Letter(s) from Lidia Biama to Jason (USA)

Letter 1

Good morning love of my life,

I managed to get you the picture of the documents. I am going home now to get you the pictures I promised. I love you so much and I hope that you night was sound.

Talk to you when I get home.

Letter 2

Dear Sir,


We are very sorry to notify you that your girlfriend (Ethel Weber) has been arrested for unlawful carriage of Gold. Further explanation has been detailed in the above letter.

I Kindly awaits your response as possible, for further explanation.

Thank You,

Janet Colback

(Crime Investigation Division).

Letter 3

Dear Jason,

I have been waiting patiently for your response for the rest of Miss Ethel Weber. She has been arrested and detained for carrying Gold without export duties. She gave us your information to contact but you have not responded to our emails yet.

Your have 24 hours to respond to our emails, otherwise she goes to court to face prosecution.

Thank you.

Janet Colback