Letter(s) from Tatyana Kartavih to Jeff (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello stranger.
My name is Tatiana. I would be very pleased to meet you.
And if you want the same, and to see my images, email me at my personal email: tanusha@niceemailbox.net
I'll wait for your answer. Tatiana

Letter 2

Hello, dear Jeff!
I was really surprised from getting your mail. I'm sorry, that I answer for so long time. I want to find penfriend. I have such friends a few years ago, when I only begin to learn English. But now I know it well, and it's quite easy for me to talk or write in English. Now I want to learn Italian. I love this language because of its beautiful phonation. Also I'm very sociable and communicative, that's why I always glad to meet new people. I know, that other people help you to know yourself better, to look at yourself from the other side.
This is my first letter, and I'm quite confused, what should I tell you? If you're interested in me, you'll better ask, what you want.
Surely, I try to tell you a little. As you know, my name is Tatiana, and I'm 31 years old. Maybe, it's strange, that I still haven't been married, and now I don't even have a boyfriend. I guess, such situation work out because of my job. I love it, and I work hard. But I haven't time for other things. But I can't find fault with it. Sometimes I can't understand people, who often complain on their work, and they don't even try to change something. I guess, if you don't like, how you live, you need to go further, to change those things, which you don't like. But you shouldn't stay at one place. Surely, I can't be satisfied almost by my job, but I like it. I like it, because I have ability to travel much. For my 31 years of life, I have already visit many countries. I was travel to Europe, and even was in USA. I've been in London, Riga, Berlin, Washington and many other cities. I travel at least once for two months. That's why I haven't time to build some relationships here, and I even can't have a pet. But I really want. I love animals.
Frankly speaking, it's quite hard to begin to talk about myself in this first letter. I'm lost a little. It'll be better, if you ask something you want to know. I love summer, it's my favorite season. I to bronze on the beach, to swim in the sea and it's always make my mood. I'd like to live in the country, where it's always warm weather.
Well, I guess, that's enough for this time.
I'm waiting for your answer,

Letter 3

Hello my dear Jeff. Today, I have a very good mood. My day was a success and now I want to share with my mood with you. I want you to have too elated and that your evening was perfect. Tomorrow I will enter into a new agreement for the short trip. This trip will take several days. Now the details I will not tell you, I'm afraid to startle luck. But tomorrow, after the conclusion of the contract, I'll write you all. According to my plans after this trip, I'm going to Italy and will be able to stay there for a longer period, and most importantly, I can go to his native Greece. I'll have free time. Here are my happy news. Now I want to touch on another topic. I now have in mind the theme of my search for the men. I am now in '30, but after 4 days will be 31. That is already the third decade of my life, and I'm still not married. At first I thought a little about it, but now I'm more worried about it. I do not want to remain a single woman for life, and so I want to confess to you now that I look for a serious relationship. If you say about the man of my dreams, then I most interested in him his inner world. I do not look rich, beautiful blonde with a villa by the sea. Wealth is not important to me. Let him be less than 30 years or even more than 60 years on the contrary - it is not important to me. For me it is more important qualities such as caring, kindness, sincerity, ability to respect the opinions of others, understanding, compassion and love of course. Maybe my search is fantastic, but I believe that there is such a man in this world. I do not reject the idea that this man may be you because I feel that you are a good man. For some, you are a good friend, a dutiful son for parents, maybe for me in the future you can be a caring husband? No, I did not write to you now that I want to be your wife. I'm now very few know about you, but I also do not reject the idea that maybe you're the man I was looking for all my life. Here are my thoughts about you and my expectations about our meeting. Maybe it's a fabulous dream, but no matter how it was possible our personal meeting will help us to understand each other better. By the way, I promise you that before my trip I will contact you by phone. I want to hear your voice and I think that you too will be pleased to hear my voice. And of course in Italy we can talk on the phone often. Gently kiss you. Write me soon.

