Scam letter(s) from Yana to Andrew (USA)

Letter 1
hi my sweet!!!
how are you doing today ???
what will the weather you ??? I have very cold! I finally could rest yesterday, I came home and watched TV! I and my parents have prepared a very tasty cake))) we have a lot of laughing and having fun! We talked with them a lot! I told you about! they are very happy that you have me! I am very happy that I communicate with you! I can even say that it is not just the correspondence! it is more than that! I'm in love you very much! it's true! I very much want to be with you !!! I love you! my dear, it's my birthday on 15 April, and my sweet, you know what I want in a gift ??? I want you! I very much want to come to you! it would be the best gift in my life! my dear, as you look at it ??? I really need your love! I love you very much !!!! my sweet, I love you very much! how do you like my idea at the expense of our meeting ??? you want this? I've never been abroad, and visit to you would be for me the best gift! I hope you enjoy my photos))) on the second photo I gazebo !!! before the house we had everything but now everything has changed ((( I love you!!!
Wait your answer)))
Letter 2
hello my sweet! as your mood ???
I am very glad that you answered me! I very much miss you !!!! my dear, I promise you that we will talk to you on Skype but not now !!! when I find the time for it, I'll write you about it !!! I would very much like to be with you !!! my sweet, I very much want to be with you! You even do not introduce as !!!! I fell in love with you so much! my sweet, that I would come to me need full information about you! country, proud of where you live, the nearest airport to you! my dear, I very much want to be with you! I love you very much! Today I had a dream! I come to you , you wait for me at the airport with a sign (my favorite Yana), we recognized each other immediately))) I came up to you and kissed you! you have a very big hug! then we took my luggage and went home with you))) I went to shower after the road! then I made you a meal and we sat down at the table! we are a very long conversation !!! we understood each other very well! We looked into each other's eyes and realized that in addition to the two of us we do not need anyone! my dear, I am writing to you the truth! I'm not going to deceive you !!! I really love you !!! my sweet, I really need you! please answer my qyestions !!! I love you very much and I want to be with you !!!! I very much look forward to your reply! love you! my dear, very much forward to our meeting !!!!
your love Yana!
Letter 3
hello my dear!!!
how are you doing today? ? ? ?
I very much miss you !
my dear , I very much want to be with you ! ! thank you so much that you worry about me ! I also very much want to meet you face to face ! I very much want to kiss your lips , hug you very hard , take a bath with you ! I very much want to be near you ! ! my darling , I love you very much !
congratulate your daughter from me))) I would like to be with you on your holiday)))) my sweet, I very much want to be with you !!!!! I went to the agency and they told me that if all that will soon start within 2-3 weeks , you can create one and all , I 'll be there ! I was told to get a visa you need an agency to go to Kiev and all there is to settle on the interview , they said that their practice has no man denied a visa , they give a very good warranty ! open this visa for 90 days ! my dear I need only execute all documents in the agency ! I need to create one there passport , buy air tickets, insurance and only then only go to Kiev ! my sweet , I very much want to be with you ! even you do not introduce this as I want ! my dear , I want to ask you a question .... I can not cope with this one , I need your help ! my dear I do not have such a lot of money to be with you ! my dear , I badly want this much ! ! I introduce to how we together, side by side, holding each other's hands and kiss each other ! my sweet , I very much want to be there , look in your eyes , and enjoy the fact that you're next ! I very much want it !
Letter 4

hello my dear!!!! I very much missed you !!!!
Thank you for your message I am very pleased to see it on you !!! Yesterday was a very busy day !!! we held a concert for parents devoted to Women's Day)))) I am very worried !!! but all went well and the parents of my students were very happy !!! All parents were families and grandmothers and grandfathers came !!! how I want a family! my dear, I cried yesterday and you know why ??? because I came home at night and remembered everything that I saw at the concert !!! These eyes of the parents when they see their children's achievement, the parents look at each other !!! here you realize that it is very difficult !!! you are very far away! I understand that I have you, and I love you very much but you know what we are far away from each other! Now we can not see each other's eyes! we can not take each other's hands. we can not come up and hug each other! is it very difficult! I very much want to be near you !!! I'm writing you this letter and I am very hard !!! because I realize that I am writing you this letter when you are there far !!!! I can only write to you and tell you it's not live !!! I write you a letter and tears in my eyes now, I very much want to be with you !! I want this as soon as possible !!! I just can not live without you !!! I do not want to cry! I want to be with you as soon as possible !!! I love you very much !!!! my dear, your idea to the account of a visit to Ukraine is not the best !! if you hotitepriehat the country where war is now ... I do not want to or you are not with me nothing happened !!! I worry about it very much !!! my dear, and to start making a visa I need foreign passport but I do not have (((I very much want this but I do not know where to get the money for this (((( I wish you a good day and I'll be waiting for your letter !!!!
Your Yana!!!
Letter 5
I do all right !!!
thank you that you have written to me! I was waiting for your message !!!! my dear, I'm at work !! I am very tired !!! had a lot of training today !!! I want to relax !!! I want us to be with you !!!! I now understand how much you are dear to me !!! and you know what I'm afraid! my love is unrequited ((((I'm really afraid that this is probably the only thing !!! what I'm afraid !! my parents are no longer young and I'm alone !!! I'm afraid to be alone in this time !!! I always go through the streets and see people who are just happy and I ??? !!! I also want happiness !!! I want to be with your loved one !!! I very much want that! I'm afraid I'm afraid of being alone !! I do not want !!! this !!! I am afraid that my parents would not soon, and I will remain in this world one !!! here you are reading this letter now and think what it fool! she also got me !! I hope you just think about it now because if you do not think I will be very hard !!! I want to see your messages every day! every day in the morning when I did not have a very good mood but I check my mail and see your letter! you know what is happiness ?? ? I'm just happy to see your name in the message list !!! I am very much attached to you during this time !!! I do not understand why ... every letter I understand that I just can not live without you !!!! I can not just write you this letter !!! I think constantly about our future !!! I want this! I can not just talk to you! I need to see you! touch you !!! I love you very much !!!! my dear, please do not ever forget about me just as I am about you !!! I remember every letter in your message !!! I very much want to continue our communication with you, not only by correspondence but also in real life !!! I understand it will be difficult! but we need to overcome this difficulty !!! I want to be with you very much! you are my dream! and I love when my dreams come true !!!! I hope that this is the dream fulfilled as soon as possible! my sweet, I have a question for you !!! when I come to you ??? I want it very much !!!! my dear, help me please !!! I need to start foreign passport! and it costs $ 300! you can help me with this ???
my dear, and I've never been abroad and this is my dream !! I very much want this !!! my dear, I really like you! I have a suggestion, let me help you with your passport and then we are going to travel together! as this sounds ???? I love you so much!
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