Scam Letter(s) from Lubov to Leo (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello !!! We met on a dating site. Do you remember me ???
You gave me your email address!
I'm sorry I'm just now able to answer you. I have not had time to write to you!
I'm glad you did not ignore my post on the site.
I would very much like to get to know you.
I think that in this letter I will not talk much about himself.
I hope to see your letter soon.
Oh yeah, my name Luba (lubov). I am 31 years old. But everyone says I look so young!
And what is your full name?
Where do you live ???
I'm sending you a photo so you can see who you hang out.
Send me your photos. I want to see your photos.
I very much hope that tomorrow you will write me your new email.
I would very much like to continue our further communication with you! I'll wait for your letter.
Your new friend Luba

ps: Do not forget to send me your photos))

Letter 2

Hello Leo!
I am very pleased that you wrote to me.
I have never used the Internet for dating. This is my first time.
I hope that we will be pleased to correspond.
Thus, we can get acquainted. And learn about each other a lot.
I would very much like to get to know you.
If you are interested in further correspondence with me, I'll tell you more about myself.
What are your hobbies? What do you like to do?
Now I will tell you a little about me. My name is Luba. I am 31 years old.
My height is 170 cm and my weight is 53 kg.
I was born on May 19 and birthstone I cells.
I work as a secretary in a small company. I like my job.
Tell me what is your job? What exactly do you want to know about me?
What qualities do you like in a girl? Answer me questions.
Sorry, I forgot to write, I live in Russia.

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
village Barsovo
It is not far from Surgut 25 km.
It is about 2904 km from Moscow!

I think you're surprised when I wrote that I live in Russia? I hope you are not afraid, that I was from Russia?
When I registered on a dating site. I decided to write another country.
I thought if I put, country Russia with me will not meet people.
I am happy to answer your questions.
I send you my picture. I hope you like it.
I look forward to wait for your letter.
Your new girlfriend Luba !!

Letter 3

Hello Leo!!
I'm glad that you wrote to me. Excuse me if I do not write you every day.
I do not have a computer at home, so I'm writing to you from the Internet cafe.
You can send more photos?
I'll be glad to see them.
I hope we can be friends and communicate more.
It is good that we have this opportunity to talk together.
It's great when people can talk to each other, despite the long distance.
I find it interesting to chat with nice, kind, intelligent people.
But most of all I would like to find their own happiness.
I'm looking for a man for serious relationship. I think about my family. I do not have a young man! I have no children! I'm alone!
I love children and believe that children - the flowers of life. I believe that family is the most important thing that needs to be happy.
I want to take care of my children, a husband, I want to give happiness and joy of my future family.
I will be happy if my dreams come true.
In our country, men do not appreciate women. And treat us like servants.
They do not pay attention. So they constantly consume a lot of alcohol.
I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. I can only afford a glass of wine for the holidays!
I hope that people from abroad in other countries is much kinder and more women are paying a lot of attention, in contrast to our men.
I hope that we will continue to communicate. I want to tell you about my hobbies.
I enjoy Camping, picnicking and hiking!
In my spare time I read books, I like novels.
I love to cook with my mother, and I'd love to, to cook something for you.
I like different music, and I listen to all kinds of music except heavy.
I love movies, especially romantic comedies and movies about love.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Did something unusual?
I'm going to wait for your letter tomorrow.
And I hope your letter will bring me back a smile.
Your friend Luba !!

P. S: Do you like my photos)))

Letter 4

Hello my friend Leo !!
After reading your letter, I smile again.
I hope you understand my letter.
Your tongue I know not to perfection. I began to study it recently. I used
Google Translate !.
So if you can not understand something in my letters, then ask me?
After I graduated from college, I immediately went to work.
My head nurse education. But I do not work in their profession. In Russia, the salary of nurses is very small.
So I went to work as a secretary. It's not hard work!
Even if they pay me very little, I still love my job. And every day I am happy to go to work.
I have 2 days off, this Saturday and Sunday.
I told my mom and dad about you.
My parents are very happy that I have such a friend like you.
I told them that you are a good person and a pleasure to chat with you.
My parents live together for more than 30 years. My mother worked as a salesman in a grocery store.
My father is a taxi driver. He works them for 15 years.
They give you a great "Hello".
And you told me your family or friends?
What are they saying about me?
I hope that tomorrow I'll get a letter from you.
Your friend Luba !!

