Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Yarotskaya to Archie (USA)

Letter 1
Archie I do not know what to tell, I am very guilty to you now. I do not know what to speak. To me it is very bad. Forgive me Archie!!!! Forgive me!!!!!!! I am very guiltyto you. I likely the bggest problem for you. I do not know what to tell. I would like to die now. I am not worthy you. I do not know what to make. I make you such unhappy. You likely never faced with such problem as I. I do not know, forgive. I ask youforgive me. I all night was in miltia. I of nothing could make. I do not know what to mak. To me it is very bad now.When I have arrived to the airport that I have gone to a toilet. When I went from it that me hve stopped the girl with what that a question and on the spot behind who that has struck me on a head. I have fallen and ave regained consciousness without anything. A me have taken away money whih I stored about a ******. Documents laid in a left-luggage office and them ave not taken away. I hav gone to militia and have written the application and all night of me interrogate, asked as as. Anywhere did not release, have told that this gang from two women i first time plundes girls in a toilet. I have described one of them whic asked me. But I did not see the second which have struck me on a head. Archie, forgive, I ask you forgive me. I do not know what to make now. To me it is very bad without you I wat to be with you and I want to be with you for ever. I not know what to make now. I can not leave hme at all. I very badlyfeel myself. My heart hurts. In militia say that with such money was necessary ask to be the militiaman about m. But did not know it. I do not know what now to make. I wold not have money what to fly to you and what to go home. In ilitia I ask even there are some money that I could write to you the letter ad now I write you. I am very guilt to you Archie, I ask you forgive me. I a silly woman. The silly silly woman which is guilty in that tha we not can to meet now. I should be in your embraces now butI do not know whatnow to make. My heart hurts, to me not want to live now. I all in tears, I have brought you, the man f my dream and I can not be with you now. I love you Archie!!! I love also want to be only with you. I do not know as it it has turned ou. Forgive, I ask you do not leave me. I love you, I love all heart and I want to be only with you. I ask you stay with me. I am very guilty but I love you. You give me forces, yo give me love and this feeling gives me wings. I wanted to die but I all over again wnt to see you To touch you. To yours to lips, kiss you to hear your voice on the present nstead of by the phone. To see your smile and happiness in eyes. I all shall give for your happiness. But I do not know that to me to make now. To me it is very bad. Forgive me. I only yours. Only yours for ever, loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 2
Archie I waited for your letter. My love, only your letter brings to me belief and hope of ours with you the future. In this huge city, I feel, alone. I understand, that you do not have means to help us to be together. But I will not go home. I now am in the airport in a waiting room. Even the word speaks expectation. I do not know, that and to expect from this life. But I all the same know, that we with you will be together. Even if all will be against us, I will not surrender. I know, that a life one. Archie I cannot without you any more. We with you a single whole and we one command. My love, the Russian inspector did not pass me. Now I need to show cash. 3070 dollars. Archie I will return you this money. They will not be is spent. You will meet me at the airport and I will give you this money, which now a hindrance for ours with you of happiness. My love, I can transfer my flight to you for any time and to pay extra it is not necessary. I will search for a way to call you. Now to us it is heavy, but attempt now to depart aside, means to lose a position. I know it from words of my mum. To it it was spoken by my father. You know, that it was the military man. Archie really there is no exit? It should be... My love I know, what even at school in which I worked there is an emergency exit in case of a fire and other disasters. Means at us with you too there is an exit. Archie unless your friends cannot help us with you. You know, that this sum will not be spent. It will come back to you. I will give all. I need to show it at the airport. You should understand it. Unless money the most important thing??? Money can give happiness and can take away. But in ours with you a case our love will be not not broken by anybody. I believe, that you can find a way out. You in the city, you should have chances to help us. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina
Letter 3
My soul is broken, I do not know, that to me to do. I already thought, that that we will be together, but the life is not simple and gives us tests. I long swore at the airport, but all it did not make sense. At me now only emotions. To me have explained, that it is all becomes for each citizen of the Russian state. I already should go tomorrow to the airport in a waiting room. The word speaks expectation of that to expect. I any more do not know.
