Scam Letter(s) from Valeria Andrakovskaia to Jimmy (USA)

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Letter 1

I was lucky enough to write you, please excuse me beforehand if I've disturbed or bothered you ok. The thing is that I'm tired of being alone and decided to try Internet dating! I hope that this will be a new stage in my life. So I will talk a little bit about me! I hope, that the correspondence between us will proceed,and you are interested to read my letter. I at all do not know where to begin.

Well, my name - Valeriya. I never tried to describe to someone my character in the letter.I can describe the individuality as the solar, active, frank sincere person. I the kind person though at the same time I am a proud woman.
I always appreciated sincerity, honesty and frankness. I hope you're interested, that our correspondence will proceed. In the next letter i was would like to read more about you, your way of life. I send you my photo. I hope that to you to like and we can get acquainted more.

Yours faithfully Valeriya...

Letter 2

Hello Jimmy,

To me it is very pleasant that you have paid to me attention. Thanks, that you have found minute what to answer me. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before.
It - something new and unusual to me. But I will try, write you good letters. I hope, that we will not stop on the first letters. And our correspondence will grow further in something more than simply friendship.

Now I wish to tell a little about myself. I am a usual woman who has hands, feet, main heart which is the most important. I think, that my heart is very sensitive. I will be very happy, if the distance between us is not a problem for you, and you will answer me. Please, not be too strict to my errors in words. My name is Valeriya. To me 33 years.
I was born on March, 15th. My growth of 168 centimetres. Weight of 57 kg. My favourite colour white. I not married also have no children.
You can see rumpling on a photo which I send you together with this letter.

I live in Russia. In city Novocheboksarsk. I live one. Sometimes I feel very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you. I could not find the person here. All men with whom I got acquainted, were such strange, were such severe which did not want anything except sex. I any more did not know that to me to do. But somehow time we sat with my girlfriend in cafe, sat and spoke about a life, talked how it is possible to find second half. And then my girlfriend said to me, that I can try to find the person from other country. I asked as it probably. And my girlfriend has started to speak about the Internet. That it is possible to find second half in the Internet. And for me it sounded so is tempting and so it is unusual. I thought, I very long thought of it. And I have dared to try all the same.
But I always trust in the best, simply the life has already learnt me to it.

I work as manager in small firm which is engaged in perfumery. I like my work. At us very amicable working collective. Now I will tell about the character. I simple, kind and very cheerful girl. I like to smile.
You know, it is very difficult to me to describe yourself so-so I do it for the first time. At me words and thoughts because I worry a little are confused. I am sorry, if I have done many errors. If to you something is not clear, you can ask again me. I will necessarily answer. I wish to meet second half. I hope that dialogue with you probably that that will change. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Tell to me about itself, than you are engaged? Where you work? As I very much wish to see your photo.

Your acquaintance from Russia.

PS. I will wait your photo in the following letter.

Letter 3

Hello dear Jimmy,

It is very pleasant to me to receive your answer. I have not been assured that you will answer me. But when today I have seen your letter, on my person there was a smile. And I with the big interest have read your letter.
I wish to learn you as it is possible is better. I will try to tell too as much as possible about myself. Also I will try to answer all your questions.

Age not so important question for me. More important thing for me - private world. in qualities, in beauty of the person, wisdom and how much interesting it for me. I think, that with the years the person to become only more cleverly. And it has rich life experience. I wish you to ask about one that you did not worry because of our age difference.
First of all, I wish to find such person with whom we will understand each other. I wish to find such person with whom I will be ready to get married. I want serious relations. I do not want that our correspondence interrupted because of such small problem as an age difference.

And now I wish to continue the story and I wish to tell to you even more about myself. I very much love animals. At my place there is a cat.
Its name - Pushok. It is very beautiful. Actually Pushok probably to translate - Fluffy. He very much likes to play with a thread ball.
She likes to meet me after work. Also likes to sleep at me on knees.
And you have pets? It is very interesting to me to learn it.