Letter 4

Hello, dear Jeff!
Thank you for your amazing letter. I'm very glad to get it. I understand your feelings. But I like to write letters for you, and read yours. I can't talk with you in online chat, or give you my phone number. I hope, it's not offensively for you. But I'm not of those girls, who give their numbers at first. I have my own principles about this. I want to know you closer. And, I guess, in letters, we could know each other better. I want to know your inner world. Maybe, later, if we still like each other, then I'll give you my number.
Also I want to know, how have you found this site untrue.com? As for me, it was recommended by my friend. She searching the net the whole days, and find this site. I was interested in this, because I haven't enough time to date men. And this alternative is ideal for me. Maybe, it's quite hard to build relationships on a distance, but I decided to try. I lose nothing. And, I guess, that there are many mature and reliable men, who are ready to build serious relationships. I don't need another boy. I am succeed woman, and all my time I'm at work. I don't need man to aliment me. I want to find partner, friend and lover for all my life. I'll be loving and caring. And I'm waiting from my man the same.
I have travel much in Argentina for work, and soon I'm going to Italy. Now I learn Italian language, and, frankly speaking, I can't do it well. Maybe, I need more practice. It'll be great, if I have someone, with whom I can talk in Italian. I like to learn new languages, and it seems like if you know 2 or more languages, next one you will know quicker.
Well, I'll go now. Surely, I want to write to you more, but now I can't. I think, you can understand. I'll send you some of my pictures, and I hope, you'll like it. Also it'll be great to get some of your photos.
I'm waiting for your answer.
Truly yours,

Letter 5

Hello, dear Jeff! Beautiful photos.
I hope, you don't feel aggrieved. Next time, if I'll not answer you for a few days, you should know why. As I said before, it's because of my hard work. Well, I guess, now it's time to tell you about this. My work is my life, I'm glad, that I have it. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina . But I have recently moved there. It's not my native country. I move there to begin new life. You know, sometimes people are caught in such situations, when they can't stay at their home, they need to move to another city, or, even, country to think about their life, and to be free of the destructive thoughts. Sometimes, it's quite hard to see your native streets, places and other things. You just need to avoid these memories. I was also in such situation. Well, I'll tell you my story, but you need to know, that I didn't tell about this to everyone. It's hard for me to remember, and I want to share it with you, because I want to trust you. Maybe, it sounds strange, but, I don't know why, I just feel it. And it's easier to tell it in letter, than in real life. Ok. I am Greek, and I was born in the city Thessaloniki. It's second by size city of Greece. I love it, not only because that's my birth-place. But it is also consider like north capital of Greece, and if you'll visit it one day, you can't forget it. Nature is really beautiful here. I lived here with my parents for long time, but about 2 years ago they have died. I haven't brothers or sisters. And last year my uncle also died. And I was alone in this city. And after it, I can't see all it's beauty, it become for me terrible place. Every street remembers me something. If you ever lose someone from your relatives, you could understand me. Well, it was very hard period of my life, and I don't know, what would be with me, if I haven't noticed one advertisement about work in Argentina . I call there, and then I have got job there. I was really glad of it. It inspires me on new deals. After long depression, I've found energies to move farther. It doesn't mean, that I've forgot about that terrible situation, it's just make me stronger. I believe, that my parents now in better world, and they will be always in my heart. But I move to Argentina . I know, that it was very scaring and, maybe, dangerous, but I can't live in Greece. At first, it was hard for me. I haven't friends, flat and some contacts. But it's always hard to begin something new. And I let in all my time on work. And soon I found my place here. I work in trading sphere. I am free commercial representative. My salary will be bigger as much as I have contracts. Mostly I work with small companies, but sometimes some big companies find me. It's hard work, but I know, how to do it well. I travel much because of my work. I visit many countries, and meet many different people. I've been in many European cities, but I have never been in Asian countries, and I don't know why. I was never invited there. Well, I tell you my story, and I hope, that you like it. I need to go now. My break is end, and I need to work.
I'm waiting for your story.
Sincerely yours,

