Scam letter(s) from Annabelle Gilliand to Mary (Mauritius)

Letter 1
Hello Ms.Smith,
It’s a privilege sending you this email. Our brother Francis and Mr. Frank Neizer visited our village ‘Nsawanshia’ here in the Volta region of Ghana last week. Francis had earlier on told us amazing things about Mr. Neizer before they visited and finally meeting him was a privilege; he is such a unique person with a very compassionate character and he loves kids. Though some of our kids were sick and ***** he welcomed them and played with them all the while he was here and it astonished the whole group. He talked about you too Ms. Garcia and said some wonderful things about you.
A little about my background and our foundation: I am from Switzerland but I have an American background as well. The first time I traveled to Africa was in 1989 with my dad. He was working with a Swiss Aid group helping people in conflict zones on the continent, I was a little girl then but I witnessed some of the cruelty of tribal conflicts and wars. My dad passed away from Malaria in 1999 here in the Volta region. I was taken back to Switzerland to complete my education. I returned to Africa in 2010 with a couple of friends on tour but it was heartbreaking to see that the state of people here hadn't changed. The deaths from Cholera, Malaria and Measles in children were rampant and people lacked the basic amenities to survive. I made the decision to raise funds and help support some of the poor and needy. After we returned to Switzerland I contacted many of my friends and family who contributed to the birth of this foundation: Realize A Dream- Africa.
Realize A Dream- Africa: Our mission is to help provide Medical assistance, Education, Clean Water and Food, Homes for the homeless, and Promoting Health through Good sanitation practices to help sustain life and help Realize the Dreams of the African. Africa is not short of labour but financial assistance is a different matter. Our Volunteer programmes and projects since 2011 has helped provide Homes, Good Drinking Water, Education and Medical Assistance to many people in and around the region. We believe in the power of volunteering and have seen the amazing things volunteers can achieve. We believe in Africa and all that this inspiring continent can offer to the world and so we keep pushing the horizons of what volunteering can achieve.
We receive individual and group volunteers and donations from all around the globe to help assist the African child. We welcome touring volunteers who wants to travel around Ghana and we have lodging facilities for them.Construction of the new 14 rooms orphanage and learning center is scheduled to be completed before the end of next month; our old classrooms are currently under renovation. Currently we have 147 students amongst which 43 are orphans and have no homes, we receive at least 2 orphans every month.
You will find attached some pictures of our projects and our kids. We will appreciate your donation to help assist in the welfare of the kids and the completion of our projects. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. On behalf of the foundation we say ‘Bless You’.
Your’s Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
Letter 2
Hello Ms. Smith, It's a pleasure replying to my email, I wondered if my email to you was delivered. The internet connection around here frustrates sometimes. Thank you for your acknowledgement to assist our foundation, your generosity will help an African Child achieve his dream in the future and help build a better world. Mr. Neizer explained to us that your busy timetable made it impossible for your prompt reply. We appreciate you sharing your sentiments as the welfare of children around here is very heartbreaking. We have gratefully thanked Mr. Neizer today but Please on our behalf express our sincere gratitude to him as he exceeded our expectations; he donated items which we least expected. He donated 1,000 (one thousand) kids books- both reading and writing, 50 school bags, a box full of pencils, chalk, erasers, and toys. He again made a cash donation of US$ 150 for food for the orphanage. I just cant believe this. You will find attached a picture of the boxes containing the items; the first 2 small boxes on top and the orange box at the bottom are not included; the remaining 3 boxes contains Mr. Neizer's donation. God Bless Him. There is another picture of our beautiful Agata with one of the school bags and a Barbie toy; she is so happy. She has never held any of these in her life. Ms. Smith currently we need urgent support for our immunization project and kids mattress for our newly built orphanage. A local Samaritan has promised to donate beds for our orphanage. For over a year now our kids haven't been immunized both for Polio and Measles and the infection rate in this region has risen. We have outlined a project to immunize 500 kids both from this community and other surrounding communities but the cost involved has slowed down our progress. Below are the 2 urgent support that we need: 1. Immunization and Vaccination (Polio and Measles) - US$ 360
