Scam letter(s) from Anna Polownikowa to Cesare (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello !
It's Anna. I am happy to receive your letter and to begin communication with you. I'll be glad if you send me your photo. How are you? I hope that you are ok! I feel well and i'm writing you with pleasure, i like to communicate with people. I think that you ask yourself why i decided to write you, may be because i'm disapointed by men here. I have heard about people who found their happiness far from the place where they live. I want to find a man for serious relations.
I want to create a good and strong family. That's why i decided to try, i don't know what it gives me in future. I have never been married and i don't have children. Frankly speaking i am novic at this kind of communication. I would like to tell you about myself. I was born 12 July 1985. I live in the city Pushkino, in Moscow region, not far from Moscow. My height is 168 cm, my weight is 55 kg. I am not sure how much it is in inches and pounds but i hope you'll understand me. I work as a nurse in the hospital. I like my work. I'm happy when people recover. I help them to recover, to feel better. Do you know how it's wonderful to understand that you help people? Sometimes when i have a bad humour, i come to work, help patients and humour becomes better. Now i want to tell about the place i live. I live alone in one-room flat not far from the center of the town. I don't know if you have heard about my town. As for me I like it very much, it's very nice but i'm sad that i have not met a good man here. I like to walk around the town in my free time or go to the cinema. Sometimes i walk in the parc or go to the cafe. I also like to read books, especially i like russian poetry. And i also read detective stories. Please tell me about your favourite sports. I go in for sports but unfortunately i don't have enough time for it. Usually i go in the swimming pool or play volleyball or tennis. Do you like picnics in open air? As for me i like it very much. I prefer active lifestyle. I am very gay and frank. I like just, kind and sencere people. Well, tell me more about yourself, i would like to learn more about the place you live. Please, tell me what you do for fun, what are your favourite entertainments.
Tell me everything about yourself. I want to know more about you because knowing each other better we can become closer to each other.
You may ask me everything you wish. I finish my letter here and will wait for your reply.
Your new friend Anna.
Letter 2
Hello !!!
Thank you for your letter, i'm happy to receive it. How are you? I'm fine. Well, i would like to tell you about my job. I work in the hospital, in the therapeutic department. As i wrote you, i work as a nurse, i like to help people and it helps me to feel a bit independent. I can't say that my job gives me much money but it's enough for living. Living in Russia isn't good and it's difficult to do it there. I think that it's because of bad economics, in some parts of the country the level of life is high and in another parts it's very low. Unfortunately I can not communicate with you on FACEBOOK and SKYPE because I do not have PCs. I have access to the Internet only with my work and internet cafes, and there it can be done. So I ask you to communicate E-mail. I think you want to know from what place i am writing you. I do it from my work, it's very convenient for me, of course i have a coputer and modem at home but my computer is broken now and it will be repaired in 3 weeks. I know English rather well, i learnt it in the institute. I like languages and would like more of them. I will try to write my letters that you could understand me. As for me, i understand your letters very well. Well, i began to speak about the working day and i want you to tell me more about your working day, it will be wonderful to learn more about you. My working day is usual. I get up at 6.30, take a shower, then make breakfast and gather my things to go at work. I take a public transportation to get to my work. And i'm at work at about 7.30. Till 6 p.m i'm at work.
After it i go home, have supper. In the evening i do some works about the house or visit my friends. You can see that i have an ordinary working day. What is the weather like in the place you live? As for the weather in our country it's very different. It can be very warm and cold. But i think you don't have so cold days as we have. It'll be interesting for me to know more about the place you live. If you are not against, i would like to tell you about men here. I don't know what happens with men here but i know exactly that they drink a lot and can't consider women in the right way. I don't have a boyfriend now. I had some relations with men but it wasn't long and serious.
Then i had a man with whom i was six months. At the beginning he was offering me different gifts, i had everythig: flowers and chocolates every day. It seemed to me that i was the happiest woman in the world.
But then when i learnt him better, i understood that he wasn't a man with whom i wanted to spend my life and to build a family. He deceived me, was unfaithful to me with my friend. It was 3 years ago and i don't want to remember it. Excuse me but i don't want you to ask me about it. I write only you and hope that you too. We should be very sencere to each other if we want to have serious relations. Some time ago, my friend and i went to have a rest abroad. We traveled in Turkey. I liked this place, there i saw a new culture, another people and i was impressed by everything in this country. We were getting sun-tant, swimming in the sea, it was wonderful! What is your favourite film? I like "The city of angels" but my favourite film is "Brave Heart", i also like "Avatar". I like to go to the cinema. Do you like to go to the cinema? As for music, i can listen to classic and sometimes popular music or rock, i also like romantic music. And what's about you? Can you tell me about your favourite dish? As for me, i prefer pancakes. I like russian dishes, do you know some of them? I also like salads, ice-cream and pizza. I finish here. I hope to receive your letter soon and i'll answer you with pleasure.
