Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Slobodian to Nacho (Spain)
Letter 1
Hello)) This is Kristina from How are You my dear? I want to meet you and perhaps start to build a serious relations! I am 28 years old, I live in the east of Ukraine, in the small town of Yasnaya Polana, at all my childhood . I studied in Donetsk, I am elementary school teacher. I was not married and have no children! My hobbies are painting and photography, I love photo shoots. Now In Donetsk is a war, it is very scary to live here... ... my dream since childhood was to get married and go abroad, so I registered on the website to find a good man! I am very much hope that this encounter between us and feelings! ask me any questions, I have no secrets from you, I will gladly tell you everything! I send a sweet kiss and very waiting a letter from you!!!

With tenderness Khristin
Letter 2
Good day Nacho !
I had a rough night, heard explosions from the nearby town ... it is very scary! But my morning graced the information from the company transfers.
I received a letter from you, and it made me smile and want to live again ... In order to live with someone will make sense in the future!
Thank you for every kind word, for support and admiration to my address! I am pleased that you are sincere with me and I talk to a person close to me in spirit!
Tell me, do you love to read? I spend all my free time with books, I like the direction of psychology and esoterica, I like to read what I can of the variable is in practice ...
it's working methods of the subconscious and the other! I hope I am a living example of that beautiful blonde should not be silly, ahaha!
I also love animals very much, in my house lives a small miracle dog Bonita- is my joy and in difficult times it is gentle with me and I warm her presence!
Do you have any pets?
My parents are now working under contract in Russia, dad an architect, mother is interior designer ... I'm alone with my grandmother! So I can not yet leave my city.
I can not leave my grandmother, she was in a serious condition and I feel responsible for it!
Sometimes in the evenings I go to a cafe near my home, there is free wi fi and I go to the website ...If you see that I am online, write to me....
but I can write you only in Russian ....I have a ordinary phone, samsung la fleur...and it didn't connect with skype or what's up...sorry
I want to say that I am a simple girl from provincial town, I work in an elementary school ... in Ukraine teachers a small salary and
I can not afford intrenet, iPhone and gadgets! I have more important things where I spend my salary ... now: write a chat with you,
I'm paying for a manager that it will serve our emails! I hope language barrier is not a barrier to communicate with me?
My next goal is to learn English, and it will take my next paycheck!
I am sending you all the tenderness and kisses and really looking forward to the next letter....
send me you foto...
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Letter 3
Hello my darling Nacho! I'm sorry. I do not always have the financial ability to respond to the letter ...
I was informed of your letter and was very glad to answer! When I get e-mails on the box, the company transfers tells me over the phone and if I have the opportunity I go to their office to write you the answer!
Spasibo( means thank you) for every kind word and a wish addressed to me ...
I really appreciate the sincerity and purity of thought in the people .... now as cheating, lying, envy, and hatred around, you begin to be happy when you meet a person like you ...
knows rejoice banal things, words and deeds! the world is simple, we complicate it ourselves - agree ?!)))
Wow! You cat have very blue eyes)))) But I am very pleased to read your messages, I feel sincere intentions and support!
Ooohh that Russian troops may enter on territory Ukraine and then be chaos!
Only now I realize that my grandmother had in mind for saying stolot toast, the main thing that there was no war .... then I did not realize how much it's scary!
Do not want my letter was negative, so do not let the bad news!
Today I was on the river, walking ... listening to nature! Wind... Trees... Birds...noise of the river!!!
I think all of these things inspire me and I forget for a moment about the tragedies that occur around!
I am a teacher and a psychologist, and I love working with kids, for me kids is the life!
I really want to have a child, and maybe a few ahah) What do you think about this?
Now I leave and I do not know whether the classes will begin on October or December, in connection with the war ... I am very worried about the job, because I spend money that I save to the summer and in September, if I don't start work, I don `t know how I will survive! ! Tell me more about your work?
How much time it takes you? Do you get pleasure from what you do?

My dog Bonita unwell, I worrying about her ... if she does not get better we'll go to the vet tomorrow!
If you Interest question what my parents think about the relationship with a foreigner man.....
My parents respect my opinion and my choice if you're a decent man, they will not look at the difference!
Parents work in Russia, Dad architect and Mom interior-designer ! My granny is 73 years old , but it feels hard!

ahah, how can we talk on the phone, I did not know the language ?? !! Well, except that to hear the voice of each other and say hi)) celyu- mean kiss,from russian send you my foto and paint Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 4
Hello my dear Nacho!!
Thank you for answer and for pic) I like you!! I Cried so much tonight ... my heart was not in place!
Already rent the nerves of experiences and concerns ... and more light was turned off yesterday in the whole house!
Can no longer watch the news on tv my psyche can not stand ... despite the fact that I myself psychologist! These poor and unhappy people in Lugansk and Donetsk ... kill them and blow up their families at home!
I can not understand how the country's army can do like ??? Why nobody evacuated ???
I have many friends with whom I studied at the institute and they from Lugansk and I constantly think about their life!
We can only pray - because I can not help ... and it upsets me !!!
If I could have someone to shelter in my home, those who are out of the war has left the city ... but I can not ...
because of the fact that the military action, our city is blocked and the army under its control!
Roadblocks and do not let do not let people! I am writing to you and for me a man who had lived all his life in peace and tranquility, an event does not seem real! You're a grown man and you know life, I am also not a child (though I sometimes want to be them)
and we both understand that the key to a real relationship, pure and true - is friendship! Relationships are built on passion and attraction, they are temporary ... fervor fades and comes frustrations! Therefore, throughout this time, we communicate and make friends with you ...
we are building a "house" on the right foundation, and not on the sand !!!
My love, none of us knows the future! I'm ready to come and spend time with you in live contact to actually understand what is the relationship between us!
Maybe all ... and the fact that I will not return home because understand that I want to stay with you and can be something that you do not want to see me with you ....
it's a fact of life and it is normal !!! I do not want waste our time and money into an empty ... BUT I have circumstances that keep me here ....
if we are wise people, we perceive it as a reward - it's time to get to know each other !!
My dear, you must understand everything here is upside down ... life turned upside down as if stopped! Intrnet- cafe already half a year do not work, many companies and businesses are closed! works only what is necessary and makes a profit ... the agency earns such as you and me, so it makes no sense to close!
There is a demand !!!! Likely, you have a very developed intuition if you do please!))) Yes, I loved "The Wolf of Wall Street," I learned from him the desire and the desire
of the protagonist, with the slogan .... I see the goal, believe in success ! I have been accumulating for the summer, but they went to the aid of my grandmother and other expenses! Now help parents, periodically sending the money ... And what will happen I do not know and do not plan anything ... I plan to only survive the war and madness Goodness of worlds !!! I'm sorry, that again is a sad letter turned out ... I did something very cheerful and positive person !!!! I can laugh without stopping, and I find in any little reason to smile !!!) apparently sometimes despair stronger than my good emotions ... sorry
By the way, I'm learning English as a week, now I got down to the level of elementary way ... teach words ....on as soon as the money, I would go to the teacher for private lessons! I said I will learn! So I will do it! I myself am very, very much it would be desirable, now I understand how much this important to me !!! I've never been abroad, but I'm sure in the near future to go there! Hmmm .... Argentina tango, beef, waterfalls))) This is magical! As it so hard on the soul ... as if no longer receive emails from you ... and so I want to write without stopping, to pour my heart and soul and mind ... Suppose you have today is a beautiful day and my sad letter will not spoil your mood, sorry again
I send you a million kisses and held tight embrace, feeling in your protection! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 5
Hello my honey! I am happy to read your letter, and be able to answer! It inspires me and gives great hope to meet in the future! Thank you for inviting me to you ...
if it were so easy as we would like, I would have come to you for a date)) I need to wait when my parents sent me money to live ( does not think that I'm lazy, just the situation is such that there is no work)! And I have to top up the balance of my phone, because when it is zero, I can not receive SMS messages .. As for why I am interesting to you .... I want you to understand, I'm not a stupid little girl. I am not looking for a sponsor, not looking temporal relationships ...... I'm looking for a man who will awaken my interest, I want to fall in love with his wisdom, in his manner, in his arms I want to feel fragile girl!
I had a relationship with a man who was 40 years old .... it was empty, except for his money and sex he did not interesting any things!
Why would I want such a relationship ??? I have spent my life working on yourself, educate yourself,invest yourself ...
I do not to be beautiful Addendum in someone's life! I want to be a full-fledged woman, in the hands of good men, and that he was proud of me !!!
Proud of not only what nature gave me .... and the fact that I brought up a !!! I think when the time will come, you tell me about past relationships with girls ... And now I just want to know what should have, the kind of girl who will be your last a lifetime? And what are you willing to do for a girl who loves more than himself???
You know why I say "more than himself," because I believe that you need to devote your life to someone !!!
Who devote their lives to the service of God, for whom it is a career service who serve the people ....
and I want to dedicate and has dissolved in the one as well as I have in me has dissolved !!! I also want to hear why you're interested in me?
Have a good day!!
Kiss you:* Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 6
Hello my sweetheart ! I do not know where to begin my letter! If you believe in something that people can intuitively feel each other at a distance, then you will agree with me .... sounds amazing, we are so little known each other, and quickly became close friends! I hope each word you do not offend, because in the relationship should be the steps and foundation !!! For me once no one is worried and did not try to help as much as you !!!
