Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Omutova to Leo (USA)

Letter 1
Once again, I am glad to receive your message, it's very pity that it was only a short answer, but it is important that this was the answer and it's only the beginning. I know that you will find more words in another time. I'm just happy as a child that you wrote. ;)
I've been thinking today. I do not know what to write in the first place? I have so many thoughts in my head, but I do not have time to put it all here today. I guess I should tell you about myrself? For example on my favorite color, or about my favorite book or movie or the music I listen to? Or about my work or about my family or about religion? I think it's boring.
How's that for you? I think it will be interesting for you, if I tell you about my life and my present. If you're interested in something, you can ask me about it at any time. I hope you are an optimist like me? Now you're probably thinking, "Who is this woman and why she behaves so strangely?" ))))))))))
I taught English in school, then I learned it at university, but unfortunately I had no experience to speak on it! I have never in my life had not met face to face with foreign to practice.
You probably noticed that I know very well that, but I can only write well.
You probably think I'm young and foolish girl, because I wrote on the Internet is such a man as you?
But I always try to see around only the positive side, for me, very easy to live so. I know that in life there are a lot of lies, I know that the Internet is a lot of lies, but I will always believe in the best. If I believe in bad, it will happen. I believe that I can find someone like me, who will love, respect and appreciate me. While I believe in my principles, there is nothing to stop me from doing what I want in my life. *)))) I do not seem crazy to you? I'm not foolish, and not young, I'm just doing what I think is right for me!
5 years ago I was madly in love with my man, but he was tragically died in a car accident three years ago. Since I'm alone, I can not find a man who will love me as much as he did. It was a big tragedy for me, but now I'm ready for something new. I'm not discouraged, I'm just moving forward.
My friends tried to dissuade me from undertaking to seek new friends on the Internet, but I'm confident in my strength and I have to try it.
I have heard many stories about girls cheating men online, I've heard that men cheat women here.
I'm not afraid of anything, I'm sure it will be different for me. I know that I will find the right man for me. I think I'm a little tired you?
Some people are embarrassed to show your photos when communicating on the Internet, but I want you to never hesitate to send any pictures to communicate with me. I will never assess a person in his photos, if you have pure motives and bright soul, I would like your appearance.
I almost forgot to say that I live in Russia, in Ekaterinbrug. You can learn about it on the internet.
I'm 25 years old. Now I do not have more time to write, if you have any questions, I will answer them at another time. By the way thanks for a photo, I like it! And yes, was can have video-chat in the future. Do not be boring, I'll write you tomorrow *) I like to write to you.
Tatyana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2
I hope you do not mind if I call you "sweetheart"? I think it's very cute *) I was waiting for your letter with impatience and when I received it there was no limit to my happiness and I even began to sang a song :-) I hope now you have wonderful mood and enjoy life. And I hope that my letter will make your day brighter. With each letter I feel that there are serious attitudes between us. Do you feel it too?
I don't want to deceive my heart. I do not want to repeat a mistake of the past. I want to have the happy and light future. I never saw you in a real, but I feel your kind heat and I feel very warm feelings to you.
Today I spent the entire day in my thinking. I was thinking about how short my life and the life of every person. Nobody can live it for the second time, right? If so, then why do not we always do what we want? Why do we always think about the future? Why can not we live as if today - this is our last day?
Why do we put our life for tomorrow? Why do we want to live tomorrow, but not today? Why most people are disgusting their work, but they continue to work or sleep with the unloved person in one bed?
I have only one answer! FEAR of the UNKNOWN! We think that if we change something, it will only get worse! I also have my fears, but I promised myself that I would get rid of my fears. You support me?
I want you, too, tried to get rid of your fears , to make our lives happier. If you are afraid of something, now do what you are afraid and you will see how much easier and happier your life has become!
