Letter(s) from Elena Kudryavtseva to Ivan (Norway)

Letter 1

Dear Ivan, thank you very much thatt you understand me. Thank you!!! I also need to check when i can to be in Kiev, cause i live very far from there and also my region is occupaited now, so i need to overcome some extra distance for to get to Kiev. But! I will do it! I only need to check all possible ways.Here is my e-mail address: elena.kudr.ua@yandex.ru Please, write to me there few words and we will stay in contact.

Letter 2

Dear Ivan, i will truy to check today when we can to meet each other in Kiev and, please, check your flights too Of course i will meet you at the airport and i will make a hotel reservation for us, and i will be your the best guide during our meeting. I am a bit tired from lonely, so i hope so so much that together we can to find our happiness. I really hope so!!!!
Kiss you!
Yours Elena

Letter 3

Good morning my Dearest man Ivan!
Ohhhh....It is so nice to start my day at work from your mails:) I like a lot your letters and not so important if this mails are long or short... The most important to know that you think about me:) Oh, this is sooo nice to know that soon we will meet each other in real life and I know that we will make each other sooo happy!:) Well... What can I say?:! I am in Love;) I wish you a very nice Wednesday my Darling Kissing you tenderly Yours and only yours woman Elena!

Letter 4

Hello again my Darling!
I am sorry that I hadn''t chance to write to you before now... but here is really a lot of work and also I did a lot of work for to get possible for me to come to Kiev for to meet you. But:) I did it!!! And already in 1 week we will be together:) Well... fir me all this is a bit new, so I hope you will be good to me, cause I am going to overcome this big distance only because I believe in US: Dear, I live in occupaited region and from my place is impossible to fly at all( all airports been crushed - I mean Lugansk and Donetsk airports). And also now no train and no legal bus conbection, so I will come to Kiev via Kharkov. I will get on a taxi to Kharkov and from Kharkov I will get direct train to Kiev. It is fast and comfortable train, so I do not need to fly:) Do not worry about my trip - I found nice way for me. Dear I bought my tickets and hotel room for us already, so you do not need to be worry about! I did and in future I will do all my best for us. I hope when I will come to you - you will take very good care about me as well.

Letter 5

My Dear Ivan, so..I will arrive to Kiev at 6.50 morning on Monday 13 of July and I will go back on Thursday 16 of July at 18.05 evening. I ordered hotel from 13 till 16 of July.
Now it is time for me to go to home, so I will write to you more tomorrow, and, please, write to me your mobile number and then we can to stay in contact by SMS too:)
Wow:))))))) I feel so so good and exciting:) I like you a lot, my dear Ivan, and I am soooo happy that we have found each other again!
Meade, be good to me, cause I am very serious about you and me!
I wish you a very good evening and good night!
Kissing you tenderly!
Yours and only yours woman Elena!

P.S. Not so many days left and we will kiss each other in real;) You can to book your tickets now and then dr d me yours flight information, so I will meet you in time at the airport! Oh, it will be so special monent when we will see each other in first time! For sure I will be nervous;)

Letter 6

Hello again my Dear:)

What are you going now? I am searching for ticjets on 13 of July:) If my biss will give to me a confirmation today about my free days then I will order this tickets. If everything will be ok then I am goi g to be in Kuev at 6.50 in the morning ini day! I hope so so much that already in 1 week we can to meet each other in real life. From my side I really want thus a lot!

Kiss you!!!