Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Mishyna to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi honey!

I am also thinking about you constantly and I live every day through my dreams. My love to you has no borders, has no time, we are loving each other and we are full of happiness and hungry of each other !!! I dream that every minute we will be together we will have a very hot love !!!! When I re-read your letters I go to a fantastic emotional condition, for the pleasure and the excitation you give me with your words.

Last night was full of dreams for me and how sweet they were, how hot and passionate they were!! I was imagining how our most passionate kiss would be like and I saw you thinking of me every day ! I can imagine our passionate kisses when we will meet, when we will explore our tongues and you will caress and will run your fingers through my hair, when I will be holding you and feeling your smell. I will be whispering to you that I want you desperately, and I will start to kiss you everywhere. You will slip off my housecoat and begin to undress me and you will want to enjoy all my body, to enjoy me all!!! Sometimes we will enter the large shower and soon the warm water will stream over us and you will take the soap and begin to wash me, every part of my body. We will be smiling and hungry of each other as we touch our most sensitive parts and again you will begin to kiss as the water is washing us over. And every time we kiss, we will do it more hot and our tongue are deeper and forceful as we pull us together and feel very close.

You will dry me and you will take me with your arms and carry me to our bed. There we will continue our love making. A romantic music will be playing, you will put me on the bed and we will be kissing, your kisses are going over my neck, to my chest and to my breasts, you will put your hand and start to suck me on my nipples very softly and you will be teasing my nipples until they will be swollen and very erect.
Then you will work your kisses down over my belly-button, to my hips and farther down my legs. Then you lift one of my legs and kiss the inner side of both of them. You are very aroused while I begin moaning more and more. Your kisses will work higher up the inner side of my legs and get closer and closer to my wet pussy which will be waiting for you. My hips will start moving more and more and you will turn my slip a little bit to a side and you will start kissing and very softly licking and sucking my swollen hot lips and my clitoris. You will be fucking my pussy with your tongue till I will reach my first orgasm and then I will grasp and take your cock into my mouth and suck it, first very softly, handling it with my dexterity and then I will start working quicker and quicker, while you will just relax and getting the pleasure....!!! Your cock will be hard for your pleasure and excitation. Then you will seat on a chair, or somewhere else, and I will ride you as an amazon. I want to ride you and feel your cock deep into my body while you will feel all the contractions of my muscles to press your cock. I have a prolonged, intense, wonderful orgasm.

My love, I hardly fall asleep thinking of you every night, as I am very horny, very sexually aroused every time I think and dream about you, and especially when I see your photos!!! I wish you every night until we meet to be full of dreams about me. And if you have some fantasies about me too, I'd like you to tell me about them in your letters. I'm very glad that you liked my pics from my last letter and I was pleased to learn about your reaction on my photos. I'm looking forward for your naughty photos also.

I like learning English and I hope, my classes will help us to talk and understand each other when we meet. And than, of course I will continue my classes in USA and that's great that you have Russian teachers in the USA. If you live in the suburbs, than of course, I would need a car to go to the city.

Good luck in your business trips, honey. Are you travelling by car or by public transport? Ba careful in the road and take care.

With much love and kisses,
Your Tanya.

Letter 2

Hello my sweet Johnny!