Now I wish to speak to you about the relation to people. I do not know even as it is possible to explain it. But I very sensual person, I very gentle and kind.
And at times I am too kind to all. It can be not correct, but I cannot change it in myself. In men I love caress and tenderness, I love when the person sympathetic cheerful and kind. I do not love dexterous and envious people. I hate, when someone is and deceives. I do not love cruelty and roughness. I am not interested in people who prefer to spend their time, drinking alcohol it is a lot of.

I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I try to answer all your questions. If I do not answer your question, mean I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write it once again. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find the unique man with whom I can go through all difficulties of a life.
Together to meet pleasure and a grief. I hope that your vital purposes are similar to mine. I send you the photo and I wish to see your photo. On it I finish the letter and with the big impatience I look forward to hearing.

Your new girlfriend

PS. I will wait your photo in the following letter.

Letter 4

Hello dear Jimmy,

Thanks for your new letter. I very much waited for your answer. How there was your day? What the interesting has occurred? With each new letter all of us learn each other more.
And me it is very pleasant that it occurs.
Each time when I receive your letter, I rejoice as the small child to a sweet candy. And I with huge pleasure start to read it.

I am very glad to receive your photo. For me so it is pleasant to see it, that you understand, that I very much wish to see your person as it is possible is more often. I very much want that you sent me your photos more often, because at you such courageous features. You such beautiful man you are not similar to one of men which I know here in Russia. You very beautiful man and for me it is a little strange, why you remained till now one and are compelled to search to yourself for the girlfriend on the Internet, I think, women in your city are blind that do not notice you. I think, if you lived in my city I think I would not pass by you when would meet you in the street. Your person instal in me confidence, that you can protect any woman from any danger. I would like, that near to me there was such person.

I very often think of a family, I think that to me so is lonely. I finish work, I come back home, and nobody meets me. Only my favourite cat Pushok. In my apartment so it is silent, that I hear the knock of heart. And at times sometimes I cry, to crying because sometimes all so is difficult and so it is not correct. As I wish to tell to you about the parents. A name of my mum Valentina. To it 54 years. Now it does not work, my mum the housewife. My daddy call Aleksandr. To it of 57 years. The daddy works as the bus driver. He very much is proud of the work. Still my father very much loves fishing. To me too very much to like to go with it, but most of all to like to go for a drive on a boat. At my daddy the big rubber boat when on it you float, you feel yourself as by the ship. I like to float with my daddy on the river when the sun only rises because of wood. My parents have made for me much, they have given me good education and have presented to me all caress and love.
I am very grateful to the parents for everything, that they do for me.
And further, when I will have children. I will try to make too most for them.

Darling Jimmy tell to me about the family with whom you live? Tell about the relatives? It is very interesting to me to learn about it.
On it I wish to finish the letter. I hope, it was interesting to you to read it.
I with impatience will wait for your letter.

Your girlfriend Valeriya.

Letter 5

Hello my most gentle friend Jimmy,

Thanks for your letter. With your letter at me it is cheered up, my day to become more brightly. I very much like your letters, I think every day that very soon you will write again to me. I am glad that in this world there is a person who thinks of you.
Tell to me as there has passed your day, tell about in what you were engaged today.

I spoke yesterday with my parents, I have told it, that have got acquainted with you. They were very glad, that I have found the person which to me it is pleasant, of which I think a lot of time. I have told, that you very interesting and kind person. It is very interesting to me that you think of me?
What do you think of my letters? I try to tell to you much about myself. But as I ask that you wrote me the big letters. That has told about the life. The darling, and you told to whom or about me? How there was their reaction?

