, karaoke club, shops and other. Pupils visit to each other, their parents too come. All services have a symbolical payment. At school about 600 pupils. Thus the school turned into big shopping center today.
At the end of day each teacher collected revenue and brought in point of reception.
There money is counted and call the winner. The winner class receives gifts from the director.
Our pupils look forward to this holiday every year.
Still we opened a mailbox for lovers. There were many cards. And I received cards from my secret admirers pupils.
It is cheerful.
How there passed your Friday?

Letter 10

Happy Valentine's Day
Let's meet in Skype now. It is convenient for you?

I received your surprise. Also I made a photo on new phone. I will send you a bit later.

Letter 11

Oh, my honey.
It is so lovely and pleasant.
This basket looks tasty!
I felt strong hunger.
But I see that it is expensive. It is the overstated cost.
I understand that on such money I can buy meat, fish at fair if I had money here.
Of course, I won't take offense.
You care of me and it can't offend me.
Thank you. I didn't want to speak to you about my problems with a salary and payment of rent of the apartment. I have a debt.
I very much want to meet you.
Only my work doesn't allow me to change date.
It is necessary to wait for our happy future.

Letter 12

What does my darling do on Saturday?
I don't do anything special. Only painting of hair and school work. It is a lot of school work. I look forward spring Holidays. I want to have a rest.
I didn't receive money so far. Probably on Monday. don't worry, I will write to you at once about it.
Darling, we can Skype on Monday? I now in a dressing gown, slippers, without make-up and a hairdress.
Let's talk on Monday.

Letter 13

Yes, my darling.
I could have a rest today, gain strength.
Tomorrow in fight again.
I have only the Ukrainian passport. my mother too.
I didn't leave Ukraine never. For departure from Ukraine the international passport is necessary.
You are right.
we have to see to it about the visa.

Letter 14

I didn't receive money so far.
Western Union is reliable. So mine is told by my friend. She works in bank.
Let's try. Too in dollars or euro.

Letter 15

My love, it is very a shame to me.
Today SMS about money on the account came.
It swift the translation came.

Letter 16

I long at present.
My boots tore today.
I look on the site and I see that the prices became mentally ill people.
I very much liked this model.
It is the cool fashionable site. Each girl dreams of such boots.

Letter 17

Good day honey.

My Internet slowly works today. And phone refuses to connect Skype. I try to make it several times.

Letter 18

I want to show you a photo a borsch.
It is tasty and healthy food.
You already had opportunity to try it.
I cooked this borsch.

Letter 19

Good evening Tim.
Today there was a warm sunny day. From such weather my heart sings also a face to shine.
Very good weather.
You saw news about plane crash in Taiwan?
I watched video on TV. It is horror.
It is a beautiful interior.
in my apartment the interior was made by the hostess. because I rent the apartment and I live with the neigbour.
Therefore I can't advise you something.
I want to ask your photos.
In each class about 30 pupils study.
Oh, thanks for your compliments.
I was model never.

Letter 20

My skype

Letter 21

How my darling spends Sunday?
Sorry, that I missed your calls.
I was on a visit in the neighboring apartment. This is my friend. She has small children and I didn't take phone with myself not to damage.
We had unusual weather. Snow which also the sun thaws.
Today special day. Today the winter meets spring on a religious calendar.
And I want to tell that weather transfers this meeting.

Letter 22

Hi lovely Tim.
How your Monday?
I had noisy day with my pupils today.
They have a rest and gained strength. Also plaid about today.
By the way today first day of Shrovetide. It is a holiday which will last all week.
People bake pancakes and treat each other.
It is tasty and cheerful.
What plans you have today?

Letter 23

Oh, so difficult lovely.
I will try to understand it.
Simply we buy products at fair. There fresh products. We don't buy products in a supermarket.
I am very glad, what do you want to indulge me. In that basket delicacies.
I am practical.
I would like to buy real products to cook a borsch, cutlets. Such food is enough on long and it nourishing.
I see in each bank advertizing of Western Union or Money Gram here. You can use them?

Letter 24

I offer:
1. to receive the international passport.
2. tourist visa so far.
I will arrive to you on a visit at first.
We will be able to confirm our serious intentions when I do a bridal visa.

Letter 25

My friend says that didn't meet fraud in Western Union never.
Probably my small city has no such crime. It is good.
I am very grateful to you for money.
I came back home and bought sausage, cheese and tomato juice. I drink tomato juice now. Tomorrow morning I will have a tasty breakfast, I will make sandwiches and I will take in school.
Tomorrow I will buy good products.
Thanks my honey. You rescue me from hungry life!!!