So many letters these days, so many kind words addressed to me! Thank you for this !!! Oh yeah, and I congratulate you with 1 month, I would not even notice it, you're so cute))) You're worried, I know .... but you know the cause of my rare letters .... it does not depend on me more precisely depends - because I have to support themselves and earn their own needs, but now is the time that I have nowhere to go to work!
And it saddens me feel worthless and useless .... Ohhh why did you write the word McDonald's)))))) How I want it, I want the biggest hamburger, potatoes with gravy and cheese sticks ... umm !!!!! All of the day I think about you, about you worlds, you letter... for some reason thought you busy ... imagine our meeting, our acquaintance!
I think the knowledge of languages is not necessary, we all understand in the eyes .... how glad I am that I meet you ...
we barely know and I could fall in love with you, in your words addressed to me! And I understand that you have become very dear to me! I really love and cherish you!
The problem is that if I could write in Russian, I would do it, and you would have translated through Google ...
but I realize that this may sound strange but I have no intrenet home is not cheap! So my only output it to Use the services of translation! Today, a typical day, conventional to natural for the military life ... as always heard gunshots from neighboring towns and as always meet people on the street, with fear and panic on his face!
I was doubly hard now ... I kid my grandmother, she's in a difficult situation and the fact that we have a war may worsen her condition, I have to say that the street fireworks and not gunshots! Here's an interesting life ....
used to be plans and goals, and now Do not know what tomorrow will bring! ....
But all this does not prevent me to think and dream about you! I want to close connection with you ....
you're attracted to me I prefer to wear dresses, I love all the air and feminine! For convenience I can wear jeans, but it is often in the cold season!
At the heart of Russian pop music I listen to, but also I like Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Kathy Perry, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, etc. How was your day baby? What good was it? What's the plans for tomorrow?
Write to me, you're the one who makes me smile .... the one with whom I feel necessary
Thank heaven that you came at the most critical moment of my life .... like an angel!
My feelings I am sending you on the other end of the earth ... you must know, somewhere far away there is a person to whom you are dear!!! kiss you
send you my last picture, I'm wondering your opinion ... and of course waiting for your photos!
Could not comment on the photos .... in a restaurant where you are in the company of colleagues, a man in the middle of gaudy tie, maybe he is not married or wife does not love him, just not advised to take it off! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 7
hello my honey men!!! I'm so ashamed that I do not answer you in and makes you worry! it's not my fault, just now I have to save every penny, very difficult time! It's so cute, I presented this picture before my eyes .... balcony, warm wind, hot cocoa and plaid .... I do my love business, write a picture, and you looked at me and mentally inspiring! This life that I can dream of! Now, I do not draw .... I have no inspiration and desire, I'm so caught up thinking about the future, I do not find the strength to create anything! I feel empty and I can not do .... it's sad! you asked how I imagine our first meeting ?! Haha I find it hard to imagine that either, because I do not know how I will lead myself at that moment when I see you!
One thing I know for sure, I'll be very shy !!! And blush))) And you? You're a shy person?)) I do not know what it's called ... but I probably fascinated by your concern for your support, your words and letters help me to be distracted from what is happening around me! It is possible in this letter, I will not write about the latest events, I can not bear it without nerves and fears .... and at that moment, and even virtually, but I want to relax and mentally to be with you ....
Thank you for such a huge number of photos .... nature is beautiful and you are very cute! and you have a wonderful and attractive mother)))) You'll laugh, but I never saw the motorcycle with two wheels in front .... I did not even know that they exist))) I also love the adrenaline and the things that help to feel the freedom of and make you want to live ..... feel like that ?! when I'm scared and fun at the same time, something inside me breaks out, I call it the spirit of freedom! Nacho I was praying that you understand me and my thoughts, my attitude to you and my feelings. And God heard my prayers!
I am very happy that you want to help us, to help our relations, our future! It is great that you are so serious and sincere man. In world of cruel and dishonest people, especially now when we have such terrible war.
I need your help now!I would not dare to write to you about it, if you did not ask how you can help me .... I do not want to lose touch with you ...
I should write you all the necessary information to pay our translations. I use translation agency which name is "Lim-agency" . One letter costs 5$ (any size). One printed or scanned photo costs 3$. Either, they propose unlimited correspondence while month or two months. If we communicate while one month, it costs 240$, if while two months it costs 390$. You can send your help via the Western Union, MoneyGram, Unistream .
Oh, yeah. Either, i should give you the information where to send money. It is:
full name - Slobodian Kristina
the city - Yasnaya Polana
the address - Zapadnaya street, 55
zip code - 84394
the country - Ukraine
When you send me your help, please send me details, because without details i will not be able to receive your help:
- your full name;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number (I was told that it is something you would get after making the transfer) Honey!!Understand and accept my situation right now, I have nowhere to take any more money on the letter for you ... but I want to be close to you!
All stocks that I had, I spent at the agency, I believe you and not spare to pay for services ...
I will be waiting for your help to continue our relations, because i am interested in you very much and i want to meet with you one day, i want ask you to teach me drive motorbike and Spanish))
I believe that you were sincere with me and you will not give up on me at the time of difficulties!!! Send you foto with my grandma and foto from summer 2013))
kiss you Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together... (
Letter 8
Hello my darling Nacho)))
Begin my letter with thanks! I'm really grateful for your help and for your trust! I promise that I will not spend a penny for myself, but only to our letters to you!
And now I will not have to wait for the moment and look for money to write to you! Thank you again !!! When you know me more better you will understand that I am one of those people who likes to talk and who does not hold a grudge in the heart, or to the Legend!
If I do that then I think I always say about it .... Now, after your letter, I want to share with you my thoughts !!! You wrote me a phrase "do not make me fall in love, if you do not feel the same way" !!! My dear boy, you know everyone has their idea of feelings and treats everyone on your feelings, you call it fall in love, I call this stage of mutual sympathy and close acquaintance !!! I feel that I need your words, I feel that I want to feel you in reality and imagine the moments that I believe that performed at the time of our meeting! But I do not want to dissemble .... for me it is not love! For me it's the spark that ignited between a man and a woman and that can ignite a big flame, tossing more and more embers! And coal, this is the feeling that we are gradually beginning to feel each other !!! I am very pleased that you are so tenderly and gently treats me, as I now never have enough worries, warmth, tenderness .... for the last six months I have grown for 10 years!
At 29, I feel like a wise and experienced woman! I used to keep the pain and learned to live with fear, indulge in what used to be available for me! Everything has changed and I also changed its character and its relationship to the surrounding !!! I apparently remained the same, cute, smiling, I just love my Teddy bears and angels gather on holidays allow yourself to buy pies and not having the patience to bring it home, eat on the way! But my inner state, tempered like steel ...))) I'm sorry that your heart has been broken .... but my dear, that's fine, that's life ... We always someone throws who betray and who loves his life so ready for you to give away!
Nothing is impossible to avoid, everything always happens! You should be glad that did not made a big mistake and did not marry the one who was not worthy of you !!! I will not speak big words, that I'm your destiny ... let's be real and adults))) But the fact that such a man like you can win my heart .... you caught me from my first letters, you determination, perseverance !! I like men who take the initiative in their hands! Thank you for this !!! I'm ready to write a lot))) But I need to go home, it's getting dark and not safe to walk alone in this time! around the military and tanks, and are best avoided moments without running into them !!! Therefore, forgive me, but I have to finish the letter !!! And hurry home in the cold and lonely !! PS It was a real Christmas tale, if I spent the holidays in your company))) Ooyy I like you hairstyle, you are so kind and nice cutie)))
kiss-kiss-kiss!!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 9
Hello my darling!!! I write this to you and get happy, I never thought that in my life will be the case ... I fall in love with a man whom has never seen, not heard!
But for me, this new understanding of the relationship, I opened it for yourself after talking with you! And only now I'm beginning to understand how important it is to know first the soul and guts of man, his moral qualities, his outlook on life .... to be a friend, to sympathize and support! Open to him and not to be close to the physical condition ....but in mind! And that's all I'm worried about you! With a stranger, and also the most family man during this time!
I did not tell anyone so much as you ... my mother away - I can not talk long and often on the phone and in addition, I can not show that it's hard because they will worry about me!
Grandma can not get nervous and I spoke to her only about good, my best friends left with their families to safer places in Ukraine! So I have only you now, only you my hope and find support and assistance in you!
I was so happy when I get a calls in the morning and the manager says you have a letter in the box, and my day gets better .... thank you! Sincere thanks for everything! Did I strongly sensual writing this and you're not ready to hear it .... but I write about what I think and what I feel! I'm a straight man, I do not like hypocrisy!
My parents continue to work in Russia , they have a lot of responsibility now! They have to contain not only me, but all of our relatives are in dire straits because of the war! Now all were out of work and money and work for food! is such a sad situation! I really missed for parents, but I'm an adult and I understand that I must endure, because they work not only for me!
Today... nostalgia, I send a photo of the first working day after the holidays in the past school year! I'm tired,but happy!
All the joy in children .... and I miss them((
My lovely children present a flower to me!and now I realize how I was happy in this moment.... Good day and evening my honey ! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 10
Hello my honey !!! I really miss you and I always looking for the opportunity to write you a letter, I need it .... thinking about you give me hope and ease my condition!
