Scam letter(s) from Marina Miheeva to Jason (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my friend........!!!!
Thank you for the letter.
Now I want to tell not much about myself. My present name Marina I live in city Cheboksary it is very beautiful City. And I use name OLGA on the Internet.
My city very far from Moscow I live there since most my birth to me of 22 years I once am not married now I work in shop as the seller, I have higher education, I by formation The economist. I have no children but very much would like to have them The boy and one girl. How many you would like to have children? I very much frequently am engaged in aerobics and it very much to like me I like to support itself in the good form. You You are engaged what be sports during free time from work?
I understand, that you search the woman which to you will approach on all life of the same I search also.
I not badly speak on English but I badly write and on this I use the translator I hope, that I write you is accessible to reading my letter. I think, that you can learn still to that be in English if, that that will be not clear that I write you at once Tell to me I shall try to express it in other words, That you would understand, of what I think.
I have no own house and computer because it for me is very expensive also I go every evening to check My mail.
I think, that Internet it is the most good thing which people have thought up because it helps people taking place At different edges of the world to be on communication.
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow, write to me about myself. I shall wait for your answer tomorrow and have gone to me the the image! I with impatience shall wait for it!
Your friend from Russia.
ps write to me please on a new box .Oae as I already for a long time do not use old. To you has carried that I have checked up it today.
Letter 2

Hello my friend !!!
I am glad to receive your letter again, I am very happy today because I have seen your letter today my mood better.
How at you an affair????
To like you your work?
To like me my work because I think, that the person should love the work.
Tell to me as your affairs today, than today you are engaged? You know, you to me are very nice on dialogue, but also not only, to tell the truth, in my opinion to opinion, for the girl appearance of the man is far from being on the first place.
It seemed to me, that you the man which I for a long time searched and could not find that!
You very tender, clever, kind and decent the man!
And if it were to me still more some photos.
On the days off and on holidays I like to pass with the girlfriend on streets or to go in Any cafe to sit behind a cup of fragrant coffee, to talk about life. I hope, that it will be pleasant for you to communicate with me. And than you are engaged in the days off? I have understood, that at us with you it is a lot of general though we live in the different countries. When at us winter, I go to pool.
I was born on April, 23, 1982 and when your birthday?
I listen to music different, on mood. And phone at me is not present. I think, that present the man should be courageous, that is it should be able To stand for itself and for the beloved. The man should be clever, careful, interesting in dialogue, should always be able to tell and communicate with the girl so that she overlooked about all on light. Write to me, what you appreciate what your favourite color in the woman whom you search?
As I overlook about everything when I read your letters.
Write to me, please. It will be very interesting to me to learn it.
With impatience I shall wait, when your answer will reach me.
Your Olga.
Letter 3