I think that We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. I too have trusted earlier in the person, and he has deceived me. I to wish to tell to you about it. I have been madly enamoured in the person. And he only pretended to be, that loves me.
Actually it scoffed at my feelings. After that case I have decided, that I will never deceive people. I will never scoff, and to play feelings of other people.
I have decided, that all it not for me. I will not take out still such moment in a life.
I any more do not trust Russian men. I do not wish so to risk and break more to myself a life.
I wish to be simply happy and to live as the normal girl worthy happiness. I wish to be happy with the man and to spend with it all life. This person should be more senior me that it could learn me and my future children. I wait from the man of understanding, I think, that this most important thing and, certainly, big love and cares of me and our future family. I will try to make the man happy. But without its help, without its love and understanding it will make difficultly. I once again wish to test such feeling as love. I very much hope for it. Therefore I write to you. I think, that you understand my words. I would like to learn your opinion on all it.

It seems to me, that with each letter between us there is something more than friendship.
We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? On it I will finish the letter. I will wait about impatience your answer and to miss on you!!!

Your girlfriend

Letter 6

Hello my angel Jimmy,

Today I have spent all the day long houses. When I sat at home, I did not know that to me to do, than to be engaged. And then I have decided to make a house order. When I cleaned a bookcase, suddenly the book has fallen to a floor. I long looked, that it for the book, but could not understand. There there was no neither names, nor a name of the writer. And it has intrigued me. I have decided to sit down and start to read. More and more I have gone deep into reading, and at all have not noticed, how there have passed some hours. But when I have read this product as if for me some years, therefore have gone at reading, I felt, that I am absolutely in other place and time. It was such fascinating real history of one boy of Santiago. Which aspired to choose a correct way which wished to find itself in a life. And on its way always became so many obstacles so it is a lot of problems. But the most interesting that it could overcome all it and it went all forward to the purpose, to the dream.
Also there passes already a lot of time, and he at all does not know, whether it that he searches can find. He already starts to think, that all was vain, all was not correct, but there were too many problems which he could solve and the god simply should present to it its dream. This product has left very strong impression in me. And this product of known Brazilian writer Paulo Koelio "Alchemist". You already read it my darling??? I very much want, that you read it also, I think, that it will like you very much.

And now I will wait from you your the most gentle and hottest the letter. With the warmest wishes.

yours Valeriya …

Letter 7

Hello my lovely angel Jimmy,

Your letters, please me. With what mood I have come to independence of that, it to become better when I read your letters. Tell to me about how there was your day? Than you were engaged today? I hope, that at you all is good, and you had remarkable time.

Today I went to a hairdressing salon to have hair cut. Usually I am am cut by one woman.
But today it was not, and I was cut by other girl.
It was very unusual me. In the beginning not so it was pleasant. But then already at home, I have approached to a mirror, have looked, and it seemed to me, that I became more cheerful to look. I think, that business not in a hairdress. I think, that I became more cheerful than that I communicate with you! You know, when I was small. And only has started to go to school, I was cut by my mum. I remember, it so was pleasant to me. My mum very much watched me. And on it at school friends rumpling named the Woman of fashion.
And me it was very pleasant from it.

Darling Jimmy, I think that the moment has come when I would like to hear your voice. And on it I would like to ask you to write a phone number in the following letter.
I can go, and call to you from post phone. Do not worry, it will not be very expensive to me. It will be very pleasant to me to speak with you, and to hear your sweet voice.

I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I believe, that our Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could occur to us. I kiss you gently!!!

For ever yours Valeriya.

PS. Darling Jimmy, do not forget to write a phone number. I will wait from you for this information.

Letter 8

Hello my most lovely and gentle angel Jimmy,

I am very glad to receive your letter. And how there has passed your day today my darling? I very much miss on you. Tell to me more about the feelings, and that you think of me. I very much wish to learn it my darling. I have phone. But it now under repair. I have dropped it in water when erased clothes. And it does not work now. As soon as I will take away it. I will give you my number.
For now if you wish to hear my voice. I could call to you from post phone. For this purpose I need to know your telephone number.