Every day I try to find something good and positive that happened to me, then to write to you ... but nothing happens, maybe it does not sound clear to you, but life is there such a monotonous and gray, but after the black stripe always comes white and in my life this band will be you! I can't write a letters as Josephine to Napoleon, filled with love, passion and feelings! In my letters only true of my life .... and today I share with you this truth! Tomorrow I want to start collecting my things! My cousin at the start of the war had left with her husband and five years children in Kharkiv, it was still summer, and they hoped to return to the cold! But the situation in their city is not stable, as well as their life! I am very worried about her, she is not a happy in marriage with the man and a bum on her neck a little kid! It does not take the job because she is a refugee from Lugansk! The Ukraine not like the people of Donbass !!!
And this is the bitter truth, like a Slavonic people, and such cruelty! So I want to collect my warm clothes, jackets, sweaters and send it to her .... she need it more !
Still most of the time I sit at home and do not need them, but she needed to drive the child to kindergarten and be on the street looking for work !! !
Then I need to find a way to send these things for her,because post do not work here now ... I will have to look the driver that will be sent to the other side and give them clothes! So I'm puzzled by this question! There are very cold, the heat in the apartment we do not have! Now there is not sub-zero temperatures we use air conditioning, which will then not even know ...
I'm so sick and sorry for all those people who now find themselves in strange cities, without the means to exist .... since I can not swear, for that very hypochondriac, but I can not on the other! I am a visual and always in my eyes are those pictures that I think !!! But on the other hand in our world so very much cruelty, Lost, hatred, and if no one will be held in his goodness and love, how we will live ??? !!! I want and wait when the chaos ended and I could come to you and see you! I was never interested in politics and did not think that the situation in the country could affect my life! At such moments, you realize that you have to be thankful for the peaceful sky and health, the most important thing in life! I think you will agree with me !!? How have you been these days? What did you do? How to spent time with my mom ??) Nacho,I have money for one inbound and outbound message! I must confess to you, I took a little money from those that you sent me and bought myself pies!
I wanted so tasty and sweet, and the more I could not resist the Cake bear ..... I did adore Teddy bears)))) I guess I got sick because very headache and weakness! Now I shall come home and took my temperature! Because really feel bad !! thinking of you...
and regards a magic and a sweet kiss for you!!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency". (Due to the interruption of electricity, a letter was sent with a delay)
Letter 11
Hello Sweety! You are very kind to me ... thank you sow in me so much affection and support! It really works ... You will have to tinkering with me ... I like to swim, but I am afraid of water when it ceases to feel under a bed!
I started panicking, I forget how to swim and the last effort to swim to the shore))) So I'm not the best partner for swimming, you will have to constantly save me or buy me a children's inflatable circle !!)) Football is not about me, too! I just never been interested in them! Perhaps if I went with you for a couple of games and you would explain to me why these men are running the ball and always angry at the sight of these cards ....
I would have been able to fall in love with football!)) It's so cute - card, I recently gave a postcard when I was studied in school! I would like to get it from you ...
But it will not come to me, because the post did not work since summer .... Our city is not recognized as a city in Ukraine, as it is captured by militia and declared the People's Republic !! do not go with the transport of Ukraine and nothing at all! Of course, the phone can have internet ... if the phone will support it! My little old man samsung nothing supports )) I try to notice the minutes and moments of happiness, to collect the crumbs of happy moments, do not forget at the same time about gratitude. I'm trying to be happy, one grain of happiness, which I feel today and now. It is important to again and again to experience the joy, love,freedom, laughter. I want to come back to life, turning to face her, because man is born not only suffering, but also to be happy and I am no exception!
I believe it! After all, there are people who is ten times harder now! If I do not eat up, they do not eat at all, if I do not sleep from fear, that is, people who do not where to sleep! And I have a future in this future is our meeting, our meeting and I have to take care of that yourself! With your letters and your words warm love make me live the happiness of my day and in my solitude of night you are my beautiful dream that gives me pleasure and love to be with you, I know that you think maybe distance or language is a barrier to our relationship but my love you should know no barriers to our relationship and our love I think our relationship is moving towards the right direction and I think you like me we have the same feelings and I am sure that fate gives us happiness....I believe in it!! OOuu thanks for inscription on the sand .... it's like in the movies)) Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 12
Hello my sweet! Already New Year's Eve, at this time always starts the festive bustle purchase plans for the holidays but this year ... no !!!
How sad it! I was trying to cheer up yourself and for a moment forget about everything, but my thoughts do not leave my head!
And I can not relax and believe in fairy tales and start to enjoy what is happening! I wrote a list of foods and dishes what want to cooked, put a small branch of fir (tree is expensive and I could not buy it), graced the window lights and still at the heart of longing and sadness !!!
Nothing pleases me. even the anticipation of the holidays! I am very worried about what will happen next ... I'm one of those people who perceive the new year, a report of a new life .... I fear in the beginning of a new look !!! When it's peace and quiet when I come back to work when I see parents when I see you .... it's all constantly sits in my head !!!! Baby!! I'm sorry I did not write these days! At first I was in a veterinary clinic to be vaccinated Bonita, and then was unwell ... sore throat and the weather was terrible on so many cold and I did not want to go out and catch a cold more! Great photos with nature! And you raised feet uphill or you keen on climbing, among other things it is your hobbies?!)))
Mmm, Can I ask a may seem silly ... but please take into account the mentality of another country!
And why during dinner you have empty tables? Or at the time the photo was end of dinner ??!
We just have taken to prepare a lot of different dishes, salads and snacks, and put so much to the table bursting with abundance))) Ahaha thank you and I congratulations you with a little date, we met! I have a bad memory for numbers, so I do not ever remember whose birthdays and holidays, I need to write! What plans for week? what present you prepare for you mom ?( if it is not a secret) my kisses and smiling for you, from the cold and snowy Ukraine !! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 13
Hello my baby!
In what a beautiful place you live .... All the beauty of nature in the same city and the sea and the beach and the mountains ...
you have to be thankful to God that you was born at this time and in this place !! You do not have a winter ?? I mean, the coldest temperature you have probably +10 ?!))) And we have a blizzard and snow, all covered with snow .... Today on TV said that in Odessa 180 kilometer plug of machines, because ice and snow! We also have a lot of snow and cold !!! Say it will be -24 next week !!! This is awful!
the house is very cold , I go to a warm sweater, pants and smock top and sleep under two blankets! Batteries do not warm!
And we do not have a heater and air conditioner can not be included when the outdoor temperature is below zero otherwise can spoil !!!
Bonita even too lazy to walk on the floor, it's cold ... that is constantly on the couch)))) You're already prepared for the celebration of the New Year ??!
Tomorrow uncle will take me and grandmother for a few days in his house !! My uncle has a small farm of animals, so the New Year's table is delicious !!! I'm really looking forward to the duck with rice and apples, so I want something that delicious !! Uncle promised to cook))) I also believe that the time will come when I'll be free from all duties and concerns, and be able to come to you on a date !!!
Only I am very worried about how we are going to talk ???? !!! I have in fact quite bad - bad English !!! Probably my arms are not words but smile ...
I will smile and you will understand that I'm happy !!! Nacho, sweet ... here's my phone number ... +380662544215 In New Year's Eve, I can not congratulate you, so it will be possible only with the help of sms ...
write to me, and I do not know your numbers!! I can not write much, because it's expensive ... sms and calls abroad! But all the same New Year's Eve
I'd like to congratulate you, I hope the connection will I be able to do it !!! My kisses and hugs! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 14
My sweetheart ...Nacho!! May your days be as glittery as diamond, may your friends be as good as gold, may your heart stay as green as emerald, and may your soul remain as pure as pearl.
May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness!!!
My letter to Santa this year asked for YOU! So don’t be surprised when he comes through your window and puts you in a sack! Merry Christmas!
We have constant communication failure, so perhaps you could not call me !!
But sms from you was not, I did not get !!!
You can not correctly recorded the number ?! Yes, you're right ...
I even hear a voice and this will be more pleasant to the heart! A very long time, I want to learn English! But then life constantly, the financial circumstances prevent me! I believe that the time will come and I will fulfill that desire !! The New Year passed quietly, with family !!! I ate well, maybe for you it sounds funny ... but I have not eaten meat and delicious sweets!
Therefore, I had a feast and celebration stomach these days))))
In general, all is well in the holidays was quiet, special fire can not hear and it was the best gift for the new year !!! Today was walking with a girlfriend, drinking coffee and chatting!
I rested well, I do not have that quiet life, which was in the past!
Today, my head does not come out thing that I saw in the store, it was a silver icon of the Virgin Mary, so tender and not the usual that sunk into my heart !! I do not recognize myself, I become so sentimental and deep soul !!! Previously, in addition to new shoes and handbags I did not interest ... now how it all differently !!!
Perhaps that is turned upside down in my head .... I'll wait for your sms !!!
I send you kisses !!!
And wait for that in 2015 will begin a whole new ... with you !!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 15
Hello my honey!!
I have not written for a long time because the holidays agency does not work, they have weekend!
