Letter(s) from Julia Gerochka to Ivan (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello my love Ivan

I am very happy to receive your letter.
Each your letter to me warms the soul.

Ivan I am very glad that you responded positively to my letter.
I'm very happy that you want to meet me.
I appreciate your determination, I see that you're a real man, and that makes me very happy.
But the problem is that I do not have that kind of money to ensure that all pay.
This is madness Ivan
I think you as a man to take everything in your hands.
I just have no opportunity to find enough money to pay for it.
In fact, I thought that you help me with this, because you're a man.
I am now very inconvenient to you to talk about it, I'm ashamed that I'm asking you for money.
But if you look at it from the other side, I am not asking you for money.
I just want to give you all the information so that you yourself are all paid for so I could fly to you.
Today I was in a travel agency. I learned all the details.
Ivan I was told that I should execute the following documents:

1. Passport - $ 50
2. Health insurance - $ 110
3. Tourist visa - $ 92

I do not have that kind of money. I do not know how I deal with this problem.
I can not solve this problem alone.
I'll wait for your letter with your decision.
I love you so much.
Your Yuliya