Letter 6

Good day! I now have a short break from work and I decided to use this time to write you this letter. my dear, you have no idea what happened in my hotel room. After I wrote you a letter, I opened a bottle of wine to drink for my birthday, but suddenly flew bottle cork and the wine spilled on my laptop. I was scared, I took the time to turn off my laptop soon, but unfortunately I did not have time. I am very upset because my laptop burned and burned it in the moment, when I invited you to chat with me online. Of course I was upset, I just do not know what to do, but still I was hoping you call me on my number or at least write sms. I was waiting for your reply, but there was nothing.
I do not know, maybe I'm just not right gave you my phone number? Try calling me tonight these numbers. Today I work up to 9 hours a night, but then I go back to my hotel room. Call me sometime in the night, at 9:30 PM, or if you want, I myself try to call you. My dear, today I think that finish their work here in Moscow. Tomorrow I need another day to completely finish my work, but it's just formalities and the day after I return. So next Wednesday I will be able to come to Italy.
It remains for me a few more days of work in Rome and then I'll have free time for a month. I very much hope that we can meet. So, now I have to work. Unfortunately now I can not send you a photo, as I write this letter from another computer because my laptop still will not turn on. But I'm not upset because one day I'll come home and be able to repair it. By the way, today I even work for a lot of thinking about you. Already miss you terribly. Your Tatiana.

Letter 7

Greetings from Moscow! Yes I am in Moscow. I think that tomorrow I finish my work here and on Tuesday or Wednesday I get home. Today I have a great mood! Today is a great day. I have a holiday today, it's my birthday. I am very happy that now I can write you a letter. I always try to write something special and fun for you! But now I do not know what to write. I wish I could now remove the distance that separates us and enjoy your company!
If I had wings, we would be together and could celebrate my birthday.
My mom told me earlier in my childhood that I was born at exactly 7:00 pm. So today at 7:00 pm I was in '31. Time flies and here for 1 year I was older. Next year I will have 32 years and who knows, maybe my next birthday we celebrate together? you would like this? Sorry that I'm not home right now and wish that you now do not have near me. Today is my holiday, I would like to celebrate my birthday with you, with your friends, but unfortunately I was in Moscow at the moment and there is no one with whom I could talk and drink a glass of wine. I ordered a bottle of white wine to my room, and maybe I'll have to celebrate your holiday one. Here's a boring birthday for me today, and even a little tears dripping from his eyes from the disorder. maybe you have your computer now?
Maybe now we could chat with you? Unfortunately I do not have a laptop program for chat, but if you do not mind, we could correspond through online writing.
What do you think about this? Please, if you are here now, then write to me.
Make me company. I'm not going to sleep and will wait for your answer.
We could talk about our future meeting next week or even could fantasize with you on various topics. Example of friendship and love. By the way, I have long been promised to you write you my phone number, but still did not give it to you. I feel ashamed now.
Previously, I was not sure that I'm ready to talk to you on the phone, but now I myself want to hear your voice and talk to you on the phone.
So you can call me right now or you can send me sms.
My number: 010-81902817. I'd like to send you a lot of your photos, but unfortunately I now have only a few photos. I really want to send you more than your photos, but now there is no possibility for this. I think as soon as I get home, I'll post a photo of their album. Well, all for now. I'll look forward to your call or sms.
With love your Tatiana.