Letter 26

My dear, my work comes to an end in the middle of June. I think that will be good to meet in the summer.
What do you think?
Yes, I bought fresh products today.
I will cook a green borsch with a sorrel.
I bought a fresh chicken for a green borsch.
Thank you darling for money.
I received two helps from you.
Also I could pay a little money for rent of the apartment.
I pay $250 a month. Also I have already a debt in three months. Therefore the hostess was delighted when I brought her $100 today.
Thanks, my honey. Without your help I could be lost.

Letter 27

I was glad to speak with you too.
This happiness for me.
Such imposing man. It is a great luck for me that I met you.
Your surprise today it is pleasant for me!!!!

Letter 28

It isn't necessary to worry, honey!!!!
I was simply occupied. Excuse me.
I prepare for school. My person behind a mask of.
I without make-up.
Also I am going to go to a shower.
You will forgive me if we aren't Skype today?
I want to kiss your lips.
They looked so tasty yesterday!!!!!

Letter 29

Yes, darling.
I will be able to buy fresh products at the fair prices, you are right.
I need meat, fish, dairy products.
I am very grateful to you.
I called in help service of my bank.
And explained to me that it is swift payment and I have to provide you such data.
My address: Ukraine, Kherson, 73021, Patton Street 13, apartment 182

The address of bank can be specified the such: Kherson, Ushakov Street 43.

Letter 30

Yes, darling, I make investigation too.
I spoke with the friend. He works in travel agency.
And he told a lot of the interesting.
The visa needs to be received by means of travel agency. It is a little more expensive. But without efforts.
If to carry out standard procedure through embassy, it yields only problems and negative result.
The travel agency assumes these efforts.

Letter 31

Darling, I had good easy day today.
Then I went for fair and bought good healthy products.
Eggs, the second, chicken, fish, vegetables.
I bought fruit. Very much I missed fruit. Coffee, tea and sugar.
My bags were big and I could inform hardly them home.

Letter 32

Darling, you said that you want to present me something on March 8.
I can ask for you these boots?
I checked on the site. They can be paid with the Visa card.
It is a genuine leather and very fashion brand.
What price boots in England have? It probably is much more expensive, than in Ukraine.

Letter 33

My darling, I understood you.
Forgive for my request. You make to me gifts. I have to understand that you have own expenses.
unfortunately, boots aren't subject to repair.
Simply I dreamed of such boots always. Also I wanted to hope that you will want to present them to me.
forgive me.
You have sensible mind.
I am very pensive and romantic.
Probably this bouquet for February 14 cost much? How many he cost?
Excuse darling, the Internet works with breaks.
Salary don't pay still.

Letter 34

Oho, it is expensive.
Thank you darling.
I so considered that it just the cost of boots.
I could put on a short skirt, boots and to make charming photos for you!
And my smile will be solar too.
I love you very strongly.

Letter 35

My love, i'm ok.
I put phone on charging. Also I forgot to include a sound. forgive, my darling.
Don't worry.
Yes, we will talk in the second half of day tomorrow. I promise you, honey.

Letter 36

Darling, thanks for your understanding.
Sometimes I am tired, sometimes I scattered. And it is a shame to me that you wait for Skype, but your Maria disappoints you.
Yes, darling, I will prepare all necessary documents for the international passport and the visa. Simply still I wait for money. Probably they will come tomorrow.
I very much want to process documents. Then I understand that to you became closer.

Letter 37

I received money. Thank you.
Tomorrow I will try to begin registration of the international passport.
Yes, the song is fine!

Letter 38

Yes, darling.
I began registration of my international passport today.
Therefore came back home so late.
I remembered that you asked about my school.
I forgot to tell you.
My school is school garden with profound studying of subjects.
Therefore we have no number.
I could translate the name badly.
At my school about 30 teachers. Perhaps 40, I find it difficult to answer.

Letter 39

My darling!!!!!!
Forgive me.
I had very serious problems with the Internet. Accident at station. I decided to go to the Internet - cafe today to write to you. I know that you worry very strongly. And my silence kills you.
And the miracle occurred.
I have the Internet now.

