Letter(s) from Alina Nemykina to Nacho (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello, dear Nacho !!!!!
I'm incredibly interesting girl from Balaclea) My name is Alina.

I love sports, music, pleasant conversations and interesting men. Actually, the last of these led me to this site.

I am looking for a pleasant companion, kind, intelligent guy who will eventually become my husband.
What can I say about myself? I work in one of the advertising companies of the city Kharkov as beauty editor.

I love my job. Beauty is all around me. What about your work?)…

I have many friends with whom I like to spend time. Basically, we meet on the weekend.

Cheerful, noisy companies… games, entertainment, and so on.

I love sea, sand and tanned body. I love fitness, like to go to the gym.

Often I am riding a bicycle in a park, and go to the pool.

Good to find the native soul), the person with whom it will be easy and pleasant. Simply to find a happiness.


Letter 2

Hello my dear Nacho!!!!!

My face shone with a smile after I opened the mail. And what I saw there?
Of course, your letter! I really enjoy your attention)))))

Thank you for all your photos! You look fantastic!))))

If you want to know details about me and my life, then I will gladly tell you.
My height is 1.7. My weight is 55. I have never been married and have no children.
I am almost 28.I was born in a small town Balakleya September 15, 1987. According to the sign of the zodiac I am a virgo. I love it very much, but now rarely go there.
There my parents live. Where you're from? Do you like big city? Or do you prefer small cozy town?
I went to a special school. It was taught many things. Day was painted literally on a minute.
There were a variety of lessons. In addition to general (such as mathematics, physics, history, etc.), we were taught dance, singing (professionally), the lessons of fashion, beauty and more.
That is, you can understand that beauty and I are inseparable concepts. And once it becomes clear why I chose this profession)I studied in Kharkov, so , I love this city for a long time)
After school I studied at the University of Karazin. Specializing in the hotel and restaurant business)

I am quite active, work forces to be such. I am constantly on the move. What can you say about yourself? Are you active or more passive? Which rest do you prefer?
Write me immediately. I will wait your message)

I am very interested to read your letters. I think that each next will be even more interesting)
I like to learn more about you. In my opinion, you're a very interesting person and you have to talk about))))


Letter 3

Hi, my Honey)

It's very interesting to read your letters. I started thinking about you since the moment received your letter)

Wow Wow wow! I really like your photos! You're just super-duper on them.
I cannot tear myself away from them. You're so sweet. I wish I could see myself with you on the photo) You have a very beautiful mother !!!)))

Day without you went as usual) I worked with beautiful people that gave me a lot of fun! As I have said many times, I love my job! Around me never find unkempt and untidy people. Besides, I can do one of the favorite pastimes - shopping! ;-)
Do you as much love your job? It is so important in life!

I've always liked foreign men) If I fall in love with a man who lives in Spain or any other country, then I leave work and move in with him!)

I'd like to know more about you. How do you live? Where are going? How many friends do you have?
What's your favorite food? In general, anything that you can only put in a letter!

In the evenings I like to engage in self-development and training for this are completely different!
I read, do crafts, go to the dance, and so on.
And are you somehow develop yourself?

I'll be waiting for your thousand letters :-) :-) :-)


Letter 4

Hello my dear Nacho! I had time to miss you! ;-) How was your day? What did you do? Very tired?

After talking with you, I'm at work even more joyous than usual. I even asked by employees what had happened, that the smile from my face does not go :-)

I am pleased that you and I got the contact and you give me a lot of positive emotions! I hope this will continue.
Are there funny stories in your life? Do you remember when the last time you laughed like a child?

In my free time I like to cook something new. What would you like to try in my performance?
I'm pretty incorporated in my work and I have no time to travel, but I would like to very much.
Hot countries, cold countries, nearer countries, far away countries ... There are so many interesting things in the world!
Where would you like to visit? Maybe we go there together?) Or, maybe, you want come to me!)

Sorry,dear, I don't have whatsapp or skype((

These and many other stories and questions in the following letters) I will wait for responses)


Letter 5

Hello my lovely!

A day without you is like torture. I think I will not be able without you !!!!

Your photos are simply excellent! I was waiting for them! I'm very glad to see you on them.
Your smile charms me from the screen) You're very attractive.

I really need you! You are my light, you are my sunshine, and you are my lyrical song ...)))))

Thank you for what you came in my life!)

The thoughts are swarming in my head. I always ask myself questions. Do you need me?
Will we be together? Do you want this relationship? I want and I'm afraid to get the answers…
I'm very serious about you. I'm being honest with you.

I think I have already head over heels in love! You're the best man of those I met.
What do you think about me? What do you feel? You are serious to me? Would you like to meet?))))

Honey, I have to use a translation agency that you understand me. My English is poor.
But I hope this does not become a big obstacle in our relationship)
While our relations are developing))) My dear)))
Can you help me to pay for translation services?))) Please! I don't want to lose you!!!!

You are my dear, cute, beloved and the best one!!!))))))
I'll wait a thousand answers and kisses from you!)))

Your hopelessly in love Alina

Letter 6

Dear Mr. Nacho!

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