Scam letter(s) from Elizabeth Opare to Allan (Denmark)

Letter 1
How are you doing today..I really appreciate getting you as my match and I really appreciate your interest in me,well I also went through your profile again and i believe that you are my kind of my man if what you wrote on your profile is what you are,However there are somethings that I must know before proceeding on anything here because this is the internet and there is distance between us but i believe that through chattingwe can know more about each other before we finally meet in persons well am a fun loving woman and i am down to have some crazy sex with my man sleeping on the same bed and cuddle each other....I join this site to make pleasure and adventure..i will like to meet you.. i have some sex style with you like 69 style, doggies style and straight sex..i love you and want to be next to you..dreaming about you all time..i want you to be the first person i see when i wake up every morning and last person i say goodnight too before i sleep.I'm Rosie Smith living presently in London...I wish to come over and spend a weekend with you as to have fun and pleasure together to make each other happy..but you can send me your mail address so we can get to exchange mail .....hope to know your opinion. here are few questions i want to ask you....Your real full name?
Your Age?
Where you from?
What kind ofjob do you do?
Do you have any kid ?
Are you married?
Are you ready for a serious relationship or what are you looking for ?
If you are ready for a serious relationship
Do you what do you like about me??
send more of your pictures
have a horny day
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