I very often think that I so am lonely in this world. I come home, and nobody meets me. Our correspondence so means for me much. I am afraid to think forward, but I want, that you knew - for me it very seriously. But I do not wish to be more sad, I do not wish to be lonely. Now so it is healthy, that we have got acquainted with you, and we write every day each other letters. And it so warms my soul, my heart. It so is wonderful. Your letters always so are warm, and so are gentle, that so it would be desirable to embrace simply you and to feel such protected and such weak. About, my god, for some reason I now write to you so sadly. But I do not know, whence it undertook. I very tired to be lonely, and, probably, at times there is such feeling, such strong desire to be pulled out from this whirlpool.

Today I also saw the girlfriend. I told to it a little about you.
And you very much liked my girlfriend.
Sometimes we sit with the girlfriend and we speak so much, we discuss many different things.
Usually we love, to sit in cafe, to drink green tea with sweets and to talk. We always have such good conditions.

After our correspondence I long cannot fall asleep every night.
I think of you, about us. I never met the man more sincere and sensual than you. Today I still should put in order the house. Probably, now I will go. I kiss you gently my angel.

I with not patience will wait your warmest letter.
Yours for ever

Letter 9

Hello my warmest angel Jimmy,

I am madly glad to receive from you your warm and your most gentle letter. Each your word is filled by such warm solar beams. I always read your letters on some times. I read and I represent you nearby, I close eyes, I look, how you near to me sit.
These imaginations it after all so is healthy and so it is pleasant.

I thought much, and have understood, that we should meet you. I understand, that if we want with you strong relations the meeting is necessary. You with me agree? But I very much wish to arrive to you.
The darling, next week on work to me give holiday in a current of 2-3 months. And if you not against, I like to spend this time with you. I would like to visit you in your country. It is very interesting to me to learn culture of your country. Interestingly as you live. You know, that I never was outside of Russia. I very much wish to see you. The darling you is ready to accept me in the country?

I had a dream this night. Today you have dreamt me. This dream was fine, you have met me at the airport when I have arrived to you. You stood in a jacket, and in hands you had very big bouquet of a rose. On your person the dazzling smile shone. You have approached to me and have strong embraced me, and I have kissed you for the first time.
When we have left the airport, you have suggested to walk on a city and to show me sights. I have agreed, and You have started to show me your fine city. We went, talked, told different histories from a life.
We are surrounded with beautiful green avenue, we go lengthways it, then unexpectedly you pick up me on hands and start to turn with me. I laugh, and even in a dream I have felt warmth of your embraces. Then you have put me on the earth, and we have appeared the person to each other. In your eyes I saw the reflexion, reflexion of the dark blue sky. And at all have not noticed that evening, and began to darken.
You have suggested me to go to you home and to have supper with you.
When we have arrived to you, the table has been already covered. You set fire two candles and have switched off light. We sat the friend opposite to the friend and have started to eat.
We spoke and laughed.
You have included slow music and have invited me to dance. You took me for a waist, and I have compressed your neck, and we have started to dance. On this place the alarm clock has rung out. And I have woken up. This dream such was such distinct, I so did not wish to wake up.
And when I have woken up, it was very a pity to me that it was only a dream I very much would want that this dream was carried out.

I hope that you liked my dream. I will look forward your letters and a photo!!! I would want that you sent, more than the photos where you smile to me.

Yours and only yours

PS. I wish to tell at once, what I do not wish to ask you money as I think, what I can, is independent pay for ticket and all documents which are necessary for a meeting, I require only your consent, you agree to meet me??????

Letter 10

Hello my solar angel Jimmy,

I so thought today of you my darling much. I thought that you will answer me my letter.
And now, when I read it, I see that you are ready to accept me in the country. If you knew as I is glad to it. You cannot imagine at all, how many good emotions I have received after reading of your letter.
It was warm and kind! Thanks you for it! I wish to meet you as soon as possible. We can be together very happy.
Therefore I am very happy. I the happiest girl on all globe.