I am so happy to read your sweet and loving letter. I always enjoy reading your warm words, they make me feel so great and loved. I love you so much my Johnny. You are not only my beloved future husband, you are everything for me.
Honey, I hope, you returned home safely from your business trip. The river is beautiful as well as the nature in Montana where you was.
What is the name of the river on the photo?
Last night there was a tremendous storm. We had thunder and lightning and very strong winds early this morning. It was very loud and woke me up. Right then, I thought, my Johnny should be here. You would hold me close and keep me warm and safe. You would stroke my hair and touch my cheek. We would kiss gently and you'd assure me everything is okay.
I thought about you all day yesterday. I just can't get you out of my mind but I guess that is normal for me. You are always on my mind and in my heart.
I can't wait to see you in person and hold you close. I know you will be even more wonderful in person. I can't wait to meet the man that has won my heart. And I can't wait to be able to fly to you to the USA.
You are in my fantasies and dreams all the time and I want to make love to you until you can take no more and lose yourself inside of me, in every way a man can get lost in a woman. I want you to take me so deep that you become a part of my body, my heart, and my soul entirely. I want to wrap my legs around you so tight that you can never leave me, forget about everything except of your passion for me.
I wish you could look into my eyes, reach into my mind with your dreams and unlock the cage that keeps mine from being free. I wish you could save me from my loneliness and kiss my body making me feel happy. I want you to come into my arms every time knowing that heaven is waiting for you in my arms for all time.
I constantly have a dream of you and I going to some vocation as I really need a rest and relax now. We would be staying at a hotel somewhere down by the beach swimming in the ocean all day and laying on the towels, sitting by a little low beach area having lunch down by the beach. After lunch laying on the beach little bit more swimming in the ocean and riding the waves. Every day at the beach and in the evening we get dressed up and go out to dinner. Sitting by the window watching the waves crash over the rocks enjoying each other, having a very intimate dinner, having some fish maybe and a glass of wine.
After dinner walking along the beach enjoying the full moon just holding hands, taking a nice long walk. I'm in a sexy pretty dress and in high heels on my long seductive legs... You and I are kissing and hugging each other. You can feel that your passion is getting more intensive. We go back up to our room and I barely can get through the door of the room and we are so wanting to make love to each other. So you mutely unzipped my dress and it just falls off me. I have the sexiest little lacy bra on and a little teeny G string. I turn across to you and take off your Hawaiian shirt, take your white pants off.
You pull your shoes off and carry me over to the bed. You are kneeling on top of me. I see how excited you are and your cock is huge, so I pick my head up and start sucking it. I'm going back-and-forth. I can see the smile on your face. You are in ecstasy. My tongue is going around it and around it. I can tell that I love doing it. Then you pull yourself away from me and start kissing my lips. Your tongue is in my throat French kissing me.
And you reach over and pull my hair back and your tongue is inside my ear going around and around and I'm starting to squirm all over. Your hands are rubbing my breasts touching my nipples pretty gently, rubbing my breasts making me more horny. Your hands are pretty strong and then you are moving your head down my chest, I would love you to kiss my breast for a long time each one of them, I will love you to wrap your tongue around my nipples and then to the ends of it very gently to see how hard and horny they become. I know you want to drive me wild and make me extremely hot and you are caressing me between my legs, rubbing my pussy lips with your fingers. You see I'm getting wet and you ease one finger inside my pussy; it slides right in then second finger, I'm so wet, now your head is between my legs, your tongue is inside my pussy. You tell me that I taste delicious, you want me all suddenly I move around and were in a 69 position we are going crazy now, you are flipping me over on my back, your cock is hard as a rock, my pussy is so wet. I put my legs over your shoulders and guide your cock inside my pussy, your ass is moving back and forth pushing your cock in and out of my pussy. Then you can feel I'm having an orgasm and you are releasing all your cum inside me, but neither one of us wants this to end. We are so exhausted, wet and my inner lips hold your cock inside of my pussy and you fall asleep on my chest buried between my breast.

We wake up in morning and we take an intimate shower together, but that is another story...;-) Then we start a new day on the beach.

I need to go now, honey. I hope that this letter will make you feel hot, loved and even more anxious about our meeting. I wish you to have a great weekend and I will be looking forward to receiving your next letter.

With all my love and hot passionate kisses,
Your Tanya.

Letter 3

Hi my sweetheart!

