Letter(s) from Daniela Monier to Tim (USA)

Letter 1

Here are some pictures from my home in France darling Tim tender I am sincere with you and this house is in the country it belongs to my father.

Letter 2

I want you to know that it gives me such joy you can imagine ... I sincerely thank you for your message and images that make me a great pleasure, I hope to have photos of your son I am impatient. Already I feel that you and I were full of common thing seen in that we seek the same things. I am a tender woman, sincere, honest, affectionate I have lots of love, affection, tenderness gave, but in return I would receive, for you know I suffered a lot in my life.
I really believe in true love, sincere honest good men with whom one can live that love with the Great A are very rare but I truly believe. Although I would like to rebuild my life with a man with whom I shared everything and who will love me.
Happiness is discreet, The pursuit of happiness is the quest of a lifetime, memories that hurt must be destroyed without mercy; they are hiding the view overlooking the happiness that awaits us .... If the misfortune did not exist we could not enjoy the happiness and love is like a treasure but many people know me I did 'aware, I know was how wonderful it is to love and be loved and I want to love and I want to be loved too. Love is a delightful flower but we must have the courage to pick it on the edge of a precipice and we must be precise because the waves desires rarely see the light of day ... I know what I desire the more on this earth and in this life and I am precise, what I desire most is to meet the man of my life, start a family with him and live the rest of my life with him happy. When I say "This is put in the hands of the other part of yourself" I mean the Confiance.Une thing he has is that there is love and happiness: Confidence !! For me trust are the basis of true love and eternal happiness, trust is a courageous; be faithful, a sign of strength. I'm honest, generous, passionate, sensual, romantic, sweet, calm, respectful of differences. I'm not complicated.
I am passionate about old stones, sports, Gym and Swimming, old castles, music, travel, historical sites, my eyes are green .., measuring 170 cm 69 kg, 53 years old, long blond hair I'm sporty and cool look, also restrained non-smoker, and tolerant. To tell you about my mother is trzes old and I do not know if it just yet because it guerrir be really suffering but know that it will not be drunk me in your arms for life. here I think you know a little about me and I want you to be the man of my life. I add pictures of me I took as I was in France.

I love you Tim EYT I hope that you are a sincere man then you can tell me what the characters in the pictures are your parents talk to me more because I want to know everything about you. pass a sweet day and takes care of you and your son tomorrow I hope to read you because I now see I share my mother to the clinic and I do not know if I can be connect again. I will think of you all night was because you will be in my heart with your photos I adore you Tim.

Daniella who think of you !!!!!!

Letter 3

Good evening, how are you? I'm really happy to chat with you and match you to because I am looking for a serious relationship with a sincere man who know what he wants in his life.

My name is Daniella aged 53 years old childless widow and I live alone for 3 years now ei I'm tired of loneliness and I think lma find one with whom to walk in happiness and trust and respect because I well Asais take care of a man and make him happy, I will be the happiest woman to share my life by your side, I like USA and I dream to go there and why with you,

I'm French but my mother Life in Ivory Coast and is currently suiis me sick so I visited the country and take care of it but know that hopefully enytre you and me I am ready to be in your country and live with you I am sincere and honnetze with you I really hope that vosu be a serious man who does not want to play with my feelings ever since the veie ave I will play you because I know what I want in my life ... I find you charming and smiling .. I love your picture and I think I will love you if you are sincere, but the concern is that I think that the distance that separates us does not disturb you at all for I am ready to join you if you desire .. I am waiting for you to speak because I am online just for you.