Letter 40

I have lessons in the second half of day today. In school there takes place conference for employees of library.
My honey, you become angry about me.
Forgive please.
I called in service the Internet every day and they promised that the Internet will be repaired. Therefore I didn't go to an Internet cafe. Also I abuse myself for it.
When there was an Internet, these photos of an eclipse were everywhere in news. Therefore I told you.
At school probably 36-38 teachers. I never considered. And I really don't know, how many teachers.
Name of school: School garden with profound studying of profile subjects.
Well, forgive me please.
Probably you are right, I very frivolous. You can abuse me. I will improve.
I will have Skype with you surely!!
I will make a photo in boots. They new and beautiful. I prepared beautiful shorts for these boots. Thanks my loved for such wonderful gift.
I will make the international passport. And if you want, I will send you the copy.
I am afraid to lose your trust and you.
You are sense of my life.
My new phone.
I am afraid to give it in hands to the friend when it does a photo.
It doing a photo on the phone and I am quiet that it won't drop my phone.
I make thrifty use of your gift. I can make a photo with phone if you think that I have no it.
Concerning a salary it is a lie.
You can find in the Internet information on strikes in December. Then teachers from our shokla went to Kiev too.
Vacation is cancelled. It is the truth.
Black list on Elena.
I didn't even attach it significance.
I don't respond men to their letters after our acquaintance for a long time. The site Elena sent me the letter with the prevention that men complain of my silence. I had to remove the questionnaire or continue communication. I didn't turn on this attention. They wrote that bring me in a black list for the bad attitude towards men. I ignored it. I thought that it is unimportant for us.
My darling, I am concerned by your letter.
I met you, the good man with whom it is in love and I want to live life with you. If you throw me, I won't be able to trust anybody more. My heart was broken once. I am afraid that it will repeat again.
You became my meaning of life.
I can't lose you.
Forgive me, please.
I love you very strongly and I will be the good girl. I scattered and inattentive. And you have full authority to become angry about me.
But in my words there is no lie.
I didn't deceive you never.
I hope that you won't leave me. Because it will be strong blow for me.
Your Maria.

Letter 41

Good evening darling.
I hope that you don't become angry about me.
I hope that could melt ice on your heart.
I have to tell that extension of vacation this senseless decision.
Today there were very few pupils.
And weather very windy. Probably parents regretted the children and left them at home.
Write to me, please.


Letter 42

My darling.
My phone was in the silent mode. I disconnect a sound at school always. And often I forget to include his houses. It is sometimes good because parents of pupils call much. I can have a rest.
Darling, I want to be beautiful for you. I can't will appear without make-up before you now. After a marriage I will be able to be without make-up with you. But now I have no on this right.
I love you very strongly.
You are right. These are simple questions. I can answer them with ease. simply I forget.
I can make a photo for you with ease. Because it is very simple to do a photo for the beloved it.
Forgive that I forced you to be nervous.
I more than it won't do never.
I value our relations. I value you.
You are necessary to me as air!!!!

Letter 43

Darling, forgive that I didn't come to Skype today.
I hope to restore a throat in two days. I watch a weather forecast. On Thursday weather has to be adjusted. And for Easter we will have sunny and warm weather. I want to trust in it.
We will meet in Skype surely before my departure to mother.
I promise.
Yes, information on phone from school.
Tomorrow we will stay at home too.
On Thursday it is already necessary to come back.
I read on the Internet that some Kherson schools will have vacation till Tuesday.
I am not sure that our director will agree to it.
He doesn't love when we skip lessons.

Letter 44

Oh, I like your garden!!!!!
beautiful flowers will be.
I want to take part in it!!!
Darling, I am intrigued. What did you decide to present to me for May 2?
I am intrigued!!! I am very curious.
I wanted to ask for you these sandals.
They had an action only one day because my size was the last couple. And I ordered them at a discount 50%. But now I have to refuse because you prepared for me a gift.
Eh, it is a pity.
It there are only $50.

Letter 45

Hello honey.
How are you?
Probably you missed. I here. I already came from work.
Yesterday there was an accident on a power line. This accident was eliminated and the electric power returned in the evening, but the Internet didn't work all day.
Forgive that you missed me.
I apologize.
Yes, Monday was day off. On May 2 it is considered a holiday too. And it got on Saturday. therefore Monday was declared in the day off.
My darling, don't become angry about me. It is a lot of vanity it was valid. And I scattered, when mother nearby.
Forgive please that I didn't send you a news from me. I didn't expect that day will fly by so quickly. I love you very strongly!!!! You shouldn't doubt!
By the way, pie very tasty. thanks, my love.