You want to know why I was thinking about this today? I'll tell you about it! I had an absolutely crazy idea yesterday. Soon I will have my vacation and I talked to my best friend about this yesterday. And she begged me to go with her to Egypt or Turkey for vacation. But I thought that I want something, I want to have a special vacation. And I had a crazy though, what if I want to visit your country and you? And it would be really special. But when I thought about it, I was scared! I would never consider traveling alone in another country and I became very scared! Do you understand me?
Today I was thinking! Why am I so scared that I was ready to be alone, instead of traveling that can change my life? Do you understand me better now? I do not know why I'm afraid to take this step, I know that you are a good person and I know that you will never cause me pain! I know that I would have liked to have a holiday in your country, where a lot of beautiful places and a lot of great people! But I'm not sure I'm ready to take this step alone!
About marriage - I dreamt of that wonderful moment. And in my dream a man during the dinner in a beautiful place sits on one knee, takes the ring out of his pocket then says several loving words.. then he calls my name and asks me to be his wife. This is what any girl dreams of, and you are just write "You and I are of course not yet at the point where I would ask You to "marry" me. But, I certainly hope that You will keep that in Your mind..."
My dear, do you trust in love at first sight? If you never saw me in a real, can you feel something to me? I think of you. How you think, may something happen with us? You know I want to see you in a really.
I understand that it is very difficult for making. How you think, is our meeting possible in a reality?
My dear, I'll not speak on this theme, because I don't want to build illusions. I know that we learn about each other not a lot, but how you think may be we will meet? we any way must meet at the someday, cause if we will not meet, we will write to each other all life?
If we just imagine that I decided to travel to you, you would be glad to show me your country and the place where you live? Would you like us to have our first meeting at your favorite restaurant? We could have a romantic dinner by candlelight! This will be my sweet dream now! *))))) Perhaps all this letter, just a sweet dream! Just thinking about life! Who knows?!!!!!!!!
P.S. I'll wait for you in skype today at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm (at Moscow time)
How was your day? What are you doing? How do you feel?
Have a good day and enjoy every day!
Your Tatyana!!!!!!!
Letter 3
Today I will not write a long letter to you, I just translated for you the letter that woman from a tourist company sent me. I wrote you about this woman, I hope you are remember. She gave me a very detailed information and now I know all details of travel in USA. I want you learn this information. from manager of travel company, Mamaeva Olga:
"Dear Tatyana, I send you detailed information about the process of preparing documents for travel in USA.
Your main target - to get USA tourist visa (USA visitor visa), for this you need:
-complete online the DS-160 form;
-print the DS-160 form confirmation page to bring to your interview;
-passport valid for travel to the USA - Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the USA;
-the medical examination focuses primarily on detecting certain serious infectious or contagious diseases, or medical disabilities that may be a basis for visa ineligibility. It consists of a brief physical exam and a medical history. A chest X-ray and blood test.
-hotel reservation confirmation;
-get a document from your work (you must work there more than 6 months);
-get a document about all bank accounts and information about money transfers (last 3-6 month);
-get a document on property (my apartment, cars, land);
-round flight tickets with open dates;
-made color photo 45mm x 35mm. Your photo must be in the format explained in the Photograph Requirements.
When international passport and other documents will be ready, you will need to send all the documents that through Pony Express (This is the only official company that makes the appointment for the interview to the US embassy). Ink-free, digital fingerprint scans will be taken as part of your application process.
From the moment when the embassy gets all the documents till the day of the interview it takes about 2 weeks but the consular section of the Embassy have the right to delay the interview for 8 weeks maximum.
Unfortunately this thing happens rather often… Before the interview you have to have the whole travel package: air tickets, hotel reservation and medical insurance (and others documents). The tourist visa with the service of travel company and delivery service will cost 335$, you will book the cheapest hotel possible for you, the prepayment of 300$ for is still necessary. Medical insurance is 1.5$ per day.
The best duration to plan the trip for is a month. The medical insurance for one month will cost 45$.
Additional documents may be requested to establish if you are qualified.
For example, additional requested documents may include evidence of:
The purpose of your trip;
Your intent to depart the USA after your trip; and/or
Your ability to pay all costs of the trip.