And the messages and phone calls, I did not get it, I called the mobile operator with this issue, he said that in our region there was only one main antenna which gives a connection to the city and that the holidays it is possible because of the congested calls of congratulations and therefore nonresident calls can not get through, holidays coming to an end and I hope soon everything will work !! We again that something is happening! Heard gunshots and explosions! For the holidays, it was announced a truce, but apparently it's for TV news, but in fact no peace! Today watched the horror going on in France .....
I think the world has gone mad! Who and why do we need these wars, terrorist attacks and murder !!! sometimes I think that it is either the last days as the Bible says, or conspiracies Masonic lodges !!! Yes, I love to take pictures and I love to photograph someone !!! When I wanted to mirror yourself a good professional camera to get carried away in this business seriously, but could not buy it! It is so interesting to see and hear a different way of life, other traditions and way of life!
I'm waiting for that moment when I can plunge into this atmosphere and enjoy, smile and just be happy !!!
I so want it! Ahaha, we have about a beard funny song, try to look on the internet video and enter the name: Oeiaoe - Ai?iaa!
There is sung. "Do you have a beard - I'll tell you yes !! beard if not, then my answer is no !!!
" Now the fashion for brutality and beard))) I do not mind the presence of a beard or lack thereof, so be it as convenient to you! !! I finish the letter and hurries home, because it is already evening and we have very cold -23 degrees!
And I'm afraid not to fall again in the dark !!!! My kisses !!!
Nacho manager remembered me and said that I was left with one letter !!! She showed me a printout and count, I do not remember exactly what was written! If you're interested, you can write them ... Well, I am sending you kisses from incredibly frosty cold city !!!
Let them in flight warmed and melted on your lips !!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 16
HeHello darling!!! I have included a song that you sent, I did not understand what they are singing ... but it was very nice, it seems that they sing about feelings))) I have received your translation, thank you that our communication and attitude can go !!! Russia is not a "foreign country" for us, as its boundary so close to us and especially for the border crossing is not present, there is a visa-free regime and needed only Ukrainian passport !!
I think I ask someone about what I need to visit Spain and then will say to you! Thank you for the phone call, I knew that we will shy)))) I have some that precipitate heart, sad and hurt ... !! My girlfriend came... when the war began she went to live in Kiev, but here lived her parents and she came to visit them and me !!! We came out with not a pleasant conversation that does not go out of my head .... Of course, she came beautiful, fresh, in new clothes and look great, and began to tell how beautiful life she has in the capital and blame me, that I'm still here! That missing life, leading home and lifestyle in general has become a different person! She started to give me advice what to do and that I should leave Yasnaya Polyana, that there is no economy, there is no life that I'll soon be hungry and naked .... I was so hurt, instead of support and encouragement I have received - "blow to the head "!!! She lived in a Kiev, walked, worked .. let all the delights of life, whereas I went to her parents helped her mother with the father because he had suffered a heart attack after a mine blew up where his worked! How can you ?? !! How can we live and think only of yourself?
I think, If you have any chance to be useful to someone, then it should be used !!! Apparently, there are people who do not understand the values and priorities, I have responsibility for my grandmother for my home, for people who are close to me .... So that our conversation with her failed, each to his opinion, and I stayed with resentment at heart !! Came and brought me a present evening dress ... I was shocked! I'm certainly glad gift and it is beautiful, but where do I go in it here ??? !!!! Is it really impossible how think her head .... why she didn't bring a gift that any products or sweets or medicine !!
I do not know, or I'm different now, or she changed after life in Kiev !!! Big hugs!!!!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 17
Hello my sweetheart!!!!! With the communication problems I was not able to send letter before! I am sorry baby!!!!!!
Today is a very cold, in house is also not Africa, and therefore I am sick that come out of a hot bath in the cold room! And warm robe and socks do not rescues ! sometimes it seems that we do not consider us for the people and just bullied .... I would like to explain that the person is able to get used to everything, even to the poor! I think I am no longer afraid of the explosion and people in uniform, as if I had lived all my life so! Since January 3th, canceled all transport links of Donetsk with other cities of Ukraine, trains and buses will not go! Only private transportation, but it is at your own risk, because it can happen anywhere! Today watched on TV the case... in a car hit by a shell and did not explode, and showed how he got stuck next to the door. And people say there is no God! I think this is evidence of manifestations of a higher power !!! On Friday, I go to work))) If this is so can be called !! I will work as a volunteer and give people food, buckwheat groats, meal ....for it will not pay wages ! Not that I really need and buckwheat flour, just want to be useful to someone! In the city there are a lot of old men, their children have left and those grandparents need help! Really sorry for all .... in other parts of the country their children suffer, that nothing can do for them, and are grandparents to pray that their children were doing well, and lived their lives so! It's all very scary, morally elephants endure all the information that you hear every day about someone's death, someone something miraculous rescue and broken destinies! It does not describe in words ..... Weekend I stayed with my uncle in the village, he took us .... because he was afraid of fire "hail" in the cities! I rested as much on the soul, I forgot the word fear, feelings ... it was so comfortable and free, that I wanted to cry with joy just to be alive and breathing fresh air! This week I have recovered a couple kilogram))) My uncle has his own farm and I ate a delicious meat pig, chicken, cottage cheese .... I'm so bored behind this !!
Because of the economic crisis in the country, prices in stores and just space out for the jump of the dollar, they change every day, more and more expensive!!
If a week ago, the eggs cost about $ 1 (10 pieces), but today they are worth $ 2 !!! This is crazy .... I knew what kind of ball are you talking about .... I've seen on such ride through the mountains and rivers, if it's what I think !!! I agree, to try))))) No Nacho, they do not have video services, translation of letters between a man and a woman is not their specificity, and therefore there is no camera !!!!!
As soon as I start to get money instead of eating at work, I'll buy a phone with internet and we will be able to communicate !!!!!!! I believe that this will happen !!!!! Now go home and bake cakes and prepare milk with cinnamon!
Cupcakes is my favorite treat! I always bake a lot of them and treat neighbors .... How do you feel these days? How are you ?!
I think and dream about you too!!!!!!!! My kisses!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 18
Hello baby!!!! Insanely cold and snowy week !! A lot of snow was melted and then it turns into ice! walk down the street is simply not possible, constantly falling, probably on my shoes outsole for ice !!! Again, I apologize for my late reply, you know the reasons ... The war is gaining momentum ... brewing overthrow the current government, economic collapse and the crisis !!! Generally people here in Ukraine will not be a normal life! And I am glad that I have plans in this country I will not stay !!! I do not want to live under this flag fascism and nationalism !!! I find it easier to be home to a new country called !!! Even the light started off !!! Perhaps transformatory- power, can not withstand voltage, overload, and there is always something breaks !!!
Because of this, the house burned kettle, as usual, everything happens at the wrong time !!! Because of these problems, there will be new costs !! Okay I just Maker will have to buy (although it is possible and without it, in a saucepan to boil), and in humans refrigerators and washing machines were burned, it is even more expensive and insulting! Thank you for all the kind words that you have written to me! I'm really pleased to hear that it is not seeing me you had a good impression!
I will not hide that I like and you want to meet and I want to see and chat with you live !! Thank you that you want to protect me from the horror !!! I'm really looking forward to spring ... warm sun! Why it seems that the weather will change life and mood, very tired of this gray, cold and moral destruction !! I'm so sorry that this year, dropped out of my life ... I want so much to do, so much to see, to visit, to buy ... want to live as before !!! But as they say what does not kill us makes us stronger .... This life stage that made me the person from home fragile and delicate girl, I began to see and know more, now I know that there is nothing more precious than life and health, there is no one dearer close ... that one may turn away from you, and not one will be closer brother !!! I got an incredible life lessons that will help me in the future !! Hugs and kisses ! Have a nice day and evening !! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "L-agency". (Due to the interruption of electricity, a letter was sent with a delay)
Letter 19
Hello my sweetheart! I rejoice like a child, it was possible to write to you today! I really really miss .... now I am ill try to be at home and not go out because I was not good feeling! Again very cold and too weak enriched home, I want to wait for the heat and sun!
As your mother feels now?
Time is spent in bed, held for the new book Jojo Moeys interesting contemporary prose, about a girl who took over a lot of commitment and always tried to do everything in time and even when you do not have the strength and hope, she still wiping tears and move on short sale and then she met the man who discovered her other life, and gave peace and women's happiness! Frankly, I am not able to retell the book, but I think you understand something)))
I live by faith and believe that all this will stop and we will have the first date and talk until morning! I live by this idea, see you live, to see you, hear you, walk with you .... Privacy is one of the manifestations of love, so I wrote that I just want to feel secure, and bury his nose in the chest and tightly hug you !!! And to know that nothing scary ...
Forgive me my dear, I still did not recognize the visa and permission to stay in Spain !!!! I promise to do so in the near future, care and disease distracted me ...
I have a gift for you, Valentine's day! I can not send it to you and pass, but he will wait for our meeting, so I gave it to you personally!
I am sad that I can not make a romantic dinner and a bunch of interesting things .... So I decided to make this little gift and know that soon you will become its owner! How do I want to spend Valentine's Day with you, it seems to me that you are very sincere and romantic and prepared to surprise me, sang or danced inflated balloons with hearts! Mmmm how I want such banal pleasures ....