Your Anna.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear .
How are you? Every day we begin to learn more about each other and it's interesting and wonderful for me, i like your e-mails. These days i'm bored a little bit, there are no joyful things around me and your e-mail is like the ray of the sun for me . Your letters help me gradually to understand you as a person. I want to tell you more about myself. I am a very impressionable person, i don't like when somebody cries at me, i can't stand it. When i am sad i try to be closer to my friends, by this way i raise my humour. I try to be aware of news that happens in the world. I don't like cloudy weather, i become sad and melancholy because of it. I prefer sunny days and the blue sky, grass and flowers. I adore to be in picturesque places, walk barefoot on grass. I like to swim on boat, swim and get brown. I also like to sit near the bonfire under the evening sky full of stars in the circle of my friends. Of course i prefer active lifestyle. I write only you and i hope you too. We should be extremely sincere to each other if we want to find serious relations. My town is not big. I like my town very much but i can't understand why i didn't manage to meet a man who could really love me and with whom i could spend my life. I am looking for a man for long relations but without success. In my country men can't understand women in different ways and it makes me sad that's why i am looking a person through the internet. I have heard about many happy people who found each other through the internet and i hope to become one of them. I think that letters will help us to learn more about each other and one day we can meet. I hope that we'll make our dreams real. I live alone but i think it's not good, every person must find his/her love. I am sure that we'll find it. I finish here and will wait for your letter. Please write me as you can. I will wait for your letter with impatience.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 4

Hi dear!
How are you? I was hoping to see today a letter from you.
Unfortunately you did not tweeted yet. I hope you write to me soon.
I'll wait for your letter. Your Anna!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Cesare.
Thank you very much for your letter, you can't imagine how i'm happy to have it. We communicate with you not so long but i feel that you are becoming closer to me. And I begin to wait for your letters. I want to communicate with you in any time and more often that's why i want to give you my telephone number +79577601551 that you can phone me and we can speak with each other and i could hear your voice. Do you like this idea? Now i'll wait for your call. I want our communication to be continued and i would like to know you as close as it's possible. I want to know everything about you. What do you like and dislike? I like people that can take care of me and help me in difficult situations. I like clever, kind and honest people. I value good relations and hate rude and angry persons. I like animals, especially cats and dogs. I do not like lie and when someone is lying.
I hate people who do bad to my family. I do not like when I am used in personal gain, I do not like when I'm forced to do what I do not like.
Well i should say that i like you because you are so kind and very attentive with me. Do you have a lot of friends that you can trust fully? I have a lot of acquaintances but few real friends. I can believe only them and tell about my secrets. I want to tell you about my family. I have never written you about my family because it's very painful for me. Before i lived in the town Grozniy, in Chechenskaya Republic. You have probably heard about this town, it's difficult to remember about that time but our relations should be sinere. I must tell you about it, although it's not easy for me. It was in 1997. My house was attacked by bandits and they killed my mom and dad when I was 12 years old. I really lost my parents early. Then there was the war. And gunmen killed civilians for the fact they helped Russian soldiers. They frightened people in such way. And they came to my house. After that I could not live there anymore. I think it was a miracle that I was able to hide and I was not killed. In our house there was a storeroom where I hid. Bandits killed my parents and went away. When I left my shelter I saw my parents. I was hysterical. When I was able to calm down, I went to my aunt in Pushkino, she died 3 years ago. My aunt had a heart attack, doctors were unable to help her and she died. I am so grateful that she helped me to get an education.
Otherwise, I could not pay for apartment and I would not have enough money to stay. And of course I'm grateful to my parents who helped me to come into this world. It's so awful that I have no brothers or sisters. It would be easier for me if I had brothers or sisters. And now I'm alone. I have no relatives. So i found myself in Pushkino. I am very glad that I met you. I've never met a man like you before. As i wrote you earlier men don't value women here, they are rude and they are not interested in real love. My last man offended me very much. He was unfaithful to me and asked me to take a credit wich he didn't want to pay. I hope that all my failures will finish and i'll find a good man with whom i'll have a real family. May be it's you, mear Cesare , i finish here and will wait for your reply.