Oh my God, you are so hot and your fantasies are driving me crazy.
I love you and want you as my love of my life, my partner and soul mate forever. I've got your photos and of Montana sights. I had a nice weekend also and was at the river with friends, I tanned and swam. I hope, you like tanned girls more than snow white skinned;)))

I wish I was there right now to make love to you. Yes I would love to gently push you down on the bed and kiss you all over while removing you shirt and jeans while you would do the same to me, remove my bra and letting my breasts out and then kiss them and gently suck on the hard nipples while kissing my pants and between my legs and I can feel how my pussy becomes wet and horny. You take your hand under my skirt and through my pants you feel how wet and horny you made me! You undo my pants and take them off and gently finger my pussy and feel my wetness. Then you kiss my tummy down to the panties line and go to my feet and kiss my toes and start to kiss my legs on the insides and slowly kiss them all the way up to my pussy. Then you softly kiss and lick my pussy till I am very wet and softly moaning with love until I get my orgasm. Then you ask me if I want to be on top or on the bottom or if I want to do it like animals do. I hold your hard manhood and guide it in to my hot wet pussy and we make love till we cum together my love.

Honey, today I received confirmation from the travel agency that my visa will be ready on 15th. I can book the tickets to the USA since 16th. You should think and let me know what is the best time and date for you that I come.

I just checked once again the flights. I found the flight on July, 18th (if you agree on this date of course) it is Aeroflot Airlines SU-1805, SU-1803. But honey, it is I checked several weeks ago for the flight on the end of July. The price was $600 for a ticket and now when I learnt the flight for July, 18th is $870. I was very confused when I learnt it as you send me already the funds for the flight, but now I need more. I was told that if to buy a flight ticket in advance, it is cheaper and the closer the date of flight, the more costs ticket. So, to buy the airline ticket I will need $270 more for a ticket to Salt Lake City, and about $50 to get to Kiev to Boryspol international airport from which I will fly and $150 which I took from the funds you sent me for the English classes since I asked you to add the funds for 10 - 15 classes of English, but you send me only $900, remember? So, in general I will need about $500 more to organize the tickets to Kiev and than to USA, Sault Lake City. And let know when you want me to come, Johnny. I would like to do it as soon as possible as I can't stand being so far away from you!

I cannot take it any longer, I cannot wait for the day when I can be with you, my love. I am so tired of this waiting and my loneliness and being without you... not being able to touch you, to feel you, to kiss you, to make love to you... When will it be over?

I am looking forward to the day of our meeting and dreaming about it every night and day.
I love you with all my heart. You are my treasure and the only one I care for.
I truly hope that we will meet very soon as I cannot live without you and every day spent alone is a torture for me...

I love you, you are always in my thoughts, mind, heart and soul.
Your Tanya.

Letter 4

Hi my honey!

I don't worry about the funds, Johnny. I thought that would upset you to learn that I need more money for a trip to you. But you always behave like a real man, a man of my dreams, and the more I learn you, the more I like you.

I know that I will get my documents soon and we will be together, I will be your Tanya Green. My parents already know so much about you and they already love you. They are happy for me and want to meet with you in real once. I know, it won't be soon as I will go to the USA, but once I will introduce you to my parents and sister.
I want to be with you always my love. You are the only one for me. You will never ever have to worry about me. I am yours and yours only.
There is no another man on this earth that can turn my head. I will never ever stray from you. You have my heart right next to yours and that is where it will stay never to be parted.

I have so many dreams for us, yes you and me. I want us to be able to travel and see so many parts of the world together. I want to see every continent. We will be able to say we have made love on every continent. I wonder how many couples can say that? I have so many desires and all those desires are only for you. You take my breath away. I hope just a little time is left before we can be together.
Finally, I can hold you and kiss you. My darling you are in my heart and on my mind each day. I think of you constantly. I know you will always be there for me just as I will be there for you. I can tell you that you already make me dizzy with love for you. I look at each of your pictures every day and think this wonderful man loves me and that makes me crazy in love with you even more.

You and I think so much alike in many things. Couples need to have love between them and that is not just physical. All the little things that are done like a gentle squeeze of the hand and a twinkle in the eye or a playful pat on the leg. Small things add up to one big love.
Communication is essential. We need to be able to tell each other all and everything. I will always respect you as a person. You are my love and my life. You are the most important person to me in the whole world. I am in love with one person and get all the emotional and physical love from him, you my dear.