As I do not have such attention and grooming !! I will not get discouraged and sad, I hope it come .... and we will have an opportunity to have fun from the heart... A lot of kisses!!!!!!!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 20
Hello my dear Nacho! I'm glad that you liked present and I am pleased to please you and warm your heart!
It was the saddest day of Valentine in my life! .... Just before even when I did not have boyfriends at the time when it was Valentine's Day, there were my friends and we congratulated each other ... present beautiful slippers, pajamas with hearts, figurines of angels and all sorts of cute things that are nice to receive!But they are all far and we can not congratulate each other! Parents sent me some money for a modest gift, I bought myself an umbrella, and for grandmother gown! That's all .... More from anyone got nothing !!! I baked cupcakes in the form of hearts and brought to my neighbors, even to someone I did nice and cheer up! Wow! Snow for you - it is a Nave something out of science fiction! And for us it is normal in winter, which is very annoying and I want to heat and spring!
Now colder again and again I got sick! The apartment is cold, I go as cabbage - 100 dress and still support! I have not eat Paello, but I know that this Spanish dish with rice and seafood! Do you like this dish? Is It Tasty? Intresno try! I do not get your call on Saturday, probably due to poor mobile line! Here constant problems with it now! I'm sorry! We have declared a truce, but not strongly adhere to! Anyway bomb - just not so much! Growing rate of the dollar due to rising prices in this store, if a couple of months ago, I could afford to buy at least some fruit , but now in addition to apples nothing useful can not buy expensive!
I'm a big fan of coffee, coffee Jacobs earlier cost 60 hryvnia, now for one month, its price has risen to 90 hryvnia !!! Is it very expensive !!
All the horror that people do - Ukraine takes the credit in Europe and thus spoil the life we common people, because we do not have such salary, benefits and pensions like in Europe to live at this level !! That's the sad ....! Hugs and kiss! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 21
Hello my dear long-haired guy (it was hairstyle suits you)!!! I am feel very bad the last two days! Severe headache, do not give to live in peace! This morning, I sent you an SMS that I could not go to the agency to respond to you ... but after a couple of hours I realized that my desire to write to you more than a headache!
And I am write you now))) Mmmm do not talk with me about tasty dishes, and then I rolled belly! How I wish that that tasty, but not what I eat every day ....
rice, buckwheat, potatoes and sometimes meat! I want chicken, seafood, I want tons of chocolate .... oo this paradise! I have a phone-number women from Kharkov, she helps in obtaining visas and other things! Next week I'm going to call her to ask any questions! How was your exam, how's it going? I have a colleague, she completed courses in English language ... yesterday I met her she told me about her impressions of the training!
Says that two months of its free taught conversational English! After training give a diploma, about what you are native speakers and after the exam assign % proficiency.
Group session 10 students per class $ 300, 7-5 people $ 350, 400 $ 5-3 person! There is a teacher in person with 500 $ intensive !!!
Do not know what to decide whether now .... time to practice! On the other hand, I want to fluent English, I'm not used to not be able to express my thoughts .... I talk a lot and can not support any topic from any area of expertise! And it turns out you have to learn to ask just how things ?? !! As if I dummy with no brains! Do not feel comfortable in such moments !!
I understand that I need knowledge of Spanish, but here deficit tutors! Do you know English and in your country, most know him and it's at least as it will help me in communicating with others!I need your advice, I can not decide anything right now ..... I want to hear your opinion!I'd like, it's my goal and dream! But I do not know what to do ....
because I have not money for these courses ! Want to ask, How are in your country with hospitality? To you can come with friends or guests without a call? I have a girlfriend,
her sister lives in California .... And so they have not been made just go to visit !!! They send each other invitations to e-mail with the date
and time and the only way make an appointment !!! We do not exist, everything is much simpler .... relatives come without warning, and friends
in advance call and say we will soon !!! I love the simplicity in the way! Sure to be the manners and culture, but everything should be in moderation !!! Policy has not changed .... I'm shocked with the president and parliament, they borrow from the EC to the war, the whole country's budget spent on war and nothing was decided and does not change !!!! I have already agreed to join in Russia, it's better there than under the authority of such a fool as Poroshenko !!! We had a week of pancakes! I baked a lot and smashed to the neighbors elderly, their children have left and not someone to look after them! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 22
Hello baby)) To begin ... you are really, really good looking in this glasses !!! I did not see them in the photo above! you're so cute, as a kind and gentle professor !!!!!! Thank you, my sweet, I'm better! Today we have the sun and it made me happy! Immediately there are forces and smile))) Courses start on Friday, but I took no action! More precisely, I decided a long time to learn English, but I understand that I can not afford it! Of my savings I have $ 30, but it is a drop in the sea - against the amount that is required !!! And it upsets me, feel what that needy .... I miss at the time when I lived and did not think about money when it receives a salary and raced to the store for a new dress or a beauty !!!! Now you sit and think and think these penny how to spend it efficiently and to all enough !!!! Fed Up! I want to work and not be addicted! Young, hands, legs and head in place - and I sit and I can not even work. shame! Nacho! I called the counselor, her name is Svetlana !!! She told me everything and I asked her to send me an email, a file with this information in printed form!
I'll ask to attach it in Russian, you will need to translate it yourself, ok ?! It turns out visa done fairly quickly, up to 10 days and it says 99% that it gives! Consulate of Spain in Ukraine, loyal to the tourists from Ukraine and gives a positive answer !!!
This is good))) But first, I need to apply for the manufacture of passports! I have it not invalid now !!!! Well, my dear .... two months is not so much !!! There are things more important than this time: 1. Arrive my parents before I plan to visit you 2. To borders were open and martial law has been declared !!!!! These things are more important than waiting! My strong sweet kisses and hope to meet! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 23
Hello baby!!! Thanks for the photo, you with the cat makes me happy! Cutie))) No, I'm not too shy .... Modesty - adorns the man))) I do not know how divided feelings through writing, when I arrive - everything will fall into place and the wave of love come on me, and I will be able to be relaxed! Well, all the best Glan words in Russian you know! and this is progress ahah! On the phone I tried to ask about your cat, climbs if he had hair? My Boni it very much ... circle wool, I'm tired of it clean)) Ok, thank you my dear for your support! I wanted to ask, what to solve the courses of English ??? Now I can Activities passport and English and visa opens quickly! The main thing that happened with the passport all of these problems in the region !!!! We have an expression "suitcase mood," is when you are planning to go somewhere, and the hype of the trip!
To be honest, I have it already arrived, I was so inspired - that is ready today to collect the suitcase !!!! I've never flown on a plane ??? It's scary ?? Probably before the flight should drink 50 grams of cognac! And then come to you fun, ahahha)) I am very upset because of the fact that my message does not come to you, and your sms me !! I do not know why ... I guess my decrepit phone does not know what the international sms sending, sorry ..... Do you see film "50 shades of gray"? I read the book and very interesting to see, cinemas do not work .... but not on TV show soon! And you're not looking? I firmly and gently kiss you! I wish you a nice weekend and sunny mood !!!!
Aww yet, do not be angry that I'm so shy !!! I am a teacher and very kept in my emotions and words, I just need time ...) Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 24
Hello my darling!!! I'm good !! Hope for the future gives me strength and inspiration! The street was the sun shines, which means there is a reason to smile !!! Today I received the translation, I spent 1.5 hours in the bank - hit on the break and had to wait !!! I called and signed up for courses, on Friday the first lesson - I'm so happy! you can not imagine how long I have wanted and dreamed, and now I'm going to learn English yuyuhuuu !! This week I'm going to collect documents for a passport! Go for the cellphone and make a photocopy of the passport and code! To apply for I will need to go to Kramatorsk, because only there pasport- table! I do not know, maybe you do not have such bureaucratizes country ... but we all based on a piece of paper copies, and the hustle and bustle! We do not have that come in one institution applied for and received a document! It is necessary to collect proof of residence, work - all to certify official! In general - a headache, but I can do !!! It is important that in Kramatorsk was calm now - so I was able to go back !!! In Ukrainian I love you sounds ( IA TEBE KOHAU) used the Ukrainian language is often compared to French, because he also melodic ! In Russian ( IA TEBIA LUBLU)!
I will teach you the most ubiquitous phrases Russian language! It is not difficult)))) I called the mobile operator and learned may need additional advantages or zeros, so that when you send it reached the destination! I have the correct code of your number and everything is in order, but SMS is still not come to you !!! So hurt .... I want to write good morning and good night and send emotions and practice the language))) I wish you good evening, do not be sad ... everything will be fine! If our desire to match, they are destined to come true !!!!
My kisses! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 25
Hello one of the dearest people for me !! My Nacho! Life presents opportunities and day gives the spring and the sun that awakens the spirit and makes love! In fact, scientists say that springtime is the most amorous, with spring nature wakes up and sharpens the senses !!! So that my feelings for you are exacerbated by the new, with updates and with the arrival of spring in the heart !!! I'm good !!! Continue to work in volunteer organizations! Now even more people in need of products! Rate of exchange grew in our country and the price of food and other payment increased in two !!! Now you have to wonder what better ...
buy rolls and bread or flour, bake it and it will be the most economical! Hard, very hard! All these persistent economic failures to maintain life, take away all the power !!! I think I became to much leaner, that is no longer able to live differently!