Sincerely yours Anna.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Cesare.
Thank you for your new letter, it always does my day brighter and i love reading your letters. May i call you dear Cesare? You can also may call me as you want but not rude. I hope you are not against if i call you like this, i like you very much and i have never heard so many kind words before. I'm so happy and greatful that we found each other through the internet. I ike you very much and i hope that we'll be together. Every letter makes us closer to each other. May be ... I hope that we'll find our love and happiness. I need in it, i feel very lonly but i don't want to be single. I'm so sad that we are far from each other but we are together in our thoughts. I mean when i'm writing you a letter. I wait our communication by phone with impatience. Well, my dear, yesterday i spoke with my my friend and she told me the most unpleasant news. It seems that my teriff plan doesn't allow me to receive and do calls abroad. She has already had problems with it. I was waiting for your call the whole evening yesterday.
Don't worry, i have foud the decision of this problem, send me your telephone number and i can call you from my friend as soon as it's possible. And finally we could hear our voices.
Tell me what you do at weekends. As for me, first of all i do the cleaning around the flat. Then i go to my friend Olga. We think what to do during the day. Usually we go for a walk around the town. If we go for a walk, we go in our favourite cafe where we always spend time.
Also at weekends i like to go for a walk in the parc. I like to do it very much. I also like to go to the cinema. But sometimes i stay at home in front of TV. What channels do you like to watch? I like to watch cognitive channels like "Discovery" or "Animal Planet". I like historical channels too. I would like to ask you about your character.
Tell me how your friends and relatives would characterize you. Only don't write yourself. I want your friends or relatives to answer it.
As for me my friends characterized me like this: kind, Soft (but not always), sometimes a little silly, but usually enough smart, loving, romantic, honest, and I expect it from others, open, dreamy, carful. I hope that you will love me like that. I hope we'll know each other better through each letter. I would liko to walk with you on the beach in future. I love the sun, water and sand. May be? What do you think?
Well, here I am dreaming again. I hope that our relationship will be more serious, I hope so. I must go now and i'll wait for your nice letter tomorrow, dear Cesare , kiss you with tenderness.
Your beautiful Anna.
Letter 7
Hello my dear!
I'm always happy when you write letters to me. How are you? I'm all right, now I'm at work. I had the opportunity to write you a letter. I am very glad to have met you. Please write letters to me more often.
Now I finish my letter and look forward to your reply! Your Anna!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Cesare.
I have just received access to the computer and checked post at once, and i am happy to have your letter. My humour always raises when i read your letters. I reread them with pleasure. I would like to tell you that i am fond of communicating with you very much. You are a very interesting person and i have always dreamed to find so interesting, clever and kind man as you. I think many women would be happy with you and i'm glad that you write me. I would like to tell you that i'm happy to find a man with whom i can communicate so easily. You became a part of my life i think constantly about you. I think how you feel, if you are ok. I always pray for you. Please tell me about your day.
Ma day was as usual. Today i was at work and was and thoyght about you. My friend asked me why i was so happy. She saw that i was smiling. I told her about our communication but she answered that it seemed impossible for her, how i could communicate with a person i had never seen. I told her that you wrote me a lot of sweety words et when i communicated with you i felt that it was easy for me as we know each other very long. She was glad for me and then said to me that she envied. You know that i should find a true man that i can believe him, share everything with him and spend good time in happiness with him. I don't know why but it's easy for me to communicate with you. As i know you for a long time. It's wonderful. May be you are my second part? I kiss you with tenderness, my dear Cesare. I wait for your letter with impatience.
Your excellent Anna.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Cesare.
How are you? I think about you all the day. We are far from each other now but i know that in the world there is one person, he is so sweet, careful, it's you my dear. I told about you and our letters with my friend. She thinks that you are a good man and i agree with her. She is so happy that we found each other, she is happy for me, she said that she hadn't seen me so happy for a long time. I am in a wonderful humour today and hope that you too, am i right? Today i will go to my friend's birthday. I send you my photo with her. I think that there will be her clse people and we will spend wonderful time. My friend's name is Olga. She is my best friend and we like to spend free time together. I have known her for a long time. I feel that we know each other all our life. We like to go for a walk or to the cinema, we can stay at home, talk about different things and drink tea. I think that i wrote you about her. My dear i miss you very much and i like you. I hope that my feelings in your side is becoming more and more with every day. Now my heart is only for you. I want to believe that we were created for each other. I kiss you very much and will wait for your letter with impatience.