I am afraid... I am afraid to lose you my darling Archie. I write you this letter and my fingers shiver. There can be it because of a cold.
There can be it because of fear. I freeze in this winter silence without you. My darling Archie I only want, that we would be together.
I only want, that we would be happy. We should be together. For ever together... Forgive, that I cannot independently arrive to you.
Forgive, that I cause again you a pain and sufferings. We now need to show 3070 dollars at the airport, that we with you could be together.
But I do not know, where to me to find such sum of money. We need to show only this sum at the airport and it will not be spent. I will not spend your help. I will show only this sum at the airport and then they will return me this money. You will meet me at the airport in your country and I will give you all money. My darling Archie I understand, that it is very big sum of money. But I will not spend it.
I need to show only at the airport. My love Archie I only do not want, what we were far one from another. I only do not want, that thousand kilometres would divide us. Archie we should be together. For the sake of our love, for the sake of our happiness. For ever together.... I did not receive your letter, but I hope, that you will write to me very soon. I will wait... I love you mine Archie and I will love you eternally...
Yours and only yours Ekaterina
Letter 4

Archie recently I cannot fall asleep. My dream is broken by my love to you. I do not see meaning of the life without you. We with you a single whole. We with you one command. I feel, that we already with you together but when I understand, that you on other end of the world. Archie ocean not a hindrance of ours with you of love. A life one and to live it I want with you and only with you. My meaning of the life it you. As you spend the days off. In the sky the asterisk shines brightly. One of these stars it you. Archie and every day when there comes evening on my soul there comes grief from that that you not with me. My love, tomorrow all will change also we will be with you in the finest pair. Our love, will create good affairs. Archie but my loneliness is temporary. Soon we will together and our love will be for ever with us. Yet it is a lot of and I will fly as if an angel to your embraces. My love, I recollected today the past. When I studied in musical conservatory I always tried to study as much as possible. My teacher spoke me "others do not anger also itself be not angry. We visitors in this time world. If, what not so reconcile, on be cleverer smile. Also she said to me, that if itself will not want to learn all force will not be lovely" I simply I wish to tell, that all depends on us. We soon will together, ours with you the happiness always will be with us. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina
Letter 5
Archie I am happy to receive your letter. My love, I did not see the woman to whom I have helped. I trust in destiny. At us the real example to it. We have found one another among millions people. Unless it not destiny??? It is destiny... I love you. How there passes your day??? How your mood???
Archie there pass days, there pass hours. We with you love will be always with us. Each person who lives on our planet thinks of love, about happiness. But not always happens how we want. There are many problems, it is a lot of barriers. I consider, that the one who lives love, thinks of the significant other, it learns happiness. My happiness it you. My love, only you my angel, you my star. I will carefully store my feeling to you, while we will not be together. When we will be together I will present to you the love, we with you in clouds will bathe. We will forget with you about grief and a pain.
Today to me there has arrived my grandmother. We long talked to it.
She always worries about me. I love it. It transfers you warm greetings. Archie I love you. Yet it is a lot of and we with you will be together. I will present to you everything, that is in my soul. I want, that you with me were happy. I will make all for the sake of it.
I love.... I love.... I love.....
Yours and only your Ekaterina
Letter 6
Archie I have woken up today and on my person there was a smile. I am happy, that I have you. My love we with you a single whole. Soon we will together. How there passes your day??? Thanks you for your care and your understanding. Archie I will receive your help. I will give it to agency. Archie to me will reserve the ticket in two ends. It operates within 6 months. Do not worry all it will be good. When I will know the information on my flight I will inform you. My love soon we will together I will care of you. I will help you in all.
Archie here there has still passed one day in separation without you.
But it does not frighten me. In my soul there lives my love to you. It flares fire with passion. And nobody can extinguish my flame of love.
Soon we will together, it is sense of my life. I closing eyes, and I as if in paradise. My paradise it only you. I the paradise name love.