Very expensive gasoline and increased the cost of travel on the bus! Grandma drugs rose three times !! It's just awful! When I'm sick always buy syrup for children on the basis of licorice root, it has always been the cheapest and helped! Now he stands before much worth 3 banks !!! Cheaper treated with raspberry tea !! On Sunday we had a day of women! My grandmother and I were invited guests , I cooked dinner and we spent the evening in conversation in good company !!!
This is my first holiday without flowers Women's Day !! Every year I received flowers from the father, the kids at school and men who cared for me ....
but this year did not happen .... This Friday I was waiting for the second English lesson !!! I really enjoyed it, we teach with the most basic, pronunciation, grammar and stuff! Besides, I really enjoy spending time in the company of good people ! And in English, I digress! I went to Kramatorsk and handed over documents to the manufacture of a passport! Told to expect a call through the 25-31 day !!! And he will be ready !!! How is your mother? That the leg ?? What the doctor said? What decision was made? How was the festival? What was interesting? I'm waiting for Foto !! Embrace and kiss! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 26
HeHello sweetheart!!!!! I am all right! The bad weather did not give me a chance, get to the agency! These days, pouring rain, without rubber boots on the street can not get out, once wet feet !! We do not have a lot of calm not such strong shooting and bombing! Still, life has not improved !!! For so long Ukrainian authorities only 2 times sent humanitarian aid in the form of food! Everything that we may learn, now is the help from Russia or Ukrainian businessmen !!! To be honest hard work in such conditions, at first I thought the war the cohesion of the people and all are not indifferent to the plight of each other! But over time, hardened the hearts of all !!! Sometimes people fight for a package of food. someone shouted that he had a family more and takes away from the other ... terrible pictures! We were with my grandmother and we put two double ration pack! But I always take one, I am ashamed that someone really need than me .... let someone eat more, I do not mind! When cars come, we divide the products in bags .... there enters sunflower oil, sugar, buckwheat, canned meat, condensed milk and 1 pack of tea! Those who can walk themselves come for the packages, and the old grandparents resound we volunteers! Perhaps that is why I am not running or doing exercises at home for the whole day I was so tired of wearing these bags that do not feel the hands of the evening! In our area there was an accident, drunken soldiers on the tank was hit mom with two kids !!! These soldiers staged a race on the tanks right through the city, among the people, and there was such a sad outcome !!! I have already the fifth day very sore back, I have never been that way !!! I can not sit long, I can not lie, if not put under the pillow, and a huge back because of the pain I have to slouch, because it hurts to keep your back flat on their toes !!! So strange, I never knew that the back can hurt so much !!! I asked a woman at work, what to do - she said to go to the hospital because it is not a joke at a young age to have a pain in the spinal vertebrae! I'm not talking about my grandmother, because she is alarmist and I will make an elephant out of a fly, ahahha !! Still suffer) Now the National Bank of Ukraine is trying to stabilize the exchange rate, but it is strange that the price remained the same, prices fell - and the prices were expensive! How did it all tired !! Thank you for the photo !! It is very interesting to visit this carnival, I would have eaten all products with those tables ahha))) I looked salute photos and realized that I was a long time will be afraid of him - because the sounds of explosions in my memory forever! I still do not get your sms !!! I am very angry because of this !!! My stupid phone!! Now I am very sorry that when worked - not bought a good phone! Who would have used it and could speak to the camera !!! It is a pity that I did not know that I will need it to chat with you ! Thank you dear grandmother in order! Sometime happens high pressure, but medications help stabilize it !! Parents - work, I miss them, I miss them so !! Next time I will write you more about my family! Now I can not sit for a long time - back pain (I had to go to the agency without a pillow)))) On Fridays I go to English and it makes me happy !! Thank you for this opportunity !! News about the passport yet - wait! My kisses!!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 27
Hello baby!!!!! Please forgive me for making you worry !! During this time, a lot of things happened .... First we started again winter !! There was a terrible storm and snow that left us without light, water !!!
Were damaged power line and mobile stations !! It was horrible, not the human condition !! Since there was no water, it had to recruit from the well, and I went after her with bottles! typing 15 liters and carrying them, I injured my back more!! All night I suffered pain in the morning decided to go to the hospital! I was prescribed a bunch of therapies and massages, I almost gave up everything - because we do not have free medical and hospital services paid !! I bought painkiller injections and prick them twice a day to remove the pain !!! I do not understand what kind of bad luck ... I have these situation knock off balance !!! Another not good news, I broke down and called the passport office Kramatorsk to know when my passport is ready .... And you know what they told me ... Wait !!! Department issuing passports stopped his work in connection with Anti-terroristic operation and when it begins to work, they can not answer., because it does not depend on them, and from the state !!! I was shocked, why everything is falling apart ??? !!! Well, what is it ??!
I am so tired of this madness !!! Saturday was the birthday !!! The most banal and simple, with a cup of tea at the TV !!!!! I've always wondered, do you rely on intuition when do sports betting? Or you have any facts on which you rely? Pictures that you send looked make me more upset, as it is beautiful, peaceful, quiet - I sometimes think that here the air is saturated with death and poverty !!! and I can not have them breathe !!! I really, really miss you !!!!
From back pain on Friday had to miss the English !! Therefore, if you are a long time waiting for my answer, do not think bad .. please!
Just call me .. my Nacho! Sweet kiss!!! And maybe we must try dream about good time together and it will become quickly! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 28
Hello my dear Nacho !! Tuesday I'm in the upset feelings, sadness .... !!! I lost my wallet or stolen or I lost it, I Do not Know! I just came home and did not find it in my bag !!! It does not have much money or documents - Thank God !!! There was money for food for a week and my license to work !! But it does not upset me .... I was upset the very absence of a purse, it was my favorite pink purse ....
Just do not laugh, it was just a beautiful bright crimson color and butterflies !!! I'm so sorry for him, I have two day scratching my heads and remember my Tuesday in steps. to remember where the purse could disappear, but do not remember anything !!! Firmly remember that put it in a bag and go home !!! Well, just do not know what's going on ... first Bonia nibbled my shoes, now purse .... mmm I suffer! We have an unexpected snow in April and cold, like the spring comes and the heat !!! 14 today and the sun and it pleases !!! I'm sorry that I made you worry ... But then there are situations not dependent on me! perhaps it is difficult to understand, when you live in other realities! This constant communication failure and light, crowning the problem - I torment !!! I already easier back is so sore! Of course, I can not say that it doesn’t not hurt .... But before she was ill unbearable, now I can not stand !! I stopped a course of intravenous because spent a lot of money and I can not love yourself so much to spend money on! There are things and people in my family that my father helps and I can no longer cares only about myself's, I am ashamed! I will hope that the attacks will not be repeated, and this little pain I could endure !!! yes, perhaps Kiev and the western part of Ukraine safe places where people unlike us, live happily ever after - work.
learn and get salary! Only in my region - life stopped! but in the Ukrainian capital are constant attacks!
In your news does not talk about it? There kill journalists middle of the street, blowing up cars and destroyed building, so something not too easy! And when you think to come ??? I need to know what goes now from transport in Kiev and how do I get there safely ... My birthday was on March 28! When we talked on the phone, I knew many things about which I wanted to write to you - because to tell them in English is difficult !!! Now I forgot ... the next time I must immediately record the thoughts that came to mind, and who would like to share with you! How are you ?? How's it going? What was all this time ?? Many kisses! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 29
Hello my sweet! Finally the spring came and the sun appeared and flowers !!! Under constant stress, I start to notice the beauty of nature and I am so happy when I look at the green trees and the brain abstract from the constant stress !!! We had holidays in May! Maybe you do not celebrate these holidays ... came from the Soviet Union, holidays laborers! The slogan of the festival: "Peace! Work! May!" I do not know the exact story ... I only know that these days are always parades in peacetime, and it was common output. When no one did not work! before we went into the woods with my parents and grilled kebabs, it was very cool!
This year,I with grandmother went to my uncle in the village, so I'm happy - ate a delicious meat and vegetables !! I love grilled vegetables!
We soaked them in the marinade (sauce) and give brew a while, and then fry .... The result is the magical !!! I want to apologize if made you worry! Agency did not work and the opportunity to inform themselves about the missing! You have my phone number if you're worried you can always call me! I can answer "clumsy English,"ahah but even my hi Nacho - reassure you that I am alive and well!
(May was a holiday of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany! But you know, surprisingly ??? !!!!
Ukraine banned celebrate it as it was before .... They decided to celebrate it on the European! So stupid and ridiculous Even me surprise. what else before even when I was a schoolgirl, and we went to the parade to congratulate war veterans we hung on our chest St. George ribbon (maybe you do not know what it is, is a two-color ribbon, black - yellow)! It was an attribute of victory and celebration ! Now - is forbidden, considered symbols terrorists because occupants Lugansk and Donetsk began their meetings with these tapes, I do not understand why they demolish the country and tradition ?!
Ukraine native was Slavic, and it is not to be Europe, and they have decided that if system, it has been over the years - it will change people's minds!