Forever your Anna.
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Cesare.
How did you spend your envening yesterday? I hope you do not get bored! I'de like to tell you about my friend's birthday. There were her parents and friends and of course I on her birthday party. It was a quiet holiday and was similar to the family dinner. I drank some wine yesterday, I hope you are not against of it. One way or anther it was rather funny and interesting, i don't like noisy celebration. We talked a lot, i was asked about my private life and what i was now. I told about you, that you are writing me the sweetest letters and that i feel now we are very close to each other. They told me that i am very happy and i agreed with it. When i came home, i thought about you and it would be wonderful if we were together and how we looked together. I think we'll be an ideal pair. What do you think about it?
I think that love, trust and mutual understanding are the most important things in life. I hope you understand me and you will love me. I hope we'll be happy together and we'll love each other. I thought and understood that i love you, yes i think i love you Cesare, what do you feel? I love you because you are kind, responsive, decided, know the sense of life, clever, faithful, you will always love your wife and never deceive her. You are a merry and active man.
You are not similar to others, you are romantic and i saw it when i read your letters. I know that it's probably early for love but i feel it, i think about you all the time and think how it will be wonderful to embrace and kiss you, have you had such thoughts? I was looking for a man with whom i could share my life, secrets and apprehensions, whom will love me forever, i think that man is you Cesare, do you agree? I hope we could share our life with each other, our secrets and apprehensions, tell everything to each other, it would be great. I love you and i think we could be the best pair in the world, i think when we are really together i'll be the happiest woman in the world. I would go anywhere to be with the man who really loves me and whom i love with all my heart and who loves me and takes care of me, i'll be happy to create a god family with this person. I think you are that person i dreamed all my life, you are so kind and tender, you are so handsome and i dream to spend our lives together. I think about you and put questions what you are doing now, i'm sad that we are far from each other, and i think it'll be easier that we could meet sometimes, you know it'll be great to meet with you really. I'm sure you think about the same things, don't you? I think we were born to be together.
I'de like to come to you very much. All the more so here in Russia, I was nothing keeps. Here i don't have anybody. It's sad we are far from each other and we can communicate only through the internet, we should meet personally to make our relations real. I know we can write million letters to each other but the distance will be the same, i don't want that everything goes in this way, i think we must do something that this distance dissapears and i don't want us to be only friends by correspondence. I wuld like to see where and how you live, who surrounds you, what people are with you. It'll help us to become close to each other, i dream only about it. I kiss you with love and wait for your reply with impatience.
Forever your Anna.
Letter 11
My love .
I write you again, my love. You are the whole world for me and i want to be with you. I want fell you, see your eyes, feel your kisses and embraces. I really need in you. Now every day is boring without you and i'll become happy if we are together. I dream to go for a walk with you. You will take my hand and will embrace me. We will spend romantic time together. Please my love say me that you want it and i will be with you. I think that destiny gave us a chance for happiness and love and we should use it. If you tell me yes, i will learn what i need to come to you, my love. I've decided that i want to come to you. I think it wll be wonderful if we meet. I'll be very happy to come to you. I want to know your opinion. Do you want that i come? Can you receive me in your house? I hope that very soon we'll be together. I'll wait your letter with pleasure. Kiss you.
Your love Anna.
Letter 12
Hi my dear Cesare!
i'm happy to see your e-mail. I'm glad to know that you also want to meet and have desire to see me and to spend time with me. I think that in our future letters we can discuss our meeting more detailed and to settle time and place to do it. I want to tell you, my dear, it's very pleasant for woman to be convinced that there is a man that waits for her and wants to embrace her in his hands. Such thoughts influence the woman's opinion and behaviour, that's why thank you , Cesare, that you gave me to feel it. What thoughts do you have about the day we'll meet? Write me about it, please. My dear i have a lot of ideas how we can spend time together. I will also prepare you some suprises and i think you'll be pleased by them. You should know that when you are in my hands, you couldn't free yourself soon from my embraces, now i won't write about the things i'll do with you but you'll remember them for long time!!! I'm a little bit excited and yesterday i fell asleep with difficulty, i thought about our meeting. It's a joyful event for me and i'm full of emotions such as agitation, impatience and expectation of this day. You brought a lot of emotions in my life Cesare, and it's difficult to cope with them but i can say it's pleasant and gave a new incitement and aim for life. I think, dear, that we should organise our meeting without difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange about my holidays at work to have some weeks. Cesare, and does your job allow you to have any free time? May be you have an intensive schedule of work and can't leave your work. In this case i could come to you for several days, and it's not a problem for me to make a long journey if it's comfortable for you and won't creat any inconveniences, Cesare, than let's choose this way. It's better for me because i can see how you live, to meet with your friends, you can show me your city and your favourite places and if it's necessary you can go to work. Write me your opinion, my dear. If it's good for you, i'll begin to prepare for journey. Now i finish my letter and will wait for your e-mail. Sweet kisses!