Johnny, I have found the one love for a lifetime, you. You make me so happy. I have never been a person to open up for being afraid of being hurt. I do not feel that way with you. I feel so much love from you and for you. It is so easy to love you. I feel so at ease with you. My heart just opens and the words and feelings just flow out. It is all because of and for you my love. You have brought out the feelings in me that I didn't even know existed. I only want what is best for you and I. I want to have you close so you can protect me from all of today's problems. I want to hold you close and kiss you tenderly. I want to give you all the love I have. I want us to enjoy our time here on earth together in harmonious love.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Your Tanya.

Letter 5

Dear Johnny,

It is always a pleasure to start my day with your letters as well, it fills me with such a great feeling. I am so happy to get your sweet loving letters and as I read them, I feel as if we had been known each other for ages and we are a husband and wife already. Do you have such a feeling sometimes?

I don't come from a rich family and I live a modest life here. I don't know what made you think so, but most of the clothes and things we buy here in Ukraine are cheap as they are of bad quality and not cost so expensive as in the USA, but the quality of them is much worse. I don't search for luxury and wealth, as happiness for me is not in money, but money and well being of course influence on life. I just want that we never struggle for money and was desperately lack of something material, or money for food or for our children upbringing in the future, but if we live simple and modest life without luxuries, it is completely ok for me.

My desires for you are so strong I can't seem to explain them, I am experiencing the same feelings about thinking of you all the time and it is hard to focus on any thing else, not only will you be a great sensual lover, but my best friend and my soul mate, my husband and father of my children. I have thoughts of our usual day which we would spend together and we enjoy cooking together while I am wearing a very sexy, skimpy outfit. We kiss and hug each other so tight we want to melt into one, you see my full breasts softly moving under my top and since you I can't keep your hands off of me, as your hands are wandering over my very sexy butt, to your surprise, you find that I am not wearing any panties, which immediately gets you aroused, while cooking, we both are getting so aroused to a point where you lift me onto the counter top, lift up my sexy outfit and put some sweet cream on my nipples and gently lick it off of me, it feels so good that I ask you to do the same to my wet pussy and lick it off ever so gently, I'm your appetizer) You can see that I am extremely horny and my nipples are very hard, but we tease each other and try to enjoy my wonderful meal that we both cannot finish because our minds are elsewhere. You finally can't take it any more and push the dishes out of the way and lay me on the table while kissing me as your fingers are gently entering my wet pussy, moving them in and out very slowly and massaging my hard clit... I take off your pants and as you are sitting on the chair, I slide onto your hardness... the feeling of your hard and strong cock inside me is incredible, you are so deep into me, and I rock back and forth on you while our kisses become more passionate and I can feel you throb inside of me and you hear my soft moans of approval, while I am on top of you. You start to satisfy my breasts and very erect nipples, your lips gently tugging on them, my response is so strong , especially when your warm tongue circles and sucks on them ever so gently, your hands are fondling the curves of my butt and you take my hips and force them down on you even deeper...
You can see that my eyes are starting to roll back and my movements are getting faster, I am whispering to you to fill me with your cum, I want every bit of it inside of me, my wet tight pussy is massaging your cock until we both explode together and you can feel the juices dripping all over you... what a great dinner! :-) My dessert surprise for you is even better... patience my love!

I know that every day we will spend together will be very special, like a holiday for me, it will be the triumph and the celebration of our love, passion, commitment and devotion to each other.

I love you Johnny!
Many kisses,
Your Tanya.

Letter 6

Hello Johnny!