My grandmother is very angry with the Ukrainian government and the president, she said that these assholes are not yet ruled the country ahah)) I am sorry that your father was go so early! But people say, our relatives live - as long as they live in our hearts and minds, so you should know that your dad is always there ... and proud of such a son like you !!! You could ride a bike 120 km ???? This is not real! How? Do you feet have not fallen off the path? I certainly would not have been able to do it! I need to learn from you of your endurance and love of the sport! I just always been thin and never worried because of my weight and I did not have to download the sport itself ...
so I'm very lazy! And I am ashamed ahah))) If the next race your bike, I can go near by a car and give you a bottle of water and direct fan ahah))) I went to Kramatorsk in the passport office, and wanted to go to the head (to give him money - bribes) to help me solve my question! Nacho he yelled at me if you've heard.
I felt like a schoolgirl! Then I came out and was crying, I was so hurt - I do not even know why he was so angry at me! Previously, all bureaucratizes questions for quick solutions, bribed his superiors! And I went, and only asked: "Can you help me obtain a passport as soon as possible, and I will thank you, or help financially" !!!!
He stood up and shouted, "Get out of here, as you'll go here brainless people!" I remember these words and becomes a shame to tears .... I'm kindly asked him.
Why to shout !! Nothing I decided to come back home !!! I already do not have enough nerve - and edit "roof"! I'm thinking, maybe I go to Russia and get refugee status there and there to issue a passport ?! I do not know ... I have a lot of thinking and I can not put them in order and I'm angry at myself !!!! How are you my dear? How is your mood? How to spend your time? As the mother's health, leg ???! I hope she is better OOoo, No Nacho, wallet, I never found! I do not think I lost it - I think it was stolen !!! I am so sad at the thought ... But that was not Return! It is not much delayed my letter to you, I was waiting when the parents will send me money to exist and to take out for agency! So it's only now able to write to you, I hope you're not offended by me ... You're a smart guy, and you understand how difficult it is to live in these conditions crazy and I can not do what I want ....! You're right. sad that we can not send instant messages! Even simple sms .... I'd love to wake up from sms good morning dear Kristina ... but alas! Well my dear, I hold you tight and I will go home! Because I can not reach my grandmother on a mobile may again something with communication and I worry! My kisses! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 30
Hello my sweety! Always looking positive with whom I can share with you, in a letter to add to the romance of it! But I do not get it ....
I'm sorry that my letter "mundane" and must look boring !!! I do not have a bright and busy life like yours, and therefore I can not make paints in my letters !! I'm fine! Life and bustle, have tortured me !!! I feel like a hero of the movie "Groundhog Day", this cycle of events seems to be endless, and I dream, when I could dilute his routine with you! My favorite football fan ahhaha! Now I even know what to call some football teams, before communicate with you, I did not know that!
Oooy you is a form of "Dynamo" - very fresh! And if you go to this t-shirt on the street, fans of Spain will not hurt you ?!
I just always knew that the fans of different clubs are fighting among themselves !! I am very glad that at least through the T-shirt can be closer to you! Of course, I want to hug you, put my head on your knee and just sleep in the arms of your hands warm! I'm tired of being alone, I always think about how well we will be together, about what we do! I even imagine how I will be sitting in the stadium, you will watch the match, and I eat a hot dog or popcorn not to miss ahahah!! This week, I was in a hardware store! I wanted to get a phone to be able to write you a short message via intrenet special programs!
I wanted to take it on credit, with payment to stitch a few months, , but I was refused a loan! Because I do not work now, and I have no income! I know I probably sound funny, but I was upset as a little child who did not buy the doll! I was so hurt because I was confident that I can get this phone! And to write to you and read your SMS ... (( Grandma in the manner we had constantly support each other! She knows about you and always joking me, the words "Ooh granddaughter, what you dream today, your date with the Spaniard?" and it makes me laugh in the morning! Parents, too, in the order they work very hard!
Dad even took the night shift! I feel so sorry for them, they are so tired! But I'm so proud of their actions, they contain three families (7 people), helping all the money each month! I look forward and believe. that will "fight" with you instead of Coki ahahha !!
My cuddle and I miss you! I want to be closer to you, even through these lines!
Letter 31
Hello my dear !!! Received notice from the agency of your letter and I have a day off today from everyday problems and other hassles, I decided to take this opportunity to answer you immediately !! I do not get tired of thanking you for your kind words and for the desire to make every effort so that we finally met!
I'm also really looking forward to, and I want this !!! Yes, I watched the Eurovision! I liked the songs are executed participant from Russia! It is a good singer and it is popular in Ukraine and Russia! To be honest, I have ceased to respect the Eurovision Song Contest last year when winning this stupid Tranny with a beard - Conchita! This is crazy! It turns out European competition promotes this way of life, and same-sex relationships?!
it is disgusting !!! Ukraine received very low and despicable! My girlfriend told that all Ukrainian forums and sites people asked countries not to vote for Russia !! I think it is not very nice! After all, this is just a contest, not politics! I thought you an honest and decent government, and you say that corrupt !!! I thought that corruption and bribery is only in our country!
Leaves you too., For solving the issue have to pay the money bosses ?! We even schools and kindergartens do not take - if the directors do not bring expensive champagne or a bribe! It's a shame !!! Yeah, me too upset over the phone! Before, when I was working - I did not buy a good phone, because I thought I did not need it!
And now I'm very sorry that I do not have! I would connect it to the internet and write to you the message and would be confident that they are coming .... and you said "Good morning dear" would make my day better !!! I am not strong in matters of technology and Internet connectivity, but I know that the cellular operators in Ukraine give monthly fee to connect to the network! Those phones that I have watched the company "Samsung" $ 265 and "Lenovo" $ 220! I do not remember the model, but they are beautiful white and silver! Marry ??? Ahaha, but I did one of those people who does not love futile relationship and believe that relations should always be a happy ending !!!
So - yes, I think about it)) Cool, very beautiful places in the photo !! And what kind of a castle or a dilapidated building ?? Ahahah yes, I need a motor to a bicycle!
Otherwise, you will carry your bike, my bike and me on top ahah! I can not believe that I will soon be with passport and be able to come to you! I believe and pray that everything will turn out!
After all, dreams come true, right? Nacho sorry, but without photo! I have run out of money, and I decided not to spend it on adding a photo! Kisses!
Letter 32
My favorite, and the bright sun!
I really miss and very happy when I can talk to you on the phone !! I hope my English has improved and I have not wasted money on the Cross! What's your opinion?
I am progressing? I understand that it is still difficult ... I do not know many words, and that's hard to explain! I had a nervous and crazy week as I say on telephone! In the morning Bonita could not step on his paw and whine, I could not understand what was happening and I was very sorry for her! By evening, when nothing has changed, I took her to a veterinary clinic ....
And here began the most difficult test for my nerves! We had to do an x-ray and keep her legs had me, she spun and resist ... and I panicked and cried, because I was very sorry for her! The reason was the kneecap, small breeds of dogs the most common problem! During the jump on the bed or out of bed, she hurt her ...
I had to put a plaster! But most of all I was surprised by the prices for all services associated with the dog! When my back ached, and I did X-rays, it was cheaper than the X-rays to Bonita .... weird! We again in the district there are fights, and it's very audible and constantly scared ... On Monday, there was a strong explosion, and today was black rain ....
I've never seen it before !!! And today, I am even more upset! When I was carrying a bottle of water, I put the phone in the back pocket of my jeans, and he fell! Crashed screen and now he falls, I take his tape - it's terrible !!! I feel how unlucky person I am around me some problems ... or so it seems to me from the fact that there are no contrast "joy" and "happiness" !!! Very sad! You've already gone on a trip! I'm so happy for you! You're a real lucky man! On the phone, I was trying to say that you "kissed by God," because to win in this competition - not really! A you succeeded! Yuhuuuuu I'm so glad. that your childhood dream come true !! I look forward to a lot of pictures, I interesting)))) Soon, my sweet and hot Spaniard will be a year older, wiser and happier! On this day, I can not be with you, but know with all my heart and mind, I spend it with you!
I am sad that I did not close .... I am sad that I can not even write a birthday banal SMS message with congratulations, I am sad that I can not bake a cake for you and come up with a surprise or draw! Forgive me, my dear ...! I am very very upset! Grandma good, summer began and now it is not so boring to sit at home! She goes out with her friends (grandmothers) in the yard and playing poker ahahha))) They are so funny from the outside, cursing and angry when someone loses! Truth be told, old people are like children))) My favorite, I wish you a wonderful holiday! I'll warm you with my thoughts .... I embrace and kiss is sweet !! I need you, every day more and more! You're a man who entered my heart to fulfill my dream of teaching English to support me and not let despair ... ohh how grateful I am! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 33
My sweetly Spanish boy! I'm so glad to hear that you noticed improvement of my tongue! I am pleased to be a smart girl! Wow road will be more difficult with the Spanish ahah)) You're my favorite hostess! I do wonder how you deal with everything alone ?! You yourself ready,clean,cook, you remove yourself ... men are rarely able to do that !!
I am proud of you and I am glad that I will be a great helper on the farm! I learned about the phone and the Internet! In Ukraine, there was only now came 3g Internet! But it is not in my area, and it is not known when it will be!
Now available to the mobile Internet, which give my mobile operator! I need to connect it to my SIM card and pay his monthly cost of $ 15! The main thing that the phone supports Internet and programs for communication !!! This Internet is weak, it is not strong .... but Live chat should work! so I explained to the seller!