Your Anna.
Letter 13
Hi, my love!
It's so nice to read these words, i'm so happy that you are ready to receive me in your house. Thank you that you trust me, my dear.
Cesare, i want to tell you that in my last letter i wanted to verify your relation to me, if you treat me seriously. Excuse me for it my love but you should understand me. It was so important to know if you received me or not in your house. If you insisted on meeting in the hotel or in another place, i would think that you want to receive me in your house and may be you have a wife or you are not enough serious to me and it's only for fun. It was small verification and precaution. I have heard that many people get acquainted through the internet only to have *** with a new person and not for serious relations. Now i am sure in your intentions Cesare, and i'm happy that you are the person that i really want to meet! My love, i'll come to you with pleasure to spend wonderful time with you. I love you very much and think that it would be great to come to you. Only the real meeting will allow us to understand each other and we'll be closer to each other, i think it's impossible to do it through letters. The meeting will be one million better than letters. I feel the happiest woman and so glad that we found each other. My love Cesare, i want to see you, feel your kisses, look at your eyes. I hope that my dreams will realize soon. These days i am going to visit travel agency and to get information about my arrival to you. I'll tell you all details in my next e-mail. Please write me as you can. Kiss you with love.
Your love Anna.
Letter 14
Hello my love, Cesare!!!
How are you? I'm ok. What is the weather like today? Our weather is magical because it;s very warm in our town that's why i like it very about summer. much. I like warm weather very much. The sun is shining brightly today, the warm wind is blowing and that's why i like to feel the touch of the warm wind on my face and on my body. You are not close to me but i want to feel the touch of your hands on my face. I want you to caress my hair, to ****** my body and to kiss my lips. I think that my dreams will realize when we can meet with you, my love.
What do you think about it? I always think about our future meeting with you, my love. I think that our meeting will be as in fairy-tale.
Do you agree with me? Sometimes i want to embrace and kiss you, to touch you but you are far from me, but i would like to do it so much!!! I think that i've found the man that i need that will always understand me and take care of me and this person is you!!! 'm grateful the fate that i met you, my love!!! I always ask myself when our meeting becomes real. And now i ask you, my love, What do you think about our meeting? Would you like to feel my sweet kisses and my passionate embraces from my love heart? I dream about the day i can feel your hot kisses and embraces. Sometimes at night i see your kisses and strong and passionate embraces but when i wake up you are not with me. I become so sad at this moment!!! Would you like to be with me, my love? But now i Should finish and go but i continue to think about you, my love! Remember that i love you!!!
Your Anna !

P.S. I have some news for you Cesare. Today i've called in the travel agency, they said that they will help me to receive visa in your country. The agent suggested me to come tomorrow and to discuss everything. I hope, my love, everything will be ok. I worry a little bit but i have a strong intention to meet with you, my dear! That's why any difficulties don't stop me.
Letter 15
Hi, my dear!
I'm happy to welcome you again and i'm waiting with impatience the day i can tell you hello personnally. Thank you for your letter.
Cesare , my day was intensive and i'm very tired. I have been in the travel agency today. There i had a talk with the travel manager who deals with the registration of documents for different trips. I asked her to explain me how it would be easier to travel in your country. She told me that the easiest way for me is to travel to you as a tourist. It means that i should do a touristic visa and then they could organise my arrival to you. For it it's necessary to sign a contract for the registration of documents and to gather all documents they need for preparing of my visa. I signed the contract with them, the agency will prepare all my documents for travelling, buy tickets for me and deliver me in the airport. My trvel agent needs some information to make the route of the flight, my dear, tell me your adress and the closest airport to you i should arrive. I need this information tomorrow that the agent could work out the route and sum up the cost of the travelling. Tomorrow i should pay some of money for visa and other documents. It's necessary that the agent begins to do the work. As soon as the travel agent counts the total cost, i must pay money for the tour, my tickets in the travel agency that they could book tickets for me. Visa costs 34 euros + consular tax in your embassy 100 euros. I'll need in medical insuarance 1 euro a day (30 euros for 30 days) and 150 euros for the agency facilities. In total it will be 314 euros for visa and documents. I'll pay this money tomorrow. It's a big quantity of money and these are almost all my economies. Dear, may be i'll need your help in paying for another part of travelling. Could you help me with it? I need some money, about 100 euros but i think it won't be enoughf to pay for the second part of my travelling. Cesare, could you help me to pay for my tickets to you? The sum will be known after the travel agent makes the route, i hope it won't be the problem for you and i shouldn't worry. I'll tell you about the organisation of our meeting later and now i go to have a rest because i'm very tired today. I hope that soon i could embrace you Cesare. I wait for your letter. Kiss and embrace you.