2. Kids Mattress for Orphanage - US$ 130 We would appreciate if you could assist with both or any of the two as the health and welfare of the kids are our deepest worries. We used to accept donations through the bank but sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks for bank transfers to be cleared due to the slow banking system here. The most reliable and efficient way we receive funds now is through MoneyGram and Western Union Money Transfer. I spoke with brother Francis today and he has agreed to receive the funds on our behalf. You can send it to us through him using MoneyGram or Western Union and he will deliver the money to us once he receives it. The information you will need to send the money to brother Francis is: Name: Mr. Francis Mensah
Country: Ghana
City: Accra
Zip Code: 00233 After the transfer you will be given some info which he will need to withdraw the money here, you can contact Mr. Neizer so you can get the info to Francis as they both work together. Please keep us informed of when you will send the money and how much you will be sending. We look forward to your reply and support soon. 'Bless You'. Your's Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
Letter 3
Hello Ms. Smith, 'Bless You' for your kind donation and we appreciate it a lot, all the kids and my team are really pleased with your assistance and we can't thank you enough. No donation is small as it helps save and change a life in a very unique way. Brother Francis made it to us yesterday even when the weather was atrocious and handed over the money (GH? 600.42) Six Hundred and Forty Two Ghana Cedis. Thank you very much Ms. Smith. We went to ** this morning which is the largest town in the Volta to purchase the news mattresses, 40 in total; though our kids are more than the number we bought, we will manage these with some of the old ones. You will find attached photos taken today of the new mattresses infront of the new orphanage with the kids happily playing on it. There is another photo of the old orphanage block/ classroom with the old mattresses being pulled out. There is another attached photo which was taken in January, that was the state of sleeping for some of the kids when there was less mattresses in the orphanage. Thank you once again Ms. Smith to both you and Mr. Franck Neizer for your kind donation. We will keep you updated with our works and it's progress. 'Bless You'. Your's Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
Letter 4

Hello Ms. Smith, It's a pleasure emailing you once again and we (Realize A Dream- Africa) really appreciate your donation and support to our kids. We will forever be grateful. We have been applying for sources of donation and funds over the internet for a couple of months now and we just received confirmation from one of the crowdfunding sites on Friday and our campaign page has been accepted and published and can we receive funds through there. We applied for donation for the New Mattresses we needed which you have now helped us acquire some of them. The target goal on the crowdfunding site is US$ 1,500 which we intend using some for the Medical assistance we need and will use the rest to acquire more Mattresses and new learning kits for our kids. I sent Mr. Franck Neizer an email yesterday and discussed our online donation site with him and he expressed lots of interest and enthusiasm in it in his reply to me and he informed me he will invite people to our website to help us with our donation. There is a target deadline for the online campaign and we would appreciate it if you would help us by inviting your family, friends and everyone within your network to help us meet our target goal before the deadline. There are wonderful perks to be received by any one who funds us, it is displayed on the campaign page. If you click on the below link you will be taken directly to our campaign page: The next Link is for my facebook Page: Ms. Smith we would appreciate your assistance in helping us invite funders to our campaign page, and you are promised a 'signed Photo Card and a handwritten Thank you Note' by one of our orphans which will be mailed to your address if you help us reach our goal before the deadline.