After your visa interview, your application may require further administrative processing. You will be informed by the consular officer if further processing is necessary for your application. When the visa is approved, you will be informed how your passport with visa will be returned to you. Review the visa processing time, to learn how soon your passport with visa will generally be ready for pick-up or delivery by the courier (usually within 3-7 working days). Your visa will be valid for 3 years. Information about the total cost of the trip, you will find in the attached DOC. Dear Tatyana, I made a calculation for you directly to your airport of destination and we hope that you will use the services of our travel company, when you will prepare your trip. We promise the highest quality service for you. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you! Sincerely, Mamaeva Olga, manager of Avantix Travel" I translated this letter for you and I hope you can understand what I wrote. I was lucky that the info in the attached file in English and Russian language. ;))))) It seems, for travel I should do a lot of work and I will need to pay a tidy sum before I can book tickets for a flight to you. Also for travel in USA here are so many small details that you can't even imagine...
I want to be honest with you. I did not expect that it would cost 1880 USD, I will think for a while about all I want to be sure that I can afford this trip. I know that I was planning my leave abroad, but frankly, this travel cost more than I had planned. I have to digest the information and talk to my parents. There is no reason to be upset for you right now, all is well and tomorrow I'll be back to this talk. I'll be glad to read any comments from you, it is very important for me. I must to feel your support! I'm really want to meet you, I began to dream about it yesterday! I'm sure it will be very romantic, because we both want it !!!! I already feel that we are very close to each other and I even think that if I hug you at a meeting I did not hold back and kiss you! ( embarrassed )
I must go now, have a nice day and think about me! Your princess, Tatyana!
Letter 4

All of the monetary amounts are in USD because you are live in USA and I'm going to go to you. I did not write to you in rubles. If the USA consisted in the EU, your volute would Euros and I wrote prices in Euros. You wrote "IF You are going to go through ALL of that ..... YOU should simply plan on Staying here with me (as my" New-Wife ")". Of course I'm planning it. I'm not crazy just to go on holiday to you, and then lose you. I am glad that fate gave me such a man as you. I'm afraid to lose you!
Can you imagine? Today, when I was sleeping I saw a wonderful dream. It was a wonderful garden and lots of flowers. I do not remember what flowers it was be, but I remember very clearly that we were together in the garden. Can you imagine it? I saw you in a dream!! You realize how much you mean to me!!?
Even I did not know how much until I woke up this morning! It was a nice feeling to think of you when I woke up! I know that one day my dream will come true! All my dreams will come true! *))) Today is cold outside and I'm a little sad now, but today is not only bad weather makes me sad, but I have another big reason to get upset. I spent all last night for thinking about my journey and our meeting. I really want our meeting today, If three days ago I had my doubts, but now I know what I really want. I do not hesitate to say that now I can not think of anything other than our first date! But there is a problem now and this is the reason of my sadness, I thought about it yesterday and I even talked to my parents and asked for help. Unfortunately, the cost of traveling more than I could imagine.
You watched the information that I sent to you ? You saw the attached document? If yes, then you have seen total cost of my travel to you! I thought I'd have enough money to travel to your country, but due to the fact that the dollar began to cost more for the currency of Russia (RUR) price for traveling abroad has risen almost two times, you know what I mean? It's not the biggest problem that I have now.
I specifically asked my vacations for this season at my boss and now I see that I can not afford to travel to meet you and I can not change time of my vacation for another period. If I can not organize my vacation now, we can meet only in the next year. My vacation will begin after almost a month now and I do not know what should I do? I really wanted to have my holidays abroad and I planned this for a long time and I've been saving my money for this, but as I did not want to, I can not afford such an expensive trip to you.
I did not know how much it would cost to travel and when the manager of a travel company sent me information, I was convinced that it is very expensive for me! I have only half the amount that needed to pay for preparation of travel! I spoke to my parents, talked about our plans, situation that has arisen now and was asking for help, but they can not help me at this time. I understand them, it is really very big sum for me and my parents. My mom told me that I did not give up and have faith. I know that my mom is right, there's always another opportunity. If two people have a dream to be with each other, nothing will stop them, even time and distance.
