Scam letter(s) from Marina Vysotina to Willem (South Africa)

Letter 1
My favorite Willem, I again write to you my letter and in that letter I want to completely open to you my feelings for you, my Favorite Willem, you should not get me wrong and do it with open heart, because now I am burning with a strong sense, you have awakened in me, now I literally can not find a place of enormous desire to be with you in this life, I want to be need you, I want to be important to you, I want to be your same important person in the life of what you are to me, is the thought of it just tears me apart I just can not find a place on the the overwhelming desire to be with you, now I want to ask you just one question, are you ready to meet our organization?
What do you think about this? now it is very important to me, because I believe that sooner or later in the correspondence between two people, a moment when two people need to make the right choices that will determine the the fate of the two people who have for each other warm feelings, if you ask me about who to me is you my Favorite Willem, I'll tell you - at the moment I have no more friends and loved person than you are my Willem, every day when I I go to bed and fall asleep you are in my mind every day I'm going to wake up and go to work you are in my head, and all day and all my life at the moment all my thoughts are only with you, and only wish that I I have at the moment - is to be with you, to feel you have sensual touch, and when I start to think about it my heart ready to break out of my chest. I love you my Willem, and Now I have for you just one question, how do you feel about the fact what would we have organized our meeting in the near future, I think right now we have everything you need for this, because soon I will be able to break my organization work to be more time to learn about our meeting today.
Dear, I want to say that I can go to a travel agency to find out regarding my journey to you, the cost of my stay, as well as preparing my documents... I ask you to tell me about you? Your home address and your closest airport? I very important to know your answer, so I'll look forward to your answer...
your, Svetlana.
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