Your Anna.

P.S. Don't forget to write me your adress and the closest airport!
Letter 16
Hello my dear, my sweet Cesare!
As today is your day my dear? How is your mood, your health? I I hope all is well with you there without me? Cesare My dear, I'm sorry I was due to the fact that yesterday I wrote to you. I know that you've been waiting yesterday a letter from me, but unfortunately I had a lot of work and I just do not find free time for writing. Please forgive me me if I made you wait with my response. Know Cesare, Today when I woke up this morning, my mood was excellent and my thoughts in the morning were about you and our future meeting. I wanted to wait until today, the end of my working day and only then write you a letter, but recently I got a call from travel agency and I feel very frustrated by News, which reported to me by my agent. That's why I decided to write you this letter immediately. Cesare Please do not assume that something wrong with the design of my trip to you. I concluded with travel agency contract for preparation of documents for the visa and it's all good. Today I had a conversation with my agent and she said that she must pay for the ticket and the same. She told me that they advance will order me a ticket to you and why should I pay them money just once. She said that they can not wait, since in the next few days, my documents, they have sent to your embassy for consideration and if I do not have to book tickets, then I do not I can get a tourist visa. I must pay them, because the contract is all written. I do not know that, even do me. Today I have almost the whole day went in search of money for ticket, but I could not take money from anyone.
I even went to my Director-General and requested him to give me a salary, but he said he already paid this month and now the next salary will be current after my return. Do not even know that I do now.
Nobody wanted to help me with money. So I now ask for help from you this money. I feel ashamed in front of you because of this, but the thought of our meeting prompts me to this deed. Cesare Please do not be angry at me because of my requezt and if you be able to help me, I beg you to help me. I promise you that these will not lose your money and I'll give you the money back with my salary. I'm at a loss and I do not know where else to ask for help. So I decided appeal to you and I now only remains to hope for your trust and what you so strongly desire to meet me. Please tell me you could help me with money for tickets? I beg you not to turn away from me now and help me ok. As I said in the agency average cost of an air ticket for you 800 $ US. My love is the path cost of 2 sides and I need to immediately pay, as I come to you on a tourist visa. Okay, now I only have to wanit anxiously for the heart your answer. I will pray to God that you do not get mad at me understood my situation. My mood is very bad, but in my heart I I hope that after reading your answer to my spirits rise. Please just do not make me wait, and tell me once, ok. I will wait for a response.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
Yours and only yours Anna!
Letter 17
Hello my dear Cesare.,
I am very pleased to receive your letter. Every time I get from you letter I read it and enjoy it. I really miss you and I want be with you. If I had the money for that would do all the necessary documents and to buy tickets for the plane then immediately began preparations and in a very short time to arrive to you. I very much want to be with you my heart and soul is torn to you. But I do not have the money for that would come to you. Today I was very upset by this and wept. I am very sorry that I fell in love with a man and I can not be with him because you're so far away from me. I just can not take the money or where my friends and friends do not have this amount of money. I think that now everything depends on you. It depends on you my fortune and destiny. You are very dear to me and I can not to live without you. I miss you, your hugs. My coming to you depends from you, you are also dependent on whether we are together. If I could have I done have everything in order so that we can be together. I look forward to your response.
Your Anna.
Letter 18
Hi my love Cesare!!!
Again, I'm glad to read your letter !!! Your letters very good for me and love. Every day when I read your letter, I feel very good, I have become a good day . Your letters bring me a lot of energy. Today I woke up early and I have been thinking about you and me. How wonderful to be together. I dreamed That at most come to you and wake up every morning with the you. I could kiss you and gently wake you up front breakfast. And I hope that all my dreams come true very soon, and we are with you will be the happiest in this world. Now we have in the city weather deteriorated slightly, going Showers. The sun constantly hidden behind the clouds. I want good weather . When the weather is good, the mood immediately rises. But when the weather is like now, the mood lifts me your letters. I I love you !!! And you have no idea how much I miss you. My dear, let's arrange a meeting at our earliest.
