Scam letter(s) from Joyce Bolt to Willem (South Africa)

Letter 1
Dear Willem, I'm writing to you in regard of your enquiry. The total cost of documents 640 US dollars. 1) The cost of the passport - 220 US dollars.
2) Cost of visa - 260 US dollars.
3) Cost of medical examination - 85 US dollars.
4) The cost of health insurance - 75 US dollars. We can not provide you with the documents of our client Hasret Kara, as it is confidential and we warn security measures. Yours sincerely, manager Natia Mgeladze
Letter 2
Hello my love Willem! Your letter again has brought light in my life. How you? I hope, what at you all is good? I think, that the life is not so bad, if there are such people as you mine Love. You have kind heart and it can do our attitudes more Warm. Now when I have you I think that our life will change. The world becomes Kind, bright and warm for us. I think, that everyone requires this world in heat and love. I would like to create strong and amicable family with heat and love. I would like, that you smiled to me each morning and each evening. And I shall give a smile to you, I think, that it will bring to us a lot of pleasures and love.
I am ready to give back all for this purpose. To find the present love it is a very difficult thing. But I have made it! Willem I want to trust you concerning your help for me in money for registrations of my documents. my hope only for you and our help. do for the sake of me everything possible that, as soon as possible to help me with money. I want to trust you, as to my future man. I hope for your help already now. And that concerning the air ticket, I didn't learn its cost as for me first of all it is necessary to pay the cost of documents. I ask you, me to trust and to trust as I understand that you promise every day me. I ask you, for the sake of me and our love to do everything possible that, as soon as possible to help me with money. I will wait from you for news. My kisses!!!! Your Hasret!
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