Scam letter(s) from Kerry Richards to Harold (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, I really need you to trust me and believe me. You have to know that i haven't come this way to deceived you and i can understand that probably you have had some bad experience online and probably maybe you have heard and it is so hard for you to believe me but i swear all i have said to you is nothing but the truth and i have no reason to fake my realness to you. I have gotten so in to you which i haven't to anyone else. I really need you to believe me. and know that UNICEF is paying 30% of my bills. I really do hope you can understand and i hope to read back from you soon.. Kerry.
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Name: Lola Susan Rivera
Age: 30
Name: Angelica
Age: 22
Name: Marcia Alvarez
Age: 28
Name: Christy Jones
Age: 35
Name: Elena Shimanskaya
Age: 25
Name: Natalia Thumwood
Age: 35
Name: Yaw Antwi
Age: 21
Name: Irina Voroshilova
Age: 42
Name: Elvira Zubova
Age: 31
Name: Esther Botwe
Age: 30
Name: Anita Guei
Age: 23
Name: Maria
Age: 24
Name: Natalia Zorya
Age: 27
Name: Mercy Sol
Age: 33
Name: Elizabeth Denkyi
Age: 28