I love you. Archie as there pass your days off? My love, our love cannot be ruined, at ours with you the love is not present the end on the earth. You know why???? Because it is eternal. Today I with mum did an order on the house. After I has prepared a cake. I with mum sat at a table and ate a cake. My mum sends you warm regards. Archie when we will be with you together we with you we will sit at a table and I will look after you. I very much would like it. I know, that it soon will occur. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Archie I am happy to receive your letter. Soon there will come day of our meeting. I love you. Archie to me said, that at first I will receive my ticket. It in agency will reserve the next weeks. Ticket cost makes from 1240 dollars. Also it is necessary for me from you the information on the airport in which you could meet me. Well.... It is pleasant to me to receive your photo. Very beautifully.
Archie today in my city the sun shines. We with the girlfriend have decided to take a walk today on a city. Now air pure and to breathe simply pleasure. We enjoyed fresh air and our conversations. On Saturday in my city it is a lot of to people. Something does all, how at many the day off. After we have come into cafe to have a drink tea.
My girlfriend asks me "Katya I know you since childhood. I know, that you the person of good and kind character" to me were pleasant to hear good words from my girlfriend. I consider, that each person can be kind and good. All angrily which is on our earth proceeds from hands of the person. Each person in the right to change the a world estimation. Whether early late everyone will understand, that it has made in the life good, and that bad. It is just necessary to find the middle and aspires to the best. I consider, that we with you will create good affairs. It is necessary to do it, that in our further life all was good, and to ourselves it was pleasant. How you have spent the day? Our life depends only on us. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina
Letter 8
Archie I have received yours the letter. My love I went today to agency. To me said, that they can start to legalise papers in any convenient for us with you time. It will not be a problem and I will receive the tourist visa without problems. I think to start to legalise papers the next weeks. What do you think of it???? You are right violence presently is very developed. In my country it is a lot of women who live in a family in which constantly there passes violence. Men drink and beat the women. They do not think at all, that it is mothers of their children. It is awful. I will transfer your greetings to my girlfriend. We with my girlfriend speak about much. To it interestingly your hobby for drawings by your car.
Today in my city the sun shines. Teachers of other schools have come to music school where I work today to show the skill and will share experience. The given action passes every year. We with them gave talks. Also the theme "how better to learn the child to understand music" many has been mentioned said, that they consider, that the rigid order will lead to full understanding. I do not agree with such point of view. I it have told the thought. I consider, that children need to be brought up about the beginning in understanding of love and and not to forget about an order. When you show to the pupil, that music, this fine creation, and children start to try to do all independently. They wish to learn feeling of love through music. It is my point of view.
When I have come home I all thought of today. In my soul it is so much love, that I could make, so much good affairs. You know why at me so much inspiration???? Simply I love you. Archie I live your love. We with you together and ours with you the love will shine till the end of our days, and after our death we will be together. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina
Letter 9
Archie I waited for your letter. I went today to agency in my city. To me said, that they can make all papers which are necessary to me that I could arrive to you. We can start to legalise papers at any time. I wish to list you documents which are necessary to me that I could arrive to you:
Tourist visa B-2 - 150;
The passport for travel abroad - 60;
The inquiry from militia - 20;
The inquiry on incomes - 15;
The medical inquiry - 50;
Payment of taxes - 110;
Trip to Moscow (the ticket for a train) - 150;
Residing at Moscow - 155;
The total cost makes 710 dollars. Documents will be made out in a current of 2-3 weeks.
Archie with each your letter I feel you. I cannot without you any more.
I only also think of us with you. But we yet together, but soon ours with you the joint life will come. We go with you to one another. Our way will be soon finished also we will be together. I love you. My love, a life one and we with you will live ours with you a life in the world and understanding. I with you. I yours and only yours. When to you it is bad, I feel it and to me too it becomes heavy on a shower.
You always nearby. Archie today in my country the first day of spring.
I already said to you, that the spring is time to love. I have found you. I the happiest ******* am white light. Now cold days will start to vanish gradually and will come warmly. Air will be fresh and pleasant. Birds will arrive and will start to sing the songs. It is fine. Ours with you the happiness first of all depends only on ourselves. I when have come today home talked to mum. I speak "here the spring has come. I this spring have the finest person on the earth. I very much love it and soon we will together. I now live only thoughts about Archie ". My mum transfers you warm greetings. I love you and only you.
Yours and only your Ekaterina
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