Scam letter(s) from Julia Sokolova to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello again my sweet Walt ! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I want to call you Disney or just Di I do not know what happens to me and what are you doing with me? ...
I like in a fog :) , enchanted by you.I was very happy to get another letter from you today!! Your letter warms my heart and it made me feel great! Of course I would prefer to date you physically, my dear! But we are far from each other now so I am happy with our correspondence.
My dear, I feel very comfortable with you and I feel like I've known you for many years! You know, I often think about you and I wish we could spend night evening together! First I think we could have romantic dinner with candles and
then we would make passionate love! How do you feel about it??? By the way, this time I send you some photos as I want to please you. And also because I start to feel very comfortable with you! But dear, now I have a serious talk to you and it is very hard to write about it and so ashamed! All the matter is I cannot write letters to you in English because I didn't know it, and I feel so ******! My friends don't know English too and cannot help me with the translation,
and I don't want to dedicate them in my intimate life. Because of it I had to address to the translation company for help, I am delighted with this company, here they treat me well and help me to convey all the feelings that I have! But unfortunately I cannot pay for their services and for me it is very ashamed, because earlier I could afford everything I want,
but when I went away from ex-boyfriend, he took away all I had, and I'm happy to give him all his gifts, because I don't need anything from him! So I have nothing now. And at the moment I have not even afford to pay for these services! I'm so ashamed to ask you about it, but if you can pay for our fellowship, we again could to communicate! I promise as soon as I get the opportunity, I'll pay for service immediately! I hope our relationship doesn't end on it! But suddenly you didn't answer my message, know that I cannot forget you, and you'll be forever in my heart !!!!! Walt I imagine how would be great to wake up this morning with you and kiss you, wish you Good morning. While you are taking shower to prepare light breakfast for us with coffee, sandwiches and omelette with fresh vegetables. To seat with you in our cozy kitchen and have a morning talk. Then to pass you at work
and do home chores. To clean everything and make in order (reminding our hot passionate night and thinking how will you will be at work, not too tired, or vise versa very fine and feel great after so much love and passion).I will prepare very tasty and special dinner. Walt when you come home after tired day i will meet you at the door in a **** black short dress,we will have a wonderful dinner, talking how was your day !!!!! You will help me to clean a table and while i am doing dish
- washing, you will come to me from behind, will start to kiss my neck, will touch my ******* through the dress, lick my ear and whisper how much you desire me. You will unzip my dress and will find out that i am without lingerie. By
putting your hand under my dress you will feel that i am without ******* and just stockings on me ;))) You will not be able to handle your passion any more. You will take me in your strong hands, place me onto the table and start to kiss my *******, neck, lick my *******. Ohh stop !!! On this I must stop !!!!! Because I'm very excited !!!!!!!! Walt forgive me for my weakness, I just dream a lot about my native person with whom I can share unforgettable days ..... A lot hot passionate kisses ...... Your Julia
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