My darling Jimmy, I many times represented our meeting. I represented it in park, at river coast, to cinema and in many other things fine places. But most of all I love dream where we meet you at the airport.
Our short excitement before a meeting and when the plane to sit down.
And when I leave on a plane gangway.
My heart very strongly fights. It fights from expectation of a fine meeting. I go down from the plane I see you. My heart to become silent, and we go each other on a meeting.
We come nearer to each other, and I embrace and I kiss you. You take me for a hand and speak fine gentle words. We enter into the car, but we do not stop to kiss each other. When we have arrived home. I do for you an easy supper and after that we start to dance. You caress my body and in it passion and love dance, we enter into a bedroom, and we start to make love. It only was fine. We were happy.

I will wait tomorrow for yours, the fine gentle letter. I wish to be with you, I wish to feel your gentle, fine embraces and sweet kisses.
I wish to be only with you, and there is nobody another. Yours and only your love and tenderness.

Your favourite Valeriya.

Letter 11

My darling Jimmy, I am very glad to receive your letter today. We are divided with huge distance, reading your letter, I feel your care. I represent, that you sit then and cover me. I want, that it was actually, as soon as possible.

Darling Jimmy, I went to travel agency. And me have told, that for travel to you I should collect a necessary package of documents. I require the international passport, medical insurance, and the visa.
As I should go to hospital to make a copy of my medical book and to pass full medical inspection. I have concluded the contract with travel agency for registration of necessary documents. It occupies 9 - 12 days. I was very glad to this event. After all in 2 weeks we with you can already meet. I at last can embrace you. And to take you for a hand. As to me have told, that the information is required to them. It is your full address, and the nearest airport where you can meet me.
This information is necessary for that what the agency could to analyse a perceptible route of my travel to you.

I think, that this meeting is necessary to both of us. Because personal meeting can give birth between us to warmer and more gentle relations. I always in the evenings, sitting at home, look at the night sky and I search for that star at which you can look also, and, maybe, this star already pulls together us, start up a little, but it already so is wonderful. I believe that if the person very much wishes to achieve something will necessarily achieve the objective. And I will believe, that we can meet you, and we can speak about much. And now I will finish this letter. The head a little is ill me today, it is probable from weather change. Now I will go home and I will lay down to sleep. And I will think of you and how we will be together. I kiss you gently!!!

Yours it is sincere and with warm wishes Valeriya.

PS. Darling, do not forget to write your full address. This information very important.

Letter 12

Hello my dear love Jimmy,

I looked forward to hearing from you. How are you doing and how you feel? Today I thought of you, and have tried to imagine, that you do, and than are occupied. It is interesting to me to know everything, that you do.
Write to me as often, you think of me? You can write dreams?

Darling Jimmy, today I again went to travel agency. I have carried the information necessary for travel to your embraces. As I learnt, how there passes preparation for my travel. The employee of agency has told that all well. Also that very soon I can travel for a meeting with you my darling. As the employee of agency has told, that they can soon tell date, and as a route of my start to you. I am very glad to these events. I feel the happiest girl on light.

Now I should go home. As usually I have a lot of work of the house.
Houses I should erase clothes and be cleaned. Then I should prepare a potato with fried meat. In Russia it is a dish names "Zharkoe". I do not know, there is an analogue or not. It is a pity, that I can allow to try to you a potato which I prepare. It is very tasty dish. I am happy, that have met you... We soon will together. I send you one thousand, millions the most passionate and gentle kisses.

for ever Valeriya …

Letter 13

Hello my dear love Jimmy,

I as always am glad to receive from you the letter. Your letters for me are very important. It is important to me to know that with you. As you! Whether I very much worry as it should be you. I very much would want that we were a number, that we could see every day each other and could care about each other. It is very pleasant to me to feel feelings which you express me in the letter.
Favourite I so am happy, that already very soon I can speak with you and look in your eyes.

Jimmy today I have visited travel agency and have carried it the information and some papers which they asked.
They have told, that I would come tomorrow, and they will give me an approximate route and cost of the ticket of my travel to you my darling. As I have paid the first part of money for my travel. Workers of travel agency have told to me, that within several days all will is ready. Tomorrow I plan to go to travel agency to learn cost of tickets.