Hello my sweet !!!
I today am very glad to receive your letter, today I am very happy, that you to me have again written to me to like with you to communicate and have with you the general interests.
When I receive your letter, on my person always arrive a smile, and I feel high temperature in my soul, thank for it.
Thank for filling of my soul by pleasure, I thank you for filling of my heart by the most pleasant feelings!!
I am madly glad, that there is such person as you which Always will understand, will support me, will calm. I am very happy, that you are, thank your parents, that they have brought up Such good person as you thank them for it.
Thank for verses. From poetry I love the Russian poets such as the Block, Pushkin, Lermontov.
It is a pity to me, that I not near to you I very much would would like to be with you to be beside when to you you are bad also could calm me when badly I very much would want it to me. To learn you it is better to know your merits and demerits though I think, that at you they are not present.
I do not know, that with me I go on the robot and constantly I think of you, girlfriends speak, that with me, that that not so but when I him have told about us. They very much were glad for me, but would tell that I did not hurry up and that would fail as last time, but I him have told, that you not such that you remarkable.
How yours affairs, at you all is good on work? At me all is normal. I very much miss under your letters and always I wait for them want to tell to you, that now is not lonely, and that you have the person to whom you are not indifferent.
My mum knows about our attitudes, and she will be not against it. In the days off I think to go with the girlfriend in shop, it is a little to walk with it in park.
On it I want to finish the letter, I need to come back home, but know, my unique, that I shall always think of you and very to miss on you. Write to me soon letter, I shall wait for it very much.
Up to a meeting
Your Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my love jason!!!
How - you?
I hope you to find in good mood! And my letters lift it, And it remains good on all degree of day.
Ideas about you do not leave my head! After your last letter, Having come home I very for a long time thought From us and about our from an affair. These feelings, they very warm, and in also cool time, Which it is a little, They as the moon on dark the evening sky. If you have time, look at it, And you will understand all depth of my feelings. In us today half of moon in the sky.
One half from this you. This half is covered in easy and high temperature, And other half from this I, Dark and cold, disappearing in itself secret. Stars around they are people which surround us. In them the heap has placed, and in me one, and I cannot her to you. You know to me, It seems, that you very good person and I can be open with you. You fine, Sensitive, kind, You deserve the most good words, and your attitude to me the finest in my life, It - is enough only with abusings love. I shall speak directly, And to me I which should inform It seems that to you about it. I LOVE YOU!!! Yes you have understood me, and it means, It since this moment instead of which my heart belongs only against you than whom it - is more.
Now only you can solve, which my words for you mean.
I shall not take offence, if you will write to me, That you have no any mutual feelings, I shall think, that it will seem shortly.
I am very pleased to your letters, I always wait, when I shall enter the Internet Both I shall read, and I shall write to you! Heart checks mine, you have left a wound in my heart, And this wound is closed, when I read your letters! I do not accuse you, Did not exist on against, I am pleased to this! I wanted to find people similar to my soul, I think, which I have found! It you! Soul, your feelings to me! I want to thank you for the big attention to me! But the big inquiry does not play with me, If it - game! My heart, young and soft and me it will be difficult to transfer loss!
I do not aspire to receive you, I then to leave did not exist! I try to understand you and to write more about me directly! But I do not deny, That you are necessary for me, you became whom it important and necessary for me!
And even if to us I shall not be doomed to meet, remember you always! All in your hands! Do not leave me, and I shall not leave you. While we should strengthen attitudes! I think, That we shall have fine time! Walks, entertainments, a reason of films, Suppers in candles together!
From it in me to be transformed it a head! My character is very loyal! I was difficult for deducing from! I very much the goods!
And if I see, that the person, I do not open soul never, I turn away from him! Do not turn away from me! Please! To my biggest disappointment my time has expired, also I should finish this letter!
I - the end to write this letter, but I shall think of you!
I hope, that we shall together soon!
I shall wait for your letter!
Bye-bye My love!!!
Yours Marina.
p.s. About our meeting I want to tell decide what to do itself.
Letter 5

My love I LOVE ONLY YOU my LOVE !!!
My love today I again to ask for leave from work to write to you my love.
I love you my love and I can not live without you and day. My love is very strong to you. And all this time I to think only of you my love. When I to go to bed I to think of you when I to wake up in the morning I again to think of you when I to sleep in dream I again to see you. My LOVE my IDEAS are FILLED ONLY with YOU And THEREFORE I WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND ONLY WITH YOU MY LOVE.
My love I love only you and you always in my heart. My heart is beaten faster when I to see your letter and my heart speaks with me that I should be only with you. My heart prompts me that these minutes to me very hardly only without you. You my big love and I love only you. My love I cannot live without you because I LOVE ONLY YOU. YOU my PRESENT AND BIG LOVE. My love today I to rise in the morning and it shall seems to me that soon we together. My love I all this time to look and read books about love. And me too To want the big and light love. I want to have with you the big and light love. My love I cannot without you. I again and again to repeat as strongly I you I like also you my love. You my passion and you my love. My heart time speaks all this that I cannot without and you. I WANT TO FALL IN YOUR EMBRACES And I SHALL LOVE YOU. And YOU WILL LOVE me. And At us WILL be MUCH AND MANY LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING. I So want to overcome this distance which prevents us to be together. And I shall make it for you my love. I want to be with you and I to think that it not so for a long time. YES, I WANT THAT YOU HAVE FILLED in my SAFE LOVE AND THEN I SHALL FEEL the BIG PASSION AND the BIG HAPPINESS. I WANT IT AND YOU my LOVE. I WANT YOU AND ONLY YOU my LOVE. My love I love you for ever and all this time to dream as we with you to walk together and to kiss. My present both big and strong love. You my pleasure and you my love. I all to dream to go together as we to restaurant and at us the supper begins at candles. And then we to go in motel and to make love and you fill my safe and then I to feel the big happiness. I WANT IT my LOVE. I WANT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE my LOVE VERY MUCH AND is VERY STRONG TO YOU. I TO be MAD FROM LOVE. And my GIRLFRIEND SPEAKS me THAT I TIME TO SPEAK ALL THIS ABOUT YOU And I SHALL SPEAK THAT I With YOU. AND MY GIRLFRIEND IS HAPPY THAT I TO FIND THE LOVE. SHE THE TRUTH IS VERY HAPPY FOR ME. BUT I EVEN MORE IT IS HAPPY BECAUSE I SHALL BE WITH YOU AND I SHALL KISS YOU AND TO TOUCH YOUR SHOULDERS. I SHALL LOVE YOU EVERYONE DAY AND EVERY NIGHT AND I WANT IT.
My love I all this time to think of you and consequently I every day to look a mail and to check your letters and me very much and very much to like to do it because I always to look forward to your letter. And when I with you my love I shall demand from you the KISS. But I know that you to take me gently for a waist and to tender kiss in lips. I want it my love, but I understand that distance big.. My big love I shall always name " to you my love " because me very(very much) to like to speak you words "love". Love this very surprising words and consequently I shall always name you so, my love. I want to speak always about love because I to consider that it is words have thought up not simply so. This very fine words and me it is words very much and very to like BECAUSE I is REALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. I love only you my big love and I to think of you these minutes and to me now to want to embrace you and to kiss and kiss directly on the mouth. I want to understand that you always beside and I want it my love. My love I to stop to write to you this letter, but I always and everywhere where I would not be I shall think of you. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU my LOVE. My LOVE I LOVE YOU AND YOU ALWAYS IN my HEART.
Letter 6