I apologize for giving you bad news today and my email for the first time a sad and pessimistic.
I think I gave you the good hope couple of days ago, and now I'm taking it back. Now you know everything, now you know why I'm upset today! But I want you to know is always that I have not lost my hope, I believe that we can find a way out together if you support me! You agree with me? New day will come, will come new ideas and I promise that I will continue to think about it. Now I want you to read it and thought of everything! Please have a good day and give me your answer as soon as possible!!!!! I will try to write you something else right now, if my work will not distract me.
Your princess Tatyana!!!!!
Letter 5
I want to be honest with you and write my thoughts and plans for the future. My vacation will last 30 days. To make me a citizen of the USA I have to get a visa and arrive in USA.
We both do not know the future, but we hope that my vacation will be a honeymoon for us and we could determine our fate. If we understand that we are right for each other, we will plan our future together. When I will be an interview in embassy, I will prove that I have a good job, family and property in Russia. In this case, I can get a visa and come to you. If you are willing to live with me until death do us part, we will do next. After my vacation I go back home and finish my business. My visa will be valid for 3 years, but I will try to sell the property and finish the case within a few months. By the end of the year I will come to you a second time. I'm going to have the money after the sale of the property and some things, so money is not a problem for us in the second trip. When I come to you a second time and we live three months, I will be able to apply for a green card. In the future, we can get married or I can obtain itizenship later on their own. It is not my goal, so I will not ask you about it. I do not want you to think that I need your money. So I agreed to sign a marriage articles if you want it. I do not want that someone talking about me or about you bad words. As I wrote, after my first trip to you, I will try to quickly sell everything that I can not take with them. Today I spoke with a realtor and I have good news. If I come to you in August, I will return to Russia in September. Until the end of November or december I can get at least 15,000 - 18,000 USD. Now it's just a thought ... I want to know your opinion. My love, I hope it's not a dream, and my life really will change very soon ... I have scars on my heart, I have a hard fate ... So you are my ray of light in the darkness. Please do not disappoint me ...
Your love
Letter 6
Hello my dear. To get a Work-Visa is very difficult. I consulted with experts, the best way to come to you - to get tourist visa.
Again, I apologize that I let us down, I did not realize it would cost so expensive to travel to your country. I am very ashamed now because I let us down. I really want to meet with you and I even started dreaming about it. I know that we could meet later, when I can save more money, but unfortunately I will have my vacation starts after 30 days and I'll have 30 days off from my work. I can not take a new vacation till next summer. This is now a problem too! Do you understand? If we can not get the opportunity to prepare my documents now, we will have to wait until next summer and it's really frustrating me now.((((((
It's so sad, every day I only think about how to make our meeting possible. Tell me what do you think about this? There is only the only way for us now, we must work together to make our meeting a real, if we both want it enough! I have to ask you. How badly do you want us to have a meeting, when will my vacation? For me very ashamed to begin to talk about it because I feel uncomfortable. I never allowed myself before talking about such things with a man, but I see that we need to talk about this, because our situation does not have another way out. If you imagine that you would want to help me, how much money you could help me to make our meeting possible fast? If you have any opportunity I would be glad.
When I know what you have the opportunity, I will try to get more money, maybe I'll ask for a loan from my colleagues, but you must understand that I must be sure that for you is very important.
I ask you to give me an answer and we'll go from here. I hope you understand me correctly, I do not force you to do something you do not want, I do not want you to think that I'm using you, I just want to make our dream a reality and I want to consider all options. Do you understand me? I hope that soon we can come to the right decision, because I know our life don't have hopeless situation.
I ask you to reply as soon as possible! I'll wait it with impatience!!!!!!!
Have a good day and enjoy every new day!!!!!!
Your Tatyana!!!!!!!
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