Favourite if you knew how I am happy, very soon we with you can already be together. You are constant in my thoughts. The darling, tell to me as there weather? I should take with myself necessary things. You know today I already has started to collect suitcases.
Only I do not know that in them to put. As tomorrow I plan to go with my mum on shops. I wish to buy to you a small gift from Russia. I hope, that you will be glad to it. Now should finish this letter. As already late and me it is time to go home.

For ever yours Valeriya

Letter 14

Hello my dear love Jimmy,

I am very glad to write to you today. Darling Jimmy, at me is very good news. Today I again went to travel agency.
To me have told, that preparation of documents goes well. As to me have given a plane route:

Moscow - Washington
Flight AF1645
The plane: Airbus
From Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport 12:55 on June, 30th To Paris,
Charles De Gaulle Intl 15:45 on June, 30th Change to Paris
1 hour of 10 minutes
Flight AF26
The plane: Boeing 777-200
Paris, Charles De Gaulle Intl 16:55 on June, 30th To Washington,
Washington Dulles Intl 19:25 on June, 30th

My tourist agent has told that Tickets to you will cost 47700 roubles.
When I have heard it, I very much was upset. Because I do not have such big money for the ticket. Understand that I have paid for the visa - 12600 roubles. Full medical inspection and life insurance - 8340 roubles. As the passport for travel abroad 10900 roubles. I would not have more money what to pay for the ticket.
Now I have 7200 roubles but it is not enough of it. I need 40500 roubles more. I thought, that you can help me. My fine Jimmy, it is very inconvenient and it is a shame for me to ask this question, but I should know. You can help to pay to me the ticket for arrival in you? I did not count, that the prices for the ticket such expensive. I have tried to find money independently and to ask mine friends borrow, but to me have given up, because they do not have such money. Thus, I can count on your help only.
Tell, you can help to become our meeting a reality?

I most of all wish to meet you my love. I live this dream. Please, do not destroy my dream.
Now I, I will go home, I will think of you my prince.

I will
wait your answer.
Kiss you.
Valeriya …

Letter 15

Hello Jimmy,

How is the weather at you? I hope that at you all well and you had remarkable time. Having read your letter, I was once again convinced of your serious intentions to me. In your plans for our future. I am glad, that now really there are no barriers to our meeting, and we soon will together. It is very grateful to you, that you do much for us, for our meeting. I promise, that I will make you the happiest man in the world. I wish to tell to you, that I love you. I wish to remain in your apartment. When I will arrive to you we with you together we will solve where I will sleep in your room or a drawing room. I hope that you understand me.

Jimmy, today, as soon as has woken up, I would go to travel agency what to learn as you can send me the help from the country. To me have told, that the most reliable way, it to take advantage of the international system of remittances. Them is much, the most popular it MoneyGramm.

I have received detailed consultation about this kind of remittances.
It quickly, conveniently, reliably.

* Each remittance is protected by modern system of safety
* the Newest electronic technology and a worldnet allows to carry out fast payments of remittances of all in some minutes after their departure
* to Send and receive a remittance it is possible in any point MoneyGramm without opening of the bank account

I think, that it approaches us. They have told, that MoneyGramm transfers the most reliable and fast way money from another the country to Russia. I can receive money in some minutes after yours transfer. It is very safe, because only I can receive this money. They have told, that the following information for this purpose is required what you could transfer money:

Name: Valeriya
Surname: Andrakovskaia
City: Novocheboksarsk
Street: Lenina
House: 9
Postal index code: 610000

To receive your transfer, I require your full information.

Confidential Number of Transfer - 8 numbers;
Your full name;
Your full: a surname;
Your full home address;
How many money you send to me.
Without this information I cannot receive this money.

The necessary sum for my travel of 40500 roubles (747 usd), I hope, you can send me them. I will go at once to travel agency. Also I will mourn over other part of the travel. Jimmy, my love to you grows every day! I very much wait for our meeting with you, my love …

Yours for ever



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