Thank you once again Ms. Smith and we look forward to your warmest assistance. We will keep you updated with our works and it's progress. 'Bless You'. Your's Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
Letter 5
Hello Ms. Smith, Due to the heavy rainfalls which have been received in this region lately, I haven't been able to connect to the internet to email you. I want you to know that myself and the whole Realize A Dream organization is appreciative of the efforts you and Mr. Franck Neizer are making for us. Mr. Neizer and brother Francis visited us last Saturday and he explained the whole Paypal process and procedure to me. Francis helped me in linking our new project campaign page to the new Paypal account, our new campaign page is on the rockethub site which they were awaiting us to fill in our Paypal account information before they could launch it online for us. Mr. Neizer advised that the Paypal account hasn't been confirmed yet and until it is confirmed no funds can be transferred from the project campaign site into it for withdrawal. I understand you have a very occupied schedule this week and I want you to know you are not under any form of pressure to verify the Paypal account. Please do it at your own convenience. Our target goal on the new campaign page is to raise an amount of US$3,500 which will be used in completing the furnishing of our new orphanage block, Medical assistance and acquire more mattresses and learning kits for our kids. The deadline for the campaign on the website is on 15th of July, which is 29 days away. Please whiles you work on getting the Paypal account verified, please take the time to also spread the word of our project to your family, friends and work colleagues so that they can help us reach our campaign goal before the dead line. Currently our orphans are battling for comfortable sleeping and learning space which is free from insect and disease infestation and your charitable contribution will help us protect these kids from any unforseen illnesses. You can share the link below with everyone you know so they can support us: And my new GooglePlus page is: Ms. Smith, we appreciate all your efforts for us and we will forever be grateful for the assistance you and Mr. Neizer are offering us. 'Bless You'. Your's Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
Letter 6
Hello Ms. Smith, It's always a pleasure emailing you as the whole Realize a Dream Foundation and our kids have kept you and Mr. Franck Neizer in our prayers always. I haven't sent you an email latley because I didn't want you to feel pressurized in anyway; Mr. Neizer also informed me of your work schedules and your health condition as well. We've kept you in our prayers and we hope your health has improved. I communicated on phone with Mr. Franck this afternoon and he informed me of the Paypal account verification which is great news for us all because this will help us complete most of the projects which we have long started and are yet to complete. Thank you very much Ms. Smith, we appreciate your endeavors for the Realize a Dream- Africa foundation. We had to switch our campaign page from what I sent you last month to a new one because the other campaign completion date is almost up and because the Paypal account was yet to be verified we had to halt all fundings to that page. I will provide below the new link for our project campaign and the advantage with this account is that every funding, no matter how small it is goes directly to the Paypal account which gives us total control of every money donated to us. Please help spread the word by sharing the new link below with everyone you know so they can support us: Or the short URL for the above is: Ms. Smith, we appreciate all your endeavors and we are always grateful for the assistance you and Mr. Neizer have offered us. 'Bless You'. Your's Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
Letter 7
Hello Ms. Smith, Thank you for your condolence, we really appreciate your kind words. Friday was a 'Black' day for the whole Realize A Dream foundation as we lost one of our 2 year old orphans, her name was Nadia Zakare. She was sick and hospitalized for 11 days after she ignorantly swallowed 2 toxic board chalks which was left laying in their classroom floor. She was alone and she couldn't complain to anyone because of her age; signs of toxic poisoning started showing the next day when she couldn't eat her break fast. Our medical volunteer diagnosed her the next day and we had to rush her to the hospital; she managed to discharge the remaining chalks which was in her body but the rest had dissolved into her blood stream. After 10 days of intense suffering for little Nadia she passed away on July 10 at 15:40. Everyone in Lume, Volta region is mourning her as its a small community and the loss of a kid is deeply felt by all. Little Nadia was an angel and we believe she is resting with her Maker as an Angel. We will solely miss her. Her burial is on Wednesday, July 15 as its the custom of this region to bury little kids before 7 days after their death. Since the start of this foundation in 2011 this is the first loss we have recorded and it's a tragic news for all of us. Mr. Neizer yesterday couldn't reserve his tears when he called me on phone after I confirmed the news to him, he sounded very sad. We know how affectionate he is to young children. He has informed me of the support he and his work friends will provide us for the burial and mutality documentation for little Nadia, and we cant thank him enough. He informed me this afternoon about the issues with the PayPal card payment processing and we will look into it, we might switch to a Stripe payment option on the website which I will keep him informed before the close of the day after it is done. Thank you for the contact info you have provided us with, you are so kind to us and we don't know how to show appreciation for all of this assistance. I will take the time to contact all of them respectively after Nadia's burial when all is calm. Right now the stress of funding her burial and getting all the young children medically checked to ensure they are all safe is stressing us. I promise I will make good use of the contact info you have provided us. Thank you Ms. Smith for your support and condolence. Bless You. Your's Sincerely,
Anna Gilliand
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