Letter 46

Now I read your letter and was upset. You are very strict to me!
I hope that your health is good.
It is a bad sign when the man counts the money spent for the girl. It disappointed me.
Sorry, if I didn't answer your questions.
I don't get paid still. It wasn't better. Simply I didn't complain. I lead tutorial lessons and it helps me to buy products. But I couldn't pay rent of the apartment.
I don't know about a situation with a salary before release.
With such disturbing situation here it isn't known.
The photo of my mother is in the village.
Mother doesn't want that I used her photo. It is superstitious. I respect her desire.
I can not answer some questions or not make video of the apartment. I can forget about it. I can not manage to make it.
I could have certain reasons not to do it.
I had time yesterday, a fresh make-up, inspiration and I made video for you. Skype it is already boring. There is no variety. The photo or video is more interesting, they can be looked many times.
Yes, our relations are important! You are right. Yes, I can watch an Eurovision. Together with my neigbour. Really I didn't deserve a little rest?
Our relations are important. But mistrust and claims kill them!
Very sadly.
If I become your wife, it will be despotism in our family? It frightens me.

Letter 47

I forgot to write about the visa.
Process of registration proceeds. I will call tomorrow.
My agent says that war became the reason of such long registration. Each client is checked in embassy very carefully. Because many people try to leave Ukraine in present conditions. And departure is limited.

Letter 48

I am disturbed very much by your health.
What do doctors speak?
Pulmonary infection it is serious.
I thought that you got normal flu.
I worry.
Dear Tim, I won't justify.
I simply want to tell that I have identity. Probably it is unclear for you.
These are my qualities which baffle you. I can't change. I such what is.
I don't love monitoring and reproaches.
We shall respect space of each other and be reconciled about shortcomings.
It is true love.

Letter 49

Hello dear Tim.
Than you are pleased by Friday? Any news?
Thanks darling. Unfortunately, I can't wait for money.
The hostess demands payment.
I will work in night club since Monday. I hope to receive advance and to pay for rent of the apartment.
I will be a waitress.
I am compelled to take over this work.
The friend invites me to a beach. Water still cold, but sun already good. It is possible to sunbathe and it is necessary to be careful. It is possible to burn skin.
By the way, my skin is very sensitive to the sun. I have to smear shoulders with sunblock cream.
Where my man? I need to apply cream on a back.
What plans for the weekend?
Your Maria.

Letter 50

Good morning my darling.
I have coffee now and I dream of you.
Yes, I went to a beach near the Dnieper River. It here in the city.
Yes, the visa is late very strongly.
Perhaps I should go in cues to embassy for examination.
I have no news about it.
Tomorrow my first working exit in night club.
Wish me good luck.
P.S. money didn't come to the bank account. And I think that won't come. It is a pity.

Letter 51

Darling, I didn't receive money. They returned back to you. You have to take away them.
The money transfer was incomplete therefore there was some mistake.
In bank say that such problem with Western Union became very frequent. Threat to terrorism and they block money.
They advise to use Money Gram. It is better and more reliable.

Letter 52

Oh, darling.
You try for me.
I very much appreciate it.
This some bad luck.
I told me in bank that threat of terrorism and Western Union blocks money much now.
It is unclear Swift for employees of bank. Everything had to pass well.
I ask you last time. Money Gram. It works very well and reliably.
I worked tonight. I hate this night club and this work.
Forgive for efforts because of me.
I love you very strongly.

Letter 53

Darling, I decided to refuse work in night club.
I will wait for your help through Money Gram.
I believe that at us it will turn out.
my honey will rescue Maria.
if it is honest, I can't sustain in that night club more.
Today there was very difficult night, it is a lot of beaten ware. The director forced to pay waiters and the bartender for damage.
It is unfair!!!!

Letter 54

Darling, you is right. I can sleep now!!!!
I had fine rest.
I received only 20 USD. I will be able to buy some products. The director left other money as proof of the broken ware. Therefore I left this work. It is so possible to work for free infinitely and. Always there will be a reason for which won't pay you.
I very much hope for you.
Don't worry, I was told in bank that Money Gram it is very reliable. Also there are no chances that someone another will receive this money. And Western Union too excludes such opportunity. It is possible not to be afraid of theft.

Letter 55

My sweetheart.
The Internet didn't work yesterday and today. There was a gap on the line. And just now rectified this fault.
How my honey today?
My photo today.
Any news about money?
Yes, my last working week at school. I am very glad!!!

Letter 56

Tim, I was tired of your suspicions.
In Western Union I was told that you sponsor terrorism in Ukraine.
I have to believe in it too?
In bank I was told that you didn't send to swift the translation never. But I continued to trust you. I can't think that you deceive me when to me it is so bad.
My visa finishes the registration in a weekend. And I receive it. I wanted to invite you on a visit if the visa isn't issued. But it finishes the process.
I don't know, what information and where you take it. But it is unclear to me.
But I was really tired.
I don't represent as it is possible to build a family with you if you have mania of prosecution.
In what fraud?
I am the real girl whom you saw in Skype.
I won't answer your questions.
I don't want.
I have advantage.