Letter 8

Hi my sweet heart Jeff. I was robbed of all myShould I now ask you about your mood? Probably not. I myself messed you up in his letter and now I feel guilty in front of you. Please forgive me for the bad mood. Advanced believe me, I have the most today is a very very bad mood. It was just a horrible night for me.
Not slept all night and today from 8 am I'm in the police. The police took me to the police station and all this time I was there. In the police station came to detectives, people came from my embassy and they asked me a lot of a lot of time to explain what happened that night. I myself have lost count how many times this morning I testified. I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of the incident cases, but they still ask the same questions. She does not understand that they still wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to put me to blame for everything? Nothing reassuring today I have not heard from the police. They just told me that they would start an investigation, but it will last much they do not know.
Jeff do not know what I do now. I am now very sad and tears were flowing from my eyes. It is very difficult and I do not want to be more than a day in this country. I am very scared and I was afraid to go here on the street alone. I'm really scared. This morning, I turned to my Embassy to help me get back home. I asked about my embassy that they bought me a return ticket, but in response to the embassy told me that they now can not take any action until no official statement from the police about closing my case. To put it another way, my embassy asking me to wait until the end of the investigation and only then can they help me. I asked my embassy as I wait, but that nobody knows.
Maybe a few days, maybe a week - I do not want to wait so long. I just go crazy for this time in this wild country. Recently tried to call office to call my work. I was hoping that they would help me, but the problem is that I do not work for a company official. I get money only for their work and they do not answer me. I said so right on the phone and my company no longer even want to talk to me. Very cruel and I'm just in shock from everything. All my money, credit card, cell phone - all stolen along with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not even know now, as I go back to his home and who to turn to for help? I tried to call my best friend, but her phone is not answered. Perhaps she again went to her parents and her phone was not responding. If my parents were alive, then I certainly would appeal to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just have no one to ask for help now but you. My sweet, now forgive me for my determination. God knows I never in my life did not ask anyone for help. Always tried to get out of a difficult situation itself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what I do. I need now is 830 USD to buy a return ticket to Buenos Aires, so much the minimum cost of my ticket home, but I do not know where to find me here this money. I'm scared now, my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not you, then who else should I contact? I'm crying now, and with tears in his eyes I'm asking you to help me get back to his home. I know that my request will anger you. I also know that you are now lost confidence in me, but in spite of this I ask you to help me with money for a return ticket. Jeff I do not take this money from you for ever. I will give you back the money as soon as I arrive in Buenos Aires. I have money in my house, but take them out of here, I can not. I ask you to give me the money borrowed for a few days, if you can. If you do not help me, then I do not know who to ask. Now I hope only on you, but on the other I have lost my trust (I mean my job and embassy). I'm afraid to send you this letter because I fear to upset you. But all my hope to return home only now in this letter. I ask you to think about and if you can help me. I was hoping that I could get the money from my friend from Buenos Aires, but from it I have not received a response. Maybe she did not get my letters. I wanted that she would send money via Western Union, currently the only way I can get the money. I turned to the woman with whom I did business here in Moscow. At first I wanted to borrow money from her, but unfortunately she lives alone with her son and free money at the moment does not have. And now I want to write you the information that is required for a money transfer via Western Union: name: TATIANA; surname: KARTAVIH. Russia. I'll wait for your response and hope you will answer me today. If you send today her name, I'll go along with it to the bank tomorrow and be able to return home. I will come to the Internet cafe in the evening that would read your answer. I love you very very much and miss you. Yours Tatiana.

Letter 9

Hello my love Jeff. I'm so glad you have not forgotten me. I still am in a hotel and I have no money .
I don't know what to do. I already have $ 300 but I need another $ 550 to fly home.
If you could help me I would be in seventh heaven from happiness, but for now I want to cry. Love you very much.
I kiss and embrace.
Your love is Tatiana.

Letter 10

Hello my love Jeff! I am glad to receive your new letter. I was very bad. I don't understand why I Embassy no longer helps. As for the tickets, my ticket was paid only in one direction, and returning the ticket was booked and I only relied to pay for being in Moscow. I have already contacted my Bank, but I can't get the money. Since my credit cards were stolen. And this was the only way he could get the money. and now I am in total despair. And I don't know what to do. I would never have asked you. But I have no other choice. I beg you, my dear. help me. And as soon as I arrive home I will send you the money back. Except you I have no one else to turn to. and I very much hope that you'd help. I'll wait for your answer. Whole your Tatiana!!!