You are right baby, it will be fantastic to know the exact date of our meeting and count the days till this magic day I first see you.
I am taking the lessons of English as I already mentions and I work hard with it. The teacher gives me a lot of home task and I should speak some English when we meet. I am sure it will help us greatly and trying my best to study. I heard of Rosetta Stone, but we don't have it here. By the way, do you have Russian satellite television?
That's really great that you live in the mountains as I like to ski in winter and hope, we can do it together in winter.
I've never had diamonds, honey, and I have never had such a great handsome man like you are who would love me and would like to join his life with me. That is the most important, honey.
Yes I admitted the thought that I would marry and spend my life somewhere abroad since I always wanted to leave Ukraine, but that was an unreal dream, very distant and I doubted that it would come true, but you my love made this dream come true and not only this dream. You are a man with whom I will realize all my dreams. And what about you, have you ever thought of marrying a Slavic woman from a distant country Ukraine, who lives in the another side of the planet?

You are like a strong wine in my blood, making it very hard to think clearly anymore. Your words and your thoughts intoxicate me and fill me with an excitement and passion I have never felt before. I have always wanted to be so close to my love that we no longer needed words, our eyes and bodies would speak for us. A simple touch, a single look would let the other know exactly what the other was thinking, a perfect lovers empathy.

When we meet, our first kiss will last an eternity. This is my vision of our first meeting; I am waiting for you at the airport and my hands shake and my heart is racing as you wait for my airplane to land. I have been thinking about what meeting you for the first time will be like, watching the scenes run through my head until I am dizzy.

The plane has landed and my body has gone numb, my anticipation is slowly driving me crazy. And then I see you... you are handsome and have sexy body. I just can't take my eyes off you. The world stops for a moment as our eyes meet. We both smile and in that moment we realize that the world around us no longer matters, we are together at last. I walk to you, my eyes locked to yours and the people around us go unnoticed. You present to me a bouquet of wonderful roses with a slight bow and I smell them and smile, and your eyes shine with happiness and affection to me. For a nervous moment we look into each others eyes, unsure of the next moment. And then like a tidal wave we come together and kiss for the first time, and time stops.

We don't remember getting to the taxi, walking hand in hand with me while you are carrying my luggage. The drive to your place seems too long and too short at the same time, but finally we arrive at your place. You offer me something to drink and I do, but my eyes tell you that I have waited long enough. You take my hand and lead me to huge king size bed which is in our hotel room, but even walking there is too much and our passion consumes us where we stand.

You undress me slowly, I want to remember every moment, every movement. You fill my senses with your scent, the feel of you, my eyes see nothing but you, and the taste of your kisses linger on my lips.
You kiss my neck and down to my breasts, licking and sucking until my nipples become stiff. Your hands stroke my entire body and as you kiss your way down across my stomach and you feel your body tremble. With lips and tongue you trace the inside of my thighs, watching my face as desire lights up your eyes with fire. Slowly and gently you tease my pussy with your tongue and lips and I roll my hips in pleasure. You soon lose yourself in your task and find great pleasure in licking me, working me slowly towards an earth shaking orgasm. I scream your name, thrusting my hips wildly as a wave of orgasms shakes my body. We are both happy, but this is only the beginning. I hold you and kiss you, feeling you close to me like my own skin.

I kiss my way down from your neck, across your chest and stomach, down to your cock. My eyes watch yours and I see the intense pleasure in them. You stroke my hair and watch as I lick and kiss your cock. I smile and play with your cock more until you almost beg me release you. But despite your pleas I take my time and suck you slowly, but with force. Finally you throw your head back and release a loud moan and collapse as your cum floods into my mouth. I hold your cock in my mouth for a while and swallow your cum, but your cock stays stiff. You smile and bend down to kiss me will all your heart and your passion and then we begin to make love in earnest.

We spend the night doing little else but make love. Sometimes gently, sometimes like wild animals, and always in whatever position feels right in the moment. When the sun rises we open the balcony door, it is warm day and the days are hot. We fall asleep in eachothers arms, so deeply entangled in eachother you do not know where one ends and the other begins. We are naked and shameless and sleep like angels.

And when we wake we go to walk along the city, see the sights and visit interesting places, go shopping... for lingerie and underwear and anything else you find looks sexy on me. :-)
How do you like my story? Take care, honey. I hope, you will enjoy your weekend.

A thousand kisses to you my sweetheart,
Your Tanya.



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