I will look wait for your answer. Your Anna!
P.S. My dear Cesare, how can you send the money now?
I can find the rest of the money.
Letter 19

Hi my love Cesare !!
Today is a very beautiful day. The sun shines and is very hot. I really want to swim, but unfortunately I'm working, and I can not swim. Now I would like to be with you on the beach, only you and me.
We have you swam and splashed in the water. How is it fine. I very much hope that very soon we are really you can be on the beach and everything will be fine. We will be sunbathing with you, I ask you to spread my cream. And you his gentle hands will lubricate my beautiful body. This is very romantic! Do you want it? I very much want to have everything so. Then we'll go to our house, which is right on the sea, and will attach to our ****** desires in a gentle and warm I embrace you. You and I will be the crazy love night . And in the morning I'll wake up gently, and we can make love again . How do you like my proposal? I want to spend with you the most insane and happy life. And I'm sure you that you will be able to provide me a lot of love and happiness that we have lived our lives fun. Well, Now this sweet note, I'm going to finish my letter. I am very much I love you, and my love for you grows with each passing day stronger and stronger. You're my best man in the world. With love Your Anna
P.S. My dear, when you help me with arrival to you?
Letter 20
Hi my love Cesare!!!
How are you? I'm fine! The weather is beautiful. Summer the best time of the year. Since my childhood I love summer! It can be a long time go for a walk around the city, to enjoy life and forget about all problems. I love ice cream. In summer, it seems for some reason tastier than in the winter. Do you like ice cream? My dear, I want to come to you soon. I'll come to you when we will be the happy couple !!! I sometimes dream for so long That I forget about everything. I want to live in their dreams, because it is very beautiful life in dreams. Soon all my dreams will come true and we'll live with you just fine. I hope you give me help to fulfill all my dreams, for our family well-being. I miss you terribly, I do not know what to do without you.
You completely changed my life, it seems to me that before I went to the head, and after meeting with you, everything has changed. As if all fell into place and I began to walk normally)))). With you I I feel like a queen. You are my king and you always deserve my love for you. You're the most wonderful man in the world. And so my love for you grows every day. I hope that there are very a bit of time before our meeting. And then I'll be even happier !!! See you my prince! Your Anna
Letter 21
Hello my love Cesare .
I not represent any more life without you. I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! Please, to not think poorly of me, simply it overflow my feelings. I tried to find out about the ways of your help to me. I saw the advertisement of Moneygram on the TV, I asked about it, on my work and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's Moneygram.
And today I was in a bank and found out about the ways of getting money transfers, I was told that you will need to fill the form, in which you need to write my full name and my city.
My full name is - Anna Polownikowa.
First Name - Anna.
Last Name - Polownikowa.
My city is - Pushkino.
And they will give you eight-digit code, which I will need later to get the money. Also I need to know your full name, and city from which you will send the money. Hope to be with you soon. I appreciate all you do to me I love you and I miss you! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Yours love Anna.
Letter 22
Hello my dear Cesare!
Very glad to see your letter. My dear, I think you and I have time to do something for the sake of our meeting. my dear, I beg you taken seriously to my letter, because I really want to see you and I love you very much Cesare! K Besides, I hasten tour and I have to buy tickets. My dear, I write to you about what you have to do for our meeting and I ask you to answer the questions that I ask you. My dear, please tell me, did you find MoneyGram Bank? Can you tell me help this week? Cesare I really hope your help, and you must understand that I'm alone I can not organize my trip, I simply did not have enough money for that. My dear, I beg you to send me 800 $ US for the purchase of tickets. When I get the money, then we with you will not be anything in the way. We'll be together, and we will happy. Cesare Correspond with each other can be infinite, but I I want a real relationship and I want real love. So I ask you Cesare, Do not pull the time, I beg you, help me with the purchase of tickets. I Cesare I beg you, go today MoneyGram. My dear, here again my data that are necessary for you to help me.
My full name - Anna Polownikowa.
First Name - Anna.
Last Name - Polownikowa.
My address - Russia, 141202 Pushkino, Krylova Street 14, Apartment 33.
My city - Pushkino.
My country - Russia.