I looked phone Galaksy c3 $ 265! It runs on Android system and supports viber - a program for correspondence on line !!! How it's cool !! My daughter Bonita ahaah better! It took me a lot of nerves and patience, but I cured! We did compresses ... and soon take off the plaster! My sweet man .... I also distance! I told you in my last letter, how much it's hard to think about it! I am sad that I can not give you a gift ... but I figured out what I can do next is your birthday! This will be a mega -surprise, and I think you will be happy !! On Sunday, the agency will not work, and my sms not come to you - mobile do not work! So forgive me my boy that I can not congratulate you, I am very ashamed and sad !!! I strongly and sweetly kiss you! I wish you a luxury holiday in Madrid! I am happy because you are happy! Let it be not to forget the time for you! My kisses! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 34
Hello honey!

I am glad your letters like a child .... It makes me forget about reality and become the heroine of the novel, which I read!
Where a fine gentleman sends letters of his beloved woman ... all fine, beautiful and romantic! Like a fairy tale)))

Remember?!... I told you about my cousin! In connection with the war she moved to Kharkov, and I sent her some of my clothes, because they were "fugitives" and she did not take the clothes when he fled from the war! I talked about the fact that her husband is not very good! It does nothing, not working, and always says that circumstances prevented him! She is self-sufficient, a son and a husband and worked two jobs! By the way it is "bad feature" Slavonic women they used to fight for the " place under sun " not sparing herself! But no other choice, she had to feed the baby! So .... now she divorced her husband and met another man! This man is crazy about her, and bought her apartment that she and her son had a place to live! They are all good! On the one hand I'm happy...
but on the other hand I'm sad, I saw the birth of their relationship with her ex her husband was at the wedding, I knew because of their feelings and everything and " BAM" disappeared .... I find it difficult to perceive them separately , I'm used to that they were a family!
And I do not understand why people are cool to each other ?! Why did not can fight for family, for the happiness ... let those who cherished?
I realize that I had no experience in such situations, and I find it difficult to understand that there is a state of indifference and that love can go! Well, it means it was not love? ?? !! After all, the Bible says, "... tongues will cease, and the love will remain ..." Love is eternal!
Or I do not understand something in this life and wear "rose-colored glasses"!

Thank you for the photo! Very cool .... super! I can imagine how you were happy this time! I even know Ronaldo - you're standing in front of his T-shirt ahah) Hey, you look great! So do not you dare say that you're getting old ... you youthful facial features and you will never turn into a formidable and old grandfather ... you will always young and smiling!

Why do not you become a football player or a coach, if you are so fond of this game ?? Or do you not see the prospects in this?

I know that is not much better speak English with you! You can fit my diligence and wish to know the language and to communicate with you! But would I be so easy with the Spanish, I do not know ... like I said, we will make a sound, if we do not know the word)))) Yes, dear the store said that this phone will support the Internet! There will not be a super-fast connection! Since this is the mobile Internet. and 3G Internet is available only in the capital of Ukraine! Software for online chat, Vayber etc. will work just fine!

Today we have the first sunny day! Last week was a strong wind and rain !!! Only today was hot, about 30!

I send you greetings from my grandmother !!!!!!!


Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 35
Hello my dear boy !! Today is good and sunny morning ... And you know, what is most surprising in it ?! This is what I woke up with the idea to write to you today, because have not received a letter from you ... but having come to the agency, it turned out that you also wrote me! Simply manager could not reach me! I smiled, because for me, this means that on an intuitive level, we feel each other !!! We have an incredibly hot these days, I can not sleep at night because of the heat and lack of air! And have a headache, no appetite at all!
I want to just drink and drink and drink! Sometimes I make my favorite cocktail is condensed milk coffee and ice - turns out very tasty!
How do you stand the heat? What do you like to drink? By the way, you're so tanned mmmm chocolate! I'm pale and white))) I do not want to go to the lake, because people say that there is periodically pop up corpses .... the thing is. that the army threw into the water dead soldiers!
In order not to report the true casualty figures in the war! I'm sorry that in the morning I say such a thing !! Waa, I feel like a queen during knightly combat. I dedicated the victory! It's so sweet ... CEM CEM !!! I'm glad to hear that our views about marriage alike !!! For me it is very important to hear what we have similar priorities! I also think that the only love is not important .... we must be able to endure, to give and to forgive! Marriage is not just a feeling, it's a daily titanic work!
Here's an example if we will have the last piece of cake, you know how much effort will be worth it to me not to eat my favorite food ... But it is important to leave it to you !! Here's a trivial example of sacrifice and patience ahahha))))) So know when I say that I do not want or are not hungry - I just want you to got more))))) For the lover does not mind!
Nacho precious IU too seriously ..... I just do not talk about it to even more not to tease our senses! I am also tired of being a "woman warrior" I want to be a small, gentle and beloved by your side! Just a lot of things I'm not talking to you and you have no idea what life's moments, I sometimes feel ....
want to tear hair from heartache! But do not talk about it, you're a very cheerful person and I do not want you to be sad because of my problems !!! Thanks for the support! But there is one problem ..... Next week, I will not be able to receive from you the translation !!! The fact that as a citizen of Ukraine, every 10 years, I am obliged to change the photo in the passport! Otherwise, it is considered not valid! ! July 14 I need to pass the passport for two weeks for reissue !! And I can not get the translation without passport in bank !! I do not know what to do .... I understand it is now does not work!
Sorry !! I expected, all these letters and stuff .... I wrote earlier price of 265 dollars and a phone connection to the Internet by $ 15 a month !!
Ohh well, I'm straight upset ... I thought the weekend we will test our new communication! I'm sorry, I'm talking about, just write what I think !! I will punish you. if once again hear the phrase "I'm too old" !!!! Do not say that ... you're in full blossom! Ahahah I understand the name Nacho is very popular in Spain ??))) This is probably how Natalya in Ukraine)) AA Yes, about the passport! I said that is already scanning ??! Now I have to wait for the call and invited to the fingerprints! Because we have entered biometrics passport and there is a lot of nuances !!! So very soon, I will be the owner of the passport yuhuu)) Thank you for attention! I'm so pleased, in every letter you ask about health grandmother !!! She too hard to bear the heat, often feeling unwell!
I do not allow her to go out during the day on the street, not to worry about was bad !!! Listen, you have an interesting mother ... She is very graceful and noble features, and it seems to me, and behavior in life !!! It seems that it flows royal blood .... Because it looks very decent !!! Well dear, I ran on ... Today, still need to help a girl with her problem !! I kiss you in nose! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 36
My sweet! I thought I would go crazy with these nerves and emotions .... It's so awful not to be able to contact the person and tell me that everything is fine and I've experienced a fright and generally all right !!! On Tuesday, we learned that the army is preparing to attack the militia! and with my grandmother we went to uncle in the village that would be not alone at this moment! and besides uncle in a private home safer! When predictions do not come to pass, and attack was not, we came home! uncle drove us to bus-stop and put on a bus and then began the worst .... The men in military uniforms stop our bus (still do not know who they was), and asked passengers to show documents, all loyally requirements! Then they said to the guys out of the bus , all the people began to be indignant and did not let the boys get up from their seats, and then started screaming, fighting ... I'm so confused I did not know how to take and just cried! one of the military said that all buses pass away then pay off for this guys and our safe.... all were scared and so gave all the requirements that those bastards !!! wallets, phones, jewelry ... Grandma had to part with her a silver bracelet (but she either do not seem upset or wanted me manly), I gave the money that remained in the purse and mobile and then I realized, thank God that we are taking a symbolic only the amount of travel other trifles, the budget that we spend on food, I left at home !! Forgive me ... I barely found the strength to come and write to you! I do not know what to say ... I am very ashamed! Forgive me if you can ... please I'm so ashamed! Nacho please forgive me !!
I felt like ... People have given values and the bus was released! If you saw the faces of the people .... you know nobody cried, not hysteria - all rode in silence .... probably everyone understood that this situation has taken away their last penny, but left a life! It was terrible !!! Yet it seemed to me that the bus driver had been with them for one thing ... because when there were fight. He stood and smoked one of these bandits, and I did not see that he gave any money!
but now can not do anything .... you can not even ask questions, if we went to the police .... maybe the police in a bundle with these bandits!
these people were without identification characters, so we did not even understand to which group they owned! Someone said that this impostor with a weapon, someone with Casal that it is "the right sector" .... I do not know, I do not care ... I just want to forget it and not think about it !!! During shelling again somewhere damaged mains .. there was no light, no mobile connection ... I tried to write with my grandmother's phone sms and I think you did not get them !!!
or I did not receive a reply from you !! Now we are given the light and I was going to write to you - because it seems to me that you like me going crazy !!!
I'm sorry that all this ... I'm sorry that I do not look fortunate and i am problem-girl ... I'm sorry that makes worry! I forgot to tell my Bonyu had to leave my uncle !!! Because the danger is very difficult to carry it to the basement .... now I am very sad .... not my favorite fluffy girl !! I'm sorry that I send a short letter in which only my experiences and any support in your address, I just devastated now and I have such a "mess" in my head ... I do not need much time to settle down !! Sorry !! I'll bounce back from these upheavals and answer you! Thank you for you are with me! Thanks for understanding and caring!Thank you that you are with me and you always come to me for help! Kisses! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
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