Letter 5

Hello Leo !!!!
I am glad that I go to Internet cafes, and get a letter from you.
Your letter I always look forward to.
How are you? How is your mood?
I hope that after you read my letter, your mood will improve.
I would like to tell you about my friend.
My girlfriend called Nina. She's a very nice girl.
Nina, as a sister to me.
We enjoy spending time together. We often walk in the park with Nina.
As we like to go for a walk in the park.
I have no brothers and sisters.
Nina, I replaced her sister. And I am happy that we have known each other for many years.
We've been friends ever since, when we went to kindergarten.
In school, we were always together. But when we left school, she began to study the lawyer.
Nina enjoy her work.
And so, when she graduated from university, she immediately went to work as a lawyer. Now she is just starting a lawyer.
I am glad that I have such a friend like Nina!
I believe that my family - it's just me, mom, dad and Nina.
Do you believe in true friendship?
Do you have a lot of friends who can you trust?
I hope that my letter will bring you joy.
I look forward to wait for your letter.
Your friend Luba !!

Letter 6

Hello my friend Leo !!
I am very pleased to see your letter again. How was your day?
I hope you had a good that day.
I like chatting with you.
And every day I go to Internet cafes with hope to receive your letter.
I like you. And I'm glad that I can correspond with you, Leo.
With you I can talk a lot.
I am pleased to share with you my view of life.
It's good that I can communicate with you on a variety of topics.
When I talk with you, I feel free.
I feel that there is a mutual understanding between us.
And most importantly, when people communicate with each other.
What do you opinion about this?
I have a few friends I can call a friend.
Some people show themselves not as a true friend.
And so I can not trust them.
I do not perceive that they are my friends.
I correspond with you and I am very pleased that we got to know each other and I can trust you.
What do you think about this?
I hope you like it.
Your Luba!

Letter 7

Hello my dear Leo !!!
I am always very happy to come to the Internet cafe to see your reply and know I'm someone cares, and I treat him well.
I want to thank you Leo - you gave me the hope and the belief that more there is a real man, a true gentleman, for whom honor and conscience not just empty words.
I can trust you.
Previously, I was the guy's name was Sergey. And I thought it was the same man that I dreamed of my whole life.
Sergey always paid much attention to me, gave me flowers and said beautiful words about love.
Every holiday, Sergey gave me gifts and invited to the restaurant.
And I was happy when Sergey was next to me.
Sergey constantly told me - I love you Luba, and I will love you forever.
But it took a little time, and he began to change.
First, he began to spend a lot of time with his friends.
Then he stopped to give me his attention.
I had the feeling that I was in front of him an empty place, and he did not notice me.
And every day Sergey moving further away from me.
One day I came home from work early. When I came home I saw Sergey in bed with another woman. I do not know what to do. I packed up and moved to his parents.
I broke up with Sergey. Later he came to me and asked for forgiveness.
He said that this does not happen again. He begged me to come back to him.
But I could not forget the pain that caused me Sergey.
And I can not forgive him for that.
I'm glad that I can tell you about it, and I have from you nor any secrets.
I really like you, and I'll be happy if we continue to write to each other.
And you had to experience the betrayal or infidelity?
How much does it hurt you to the soul?
I hope to learn even more about you and become even closer.
With warmth in my heart I'm waiting for your answer tomorrow.
Your Luba

Letter 8

Hello my friend Leo !!
Why do you not answer me. I was hoping to see your letter.
You did not like what I said about the former man Sergey ??
Answer me please. I am very worried.