Hello Love jason!!!
My dear forgive that I have not written yesterday to you the letter, I know that you worried. But to my mum there was a huge trouble … You cannot simply imagine to yourself, what at me now a condition. To me it is very bad!
Dear, in my life yet there were no such situations, and on this I do not know, that to me to do, of what to me to think …
Yesterday I wanted to come home after work, then to go in intrnet cafe … I have called at a door, but my mum to me has not opened a door! I waited some minutes, and then I have pushed a door and she has opened!!!
When I have come in an apartment, she laid on a floor and did not move! I was in a shock when has seen all this! I simply did not know, that to me to do, I do not remember precisely, that I did even minutes five … I have listened to breath of my mum and have understood that she still is alive. Then I have a little come to the senses and have run to neighbours to call in first aid … Neighbours too very much were frightened for my mum! I badly remember that occured then, I was simply in a shock, I could do nothing, me shaked and till now shakes!!!
When there has arrived first aid, to me have told, that my mum had insult!
I think, that you know, that this such! Her have taken away in hospital, and I have remained to spend the night there! To me have told, that she will live, if to her to perform operation. I was very much calmed with this news! Still to me have told, that if I was late even minutes for five doctors would be unable something to make! she needs to put something artificial in heart that it has not stopped!
It has taken place, because at mum very bad nerves! And me have told, that is necessary to perform operation on heart, that next time heart could sustain a similar nervous shock!!! Only I do not know, because of what it with her has taken place!
I was very much pleased with news, that with mum everything is all right and her it is possible to cure, but when to me have told the price for operation, to me it became again very bad!!! This operation costs very dearly... I have already borrowed money from all familiar, have sold some things, but all the same still it is not enough of them. I do not know, where to me to get so much many money, and I do not know to whom to me to address except for you!!! Road it is very a shame to me to speak it to you, but you my unique hope, and mother's too!!!
This operation costs 30000 roubles! In dollars it approximately 1 100$USD!
For me it is the huge sum and I.. I do not know, that to me to do! I have saved up approximately 250 $.
Tell to me, you can help me and my mum??? I very much hope for you!!! If you will not help, I simply do not know, that I shall do! My mum it is simple can die at any moment if she will be not not watched by doctors! But they will not watch her all life! And I want, that mum lived in pleasure!!! Certainly, you are not obliged to me it, but I simply think, that you will not leave me in a trouble!!! I and my mum will be very grateful to you, she counts you very good the man which will not throw anybody in a trouble!!! If you will help me, I shall be very grateful to you also the god of you will renumerate for it!!!
I very much hope for you!!!
I like also whole!
Letter 7

Hello my love jason!!!
Dear mine. I so am glad that could to support me a necessary minute. Your words they were necessary for me. If only would be a number would kiss you passionately and hotly. To me now so it is lonely. At present I feel so as if I one in this huge world, such small. And anybody does not have any affair up to me. But I know Hundred it not so. I know that somewhere away in other country of me likes and the person who is ready on all for the sake of me waits for me. And I am ready on all for the sake of him. And this person you!!!
I the whole day sat near mother, she still all in eiia. I know that she very much requires me and in my help. I do not leave her for one minute. If something similar happened with me she would do too most for me.
It is fine idea about that to have joint cruise. I think that it so romantically and perfectly!!! If only I could appear now near to you. But at present it while is impossible, because I cannot leave mum one. She now requires me as never. I think that you understand it. I oaa?aia that if something would happen similar with your parents you would make too most for them (do not give it the god).
In the letter I send you the copy of the passport. But for what it is necessary?
Unfortunately I have not enough time and I should go in hospital to a soya of mother.
I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter full of warm feelings to me
Yours marina.
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