These data you need in the bank to you I could send me the money to buy tickets. Cesare I ask you I take my letter seriously. Our relationship must grow. We are not you can just be a couple on the Internet. We have to be together, and I am ready to fly to you and try to build a relationship with you, but I need your help for this. My dear, I hope you carefully read my letter. And they did so, as he wants your heart. And if you really love me, then we will be together no matter for what. The main thing that you wanted this for real.
Your Anna!
Letter 23
My dear, I am waiting for good news from you and I hope we will soon be together. Your Anna!
Letter 24
Hello my dear Cesare!!!
My dear, I need your help to come to you. Will you help me with money for the trip for you? How many days should I wait? How is your mood? I have a good mood today. I am in the morning I woke up again very happy, because I saw you in the back dream. It is wonderful to see you in my dreams, because I feel you in reality. And I do not want to wake up, but have to . Soon we'll be together, wondering what dreams you dream. How often do you see me in your dreams? I hope that common. Our relationships most amazing in the world. No one is talking like us you. We are ready to wait a long time, and we will soon have to reach their purpose. Our goal is meeting, and we're trying hard to meet. Oh, how I dream of meeting. I am ready now! be in your house and you have to stay forever, but unfortunately it impossible. We need all the time to wait. Waiting is killing me, this is my most unloved feeling. You can just die of boredom without you. I just save your letters. But I still do not have enough of this communication, I want to be close to you, cook for you fine Lunch, dinner and breakfast. I'm sure you'll like Russian kitchen and you'll be delighted. I'll try to cook for you the most delicious dishes. And I hope you too will be able to introduce me to your kitchen. Now I need to go. Have a nice day! With love Your Anna!
Letter 25
Hello my dear Cesare!!!
Here come the weekend. Tomorrow, June 12, Russian holiday called "Day of Russia". I have so much I will miss you. I do not even I know what I do without you. I'm used to write you letters, it is as if to go to work every day))) But never mind, I do sure our emails end soon and we will be able to normal talk to each other. It will be very beautiful.
Simply you must wait a little longer. Even though I was tired of waiting, but I do not choice. Had to endure. This week I had a very complex and busy. I had a good tired, and now is a little time rest of us dream about you. I love to dream. Maybe all my life is a dream, I do not know. But I think that when a person is dreaming, hence it is the power that can achieve all. How do you do you think? Here again, the weather becomes normal. Summer is a good time of the year. I want to come to you and be with you, I need you. How I love this time of year. To enjoy these beautiful summer days. As much as I wanted to on will come to you, to you and I were together, just you and me ! It is very great. I believe that we will soon be together. I love you !!!
See you soon! Your Anna!
Letter 26
Hello my beautiful love Cesare!
My dear, I am happy that the weekend was over, and I have this beautiful day I got your beautiful letter. How was your weekend? I hope that your weekend was perfect. My weekend went home, I did tidy apartments, and only in the evening yesterday could relax a little bit, and TV. I was always thinking about you and dreaming about our meeting. I kept dreaming about our meeting. I really want to make all our dreams come a reality as soon as possible. I know you want it too.
I very much hope that as soon as possible you will be able to help me, and finally all our dreams will come a reality, and we need no more be a dream. I love you so much. I am happy to love you, and I will always love you. It is hard to describe words, what I feel, and I want to tell you, because words can not may transfer all, but I always try to describe to you my feelings. My dear, but I will try to find the words that could convey the fullness my experiences, which arise at the very thought of you, my love. You're the one who makes me enjoy life. You are my happiness. You are in my heart, in my mind, in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my mind, in my life. I feel bad without you, sad, bored.
I very much hope that as soon as possible to do everything for you In order for us to be together. I ask you to help me as soon as possible.
I love you. Your Anna!
Letter 27
Hi my love Cesare!!!
I'm sorry I could not answer you for so long , I just have sharply deteriorated my health, and I am very much sick these days. Due to changes in the weather, I felt sick. I was treated very well and now I feel better. I just think that I was blown by the wind, and I got sick. I so much I missed you. When I was sick, I thought only of you, and I really felt better. And so this morning I woke up already in good condition and I had a good mood. But I still a little more will be treated to recover completely. Just me I wanted to write you a letter that you're not worried. I am very much I love you and I want to be with you. If we were together, I ill, I would have been able to recover sooner, because you would be able to help me. But now the disease is already behind us and we need to move forward, to solve the problem with our meeting. So I love you very much and always think of you, it helps me easier to bear separation from you. I'll wait for your letter. I miss you. Your love Anna!
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