Letter 9

Hello, my Leo !!!
How are u doing today? What is your mood, right? What did you do?
My mood just perfect and your letters make it even better.
I am pleased that among us there were such a great relationship.
Today I had an unusual day.
When I woke up, I looked out the window, the sun was shining in my face, and I was very happy !!
My mother noticed that I changed. And asked me: Luba, what happened to you?
Why do you look so strange?
I could not answer her.
Nina also noticed this and asked me, what is your relationship with Leo?
I told her that everything is fine, and we had a nice deal.
Nina smiled and wished us luck.
At work, I was told that I became distracted.
I think about that as soon as possible to visit Internet cafes and read your beautiful letter.
And when I come and get your letters, I plunge into another world.
In this world there is something wrong. In it everything is fine, beautiful flowers blooming everywhere.
In this world, people are happy, and they do not know sorrow.
I have no desire to leave this world.
And if it were possible, I would have remained in this world.
You do not have such feelings? What do you feel? Tell me about Leo.
I'm sending you a photo, I hope you like them.
Hopefully, here I also look attractive. What do you think?
With a warm heart waiting for news from you tomorrow.
Have a good mood and a good day Leo.
Your Luba !!

Letter 10

Hello my love Leo !!
I am happy that you have written to me!
When I read your letter, I am filled with a storm of feelings.
I love you, my Leo, and I can not hide it.
And I'm ready to shout it to the Internet cafe.
But I think that there I was misunderstood.
I do not know what will happen to us? Are we together?
I constantly think about it. And I can not stop myself.
With me it has never happened anything like this.
I am ready to repeat endlessly - I love you, Leo.
All my past feelings pale in comparison to my infinite love for you Leo.
No one with whom I have met before, he could not give me such a great feeling!
Nobody made me so happy as it did you.
Perhaps someone will think I'm crazy, and by the way may seem.
But I'm just mad by love we gave to each other, and the feeling is forever settled in my heart.
Today, I had a dream.
I look at the starry sky, the sky is clear and you can see even the smallest stars, and see how the two stars are falling.
But suddenly the stars collide, and all the night sky lights up with a bright flash, and at this point there is a new bright star.
And its light is so beautiful that it is impossible to withdraw from the eye.
Now I know that falling stars are you and me.
A bright star - this is our love, such as the huge and beautiful.
Tell me what you feel now Leo? What thoughts do you now?
Tell me everything I want to know everything.
I'll be incredibly bored while waiting for your letter tomorrow.
I send you all my love and affection with this letter.
Your love Luba !!

Letter 11

Hi my love Leo !!
I was very upset when she saw your letter.
What happened ??? Why do you not answer me ???
I'm waiting for your answer!

Letter 12

Hello my love Leo !!!!
I am happy to read your letter again.
When I read your letter, my heart is filled with happiness and warmth.
And after reading your letter, I ask myself, why do not we together?
Why can not I hug you and kiss your tender lips?
I love you my dear Leo, and I can not stop thinking about you.
You are constantly in my thoughts and in my heart.
And every day I dream only of our meeting.
And even when I go to bed, I think of you.
I know it sounds silly, but it's true. I have never had such!
When I sleep, I see you in my dream. Last night I dreamed about you.
I dreamed, as you and I were on the shore of a beautiful lake.
We sat and stared into each other's eyes.
Next to us were in bloom beautiful flowers. And above us the birds were singing.
You smiled at me and said, "I love you, my Luba".
And I was happy to hear such wonderful words from you.
I hugged you and said, "I love you, my dear Leo, and never
I stop loving you. You're all I need in this life. "
And after these words I woke up. I wanted to say it again to you.
But in reality, you were not with me. And I was lonely and cold without you my love.
I love you and I think that we should be together. And implement all what we dream.
And when we meet with you, we will be the happiest people on earth.
I want to know what you think about our meeting. Do you want to meet ???
What do you think and what your feelings Leo ???
I really want us to be together. Do you want this Leo ??
I want to meet you, but I do not know how to do it. I do not know how you can come to you!
Emotion overwhelmed me now, and I do not know how to tell you about everything, and what words to explain it.
But now I know for sure the only one that I love you and I want to be with you.
I beg you to write to me about your thoughts because this is very important for me.
I hope to receive your letter tomorrow !!
Your forever Luba!

Letter 13

Hello my love Leo !!! I'm sorry I could not write to you. Internet cafes were closed this weekend!
I am pleased to welcome you, and I look forward to when I can say to you HELLO MY LOVE Leo - personally.
My day was very stressful and I was very tired. Today I was talking with my parents. My mom and dad are very pleased that we want to meet you.
My dad said that you are very dangerous to come to us in Russia. We have a very big crime. My dad tells the story. We were in the city of a foreigner came to the girl.
They also corresponded by mail.
But he did not meet her, he was severely beaten. He did not meet her and went to his home. I do not want you to be anything that happened.
We consulted with my parents and decided that I should come to you myself. Well, we have a tradition that the girl should she come to her future husband.
Tomorrow I'll go look for a travel agency. My mother is very worried about this.
I'm very excited because I had never done such an important step in life.
I have a feeling that I'm waiting for my first date.
This is actually the case. Because I never loved so much.
You showed me a real feeling of love. And I thank you for that.
I'll be the happiest woman on this earth, when we are together.
And I am happy that we will meet soon.
I love you, and I will enjoy every second spent with you, my dear Leo !!!
And any time I imagine that you're near me.
At night, when the sky lit stars, I imagine, as we sit with you in the open air and look at the stars.
I think I'll be the happiest woman on earth if all our dreams come true.
I can not stop thinking about you, my dear Leo !!!
And I constantly dream of how happy we're together.
My dreams are helping me live and wait for the perfect moment when I can hug you and kiss your tender lips.
And I'll be waiting impatiently this beautiful moment.
I love you, my Leo, and I will be happy if you write me tomorrow.
Your forever Luba !!

Letter 14

Hello my dear Leo !!!
I love you. Why did not you answer my letter ???
Are you afraid of my visit to you ?? What happened to you?
Tell me more.

Letter 15

Hi my love!
I love you. What happened to you ??? Why did you stop writing to me ???

Letter 16

Hello my love Leo !!!!
I'm glad to see your letter again.
I do not even know how to start your letter today.
But I was now in a travel agency and examined all the information on the trip for you.
I did not expect that I can be such a problem with the paperwork.
I ask you to forgive me my dear Leo, but I can not pay the entire cost of processing my documents.
I have only part of the money.
And I'm hoping that this will be enough so that I could arrange all the papers.
But it turned out that this is not enough.
So I want to ask your opinion. For me it is very important to know what you think about it.
I love you my dear Leo and fully trust you.
And I'm sure that you can offer me is a good option.
It is very difficult without you my love.
And I do not want to break our dreams. I can not live without you, my darling.
You are the meaning of my life, and I'm afraid of losing you.
I love you and miss you so much.
I look forward to wait for your letter.
With your love for the ages Luba.

Letter 17

Hello my love Leo! I'm glad to see your letter.
I love you .... The scent of my love - in everything: in the sky, in the clouds, the sun, the earth, in the air .... And each letter in each word that you see in this letter.
Yesterday I was very upset when she learned that she could not pay the entire cost !!
All I could think about it! Why in this world, everything depends on money ???
Why do people who love each other can not meet ??? I am very upset!
Since I had never been abroad, the agency offered to make me a tourist visa. It is the cheapest visa. It is given for 90 days.
I can stay with you for 90 days. Registration of all documents takes 5-7 days.
You can make an emergency visa for 3 days, but the price will be more expensive.
Visa stoit- 50 euros, a passport is -200 euro-insurance costs 230 euros.
The total cost of 480 euros. I have only 200 euros. I do not have 280 euros more!
Love my Leo, I love you very much and I dream of our meeting. I want to be close to you. I want you to hug and kissed me really.
Now I have to go to work, I'll be waiting with impatience your letter.
Hugs and kisses, your Lubov




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